Arcane: Animated Series Announcement | Riot Pls: 10th Anniversary Edition - League of Legends
League of Legends
Every legend has a beginning.
From the creators of League of Legends comes a new animated series about the
origins of two iconic League champions-and the power that will tear them apart.

  • Cuthbert Kamali
    Cuthbert Kamali

    Spoiler alert : That is Vi and Jinx at 1:32

  • Rodri Ramones
    Rodri Ramones

    Bien jugado Rito... Mostrarme las botas de Jinx al final para engancharme con u a serie que no me llamo ni la más pálida atención desde el principio jajaja



  • Vlad Makarov
    Vlad Makarov

    скорей бы уже!!!!

  • Comiclover261

    Riot please put it on Netflix!

  • CarboneS

    0:52 Jinx Vi and Ekko

  • EdgyEd

    I wanna see yasuo😀😂

  • Draco Azur
    Draco Azur

    Opening: KDA Ending: True Damage Fighting scenes: Pentakill

  • TheoLOLxD

    jinx is my main so i a happy about this

  • Nike Naumov
    Nike Naumov

    Ход конем. Расширение вселенной явно пойдет игре и в целом проекту на пользу. Ждемссс...)

  • Sab Bunnie
    Sab Bunnie

    I'm super excited for this but tbh i was hoping for the series to look like the Awakened cinematic

  • Alexis Prieto
    Alexis Prieto

    una serie o un juego???

  • Xen Ix
    Xen Ix

    я умер, спасибо

  • Bacavi Wassim
    Bacavi Wassim

    Finally yes!!!

  • Kavish Algoo
    Kavish Algoo

    Wow looks good

  • Tow Ok
    Tow Ok


  • Hintai Channel
    Hintai Channel

    iam love league of legend RIOT!!!!!!!!!

  • Док Урок
    Док Урок

    Давно пора!

  • Масько Михаил
    Масько Михаил

    Графика как у доты, не уровень Lol :(

  • Augusto Pinochet Ugarte
    Augusto Pinochet Ugarte

    1:23 jhin ajja piñera no renuncies

  • Furkan Güngör
    Furkan Güngör

    Helal lan size bülükler. Sonundaaaaaaaaa Türkiye'nin sesi olarak +1'leri görelim.

  • José Mauricio Santos M.
    José Mauricio Santos M.

    Estará en otra plataforma como Amazon Prime Video ?????????

  • QUANPHAM channel
    QUANPHAM channel

    1:24 it's that...Jhin right ? 👀

  • Harry Topase
    Harry Topase

    when will riot release this animated series???

  • Alejandro Foyn
    Alejandro Foyn

    1:25 is this viktor?

  • Alek Snow
    Alek Snow

    I'm generously hyped for this!

  • Ariful islam
    Ariful islam

    When is this releasing?

  • sweetbobbybliss

    This will be chock full of leftist propaganda, mark my words

  • Johnny Moore
    Johnny Moore

    If Disney made an anime

  • Âşina Official
    Âşina Official

    Türkler bi ses verim bakim bune her yer düsman askeri dolu

  • Jorge González
    Jorge González

    Vi y jinx

  • Qronox

    Sonunda be

  • Furkan Aydın
    Furkan Aydın

    Ulan sonunda be rito sonunda ya. 8 yıldır oynuyordun oyunu o zamandan beri diyordum bir film bir anime yapın artık diye sonunda direnemediniz isteklere. Gelmiş geçmiş en uzun animeyi yapın da kolay kolay bitmesin. :))

  • Kawaii Neko
    Kawaii Neko

    1:47 Jinx!!!!

  • พัชรี เชิดนาม
    พัชรี เชิดนาม

    มันคือเกมใช่ไหมคะ อยากเล่นเร็วๆจัง>

  • Xpeezy

    i could literelly Cry, i've been waiting for a movie or series for soo long now, Thank you riot ♥

  • Kellision

    Faces, fading in the flames. It was all her fault.

