Arcane: Animated Series Announcement | Riot Pls: 10th Anniversary Edition - League of Legends
League of Legends
Every legend has a beginning.
From the creators of League of Legends comes a new animated series about the
origins of two iconic League champions-and the power that will tear them apart.

  • Alpha ThefinalBalance
    Alpha ThefinalBalance

    I would love to see more aurelion sol in these cutscenes, he would make them spicy if only he narrates em

  • HRadix_boy

    ya es julio del 2020 y nada :;v

    • ThePip

      La triste realidad :(

  • Mature Odnarf
    Mature Odnarf

    Isn't that jhin 1:22

  • Myogramme

    So when is this coming out ?

  • Raquel Torres
    Raquel Torres

    I hope the cinematics be like in Warriors S2

  • TEA

    Is it just gonna be one story?

  • Tinan Habib
    Tinan Habib

    Whose in the part 1:23

  • Nathanaël D.
    Nathanaël D.

    MMO PLS. I need it.

  • Dodging Bullets
    Dodging Bullets

    1:22 jhin 😏

  • heebi

    1:24 jhin's face????

    • xD

      I think he is not Jhin

  • Allias thePlagueBoi
    Allias thePlagueBoi

    Wait if that is Jinx and Vi why is Vi flat af and Jinx have blue eyes? That with Jinx doesn't make sense to me. Or time changed her eye colour?

    • Allias thePlagueBoi
      Allias thePlagueBoi

      @amirreza ghafari lol xD I want them xD

    • amirreza ghafari
      amirreza ghafari

      Probably those stones did

  • Marcelo Ribeiro
    Marcelo Ribeiro

    Estou em 2200 e ainda não lançou essa série :(

  • StormBinam

    Who is still waiting for its release?

  • Zad0Z3 Pikachu
    Zad0Z3 Pikachu

    Okey but...where is this?

  • Rijal Alfarisi
    Rijal Alfarisi

    Whyyyyy covidddd whyyyyy

  • KA - BOOM
    KA - BOOM

    Ummm can anybody analyze the trailer, in 1:20 is the pink haired girl vi and the blue one jinx? If I'm correct who are the other two boys at the back ground.

  • yeahh im Thi
    yeahh im Thi

    for me is, vi, jinx, draven and darius.... have other guys with robotic eyes is jhin

    • xD

      Nope. Darius and Draven are from Noxus and Jhin is from Ionia

  • Pedro Santa
    Pedro Santa

    1:22 Maybe Jhin?

  • Azazel Inochi
    Azazel Inochi

    Dude the guy with the messed up left eye reminds me of jhin so much

  • Natsu Dragneel
    Natsu Dragneel

    The atmosphere Zaun/Piltover gives off is breathtaking.

  • Sean Sia
    Sean Sia

    is it jinx and Vi as kids?

    • Purple Invader
      Purple Invader

      Yes. Have you not read the rest of the comment section? This video has been out for almost 9 months now.

  • Tortue Mario
    Tortue Mario

    1:24 is this jhin without his mask ?

  • Olga Of Keiv
    Olga Of Keiv

    I’m so PSYCHED

  • _ FuND _
    _ FuND _

    All I want for this: Urgot Camille and Warwick

    • xD

      Warwick in his human form before he met Singed

    • Eywax

      I agree for ww and Urgot

  • Jhonnie

    Will sett be in it?!

    • Jhonnie

      @xD why u gotta do this to me bro now im heart broken wow.... im som sad why wont sett be in it, he is the best champion in the game omg ;((((((

    • xD


  • MEDAKk


  • Crozzo

    what if jinx got infected by the void!! and thats why she has those pinkish purple eyes :o (and thats why shes crazy)

  • Kyle Gaming
    Kyle Gaming

    Riton sup with this ima guess ur still working in this

  • D WD
    D WD

    So it’s this about how JINX GREW UP???!!!

    • Purple Invader
      Purple Invader


  • Susan ßøt c:
    Susan ßøt c:

    VALORANT is already out and the animation isnt out yet.

  • Rebs - Not Official
    Rebs - Not Official


    • Purple Invader
      Purple Invader

      The show got postponed to 2021 because of the virus.

