$1,200 Stimulus Check for SSDI, SSA, SSI, Payee- Monday June 1st Update
Blind to Billionaire
$1,200 Stimulus Check for SSDI, SSA, SSI, Payee- Monday June 1st Update
In this video, Matt and Corey discuss Social Security disability, SSDI, SSI, supplemental security income, representative payee, and when the majority of these people will be receiving their stimulus payments. They also discuss some reasons why some people in these groups may not be receiving their stimulus check. Please watch this entire video for all of the information, thank you for your continued support and please leave any comments or questions below if you have them. Thank you once again and we will see you in the next video.
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  • Blind to Billionaire
    Blind to Billionaire

    Hi everyone! Thank you for watching this video and for your continued support. If you happen to do any shopping on Amazon, please use this link to help us create more videos. This is an affiliate link. Thank you! amzn.to/2UjdFCz

    • Sharon Shawkey
      Sharon Shawkey

      I haven't received my stimulus check I draw SSA and SSI

    • Scott Mcdaniel
      Scott Mcdaniel

      @Arlene Dorego yes I have exactly the same problem

    • Vicki Peace
      Vicki Peace

      @Mary Ross !

    • Barbara Horan
      Barbara Horan

      I should add I'm on SSDI, received mine on the 28th

    • Barbara Horan
      Barbara Horan

      I finally got mine on the 28th!


    Could you be any faker . Fake smiles while telling people about this?

  • chris flowers
    chris flowers

    On ssdi still no stimulus the irs portal this sucks

    • Blind to Billionaire
      Blind to Billionaire

      Hi, thanks so much for watching. Yes that is very weird, but I do agree with the portal and website does suck. LOL. Will continue bringing more information as we get it, thanks much

    • chris flowers
      chris flowers

      The irs portal doesn't work

  • Devonna Snyder
    Devonna Snyder

    I must say YOU 2 are freaking AWESOME 👏🔥 your on fire your personalities are ROCKIN not only are you a beautiful couple but the light within you both SHINES BRIGHT!!!! Love what you’ve done with the channel 🔥👏👍🏼💕🤎🖤

    • Blind to Billionaire
      Blind to Billionaire

      Hi! Thank you so much, that is so incredibly nice of you to say :-) we really appreciate your friendship and support. I am so happy that you enjoy us and our video :-) have a good flight, see you soon

  • sarah schram
    sarah schram

    I have already received my stimulus payment, including the $500 for my dependent child. However, I am her payee for her survivor's benefits. We got a letter from the government saying that she is going to receive a $1200 stimulus check. I honestly don't know why. Any idea what is going on?

  • Matthew Rodriguez
    Matthew Rodriguez

    Never got my first one

    • Blind to Billionaire
      Blind to Billionaire

      Hi, thanks so much for watching. They are still sending out the first stimulus payments. They will be sent out for many weeks to come. Maybe it just hasn’t arrived yet. We will definitely bring you more information and future videos, thanks so much

  • Milagros Arzuaga
    Milagros Arzuaga

    Hey I’m my daughter payee and still doesn’t get anything yet

    • Blind to Billionaire
      Blind to Billionaire

      That is so frustrating! Hopefully you will get it soon! We are here for you! Thank you for being here! See you again soon, Matt and Corey

  • Monika Vela
    Monika Vela

    Anyone know a number to speak with irs

  • Sharita Wade
    Sharita Wade

    I have a payee but we have separate cards is my money going to be on her card or my card and I have direct express ??

    • Blind to Billionaire
      Blind to Billionaire

      Hi, the payment will go to your representative payee, I hope that helps. Thanks for your support

  • Andre Quinn
    Andre Quinn

    Hello my name is andre Quinn I still didn't receive my first stimulus check and I'm on SSI

  • Mercy Long
    Mercy Long

    My minor grandchildren are on soc sec. I am the guardian and payee. What happens?

