“DON’T CRY!” Coach Kelley GOES OFF On Girl Kicker! Star QB Doesn’t Want To Play In COLLEGE!?
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It's Episode 8 of To The House!
Pulaski won their last two games, but the team still isn't in sync. Coach Kelley has had enough and needs his team to understand, you do what the Coach says or you DON'T PLAY! Coach is still upset with star QB Braden for breaking one of his rules and now Braden is on the BENCH during practice!
But before you know it, Braden’s back in at QB, Coach Kelley trusts him more than anybody else! To be QB1 at Pulaski, you have to be TOUGH. SMU recently asked Braden to come visit their school and consider playing football at the NEXT LEVEL! Braden has some serious doubts, he knows how hard the grind is to be a high school QB and college is even MORE intense.
Meanwhile Savannah is STRUGGLING with her kicks during practice, but no one can say she isn't working hard. When she's not playing football she's playing soccer, so she's out here starting in TWO different sports! She goes from straight from school, to football, to soccer! The grind isn't easy and she’s figuring out what to play in college.
This week Pulaski is facing off against Parkview and this game is gonna be a BATTLE! This is a section matchup, which means if the Bruins lose this one, they could be out of the PLAYOFFS! Braden is going head to head with the best QB in 2021. Joe Himon starts the game by taking the opening kick TO THE HOUSE! Every Friday night this kid puts on a SHOW!
Savannah messed up her first kick, it doesn't go 10 yards. It's hard to kick in the rain, but Coach is still HEATED! Pulaski is battling, but it's a back and forth game, and EVERY play counts. The Bruins really need their kickers to give them a CHANCE! Savannah has to prove that a girl belongs on the football team EVERY SINGLE GAME!
Coach is FREAKING OUT at halftime! He knows one more loss could mean their season is DONE
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  • Too_Dayum_Sauxy _
    Too_Dayum_Sauxy _

    This team is trash asf

  • Tyler Harris
    Tyler Harris

    That coach is actually dogshit.

  • Oh he’s a baaad Man
    Oh he’s a baaad Man

    He’s a real football coach

  • Luke Thng
    Luke Thng

    Emotions are important😳

  • Old Man Willem
    Old Man Willem

    gotta kick further then that.

  • MrStallion777

    They really need a kicker

  • Pool Shark
    Pool Shark

    Defense if terrible but I put blame on the coach for giving them half the field to work with...

  • Envy


  • Dr. Fresh_2k
    Dr. Fresh_2k

    Why is there a girl on the men's football team. Why can't girls just be girls nowadays. 🤦

  • Kyle Cauble
    Kyle Cauble

    This coach blows lmao how many onside kicks this man average per game?

  • Sissypool

    overtime SZN your smoke alarm needs a new battery.... *BEEP*

  • Atal Khan
    Atal Khan

    HORRIBLE coach

  • Atal Khan
    Atal Khan

    9:30 that cheerleader did not want to be there

  • NK Maze
    NK Maze

    I waited 2mins 25 seconds to see if the receiver is White or Black of course is Black and the QB White , hey Black guy you do all running while me the White guy do the throwing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Adriel Gutierrez
    Adriel Gutierrez

    Savannah is a cutie tho🙏

  • YEET_R'moni

    10:52 she got a whole diaper on😂😂😂😂(#31)

  • YEET_R'moni

    I'm sorry but I was dead when she started crying

  • Fuzzy Butkus
    Fuzzy Butkus

    Damn, does the coach know being a narcissist doesn’t work very well with kids??It can’t be all about you. 5he reality stars have done so much for theyre families.If not a ton of college money on the table I wouldn’t let my kids anywhere near it.

  • Hafe Lemur
    Hafe Lemur

    lmao the girl on the left at 9:30 was sad asf

  • Dave Jackson
    Dave Jackson

    “I don’t really care” Proceeds to cry when coach yells at her

    • It’s just Jade
      It’s just Jade

      She cried bc she just missed 2 onside kicks. Nothing was really going her way and she felt as if she was letting the team down.

  • Aliyah Lugo
    Aliyah Lugo

    Dis coach needa lamar in dey team

  • BGO Fyng
    BGO Fyng

    Did the other team switch jerseys during halftime?

  • Tucker Cowles
    Tucker Cowles

    the running back is the best player on the team

  • timboll1

    She actually said, "There's a big difference between soccer practice and football practice". That's because they are 2 totally different sports!


    Can I get a “freak” in the chat

  • Tilose Tupou
    Tilose Tupou

    the kicker is hot

  • Sports Talk
    Sports Talk


  • Arthur Johnston
    Arthur Johnston

    Why do girls always feel the need to play men’s football. I’ve seen it my whole life. Over fifty girls in 10 years I’ve seen and non has ever made a bit of difference.

