Ant drinking liquid candy
Ant drinking liquid candy
Experiment on Colored Ants, showing all the 'set up'. Ants were fed with colored sugar drops; their abdomen show the colors they gulped.

  • Rrezarta Meti
    Rrezarta Meti

    Llve how people are starting to use alive creatures to make art 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Djamel Azeroual
    Djamel Azeroual

    recommended IT-my: ant drinking liquid candy

  • Jasiah Williams
    Jasiah Williams

    I don’t really like antsthat much but that is cool

  • Whoosh Me If Gay
    Whoosh Me If Gay

    even ants need to be taken care of from humans


    youtuber : ants literally drinking candy liquid 8 million people: interesting...

  • Melanie Anthony
    Melanie Anthony

    I think I have a lot free time I should use it

  • Smudges

    Who else clicked on this cause they saw the ants butt light up?

  • Kevin Price
    Kevin Price

    4:03 Am I the only one who notices that the red on looks like a germ

  • Henry Kennedy
    Henry Kennedy

    You though it was poison, but it was me, CANDY!!!

  • Autonomous G
    Autonomous G

    2:50 RIP to that ant who floated in the sugar


    Une fourmi ça pique tu as changé de couleur

  • Md. Jahidul Haque
    Md. Jahidul Haque

    Do ants suck? What type of mouthparts do ants have actually?

    • Md. Jahidul Haque
      Md. Jahidul Haque

      @Aminta Seay So? Do they suck in case of liquid? Do they chew after taking solid foods?

    • Aminta Seay
      Aminta Seay

      A mouth and some pointy mandibles

  • Keanne Danielle Galvez
    Keanne Danielle Galvez

    3:00 the ant on top of the candy is so cute he is surfing

    • RBLXgamerTV

      that ant is dead

    • Aminta Seay
      Aminta Seay


  • KhanhNgoc Tran
    KhanhNgoc Tran


    • Andrew

      Then don’t watch vid

  • Victor

    Omg ant land!

  • Otaku_ anime
    Otaku_ anime


  • brenda lumen
    brenda lumen

    That's science

  • Emmy Truong
    Emmy Truong

    this ad kept popping up and I got annoyed so I kept getting in and out of the vid it would still pop up then I got out of IT-my reset my iPad wanna know what happened when I got in the vid?” IT POP UPPPP

  • Z_Fun

    your copying videos for views STOP

  • Christina Wells
    Christina Wells

    Woah! This looks so cool!

  • Raatib Farasat
    Raatib Farasat

    They lol really hungry

  • Lion MAGIC
    Lion MAGIC

    How to make an ant catcher

  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
    Mickey Mouse Clubhouse


  • Tyler Yamamoto
    Tyler Yamamoto

    Half the ants look ded.

  • Rogozyaka’s Arts
    Rogozyaka’s Arts

    Poor ant

  • Roanne Gonzales
    Roanne Gonzales

    Ant corona virus

  • IV 4515 Somya suman
    IV 4515 Somya suman


  • Jakaś Osóbka
    Jakaś Osóbka

    Nobody: Cars on parking

  • Illumina Duke
    Illumina Duke

    This guy just tried imitating those images at the end but failed so just showed us what he was expecting

  • Comic Gamer Studios
    Comic Gamer Studios

    Ants eat everything, Fruit Loops, other dead bugs, even candy.

  • Evan Shoulders
    Evan Shoulders

    I would add and insane amount of sugar to see how the ants would react


    Colourful booty ❗🤣


    OMG MY HOUSE🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜aaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Vene Lynxya
    Vene Lynxya

    Ant dress up! Green candy ant: 1 Red candy ant: 2 Yellow candy ant: 3 Purple candy ant: 4 Pink candy ant: 5 Blue candy ant: 6 ACCESSORIES Rainbow backpack: A1 Blue and white socks: A2 Green top hat: A3 Purple and black necklace: A4 Pink bow tie: A5 Pastel yellow socks: A6

  • PrinceDj Creationz
    PrinceDj Creationz

    Red won red got the most ants cuz it’s cherry

  • Davon Barker
    Davon Barker

  • Fisher

    Sweet Rocks!!!

  • Star_Seeker Animates
    Star_Seeker Animates

    Me just vibing to the music in this video.

  • Yudi Vigoreaux
    Yudi Vigoreaux

    Cool 😎

  • GodzillaKingOfTheMonsters 2019
    GodzillaKingOfTheMonsters 2019

    3:52 *your dad when he is trying to find a* *parking spot but all of them are taken*

  • Some ant with Internet access
    Some ant with Internet access

    I was there trust me it was Delicious

  • DxnhPhxm

    Ants drink liquid 9 million people *interesting*

  • Kalbo Ciabal
    Kalbo Ciabal

    So. Kool

  • julia juice
    julia juice

    wait but i want liquid candy

  • Tori from Eddsworld
    Tori from Eddsworld

    Plot Twist: the ants became Ben 10 after this video

  • Akita The WolfHybrid
    Akita The WolfHybrid

    They look like tiny Christmas lightbulbs except they don’t glow oh and... Did I mention they bite?

  • Riley Fitzpatrick
    Riley Fitzpatrick

    Man those ants line up perfectly to drink while I give the ants at my house a drop of syrup and they climb all over each other and drink it in 2 minutes..

  • Star Channel
    Star Channel

    Rainbow ants

  • • Łázý Áŕćtıć ;w; •
    • Łázý Áŕćtıć ;w; •

    4:22 Can we please just talk about how satisfying this is?

  • EnderKing

    *Hey guys look what skin i bought!*

  • dexter gutierrez
    dexter gutierrez

    The color means there on another colony

  • Meacel Sarabia
    Meacel Sarabia

    This vid is so cool

  • WolfPrideProductions

    Should be titled: DIY Rainbow Ants

  • Lydia Deetz
    Lydia Deetz

    i thought this was a bj bootleg-

  • Miki Loraine
    Miki Loraine

    3:00 rip the ant that got stuck on the candy top XD

    • Miki Loraine
      Miki Loraine

      Animation Films ?

    • Animation Films
      Animation Films

      Miki Loraine not copied?

  • Sanghaar Hussain Thebo
    Sanghaar Hussain Thebo

    4:03 ants and jelly resembles shape of Coronavirus

    • Animation Films
      Animation Films

      Sanghaar Hussain Thebo cpied

  • Mercedes Martinez
    Mercedes Martinez

    I’ve always wondered can ants get drunk off of Juice 😂😂

  • Charlie Brown
    Charlie Brown

    Awesome video!

  • ダカリエア ゲーム DakarieaGaming
    ダカリエア ゲーム DakarieaGaming

    So they don’t drown?

  • BlindingLight

    Ant: drinks sugar water Roughly 9 million people: *haha, cool*

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      Rosey Teera

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    • Animation Films
      Animation Films

      Rosey Teera dude this is so random like why???

  • Mine-Tec Nation
    Mine-Tec Nation

    That is one *thicc* ant! 4:12

  • LRX Solar DER Retro
    LRX Solar DER Retro

    From the hell nah collection

  • Jorge Jimenez
    Jorge Jimenez

    God: WTF!!!! Me: chill out bro

  • gacha dark's studio movies and music
    gacha dark's studio movies and music

    Like if reminds

  • gacha dark's studio movies and music
    gacha dark's studio movies and music

    It reminds me if a youtuber named antscanada

  • Johnny Dept
    Johnny Dept

    This is so in humain you people need too pick up a book and stop being illerite

  • haytham

  • haytham

  • johnrhen salvador
    johnrhen salvador

    The way the ants circled the drops of water looks like corona virus

    • haytham

Prossimi video