  • Rebs - Not Official
    Rebs - Not Official

    wheres our movie riot

  • Zion 4
    Zion 4

    1:32 Corina Veraza ????? Omfg

  • Carlomagno

    2021 =(

  • Aesthetic Motivation
    Aesthetic Motivation

    Uhhh I wanted the tv series to be CGI like the cinematics, not pencil animation.


    con ver a dr mundo soy feliz, que genial

  • Temm

    _delayed until 2021_ *internal screaming*

  • King Artorias
    King Artorias

    delayed 2021 hüüüüü

  • Relionure

    I hope this would be on Netflix!

  • ealaay

    What happend riot ? When it shall bigen ? ? So what about arcane ? Are you regrete ?Why you spet it out if you was not ready ?

  • lourdf0x

    I expected the animation like the ones in your cimematics.. did i expect too much? 😢😢😢

  • stateofnothing

    Do you guys think that the googles kid is young warwick? 🤔

    • xD

      Nope. Warwick is middle aged man, while Jinx and Vi are about 20

  • Vimutti Orm
    Vimutti Orm

    so sad that covid 19 took it to next year.

  • Frostyyy


  • Khou3azrine

    Who's here after they heard the serie is postponed to 2021 because of COVID-19 Feelsbadman ...

    • Akared mystic598
      Akared mystic598

      Wait what??! For real??

  • Dima Bodnaruk
    Dima Bodnaruk

    Another awaited anime delayed because of COVID-19... FFS

    • Akared mystic598
      Akared mystic598

      What does 'FFS' mean?? I speak spanish

  • Dima Bodnaruk
    Dima Bodnaruk

    No matter how much times I re-watch it, every time I get strong Dishonored vibes.

  • Paola Carcamo
    Paola Carcamo

    Lamentable a esperar 6 meses

  • Yin Lam
    Yin Lam

    I feel like there would be more hype if the animation is like “awakening”

  • anti-gamer rage
    anti-gamer rage

    Is it on netflix?

  • AnOnY



    pyke??? 1:21

  • YoloGamer Channel
    YoloGamer Channel

    Who we have here??? Warwick, Vi, Jinx... and new champion? The team of Roman Numerals?

    • xD

      Where is Warwick?

  • Sleepy Kindred
    Sleepy Kindred

    7 months and still waiting, come on riot you can do it!

  • Manong Idrik
    Manong Idrik


  • Falkjar

    I'm going to watch this every day until it gets released.

  • TAG games
    TAG games


  • TAG games
    TAG games

    I know this for like 7 months but that man that talks is twitch, i just feel it. I know that jinx, vi, ekko, caitlyn, dr mundo, twitch and more are in the series

  • Colin Massah
    Colin Massah

    It’s 👏🏾 about 👏🏾 time 👏🏾 we 👏🏾 got 👏🏾 an 👏🏾 official 👏🏾 show 👏🏾 from 👏🏾 Riot! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Mohammed Jawwad
    Mohammed Jawwad

    fans : What did it cost? riot : your life

  • 1Greninja WolfBossDeath
    1Greninja WolfBossDeath

    Can't wait to explore Zaun through this series.

  • Dylan Rocha
    Dylan Rocha

    The scientist with the weird eye, that's Mundo isn't it?

    • Alex S
      Alex S

      Most likely Singed when he was younger.

    • xD

      Nope. Mundo is not a human

  • Oskar Junevicius
    Oskar Junevicius

    Are they going to show us only Vi and Jinx's story ? Because i would love to watch the story of Akali , Shen , Kennen etc... Do you have any info about that ?

  • Zack Ketz
    Zack Ketz

    Still waiting... (June 2020)

  • Sidiker

    Dishonored 3 ?

  • Subscribe for nothing
    Subscribe for nothing

    Kinda want an Ezreal x Lux or Kai'Sa

  • Mynadar

    I just hope it will not be a social justice fapfest :Z

  • Saad ART
    Saad ART

    This company is the best at everything exept making the game balanced lmqo

  • dag dag
    dag dag

    Hopefully they will dedicate each Episode to each Champion. Instead of whole Season being about a couple characters. Dedicated one episode to each character. 50-60 min episodes is enough for each champion

  • Red Typhon
    Red Typhon

    The concept is good but the graphics are way far low than the trailers animation and all

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