    • Blind to Billionaire
      Blind to Billionaire

      Hi, thanks for watching him for reaching out to me. If you claim them as dependents, then you would potential he be eligible to receive the additional $500 on their behalf. If you do not claim them as dependents, they are not eligible to receive a stimulus. Hope that helps, thanks for your support

  • Carmen Pica
    Carmen Pica

    My son is in SSI and he don't resive nothing the stimulus money everybody has already what happen with him

  • Bessie Little
    Bessie Little

    If someone carry you and you on social security disability will you still get a stimulus check if someone carry you and you on social security disability will you still get a stimulus

  • Kasina Reyes
    Kasina Reyes

    My name is Livia Figueroa and I haven't resev my cake

  • Arminca Goodwin
    Arminca Goodwin

    I received the first stimulus back in April. When will I receive the second? I'm on SSI and SSDI.

  • Grace Fiumara
    Grace Fiumara

    Is this still the 1st stimulas check your talking about or the 2nd

  • Ronald Wilson
    Ronald Wilson

    On that money for your dependents which I didn't get what if you don't file taxes like I'm on SSI and they don't send me nothing to file a 1099 or anything how would I go about getting that $500 and thank you start clearing this up because nobody else out there has done it I've been trying to find the answer to this problem for a while and you guys are the first to answer it so thank you so very much for what you did.

  • Melissa Santos
    Melissa Santos

    Hi again i have a huge question the wheres my payment app says it was deposited on the 28th in an account i am a payee and there was no deposit at all

    • Blind to Billionaire
      Blind to Billionaire

      Hi! I would just continue checking your account as well as your mailbox just in case you receive a paper check or a prepaid debit card. I would say give it a couple more weeks if you can, at that point if you don’t receive it and then you may want to call the IRS. I hope that helps, thanks for your support and see you soon

  • Elaine Foster
    Elaine Foster

    Why do irs say the stimulus was deposit on June 3rd? But it wasn't .

  • Pam Smith
    Pam Smith

    Social security disability receive the second stimulus check?

  • Linda Stanley
    Linda Stanley

    I'm on SSI have same address for 5 1/2yrs...been with same bank account from 1989...still as of June 5th still NO STIMULUS $ ..im no filler..i was told I didn't have to do nothing that IRS knows my info..i go on get my payment tool...still tells me not enough info...im just waiting ...im going on 64 yrs old..no one clams me on taxes...my son received a letter from IRS they took his payment for child support...if they can send him a letter to our same address an sane last name ..why can't they send me sum kind info...getting bumed out here ...Linda in North Carolina...my neighbors have received their payment...my friend on SSI received her stimulus first wave of $ ...im so disappointed ..wheres my $ ??????

  • Tara Stover
    Tara Stover

    People have a payee for a REASON! For the government to say give them the 1200 to spend as they wish & they don't know the circumstances is crazy! Not ALL but some people that have a payee are addicts so if it was my family member NO I would not give them 1200 to spend as they wish & could potentially kill themselves by an overdose. It would be treated as all other monthly money!!


    I'm a payee, on my daughter account and she have not received her money so I gave up as, well

  • brainstorm Jessie gouge
    brainstorm Jessie gouge

    I got the stimulus but my next ssi payment was much lees than normal.

  • Katia Flood
    Katia Flood

    All checks from direct express will be mailed out... Stay Happy humble & patient...

    • Blind to Billionaire
      Blind to Billionaire

      That is amazing! I love your attitude, it’s amazing! Thank you so much for being here, it is so nice to have you as a friend :-) I hope you have a wonderful Friday, we will have another video out today. Huge hugs :-) Matt

    • Katia Flood
      Katia Flood

      Thanks.. my days are always grrrrreat... As long as my feet hit the floor EVERY MORNING, my days be magnificent 💃💃😂😂😂😂

    • Blind to Billionaire
      Blind to Billionaire

      Good morning, thank you so much for that information :-) I hope you have a wonderful day, we will have another video out in a few hours :-) see you then

