“Unh-uh. Next.” Jennifer Aniston Answers a Bunch of Dumb, Personal Questions
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America’s sweetheart settles the age-old debate between L.A. and New York, trashes selfie culture, and shares her recipe for the perfect margarita.
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  • Kayli Spitler
    Kayli Spitler

    She deserves all the happiness she is so sweet ❤️

  • Lara Müller
    Lara Müller

    ,,that's apple and oranges" haha love her

  • Nazarena Morales
    Nazarena Morales

    Love you Jennifer!!!!!!💖💖💖💖💖

  • Molly Marshall
    Molly Marshall

    jen dosent get selfie also jen: post 3 on her instagram hahaha

  • woken broken
    woken broken

    Jennifer Maniston my question is why are you lying

  • nad 08
    nad 08

    I hate selfies too ! 😓

  • lavanya raj
    lavanya raj

    Love Jenny so much but I wish she does not do anything to her face! She should age naturally, all of us should... it is probably the pressures of Celebrity life, but Monica went down that road and she regretted. ❤❤

    • Molly Marshall
      Molly Marshall

      she hasn't done anything and she isnt called monica she is called courteney and she let her fillers dissolved

  • Santanu Dey
    Santanu Dey

    My daughter loves her

  • Lena Sanz
    Lena Sanz

    I don't like to take selfies of just me either, but I love group selfies, it's good to capture those moments together

  • Gabriel Segundeiro
    Gabriel Segundeiro

    Totally out of context, but I think "Cake" was her best movie. She mailed it. Such a great performance.

    • Steve Wyrick
      Steve Wyrick

      No, it's Weekend at Bernie's.

  • Claude

    Why all of theses people doing too much plastic surgery ??? It’s too obvious and it’s creepy and toooo visible like a freaky mask it’s dreadful and ugly OMG STOP IT

  • Rachel Williams
    Rachel Williams

    I wanna go to a dinner party at Jens!

  • maryam mure
    maryam mure

    I'm guessing she's in her Rachel clothes lol. I wonder if this was shot while she was shooting the friends reunion special.

    • maryam mure
      maryam mure

      @Molly Marshall how you know? Were you at this photoshoot? Just askin. 🤔

    • Molly Marshall
      Molly Marshall

      that has been postponed due to corona and the clothes were from this photoshoot

  • Katta Lady
    Katta Lady

    I adore her but what's with her mouth


    Jennifer Aniston is the female version of Iron man..

  • Marcelo Velarde
    Marcelo Velarde

    Why the face of celeb women start looking like a potato when they age??

  • Alexa xoxo
    Alexa xoxo

    I absolutely love her!! I want her as my best friend!

  • leona paric
    leona paric

    i make selfie only when trying new concealer to check color ...and then delete it...hate that vain/shallow behavior ....and thank god i'm not the only one finally

  • Cat Lark
    Cat Lark

    Yumm !

  • Mary Cad
    Mary Cad

    Her hair is darker. It looks good.

  • Indigo W
    Indigo W

    Well that was a weird 2 minutes...

  • Atuhaire Cynthia
    Atuhaire Cynthia

    She's perfect 😍

  • Lucy Bloom
    Lucy Bloom

    She is amazing that's it!

  • Janessa Maison
    Janessa Maison

    Love her!

  • Tamara Tamaraa
    Tamara Tamaraa

    Why did Jenn refuse to answer that about Rachel?i love heer so much

    • Steve Wyrick
      Steve Wyrick

      She had to style the hairstyle every morning for the first 2 season's of FRIENDS and she hated having to style it EVERY MORNING, that's the reason she hates that hairstyle.

    • INTJ Girl
      INTJ Girl

      Yo Yo that’s what I meant I misread the original comment bc I thought they had said it correctly yeah she hated “the Rachel” I saw her say she could find no way to style it that she liked or something

    • n e v a e h r e n a y e
      n e v a e h r e n a y e

      She’s talking about the Rachel haircut in season 1

    • cat lover
      cat lover

      @sonal Dutta Nope. She's an actress. She's the reason the Rachel that we know exists. And she has no reason to talk about that one character. She doesn't really owe us anything since she already did her job as an actor.

    • sonal Dutta
      sonal Dutta

      @Heroin wht an irony. Rachel is still loved n evergreen charecter. She should b thankful fr friends.

  • Roberto pavon
    Roberto pavon

    She looks angry!! She must be mad at something or somebody

  • Badeh Ramdoun
    Badeh Ramdoun

    My god how ugly she is ! thoso surgeries Man !

  • kousumi brahma
    kousumi brahma

    I share birthdays with her.. 😍

    • MothBOYlady

      Jealous! 😭 I only share birthdays with John Wilkes booth whoever that is

  • pinkki milky
    pinkki milky

    I appreciate her so much for who she is. Especially when she didn't even say the word "selfies" she said a bunch of selves. Cause it sounds so stupid , indeed. Being a Jennifer in a world of selfies, hard one.

  • Weronika Stępak
    Weronika Stępak

    Lets be honest - she looks old

    • Mj Goat23
      Mj Goat23

      Well she is 51 bruh but still looks good

  • Kathleen Tyson
    Kathleen Tyson

    She could the dictionary and it Wouk day be cute omg she is too cute.

  • Harris

    She looks amazing. But she did something to her face. She has been looking weird since early last year.

