“We’ve All Been There” Clip | Marvel Studios’ WandaVision | Disney+
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Rest your eyes on this brand new clip from the seventh episode of Marvel Studios’ “WandaVision,” streaming tomorrow on Disney+: bit.ly/2XyBSIW
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  • Sayak Choudhury
    Sayak Choudhury

    Looks like Julie Bowen from Modern family

  • Bonnie Bunny Buddy
    Bonnie Bunny Buddy

    Modern Family

  • Mac attack Zach
    Mac attack Zach

    So is nobody gonna talk about how hot wanda is at 1:08? I know I can't be the only one simping rn

  • Be Professional
    Be Professional

    I ❤️ Elizabeth Olsen

  • Mark Abrahams
    Mark Abrahams

    “Disney’s firing of Gina Carano is confusing and hypocritical, lacking sound management.” - Forbes - @firekathleenkennedy Time to cancel the cancel culture.

  • Alisa Arian
    Alisa Arian

    What will happen to the new Vision? How will Wanda continue to her life? what will happen to Wanda? When Wanda Maximoff and vision will return to the movie ?? Please answer them🥺🥺

  • Judge Murphyville 2099
    Judge Murphyville 2099

    I was so expecting the Modern Family theme at the end

  • Khalil Ghanmi
    Khalil Ghanmi

    Madamkalode ..

  • Vaibhav Wagh
    Vaibhav Wagh

    Hey marvel i seen Wanda vision full series but my question is what happened when Wanda's holographic real vision restored white vision all memory and what happened to white vision after he flies away.

  • Alex Rowe
    Alex Rowe

    Elizabeth Olsen straight out lies about Serbia just burried entire Marvel franchise in eastern Europe and Russia singlehandedly, they lost their viewers. That there is a feat on it's own. Congrats.

  • Oppo A
    Oppo A


  • Loner Devilz
    Loner Devilz

    It's actually funny I knew it was agnes all along but I didn't know it was Agatha Harkness

  • Althea sotto
    Althea sotto

    Wanda dont waste your time by quarantining yourself I hate covid

  • Alema Bibi
    Alema Bibi

    Hello marvel team please share this news to marvel hq because marvel hq 's channel's comments ar turned off the message is for marvel hq- keep continue to giving Pokemon season 17 is not my request it's request is for all Pokemon fanns in India please don't stop to prodcast Pokemon season 17 we are tryed to support marvel hq for a big gift - Pokemon season 17,xy series , thank you

  • Michael del Castillo
    Michael del Castillo

    I loved this episode so much! Definitely reminded me of Modern Family

  • Sherman Shecapio
    Sherman Shecapio

    The events of the show establishes the fact that Scarlet Witch is the strongest and most powerful member of the Avengers. Even Marvel Studios chairman Kevin Feige pointed at this as well. However in February 2021, Captain Marvel actress Brie Larson claimed that her character was the strongest Avenger regardless of Feige's theory. Wanda is my favorite avenger❤❤

  • Dave H
    Dave H

    Casting Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda was a bullseye 🎯

  • Korban Jentikan Thanos
    Korban Jentikan Thanos

    Hey,I from Indonesia I am Gambit fans on X-men movie I hope for marvel studio make a gambit movie as venom and loki

  • Sunrise Alex
    Sunrise Alex

    That last part made me want to have crush on Wanda 😏

  • Ranue Al rashid Posso
    Ranue Al rashid Posso

    de las mejores escenas

  • Rishith taduri
    Rishith taduri


    • Dimension 5 Productions
      Dimension 5 Productions


  • Peach Wallets
    Peach Wallets

    Gina Carano should get her own series, just like Wanda and Vision got theirs.

    • Peach Wallets
      Peach Wallets

      @banaan3001 I disagree, she's done good acting in The Mandalorian as well as other movies.

    • banaan3001

      she should get an acting class

  • Thomson Sahu
    Thomson Sahu

    Everything is okayï but the avenger Eng game show a fack theory 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Dimension 5 Productions
      Dimension 5 Productions


  • Naruto

    Marvel On Top !