  • Christopher Bowen
    Christopher Bowen

    Hi I'm trying to find out when i will get my payment I'm on ssi and still cannot use that stupid tool it doesn't work

    • Blind to Billionaire
      Blind to Billionaire

      Hi, thanks so much for reaching out to me. I wish I had better answers for you and exact dates, but unfortunately we do not. We’re giving you the best information we can as quickly as possible. Unfortunately the IRS has just not released any new information lately. We will have another video out in a few hours today, I hope you’re able to watch it. Thanks so much for your support and we’re always here for you working through this trying to get your payment as quickly as possible. Thanks so much, Matt

  • Da Momma
    Da Momma

    Does ANYONE know anything about the checks for SSI people who owe back child support ? We are thinking it will come to me. Both he & I check every day. Nothing. Both of us NEED this so bad. We know they are holding the checks if you owe back child support. But the question is WHEN do they plan on getting to ones like us? My guess the ones who need it the most will wait the longest. In hopes we die from the virus

  • Michele Garofano
    Michele Garofano

    Still never recieved my qualified dependent.

  • Esoteric Yetti
    Esoteric Yetti

    I'm in this category and I recieved mine a long while ago. Strange how some people have received it and others haven't.

    • Blind to Billionaire
      Blind to Billionaire

      Hi, it does seem very strange that some people have already received their payments while others are still waiting. It just seems like everybody should receive their payments at the same time, I’m not sure why some people are still waiting, it is really unfortunate. Thanks so much for your support, see you tomorrow and the next video

  • T-Sin

    If you don't have a bank account, you can always cash your stimulus payment at Walmart for a small fee. I think it's $3-$4.

  • Nona Radcliff
    Nona Radcliff

    well I've lost my place in September due to a fire and here was May 1st supposed to get a $1,200 stimulus check still no stimulus check and they said yes I said because the system was still say showing the address where I had to fire changed it three weeks ago and still no stimulus check where's my check

    • Nona Radcliff
      Nona Radcliff

      Close everything furniture nothing left

    • Nona Radcliff
      Nona Radcliff

      And still no stimulus check and I lost everything in the fire

  • Vincent Cieluch
    Vincent Cieluch

    This woman must be on happy pills all she does is smile, or it could be fake.

  • Sharon Saffold
    Sharon Saffold

    I have a 14 year old his father get social security benefits why he haven't received his yet.

  • tisha mood
    tisha mood

    Is this your second one

  • Micah Sheheen
    Micah Sheheen

    Just curious, we got stimulus in a pril, we are both disabled vets and have ssdi, but 2 of your kids just got 1200 this month with no explanation, says stimulus payment ,but they are minor children? Any ideas?

    • Blind to Billionaire
      Blind to Billionaire

      Hi, thanks so much for watching. Wow, that is great, congratulations. That is definitely not supposed to happen, but exciting that it did.

  • Elaine Shillinglaw
    Elaine Shillinglaw

    What would a 17 year old get? They dont fit in either group or as over 16 but under 18

    • Blind to Billionaire
      Blind to Billionaire

      They don’t get anything if they are claimed as a dependent. If they file their own tax return they may possibly receive a stimulus payment, you may want to call the IRS on your exact situation

  • Jennifer flores
    Jennifer flores

    My son hasn't received. His money I am his payee. And he never received his stimulus check. At all And I'm quite upset. Also, I want to know if this demillus check is a chronic thing once a month.

    • Blind to Billionaire
      Blind to Billionaire

      Hi, thanks so much for watching. The stimulus check as of right now it’s just a one time payment. We will have more information tomorrow about the second round of stimulus checks. See you then

  • Judith Betterton
    Judith Betterton

    It says mine is being MAILED out tomorrow!!!

  • Lisa John
    Lisa John

    I am a payee for my 13 year old child and I never received my animal welfare

  • Pamela Fields
    Pamela Fields

    Is it a second check being issued?

