Making Games | Riot Pls: 10th Anniversary Edition - League of Legends
Riot Games
Over the last ten years, we haven’t JUST been making League of Legends. Learn a bit about Riot’s approach to game development and get a sneak peek at a couple of R&D projects: Project F and Project L.

  • Tristan Carter
    Tristan Carter

    2:31 new jg I keep telling people this and no one talks about it with new info her name might be LILLIA

    • Tristan Carter
      Tristan Carter

      @The Muffinprincesa Ok I seen this image and heard it's from the LofL other game not the splash but if this is the splash then why she so small in frame and style this way maybe it's member of her species or card from that game idk. She reminds me of Enchantress from dota and that my favorite hero from that game, doubt she play like her tho.

    • The Muffinprincesa
      The Muffinprincesa

      @Tristan Carter

    • Tristan Carter
      Tristan Carter

      @The Muffinprincesa send me the link to the spash then also that image idk a Lulu? skin

    • The Muffinprincesa
      The Muffinprincesa

      Lillia has purple skin and is half deer my guy. This is a skin for one of the yordles based off the model. Plus we already have Lillia confirmed splash art for like 4 days already

  • Green Lord
    Green Lord

    I want the MMORPG 5v5 game Summoner's Rift where the normal attack has a crosshair. 😁😁

  • Lenkoss

    Back after valorant

  • Dracon Browne
    Dracon Browne

    I'm really excited for this.

  • Doonkey Korng
    Doonkey Korng

    Why do we have to play champions in this arpg. I mean if what you’re going for is to explore runeterra with friends and all that, why tf are we limited to a few champions. I know i know this isn’t the final project and it’s way down the lie but they have the character models finished so i think that’s the way this is heading. Why can’t there be classes and character customization. Why can’t i be a druid or warrior or assassin in Runeterra and do other arpg stuff instead of selecting champions.

  • Krashmoney

    Hmm. This is interesting and super exciting as well. They also seem to be repeating some history, but hopefully their take on making these games goes better than it does for either Blizzard or Valve! For example, before Riot and their League of Legends existed, it was Blizzard (a better company then) who was busy trying to innovate with real-time strategy, previously done by games like Dune 2. You also had Valve, working to innovate in first-person shooters with Half-Life, Counterstrike and Team Fortress, after the folks at id Software created Quake, and a mod team made the original Team Fortress mod. No one with purely original ideas, but putting their own spin on it to make it truly unique. (You see this as well with PUBG having the spotlight stolen by Fortnite!) They were also trying to focus on their niche, with only minor spinoffs from this (Diablo 1 and 2 being some of the best action RPGs I have ever played). Then, when Blizzard failed to realize the potential of their own Defense of the Ancients map as a game concept, both Valve and a brand new company - Riot Games - created their own independent spins on the concept. Blizzard was late to the party, and instead created the world's first really good (or really popular) online card strategy game since Wizards of the Coast wasn't creating a good online iteration of Magic: The Gathering anytime soon. (Thankfully this is no longer the case, but like Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm, MtG Arena seems very late to the party.) Then Blizzard tried to outdo Team Fortress 2 with Overwatch. Then Auto-Chess was seized upon by Riot and Valve with their own versions of that game concept (Teamfight Tactics and Dota: Underlords being the results). Now, Riot seems to be done sticking mostly to their niche, just like Blizzard creating first-person shooters and Valve making MOBAs, expanding in every direction. They, similarly to Blizzard and Valve, are releasing games that seek to outdo existing competitors (Runeterra vs. Hearthstone and MtG Arena, Valorant vs. Counterstrike and somewhat Overwatch, an adventure game vs. Diablo 3, and a fighting game vs......Capcom?) What seems to set Riot apart, however, is their aggressiveness with all of this. They are announcing everything, all at once, essentially declaring war on all competitors on all fronts. They also have their long-standing reputation of being gamers designing games that last a long time and have huge competitive appeal. Even if I wasn't aware of a lot of these games when they were announced (historically not being much of a League fan myself), I find myself noticing...Riot seems to have a lot of games. And they look really good. Are these games, then, late to the party like other unfortunate gems? Or is that going to end up not mattering because of how good they are? History shows that both cases are possible, and frankly I'm hoping that they do well!

  • Marlene Sousa
    Marlene Sousa

    Me dream as a player is that you actually use your tribunal to do something about this community.

  • ThatOneTowel

    Still waiting for more news about project f


    So are you going to make a unique game or just steal from others some more?