  • Jeffrey Knickman
    Jeffrey Knickman

    This and the breakfast have become two of my three favorite parts of this episode

  • Random Adventurer
    Random Adventurer

    Mordorn family version 😂

  • Lex

    Never thought I'd see Gamecube Controllers in a 2021 show

  • Joseph Tingley
    Joseph Tingley

    Don't silence me with your lies, when I can silence you with the truth. -Gina Carano-

  • FgAvenger GAMING
    FgAvenger GAMING

    Iron man plz return

    • Dimension 5 Productions
      Dimension 5 Productions


  • Boy Boy
    Boy Boy

    When you find out your husband missing... Leigh Shaw : Freak out and drive to find him at 4 in the morning. Wanda Maximoff : He'll be fine, he's made of ViBrAnIuM!!

  • Benjamin Xu
    Benjamin Xu

    Amazing Series - Elizabeth Olsen was SO SO SO GOOD, Thanks Marvel! BTW Scarlet Witch can lead the The MCU for the next 3 Phases and I would be very very happy!

  • Deano

    Yes... We've all been there...

  • RD J
    RD J

    Who is dad ?

    • Dimension 5 Productions
      Dimension 5 Productions


  • raja rani895
    raja rani895

    Here is the beautiful Solar post lights outdoor I like so much: amazon shops sogrand

  • j Sullivan
    j Sullivan

    The new THOR movie you guys gotta play a perfect circle Judith during the battle of gorr the god butcher

  • Helena Milanez
    Helena Milanez

    Isn't marvel going to do anything about paul bettany, after his outrageous sayings revealed by johnny depp's case?

    • Dimension 5 Productions
      Dimension 5 Productions


  • Frost Burns
    Frost Burns

    888 on the blanket.

  • The Celtic Monster
    The Celtic Monster

    honestly a disappointing ending Nothing multiversal you had the perfect opportunity to do something really cool and you didn't AGAIN!!!

    • Sơn Nguyễn Xuân
      Sơn Nguyễn Xuân

      @The Celtic Monster hmm i think Wanda is learning her way to deal with the grief on her own at the end and that's exactly what i asked for in this show. I kinda agree that Wanda need a redemption arc to make up for the Westview people. Or at least she should have said sorry to them, but that would be kinda awkward, at least she repented her action during the middle of the finale and tried to break down the hex. And Vision, ah, i don't think he will be the same Vision we know, plus her brothers, parents and country are forever gone, so don't you think those count as her permanent loss?

    • The Celtic Monster
      The Celtic Monster

      @Sơn Nguyễn Xuân let's go through other stories that missed the mark birds of prey that movie sucked Man of steel that really sucked Green lantern another piece of trash All of them the same is Wonder vision they had potential and did not live up to it at all the director's knew they were teasing us they pulled us in with multiversal ideas where I come from that's called a c**k tease clickbait if you will Even the director apologized for the lackluster ending it sucks it's stupid and very disappointing Keep in mind this is a comic book movie I'm a big fan of quicksilver I just want to see him done Justice and they keep treating the character like trash and they insult the one good Quicksilver and they tease me with it it's honestly frustrating it's disheartening really I'm not even going to watch Doctor strange and the multiverse madness cuz I don't think it's going to have s*** to do with the multiverse f*** Spider-Man 3 I'm sick of them promising me good s*** and not delivering

    • The Celtic Monster
      The Celtic Monster

      @Sơn Nguyễn Xuân okay then let's dissect it by itself Wanda never learns any lesson doesn't make up for anything she did and we'll feel no repercussion as a result of it There is no story of Lost because vision comes back she'll get her children back And they successfully mock people like myself who have lost a sibling as if someone that looks slightly like them can replace them So as a story it didn't live up to its own hype and again they're still treating Quicksilver like trash so it's a 5 when it could have been 11 Batman v Superman was the story of Superman Batman becoming friends doesn't make it less trash

    • Sơn Nguyễn Xuân
      Sơn Nguyễn Xuân

      It was Wanda's story and journey, let it be itself, all those multiverse theory are made up by none other than our own mind

  • sentinela void
    sentinela void

    When are you going to do the sentry series

  • श्रवण Garasiya
    श्रवण Garasiya

    Please available hindi dubbed in india

  • Vic victorious
    Vic victorious

    How much hype around this last episode- it was really halfassed unfortunately I wish episode9 was longer so it could expand where it needed to Special effects can’t fix or fill everything On behalf on my household- 😞

  • nandeyourre omai
    nandeyourre omai

    This series finnaly sucks!

  • HeyAngie

    I started to cry with the closing door scene. The lamp scene made me cry harder. It was so real, I can't explain it. Like a romantic movie but action-packed. Her made-up world was as good as it got. I'm excited for what's next. This was excellent writing.