  • erock cardona
    erock cardona

    will my payee know it’s my stimulus

  • Craig Stepp
    Craig Stepp

    Everyone that lives at my house have gotten there check just not me cant find any help to find anything out. I have cerebral palsy and i dont understand anything and im freaking out and I just dont understand why i can't understand why help me i need help I need the money help

  • Craig Stepp
    Craig Stepp

    Everyone that lives at my house have gotten there check just not me cant find any help to find anything out. I have cerebral palsy and i dont understand anything and im freaking out and I just dont understand why i can't understand why help me i need help I need the money help

  • erock cardona
    erock cardona

    hi how do I know if my payee got my stimulus can you pleas help how to find out

  • Sharon Berry
    Sharon Berry

    My spouse get Social Security he received his stimulation check but i did not received one

  • samantha perry
    samantha perry

    When am I getting mine because everybody got there’s ssi

  • Margie Jackson
    Margie Jackson

    Have not received my first stimulus check yet and I get social security every time I check they say no records or may not be eligible

  • Cameo Queen
    Cameo Queen

    Hey guys I really appreciate your help in this desperate time in history.....I was hoping you could touch on yhe subject of how to stop a loved one or family member from receiving your childs stimulus payments due to said person filing the child...Is it possible to reclaim my childs stimulus moving forward? Or will it remain with said family member for good?

  • Sky Crawford
    Sky Crawford

    I have not received my stimulus. Ssi, no dependants, didn't file taxes, did nothing as instructed. Plz help me, I'm a senior

  • sburgess

    It seems that these videos about the stimulus are dancing around the question of if I am a grown adult and was claimed on taxes do I or don't I get a check or deposit??

  • Wendy Cobb
    Wendy Cobb

    My son still hasn't got his stimulas check yet and he don't know why

  • What'sup Weirdo
    What'sup Weirdo

    My sister is stuck in the hospital in Boston with cancer. Her family can't see her and her husband can't get their stimulus check cashed until she is with him but she will be gone for another month we found out more chemo. In the meantime I have been scrambling for a way that they can cash it. Netspend refuses to do it because it is more than 2500 limit. And no one is willing to make exceptions. Should Erica or her husband call the irs? What can we do

    • Blind to Billionaire
      Blind to Billionaire

      Hi, so sorry to hear about your sister. That is a really unfortunate situation. This is the problem with paper checks, I don’t know why they are sending them out. In the situation I’m not really sure what to do. Have you tried talking to the bank and the situation? Maybe her husband can sign it if they are on a joint account. I wish I had a better answer. If you call the IRS and have them issue a different payment, that could potentially take weeks or even months. You could maybe try calling them for some idea I would probably talk to the bank and see if you can coordinate something with them instead. I will definitely see if we can find more information for you. Thanks so much for your support and have a wonderful day. Matt

  • Mattie Jackson
    Mattie Jackson

    Someone's claims me on there tax return without me known it. I didn't give anyone the right to do that. What I need to do to get my stimulus?

    • Blind to Billionaire
      Blind to Billionaire

      Good morning, that is really unfortunate! In that situation if someone claimed you and you did not give them permission to do so, you should probably call the IRS regarding your situation because that is technically fraud. I hope that helps you, thanks so much for reaching out to me! Have a nice day and thank you so much for being here :-) Matt

  • Klyn Nim
    Klyn Nim

    Thank you for addressing the payee issue! People who are payees think, sadly, that somehow some of the disabled/beneficiary money is for the payee. I believe that many people think because your disabled are not smart! You can be disabled w/ mental health issue AND intelligent. I am 56 and worked all my life and since I have become disabled I was COMPLETELY oblivious to the discrimination towards folks with mental health challenges!! It was a true testament to my loved ones and they have failed!

    • Blind to Billionaire
      Blind to Billionaire

      Hi, you’re very welcome and thank you so much for watching. It is unfortunate how much information is still lacking. We definitely need more transparency and answers from the IRS. We’re doing as much as we can to bring you all the information as quickly as possible. Thanks so much for your continued support, see you soon

  • angie Jones
    angie Jones

    Love you guys and I am starting a photography business and would love to show you a few of my pics

  • Gwen M Goodwin
    Gwen M Goodwin

    I am on SSDI and it is June 3rd and I have not recieved my check yet ! And can not get any info on it from anyone ! Thank you for your updates.