  • Tércio Francelino
    Tércio Francelino

    it cant be but it is tru

  • laharyl

    Release this Kraken on Netflix!

  • jonathan rodriguez
    jonathan rodriguez

    Ladies and gentleman sit while we tell you this story etc etc etc and that happend

  • vargen1414

    Now This Is Makeing Me Happy

  • c o s m i k k
    c o s m i k k

    Where's star guardian urgot tho?

  • El pastel con Nutella de Alejo
    El pastel con Nutella de Alejo

    vi and jinx??

  • Uzoowasabi Gaming
    Uzoowasabi Gaming

    Yesssssss GIVE ME THAT LORE !!! I NEEED ITTT!!!!

  • Bruna Tassiane
    Bruna Tassiane


  • Megan Cress
    Megan Cress

    As a non-gamer but animation enthusiast, this is absolutely the best thing in the world ever

  • Manuel Gutiérrez
    Manuel Gutiérrez

    Hagan un anime eso seria mucho mejor

  • Nick Prescott
    Nick Prescott

    Im a twitch main and i heard twitch would be in it. I am so friggin exited he never got attention before this

  • Xephanez

    as a vi and a person who loves the piltover story line, thank you

  • Sopais Aono
    Sopais Aono

    Thats gonna be awesome!!!

  • Draptor LegacyGaming021
    Draptor LegacyGaming021

    Hope one day at cinema scan watch a movie that have DTS sound effects. Etc

  • Draptor LegacyGaming021
    Draptor LegacyGaming021

    Is this a game or a film series?

  • Ingrid Gabrielle
    Ingrid Gabrielle


  • Andrew Vu
    Andrew Vu

    i love the art style you guys chose for this animated series. out of all the art styles of league of legends, i think this is the most "relatable" for lack of better words

  • Demontrul


  • Diego Stifler
    Diego Stifler

    Aaaaaaah é por isso que a Rito Gomes é a melhor!

  • Hygris


  • Puppet Master
    Puppet Master

    Everyone else:watching the trailer and oohing and aahing Me: patiently waiting for Akali to strut her stuff and screaming in the inside when I don’t see her😂😂😂

  • Gabriel Margalho
    Gabriel Margalho

    ok, but what about the client

  • Zi

    At this rate, riot shud just make a full length movie. Ill pay to watch

  • Francesco Proietti
    Francesco Proietti

    Will it be broadcast on netflix as well?

  • Elessar

    So, the dude at the end is warwick, right? I'm pretty sure it is.

  • V. V. Emil
    V. V. Emil

    Rejoice! We live in the best timeline.

    • V. V. Emil
      V. V. Emil

      Last one I was in had microtransactions and expensive ones at that.

  • CSϟ DINO
    CSϟ DINO

    League of legends LOL WHATS🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • ces ter
    ces ter

    Riot Please Get voices in japanese dont Korean voice :( Please Japanese Voice Actors in Anime

    • xD

      It's not anime

  • V. V. Emil
    V. V. Emil

    Out of all the LoL stories they could've started with I'm glad they went with Piltover route. As a Jinx main, this pleases me greatly.

    • Ricky Spanish
      Ricky Spanish

      @Alexandrite Freljord reings supreme !

    • Warner Oliva
      Warner Oliva

      Jinx being an innocent girl before she became mad might be finally reaveled

    • Alexandrite

      YEP it's by far my fav region <33

  • Dan Iftinca
    Dan Iftinca

    Can I get the background music anywhere?

  • A _FlockOfTurtles
    A _FlockOfTurtles

    1:25 Jihn is that you? also I WANNA SEE WARWICK SO BADLY OMG I LOVE HIM

  • adrien jaunasse
    adrien jaunasse

    some scenes come straight out of FF9

  • Ibnu Jati Riswandi
    Ibnu Jati Riswandi

    ❤❤❤❤😍 * im too speechless *

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