    • Tina Cherie Morin
      Tina Cherie Morin

      She is a beautiful women !!! But she really did something to her face .....her chick , her lips and maybe her around the eyes!!!! It's sad, she was naturel before 😞 i hope she not gonna go , far like her friend Courtney 😷

    • martina magda
      martina magda

      She did smth...I dont like it. Her face almoust doesnt move while she is talking. Dont know why celebrities do this to their faces

    • theMempho&thePekoe

      It's called aging..naturally..all I see is that her top lip is increasing in distance from her nose. Again, normal part of the aging process.

    • Valérie

      I was just about to say that, she does look different..Hope she won't go down that road..

    • Wiebke

      Harris I think so too. Her face looks different and there’s little to no movement in her face when she’s talking. I’m not judging this but it does get visible

  • Maria

    This woman hasn't aged since Friends

  • Atusa S
    Atusa S

    Can I come to a dinner party? Thanks

  • jupali

    She looks so sad

  • Nimisha Keskar
    Nimisha Keskar

    Lip job?

    • Molly Marshall
      Molly Marshall


  • Natalie

    Next I want Reba!!

  • Afterlife is The Future
    Afterlife is The Future

    She uses to be one of the most beautiful people in Hollywood.

    • Molly Marshall
      Molly Marshall

      still is

  • Anne

    she looks like the olsen twins

  • Maria Alstrup
    Maria Alstrup

    It really bothers me that you didn’t mic up the interviewer, even though he didn’t talk much it still just seems lazy and ill prepared

    • Molly Marshall
      Molly Marshall

      it's the style of the video why does it matter if you dont like it go away many photoshoot interviews are like this

  • Rizza Roshik
    Rizza Roshik

    Do this with Harry styles

  • Dalya Salih
    Dalya Salih

    She’s diifffrenntttt

  • BabyUnicornio

    A group selfieeeeeezzzzzz (wut)

  • JT G
    JT G

    She was so beautiful in her 20's. She is still a very pretty older women but man she's had too much work done on her face.

    • Molly Marshall
      Molly Marshall

      she hasn't had any work done

  • Athina K.
    Athina K.

    Hands down one of the best hair if not “the best” in the industry 💘

  • isa morales
    isa morales

    what The Rachel means?

  • Anne

    The one with Rachel's interview.

  • Monkydollqueen 69
    Monkydollqueen 69

    How you make others feel about themselves, says a lot about you. ☺️

  • The best me
    The best me

    She’s aging well!!

  • Rim Harik
    Rim Harik

    Jennifer will never not be gorgeous to me 💜

  • Petal Blossom
    Petal Blossom

    Plastic surgery is not your friend.

    • Molly Marshall
      Molly Marshall

      good job she hasn't had it

  • Name260812

    Dark hair suits her !

  • ju

    what is up with the sound quality?

  • Thomas Rabon
    Thomas Rabon

    I wanna chill with her

  • Sofija Randjelović
    Sofija Randjelović

    We stan a queen

  • Fchelle Alvarez
    Fchelle Alvarez

    I'm sure there is no way Ms. Jennifer would read this but I really want to know what it feels like when she invited you to her dinner parties. Unfortunately I'm from the Philippines. Sad but I really love her!

  • Sisco Putin
    Sisco Putin

    I miss you dearly istanbul 🇹🇷 Bulgaria border my mother is first lady in USA 1984 she die Istanbul 1986 🤟🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇹🇷🇹🇷💖💖 🧿💋🌹🌴🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪 Viva Merkel..💖💖🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • ranin adwy
    ranin adwy

    Deleting all my selfies

    • SAli

      She has professional pics done so its stupid to her

    • right spyder
      right spyder

      Do your own thing. She ain't god.

    • Keri Hayes
      Keri Hayes

      Stupid stupid thing. I'm with Jen. Don't get them at all.

    • Tereza Christy
      Tereza Christy

      ranin adwy 😂👍

  • Fun in the Kitchen!
    Fun in the Kitchen!

    She's just soooo loveable! 🤗💖💖

  • Gal Katz
    Gal Katz

    personal q but none about pitt which is like the most interesting for most ppl

  • Anwesha Dattagupta
    Anwesha Dattagupta

    What was the last question about? Didn't get it

  • De todo un poquito
    De todo un poquito


  • Josh Lopez
    Josh Lopez


  • zlameli

    We all know it's Kimmel and we agree. 😉

  • lickos83

    What happened to her face though?

  • Lana Banana
    Lana Banana

    I've never in my life loved a celebrity as much as i love jen

  • Rachel Green
    Rachel Green

    Jen, can you invite Rachel Green to a dinner party?☺️😂😂

  • Kristen Davidson
    Kristen Davidson

    She seems like such a warm person. I feel the same about selfies lol, lover her impression.

    • Lotus 444
      Lotus 444

      Very relatable and comes across as genuine which is hard to find in a world of narcissm and celebrity entitlement

  • love williams
    love williams

    I like Jennifer Aniston. She is so regular. About as regular as a multi millionaire can be.

  • Mladen Živanović
    Mladen Živanović

    I would rescue all of them, yet she’s eating them? Interesting. She would save them but she’s not

    • Mladen Živanović
      Mladen Živanović

      @Mj Goat23 I'm not on drugs. She eats animals which means she pays for other people to kill them which means she's not rescuing all of them. If she wanted to saved them she would stop eating them

    • Mj Goat23
      Mj Goat23

      What drugs r u on 😂

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