Senna: Shadow’s Embrace | Champion Animated Trailer - League of Legends
League of Legends
Those trapped in darkness need light the most.
Music by Riot Music Team. Additional production by The Crystal Method.
Animation by Digic Pictures.

  • Ana Silva
    Ana Silva


  • Naufal Ramadhan Riyadi Putra
    Naufal Ramadhan Riyadi Putra

    ciee luciannn cieee ada bini

  • Archiouse Emerald
    Archiouse Emerald

    This trailer amused and made me an enthusiast for LOL’s LORES AND TIMELINES I may not play it the computer But i can support the game

  • Kian Davila
    Kian Davila

    Can't believe a full ad lucian is losing to a thresh xddd

  • Daniel Felipe Velandia Gelvez
    Daniel Felipe Velandia Gelvez

    Someone noticed this is a continue scene of the final clip in "The Climb", another LoL cinematic?

  • Kenzie

    I don’t even play league but these trailers got me in a chokehold

  • sydney waldron
    sydney waldron

    best character trailer ever

  • JIM Dimitrov
    JIM Dimitrov

    Thresh rework confirmed

  • Ilyes Benabda
    Ilyes Benabda

    Feels so good to rekt this duo by thresh

  • Hintai Channel
    Hintai Channel

    Senna imba!!!

  • Yoes Mora Ramirez
    Yoes Mora Ramirez

    Tears in my eyes , when I see my Boi Lucian First smile...

  • LiFe3G

    Ничего не понял.... но соска Хороша!!!

  • Wency Fuentes
    Wency Fuentes

    I wonder if this changes interactions between thresh and lucian in game.

  • Duke Myshron
    Duke Myshron

    How can a thresh 1v1 lucian wtf

  • Ck Le
    Ck Le

    "Though Senna and Lucian’s love survived even death, now they face the consequences of her rebirth. Senna knows what they have to do next, a secret gleaned within the lantern." Thresh's buff confirmed.

  • Sonaakii

    I didn't like a champion that much after Pyke, gg Riot

  • Giaken Don
    Giaken Don


  • Sean Arkzinox
    Sean Arkzinox

    Thresh's Lateran is like a Poké Ball for Champions?

  • Soy Caster & Voice Actor
    Soy Caster & Voice Actor

    The best story in game :))

  • 맛있는코코아


  • P3


  • Kent Ho
    Kent Ho

    0:32 when Lucian on your team missed all ulti and E in front and got hooked by enemy Thresh

  • NicoNicoNeedGF

    if Lucian got back his wife then where is Threshes bike?!

  • Silfredo Rodriguez
    Silfredo Rodriguez

    Gotta love how they took the end of “climb” and started this video. Like everything about this video

  • Destine Bangco
    Destine Bangco

    Thresh:You can't beat me Luvian:I know but she can Senna Appears!!

  • 백상일

    그냥 딱 나오자마자 씹사기라 하향좆나 시키고 바로 고인챔각인데

  • Mohamad Shakur
    Mohamad Shakur

    I stopped playing league when Xayah and Rakan got released but Props for Riots Graphics team ☢️


    Senna: Lucian help me Lucian: E on cd lul

  • Jasper Edwards
    Jasper Edwards

    wait if this takes after awaken scene, is that means we might get to lonic battle, riven vs draven and jhin vs camile continue cut scene as well?

  • Xionsicecream 1
    Xionsicecream 1

    Wait Wait hol up

  • Dana 41
    Dana 41

    So... Lucien cannot have two guns anymore and Treshs latern is broken now. Soooo Riot have to make a rework. But they wouldn't do this. The concept of Senna has a lot of logic problems after this trailer

  • Alexandra Galdo
    Alexandra Galdo

    This thresh trash. Can't land a Q to save his life.

  • 최레베카

    Q스킬 알고나서 보니까 소름이네 ㄷ

  • RandomGuy

    Looking back ... Thresh was the good guy, he just tried to safe us from this op thing😂

  • 희재의혼모노

    쓰레쉬 당신이 옳았어


    Senna lv.1 no item vs thresh lv.18 full ad build

  • l'alchimie mancunienne
    l'alchimie mancunienne

    We want série animation like this graphic

  • Garry Dulang
    Garry Dulang

    1:47 The way Thresh just gets *yeeted* off tho

  • George Fritz
    George Fritz

    She protecc She attacc But most importantly Lucian's wife is bacc

  • Maki Shae
    Maki Shae

    wow lucian finally 1v1'd the enemy teams support after the entire base was destroyed.

  • TobiDerKeks

    Lucians hug is full of emotions, i could cry .... I already do! qwq xD

  • Phyurian

    So... this is part 2 of "The Climb" :o

    • Serence Frostbite
      Serence Frostbite


  • 임태진

    Ad difference

  • Marta Pypczyńska
    Marta Pypczyńska

    Omg so epic

  • Jose Ortega
    Jose Ortega


  • Dusk Wolf
    Dusk Wolf

    I have a feeling it's not all good news for Lucian.

  • Matthew Hooper
    Matthew Hooper

    There is NOTHING I love more than a tragic backstory that pays off.


    또 앰흑이네

  • Leandro Nunes Cavalcante
    Leandro Nunes Cavalcante


  • Leandro Nunes Cavalcante
    Leandro Nunes Cavalcante

    como ela recuperou o corpo ?

  • InuTaisho147

    ok, senna used Q or R????

  • RedBla9e

    When the full attack speed tresh, ganks your lane... ^^

  • Eduard Socaciu
    Eduard Socaciu

    Guys... where is the weapon coming from? did she have it inside the lantern or is it formed from one of Lucian's guns?

  • Emir Akdag
    Emir Akdag

    Know i know why thresh kept her in the lantern Rito nerf senna plz

  • shaiz lygo
    shaiz lygo

    I must say the cinematic is very good Lets see the game when it release...wild driff

  • H빈 L
    H빈 L

    오세나 돌아왔구나~

  • Versada gavra
    Versada gavra

    best trailer since aurelion sol

  • Erik Jun Bai
    Erik Jun Bai

    Support VS ADC, and the ADC lost?!?!?!?!

  • Johnden Bowden
    Johnden Bowden

    She's GORGEOUS.

    • Opaque Anity
      Opaque Anity

      Downright looks like a goddess.

  • Blake Bane
    Blake Bane

    Anyone else notice this trailer sequels off the season 8 trailer the climb or nah?

  • loquendomulti

    0:33 gg lucian attacks in melee, report eloboosted.

  • asqwoen au
    asqwoen au

    서폿이 원딜한테 까부네

  • ByWoelfleGames

    What do you need to learn to help create cinematics like these? They are beautiful! I could only imagine the work that goes into them!

  • Артём Осипов
    Артём Осипов

    Nobody: Logic: *dead*

  • yudi sinaga
    yudi sinaga

    Wow that animation is so wonderful 😍😍


    Я как будто фильм посмотрел..

  • 사형선고각

    Senna's back. It's my turn.

  • ronan manuel
    ronan manuel

    The only thing we need is a VGU on another guy with a lantern that beats it into your face and shove it up where the sun doesn't shine.


    Lucian's wife??

  • Han Yan
    Han Yan

    support solo 2 adc wow

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