  • dribbleYG

    Seeing there players I’m wondering if they even do morning workouts

  • Westyn wheat
    Westyn wheat

    I’m waiting for the prolific prep video to out in an hour

  • Travis Frazier
    Travis Frazier

    The coach is an complete idiot... How can you give up half the field or more on kickoffs???Your giving the other team the upper hand. So who has the better chance to score every time? The team that starts at the 20 or the team that starts at the 50. Idk if I agree

  • Big Bro Fosho
    Big Bro Fosho

    This coach is trash

  • Götterdämmerung -
    Götterdämmerung -

    ...this coach is awful.

  • Nick Williams
    Nick Williams

    Ummmm did parkview change their jerseys at halftime?

  • Denzel Hines
    Denzel Hines

    There db’s suck💀

  • Tylerh11


  • Azaan Ashraf
    Azaan Ashraf

    Don't touch me there coach, that's my No No square.

  • Seth Kilby
    Seth Kilby

    This coach is a real douche. Guys like him are why kids dont play sports.

  • Kevin Lassair Jr
    Kevin Lassair Jr

    This coach is dead wrong the QB nothing wrong is one thing to say don't force a pass on a screen but to tell him to ground it when he when he sees an opening to run someone explain the logic it seem that the coach wants all the glory

  • WildAirRaid

    This coach would have benched Johnny Manziel, Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson, Baker Mayfield, Kyler Murray, and Russell Wilson with this type of philosophy.

  • S C
    S C

    “When I’m not playing football I’m playing soccer” bruh I don’t know about y’all but she can’t play either sport definitely not college level soccer if she can’t kick a ball farther than 7 yards

  • Kyle J
    Kyle J

    Do they not kick off anymore? The fuck is with the onside kicking

  • Hassan Alsaoudi
    Hassan Alsaoudi

    he does know that when the opposing team knows that ur gonna onside kick it every time its insanely hard to be successful especially when the teams ur playing aren't retards

  • Linear On YT
    Linear On YT

    This coach is horrible

  • John Mark Fraker
    John Mark Fraker

    You have multiple kickers and you give the job to the girl? Then she constantly messes up? News Flash: stick to soccer. Football is NOT for girls

  • Dennis Epolito II
    Dennis Epolito II

    Why would you onside kick everytime?? You give them the ball in plus territory almost every time.

  • XDG BombyBear
    XDG BombyBear

    I swear I’ve seen this like a year ago

  • Brody E
    Brody E

    This is the skinniest football team I’ve ever seen

  • iMehoff XB1
    iMehoff XB1

    Put the whole damn video out 🙄

  • Seth H
    Seth H

    So it’s the kickers’ fault that the coach continually calls for an onside kick after they don’t work?

  • kyle dotson
    kyle dotson

    Why do they only kick onside kicks?

  • Jack Howard
    Jack Howard


  • Cale skinner
    Cale skinner

    If anyone other than the running back on the team gets offers I’m moving to Arkansas

    • S C
      S C

      And the qb

  • Baseball Fan
    Baseball Fan

    Who thinks that they should make a series with bronny

  • Jack Sokol
    Jack Sokol

    It's ridiculous how this coach thinks you're supposed to recover every onside kick

  • YRN Xcvi
    YRN Xcvi

    This coach is a joke

  • Dylan Solano
    Dylan Solano

    Bruh the guy at the end is annoying

  • 1gallimaufry

    Penalize your quarterback for thinking? When your players are burned out and do not want to go on to the next level, especially when the talent is there, it is a coaching problem.

  • BaconNBitz

    Imagine your girlfriend being on the football team but you’re not

  • Zayne Whitson
    Zayne Whitson

    man i love that qb

  • Nola Anderson
    Nola Anderson

    Coach Blowhard...."I've got my rules". How about a "no snowflakes" rule, coach?

  • Kobe Jones
    Kobe Jones

    This coach stinks you effecting the kids future by doing this

  • daymian hall
    daymian hall

    Is no one gonna mention how Parkview changed uniforms? 😂

  • Predatory Mistress
    Predatory Mistress

    good 🎊

  • IsoME

    Why they hating on my mans

  • Dende


  • Trent Trent TV Gaming
    Trent Trent TV Gaming

    I know he coaches like it is madden

  • Dr Large Wang
    Dr Large Wang

    No cap this team is high key ass I wanna know what league they in 😂

  • Brady Scott
    Brady Scott

    This is the worst playstyle ever

  • OIF/OEF-0341

    Is there ANY defense at all on any of these teams? Lmfao

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