  • Crystal Trejo
    Crystal Trejo

    I haven't got my check yet and I get disability n SSI. I don't know what to do.

  • Kathy Sundy
    Kathy Sundy

    Thank you guys for the update 2 thumbs up but still haven't received my stimulus !👍👍😒😒 im on ssdi

    • Kathy Sundy
      Kathy Sundy

      Your always welcome 🌹🌹🌹😄😄

    • Blind to Billionaire
      Blind to Billionaire

      Hi, you’re welcome. That is very frustrating, I wish we had more answers and transparency. We will definitely bring it to you as we get it :-) thanks for being such a great friend

  • Mechi Beall
    Mechi Beall

    if you get SSI n some one carried you on there income tax do you get a check or not

  • Tipparat Duangin
    Tipparat Duangin

    Bull Crap...... I believe it when it arrives....

  • Umm' Salamah
    Umm' Salamah


    • Blind to Billionaire
      Blind to Billionaire

      This video is about the first stimulus, which we state in the video. Thank you! Matt and Corey

  • cory l miller
    cory l miller

    Hi I'm just wondering I've been pending ssda for awhile now just wondering if I will get one of these checks?? if you could tell me if I would get one thank you

    • Blind to Billionaire
      Blind to Billionaire

      Hi, thanks for watching him for reaching out to us. It is so hard to say, there are many factors that determine your eligibility if you receive one or not. I literally have no idea because I do not know your situation. I have quite a few videos going back to April 1 about this topic, you may want to check out some of the other videos to see if you fall into the category of someone who would be eligible for a stimulus payment. Thanks again, I hope that helps

  • derek hoover420
    derek hoover420

    The second send stemless check SSI and Social Security get one

    • Blind to Billionaire
      Blind to Billionaire

      Hi, unfortunately we don’t know many details about the second stimulus check yet, we will deathly keep you posted with more details as we get it, thanks so much for your support and see you soon

  • Mary Kane
    Mary Kane

    I read that for anyone with partial income from a Social Security program was triaged into second review. Relatives of mine received direct deposits to their bank accounts a week after disbursements were announced. So given my retirement income includes Social Security retirement, I assumed first check was taxes paid with system check against tax returns, then against the Social Security system. Chances are system glitches came into the process may have been in the systems second level match. When I opened the envelope the insert letter said EIP .. not everyone is aware .. the small slip looked like an insert found in business promotions. It wasn't until I saw the card with the American flag I took a second look. Pretty bad situation. Chances are many people have tossed away the "junk mail." clearly show U.S. Treasury

  • Brittany Smith
    Brittany Smith


  • Mary Kane
    Mary Kane

    You are right. I thought the stimulus envelope mail. I expected the envelope would clearly show it was from the government, as is done on ax refund envelopes. My name and address faint print looked like junk mail. The return address was Money Network Cardholder Services, PO Box 247022, Omaha NE 68124-7022. I started to put the envelope aside, felt a card was enclosed, expected it was a "card" I sometimes receive as advertisement.

  • Andre Noname
    Andre Noname

    Has anyone got a letter and then received a check on the mail? I haven’t yet...

  • Lariah Marshall
    Lariah Marshall

    I recive ssi direct deposit and I still haven’t received my stimulus,I checked the wedsite for irs.gov and it tell me no info,I called the irs number talked to 2 ppl n they couldn’t tell me anything so now I’m wondering if I even get a stimulus check n I been receiving ssi since I was born...

  • mel conner
    mel conner

    No I haven't gotten anything on ssi with direct deposit, feeling discourage

  • Betsy Clyde
    Betsy Clyde

    I am payee for my daughter. She gets SSI. She started getting it in March. I put in her address and still no payment. I check the website and all it says is not available

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