  • 7KDreamer Plays
    7KDreamer Plays

    i loveddddddddddd this homage to Modern Family. My favourite episode of the season! I love how that in this context, it just makes her look cuckoo XD

  • Vivek Balan
    Vivek Balan

    It's a very well made series ..loved it ❤️🔥

  • Ambrose

    I barely missed being the 100Kth like😥

  • Zeeshan Javed
    Zeeshan Javed

    Khoti kay bachon iron man ko wapis lauo 😂

  • Mariuxi LAJONES
    Mariuxi LAJONES

    Best Serie of MCU from now

  • Pietro Maxioff
    Pietro Maxioff

    marval studio bring back a quick silver but then theres a kid speedster name quick blue lighting

  • the criminal jester and piggy accurate movies
    the criminal jester and piggy accurate movies

    Hello when marvel studio will release the new episode the avengers new game.

  • Suhani Saxena
    Suhani Saxena

    "NEXUS is the world internet hub in Oslo, every byte of data flows through there,fastest access on earth." Banner said this in avengers age of ultron. You can see at 1:10:00 in Avengers age of ultron. So, this might be the nexus that they are talking about in WandaVision's commercial(that this medication is made by the people of nexus) I really dont know if this is connected or not but yeah i think this is the first time where they have talked about NEXUS

  • Avani Gaggar
    Avani Gaggar

    Me before watching WandaVision : The show will probably be a Romantic show with the time Wanda and Vision spent in Scotland for two years before Infinity War Me after watching : 😶😶

  • Ian Marc Terrence Villegas
    Ian Marc Terrence Villegas

    Trust me,its not your first time here.

  • NizarGorgeous

    I really hope that they will make a movie about Wanda Maximoff and Jean Grey ❤️

  • D. GK ED
    D. GK ED

    Good so far, I just hope they don't stereotype mental illness and remember families are wathching

  • karthikeya Rachuri
    karthikeya Rachuri


  • Mason Meredith
    Mason Meredith

    “Don’t try to ruin my life with lies, when yours can be ruined by the truth.” Gina Carano

  • JAY Montes
    JAY Montes


  • JAY Montes
    JAY Montes

    I have a question

  • Twitter Twats
    Twitter Twats

    Fade in

  • Twitter Twats
    Twitter Twats

    Fade in

  • Twitter Twats
    Twitter Twats

    Fade in

  • Alli gori 111
    Alli gori 111

    Marvel wrongly put Malcolm in the middle DVD in 𝚠𝚊𝚗𝚍𝚊𝚟𝚒𝚜𝚒𝚘𝚗 𝚎𝚙𝚒𝚜𝚘𝚍𝚎 8 𝚙𝚊𝚛𝚎𝚗𝚝𝚜 𝚏𝚕𝚊𝚜𝚑𝚋𝚊𝚌𝚔 𝚜𝚌𝚎𝚗𝚎. I think it's MCU continuity mistake.

    • M. K*ng
      M. K*ng

      No it's not remember the intro of the 7th episode it was called wandavision in the middle that's the reference

  • Iron Man
    Iron Man

    In avengers Endgame: Who was NOOBMASTER69?? It was... Agatha all along 😂😂

  • Ambuj Vashistha
    Ambuj Vashistha

    *Everybody* : Everyone is Mephisto *Me* : At least someone , someone is *Ultron* maybe Hayward, White vision ? And yeah what James Snader (Ultron) is doing In the cast of wandavision?

  • Kiley Roy
    Kiley Roy

    WandaVision just got 10x better especially considering the fact that there are end credits on the most recent 2 episodes.

  • Lorand Kinda
    Lorand Kinda

    I really like this series, but I am sad that Disney is now all about gender, race and other bullshit. So this is the last Disney series I will watch, not even sure if I will ever watch Multiverse of Madness. I quit my Disney+ subscription, because of the firing of Gina Carano, it will fade away on 24th of March. There are great Actors and Producers at Disney, it is really a shame, I hope they can get rid of all those Lefties Lunatics in the future and go back to the true Disney way.

  • enzmondo

    After watching episode 8, all I can do is cry for Wanda. She really has had so much to live through. She deserves to rest her eyes

  • Leslie L
    Leslie L

    I need a Wanda and Pietro movie about their past


    O wanda

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