Senna: Shadow’s Embrace | Champion Animated Trailer - League of Legends
League of Legends
Those trapped in darkness need light the most.
Music by Riot Music Team. Additional production by The Crystal Method.
Animation by Digic Pictures.

  • bell mm
    bell mm

    black lives matter

  • Mustafa Baykoz
    Mustafa Baykoz

    Lucian, seen so much to get back his wife. Poor guy

  • One Lonely Boi
    One Lonely Boi

    lol lucian just casted thresh's ult for him

  • Random name
    Random name

    0:10 Can't but notice the differences in their eyebrow detail. Senna's eyebrows look so much more realistic while Lucian's eyebrows look like 2 thick shiny lines w/o individual hairs

  • David Torres
    David Torres

    The only LoL cinematic that left me blinking tears back.

  • ?ᄋ??

    쓰레쉬 서폿인데 극딜감;; 세나:아 앞데쉬 하지말라고 루시안 개

  • Thao Nguyen
    Thao Nguyen

    All I know is this more lit than 2020

  • Emanuele

    omg tha's so cuteeee

  • Danilo Nascimento
    Danilo Nascimento

    Massa demais caramba meu!!

  • Mr Nobody
    Mr Nobody

    Black matters

  • Aaron M
    Aaron M

    Ah yes thresh 1v1ing the adc just like in the game

  • Alejan Dam
    Alejan Dam

    When first time using thresh, i thought he was useless Damaging but not really im just bad at it lmao


    Ils sont tellement beau omg

  • Yusup Mejidov
    Yusup Mejidov

    Столько эмоций за 2 минуты ! Даже не представляю каким бы вышело аниме про эту вселенную

  • Holyxd

    Thresh miss all hooks

  • Hade

    Now that Yone is confirmed, I hope to see a trailer as good as this one.

    • Michael Kibler
      Michael Kibler

      Big same

  • jake Dekay
    jake Dekay

    eagles hotel california

  • kmallory100

    Beautiful artistry! Not too many black characters in fantasy games so it is great to see some diversity!

  • Henrique Freitas
    Henrique Freitas

    karalhoo que toop

  • BunMyster

    Good laxative too

  • TanukiPups

    Lucian OP He is dodging Auto attacks wtf

  • Dean Crawley
    Dean Crawley

    imagine nearly getting solo'd by the support when you are an adc

  • Claireann Diongson
    Claireann Diongson

    Senna shadows embrace Evelynn agonys embrace What’s next riot?

  • Clark Romero
    Clark Romero

    Support killing adc 🤔

  • 본연와사비

    0:23 티모실명맞은 루시안

  • Maksym Hnatyuk
    Maksym Hnatyuk

    why she didnt die

  • Chinorri

    Tresh: 0/1/0

  • D3WIY

    Thresh be the antagonist of this video but everytime i look at him i keep remembering teemo and how he is equivalent to satan himself

  • Emre C. ERSÖZ
    Emre C. ERSÖZ

    Ad thresh vs lucian

  • Akalimain uwu
    Akalimain uwu

    better love story then twilight

  • Z Rom
    Z Rom

    So...Why I'm playing Support but I'm facing against 2 gunner???

  • 윤보라


  • Banyuaigo

    ... very well-designed character. It's nice when ideas manifest organically... and not politically...

  • Mimi Brocco
    Mimi Brocco

    Am I the only one who thinks tresh is kinda cute? Idk he's goofy... and the fact that he's this dark monster but he's a support... and he saves you with his lantern, like aww :3

  • Rodrigo Leon Gonzalez
    Rodrigo Leon Gonzalez

    Lucian: *Finally... Inner peace*

  • Mister Lixam
    Mister Lixam

    well, accurate, adc losing 1v1 against support, saved by the """"""""""support"""""""""" on his team

  • Lucas Alejandro
    Lucas Alejandro

    Django unchained remastered

  • Владимир Owl
    Владимир Owl

    Пора снять полнометражный фильм 🎥

    • Flominda Fly
      Flominda Fly

      Обещают мультсериал сделать,так что ждём

  • Denver Espinosa
    Denver Espinosa

    How can Adr Get defeated by support

  • Renard torres
    Renard torres

    Am I the only one who almost breaks down crying when they hug?

  • Boboc Stefania
    Boboc Stefania

    The music combined with the atmosphere and reveal give me chills

  • Kit Kat
    Kit Kat

    I'm probably the only one here after Giants

  • DarkDimensionZ

    Can someone explain why Lucian is loosing to a thresh *Maybe its an Crit Thresh* Nvm ma boi Senna recon and then they defeated thresh now ez 2v1

  • Volkan Kuzgun
    Volkan Kuzgun

    Senna da güzel karıymış luci işi biliyo


    honor thresh for badass++

  • Alanas Už
    Alanas Už

    What kind of contact has Senna and Lucian??

  • gintoki sakata
    gintoki sakata

    It's already 2020 every time I watched how he flashes towards Senna still gives me a Goosebumps

  • 맞춤법빌런

    ???:아니 우리 원딜 뭐함? 하 내가 살렷다 원딜 리폿점...

  • 박새로이

    이거 정상을향해랑 이어짐

  • Illusion Panther
    Illusion Panther

    I'm wrong, o this is actually the first story/lore progress in LolL ? Lucian hate and chase Tresh for rescue Senna's souls, and now not only he saves her, but she's back flesh and bones (kinda)

  • fi-lyrika

    Senna is so beautiful!!!

  • Tvrdej Voříšek
    Tvrdej Voříšek

    Im playing Thresh My every hook :

  • rikihanks

    This cinematic starts where season 8 cinematic ends. GO WATCH

  • 공고려


  • Salma Mansour
    Salma Mansour

    My fav couple in league tbh

  • Queen vixen
    Queen vixen


  • Senna K.
    Senna K.


  • Thresh Prince
    Thresh Prince

    Kinda upset Senna's shot doesn't make allies hit invulnerable to damage and cc for 0.5s on hit instead of healing them.

  • Brandon Gette
    Brandon Gette

    Poor Thresh had a bad day with his lantern getting broken.

  • Jhon carlos Cruz copajaa
    Jhon carlos Cruz copajaa

    Que bonito 😭😭😭

  • Grim Skyegrave
    Grim Skyegrave

    So Lucian is a necrofiliac?

  • Superp222

    Why would Lucian dash in on thresh anyway? He's an adc, poke poke and poke some more

  • Patryk.M

    After The Climb Cinematic

  • Robert Marley
    Robert Marley

    Make a movie already!

  • Garrett Beacom
    Garrett Beacom

    So two super sad and yet cute aspects. He didn't know if Senna was still sane or not, especially after seeing her eyes. So to that end he would rather her shoot him than move out of the way or resist.

  • Arthur Esseker
    Arthur Esseker

    Lucian cant 1v1 thresh

  • kostya kravsov
    kostya kravsov

    хочу больше таких роликов

  • kostya kravsov
    kostya kravsov

    Это просто шедвр я 10 раз подрят посмотрел

  • Monbebedelight

    Dudes what's her backstory? I'm just so curious

    • xD

      @Monbebedelight You can read that all stories

    • Monbebedelight

      @thanos kitsos no I know nothing about this so that's why I'm asking

    • thanos kitsos
      thanos kitsos

      She's lucian s wife. Haven't you read his story yet?

  • PrimVlad Plays
    PrimVlad Plays

    At 2:18 Riot be like : To be continued

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