10-Year Anniversary Celebration | Riot Pls: 10th Anniversary Edition - League of Legends
League of Legends
We’re celebrating 10 years of League and sharing a sneak peek of what’s to come in 2020 and beyond.

  • Carter_Precourt

    5:00 something missing in that map, hmmm?

  • Peachimon

    I just have to say, THANK YOU!

  • Jeremiah Casey
    Jeremiah Casey

    His name is Joe........................

  • zafer kafaoglu
    zafer kafaoglu

    Güzel olmuş.

  • 孟孟

    When will Taiwan agents change them? Really bad, please change them quickly, please, please.

  • Blakov Laki
    Blakov Laki

    Thank You From North Africa League of Legends For Life

  • VLA Lộc
    VLA Lộc

    Can Riot manage Vietnamese servers? We want Riot to manage Vietnamese servers instead of Garena ???????

  • Jesseren Lataza
    Jesseren Lataza

    I love you League of Legends I from Philippines

  • mikelsoo



    أشكر League of Legendsعلا تحديث اللغة العربية

  • Baugette

    RIP urf

  • JadePOX

    when will season 10 start?

  • giorgi modebadze
    giorgi modebadze

    plzz add georgia contury

  • Kiet Nguyen
    Kiet Nguyen

    Glad riot bring back urf norm for once.

  • Rei Canelón :3
    Rei Canelón :3

    Riot:Hey everyone,Joe here Me:what Joe? Riot:Joe Mama!

  • Táo Thổ
    Táo Thổ


  • verlan reyes
    verlan reyes

    still no urf in our country!! why????

  • Arif.S

    29/10/2019 and still waiting for URF

  • Guţţţci

    Si 29/10/2019 00:27 and still no urf😫

  • DaZaRx

    Where is the urf ?

  • Δημητρης Σκουφης
    Δημητρης Σκουφης

    yo oct 28th almost 29th, where the heck is urf??

  • hakime ziani
    hakime ziani

    am watching this again t make sure that i've heared right that urf is coming on oct 28th and we r oct 28 and nothing happened ..... i woke up this morning so excited and bam .... nothing

  • Oliver Brobäck
    Oliver Brobäck

    well its october 28 and still no urf

  • Luka Hornjak
    Luka Hornjak

    umm its october 28...WHERE IS MY URF?

  • Shoon

    It's the 28th of October... Where is URF?

  • WshLaStreet

    il est ou l'URF bandes de chien

  • flywars 555
    flywars 555

    cant see no urf

  • nicolas xd
    nicolas xd

    where is URF ???

  • Iasonas Stilinovich
    Iasonas Stilinovich

    its 28 October today so i can't see URF

    • Iasonas Stilinovich
      Iasonas Stilinovich

      @Sasuke Uchiha well they have just answer at 1 in night will be released in 29 october not 28 as they told us

    • Sasuke Uchiha
      Sasuke Uchiha

      @Iasonas Stilinovich lol true

    • Iasonas Stilinovich
      Iasonas Stilinovich

      @Sasuke Uchiha i think riot don't know to count the days

    • Sasuke Uchiha
      Sasuke Uchiha

      same bruh

  • D3rb0fr0stm4nn

    Still no urf :(

  • DragMan


  • RAdu Balc
    RAdu Balc

    Where îs urf

  • Faze Kuai
    Faze Kuai

    2:35 today is the day and theres nothing

  • Grasim Razvan
    Grasim Razvan

    Today is THE DAY guys! We did it! Classic URF is back baby!

    • Tomas Official
      Tomas Official

      @Grasim Razvan yes in the video he says that 28 it will be available and it doesnt

    • Grasim Razvan
      Grasim Razvan

      @Yoler-Swager.gr12345 Swager-Yoler Not yet,but today is 28.10

    • Yoler-Swager.gr12345 Swager-Yoler
      Yoler-Swager.gr12345 Swager-Yoler

      do you have urf?because i dont i am in eune

  • Gameplay channel
    Gameplay channel

    what clock will urf be out today? i cant wait!

  • Zo2la

    today is 28 and urf isnt here yett.....

  • Debil Si
    Debil Si

    It’s October 28 and urf isn’t released 🤔🤔🤔

  • Lee Sin
    Lee Sin

    Until when the 10 days will stop??

  • SnipzInzane

    YO URF plis just come out today as you are supposed to!

  • Patrick can dab
    Patrick can dab

    it's the 28th of october where the frick is the URF at?!!

  • Aivaras Dvareckas
    Aivaras Dvareckas

    where's urf tis october 28th

  • Bhavish Mohonee
    Bhavish Mohonee

    where is urf riot?

  • qTrs

    So.. where is URF?

  • Niceboy Geronga
    Niceboy Geronga

    Where is the urf riot

  • Tadahitori

    "In honor of a league player named Joe" I´m gonna do what´s called a pro-gamer move

  • Philipp Häusler
    Philipp Häusler

    when come URF back to EUW ?

  • melchi mahinay
    melchi mahinay

    I was crying when I was heard that URF is back with all champions RIOT thank you and happy 10th anniversary LEAGUE OF LEGENDS. 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Kerem Koken
    Kerem Koken

    where is the urf ? it s not avaible yet ?on tr server ?

  • Otake Arashi
    Otake Arashi

    28-10 URF Pls... Riot

  • cris villeta
    cris villeta

    its 28 here but no urf wtf

  • cris villeta
    cris villeta

    no urf on ph

  • Ryan G
    Ryan G

    Why is Urf havent release yet?today is 28th October

  • Tyson Yoshikawa
    Tyson Yoshikawa

    if i dont log in every day, can i still get the rewards later if i complete daily challenges?

  • opasnyi poxik
    opasnyi poxik

    Кто с 28 октября

  • Zyghy _
    Zyghy _

    My english is not very good but.. "In just over a week"? 0:32. Is the first time i've heard that

  • Bryan Nardes
    Bryan Nardes

    Y Love is riot games

  • Princess Fatima
    Princess Fatima

    October 28th till November 8th ....really ? That's it , why don't u remove TFT and make URF new mode?

  • Peter González
    Peter González

    Puro amor

  • king spartann
    king spartann

    you did everything....and i took the money....

  • king spartann
    king spartann

    "built it together with all of you" uhhhhh i just raged at people

  • Khada Onamie
    Khada Onamie

    5:09 my name is garena

  • SpaceRoyal

    Why did rito remove urf from PBE on wednesday?

  • Gabriel Santos
    Gabriel Santos

    Africa players playing in Europe will have to start from scratch?

  • Niels Zeeman
    Niels Zeeman

    what's the theme that plays at 7:44

  • siema

    Ale masz skośne oczy

  • ابو خليل
    ابو خليل

    أول مره اسمع عن اللعبه هذي 😅

  • Hanging Towe
    Hanging Towe

    Login everyday to get ur rewards Me: not really sure rito

  • den gonzales2004
    den gonzales2004

    Thankyou this game so very very cool and urf is back and all champoin selecrt woooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww From: Philippines

  • Prometheus

    do something that will make someone else happy and unbann my account purpleburst72 eune

    • Prometheus

      @SpaceRoyal i know but atleast i can try

    • SpaceRoyal

      Bro if rito bans your acc they actually have reasons for doing so

  • Mckenjie Canale
    Mckenjie Canale

    Thank you for the gift ❤💙

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