  • Albert Chyn
    Albert Chyn

    0:35 giving me hope that maybe we'll have a isometric diablo-like League of Legends game ^.^

  • Jake Howarth
    Jake Howarth

    🔥عــاجــلـلـللل🔥 هذاا رقم الواتساب الخاص بي *00212679620248* لكل من يعاني من مشاكل صغر الذكر او ضعف الإنتصاب القذف السريع الضعف الجنسي ساعطيك الحل المثالي باذن الله ما تتردد في التواصل معي و خصوصا اخواننا بـالـسـعـوديـة🇸🇦 وقـطـر🇶🇦 والامـارات🇦🇪 والــعــراق🇮🇶 ولــبــنــان🇱🇧 والأردن🇯🇴 والــكــويــت🇰🇼 والـبـحـريـن🇧🇭 وسـلـطـنـة عـمـان🇴🇲 ما تنسو تضغط على اللايك مشان يوصل التعليق لكل مهمتم، ان متحمس جددددددددا 📲*00212679620248* *whatapps*📲

  • Kai Shinx
    Kai Shinx

    Intro ?

  • Isabella Peruzzolo
    Isabella Peruzzolo


  • : Ø
    : Ø

    I want CATastrophe on Riot’s fighting game, PLEASE!!!

  • Intellectual CheatCodes
    Intellectual CheatCodes

    I think i jizzed a little

  • Max Hayden
    Max Hayden

    Whats the song?

  • Steven Keller
    Steven Keller

    if project l is as much fun as dragonball fighterz im gonna quit the main game and swap to the beatem up




    I look forward to the card game.

  • Pots and Pans
    Pots and Pans

    Riot, for project L, please learn from StreetFighter's mistakes and make us not have to deal with the issue of "waiting for the opponent to stand back up". It's very boring knocking down your opponent and then having to wait for them to stand back up to do it all over again. It gives off this very repetitive feeling of "Start, stop, start, stop, start, stop" and it makes it not very fun to watch either. In the words of Bruce Lee, the fight should "flow like water." A game that dealt with this perfectly was Dead or Alive 4. If you got knocked down, you could still threaten your opponent with a "wake-up kick" (much different than simply standing back up), and if you knocked your opponent down, you could force them to wake up off the ground by hitting them twice with two weak low kicks, thereby keeping the fight flowing in a continuous state, avoiding the "start, stop, start, stop" phenomenon.

  • The Media
    The Media

    If they allow us to create our own games, map editing, and developing like Starcraft and Warcraft.

  • LN SM
    LN SM

  • Paulosegundo BR
    Paulosegundo BR

    iai quando vão Arrumar os bug?

  • Cozsminelul

    Btw, the shon on clip??

  • Dakota Roy
    Dakota Roy

    Project A skins better not be an arm and a leg like csgo skins!


    What are the names of these new games?

  • theGhostKid LTU
    theGhostKid LTU

    Is it possible for one to find the music used in the beginning of the video somewhere?

  • Elinse Cardenas
    Elinse Cardenas

    Name the music?

  • snokey

    WoW killer finally coming? 8)

  • Ismaak5

    Do not give this sleazy company any money! Do not give them any clout. Boycott them for their behavior against their player base and hit them hard were they hurt, their pockets.

  • Dosam01

    give us the mmo we want

  • Daniel Rosheuvel
    Daniel Rosheuvel

    at around 2:18 with blitzcrank and ezreal what game is that?

  • W M
    W M

    Meh..more of the same ..rehash of other games...just a different skin and different graphics. ooooo so pretty! YAY another "original copy!" So curious how they are going to even get player matching right along with the balance which makes or breaks your game. But no I guess what anyone really wants to see is that focus on hunting cheaters with some special coding in development...good luck with that. I'm sure the hackers are just waiting to figure out how to evolve the next aimbot tool to be less detectable as they were getting pretty good with that in OW. Oh and lets hear about netcode which they make sound like something developed in a CW Flash episode or something where some super algorithm is going to enable people from different distances to register the shots all the time me skeptical but sure.... lol. I'll be honest as that seems like an NP-complete problem and netcode is just a blanket term for online game networking.

  • Lucitaur

    2:19 - *I SO hope they change the view of Project F to 3rd person!* Not only there are TONs of isometric dungeon crawlers already (and 3rd person also opens up new design opportunities to make the game feel more new and fresh), but viewing the world from the 3rd person would give us a way better view at the world around us than simply staring at the ground.

  • bithcgraal

    Please release first the tactical fps game PLEASE

  • Jihade Chanel and vlogs
    Jihade Chanel and vlogs

    Love the game

  • francisco lopez
    francisco lopez

    project F hiper HYPE!!!

  • Gray

    I got excited

  • aZnG

    Which year will you be able to play all of these games?

  • Moymoy Vivov9
    Moymoy Vivov9

    About wildrift can u pls change the controls can u make controls like vainglory pls

  • Mobeli revieww true DAMAGE DJ wild rift
    Mobeli revieww true DAMAGE DJ wild rift

    Riot games ơi tui rất bùn k đc tuyển sinh lớp lớp 10 còn hôm nay ăn biên bản vi phạm đồng phục tui mong nhờ đợi riot games sớm phát hành phiên bản chính thức LMHT tốc chiến trải nghiệm

  • comett itun
    comett itun


  • Reivyk Vongola Primo
    Reivyk Vongola Primo

    PARABENS riot games

  • J.K productions JK terceiro
    J.K productions JK terceiro


  • novi pazar
    novi pazar

    Riot zerstört den Spiele Markt An alle anderen publisher: Keine Schwäche zeigen!!!

  • lucas peep
    lucas peep


  • Filipson

    Jak wyjdzie gierka RPG z lola to wielkie WOW dla was naprawdę tylko na to czekam 😊 (nie jest to sarkazm)

  • NNautic

    notice at the end when it says riot games the 's' in games shines lol

  • Brexxa

    whats the song at the start of the video

  • Darking

    Proud to be a filipino lol player😎😎

  • mr chaussette 29
    mr chaussette 29

    Je souhaite remercier les développeurs pour leur travaille et pour tous ses nouveau jeu qui on l'aire mieux les un que les autres

  • Nathaniel Latos
    Nathaniel Latos

    #hear me out riot I'm top laner playing fiora and i found Nasus as an unbearable opponent, Fiora is duelist but i found it frustrating when it comes to Nasus mostly it "W" cooldown . Compared to fiora's W by logic fiora as duelist can duel him. It is not that im being bias on fiora but may I ask other players about nasus W cooldown. please RIOT hear me out I suggested this because im a LOL fan sin SEAson 7 for your 10th anniversary pls consider thank you.

  • MareY

    Cant wait for the fighting one

  • BalloonBoy

    at 2:33 is that a new skin for lulu? hmmmm

  • Pixel

    Song 0:25?

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy

    0:35 this rpg thing looks very nice i need to say, im interested in that

  • confused tom
    confused tom

    what s the blitzcrank game called i can t find it

  • Blue Sekai Gamer
    Blue Sekai Gamer

    Riot Making Games: *"I'm coming!!"* Potato PC and potato phone: *"Hugs Riot new Game's"*

  • Naturally Selected
    Naturally Selected

    Just as long as you make your A-RPG, shooter and fighting game legitimate titles that i can spend 60$ on and not have to be swamped by shitty loot boxes and MTX , they will be great.

  • omarZ_man

    What about DotA ??

  • Bloom

    Turns out the thing I wanted most in my life was playing LOL characters without actually having to play LOL

  • O B O M A N
    O B O M A N


  • Wagreed :3
    Wagreed :3

    This is literally a big war declaration against blizzard

  • Neon Shadow
    Neon Shadow

    I like the 'flash'/shine on the S. To remind you it is called RIOT GAME(S). I'm a little surprised to see you guys going for multiple games at once when you've always taken such a focused approach to getting something absolutely perfect before moving forward. And RIOT has been the most "player dedicated" company so far. There's been some stumbles, though, but you're still doing the best job.

  • Hats

    Wtf why don’t they make a League based MMORPG? There is so much lore and already an interactive map.

  • Zin tepest
    Zin tepest

    Fighting game huh? Sonic fox wants to know your location.

  • Joker

    You know what is and will be the biggest dream? Full-dive VR in Runeterra universe 😮

  • Wild Rift WTF
    Wild Rift WTF

    Hey create mmorpg game plzz


    很多年以前腦海裡想的,沒想到都要實現了,只能說驚豔期待來形容,希望會有深入情境感,只要不要貴的嚇人我一定支持,畢竟也玩了你們的免費遊戲也好多年了,當藝術品收集也不錯。 支持直營,不想玩見鬼的特別版,想跨國還要重新下載,不能直接連國外對戰,如果有直接翻譯就好,不然別人在打什麼都看不懂。

  • Lucas M
    Lucas M

    2:55 Garen adc, we are talking about ya

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