10 Acclaimed Movies Everybody Now Hates
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  • Laura Heller
    Laura Heller

    Too many ads.

  • Nathan Martin
    Nathan Martin

    American Beauty isn't on this list? I am shocked!! Unwarranted hate for that movie was a trendy thing not so long ago.

  • Joshua Thomas
    Joshua Thomas

    How is 'American Beauty' not on this list?

  • Kirsten Costa
    Kirsten Costa

    I like some of these movies.what the blind side!! I'm out!!

  • nel-sun studio
    nel-sun studio

    i knew Sausage Party is NOT going to last plus is too ranchy just becuase is CGI and R rated DONT mean you gotta be ranchy

  • Фёдр Михалыч
    Фёдр Михалыч

    10 crap 9 meh 8 didn't see 7 not bad at all 6 complicated nothing 5 beginning of the end 4 rewatchable 3 tuff one but good 2 totally crap 1


    People only hate Avatar because its overrated. It's not a bad movie at all.

  • Penny Loafers
    Penny Loafers

    Charlie & the Chocolate Factory was pretty good while Indiana Jones Skullfuck Kingdom was never well received. Sausage Party??! "Everybody" now hates this video.

  • Jordan Tibbs Official
    Jordan Tibbs Official

    But I still like American Hustle and Avatar. Always did. Same for mother!

  • TheCrookedChemist

    I feel like there was something inaccurate about every single entry in this list

  • realar

    Phantom Menace has fans now. It has shifted from really like to hate to like. Why? Because of the sequel trilogy.

  • Liam Dahvis
    Liam Dahvis

    I love Charlie and the chocolate factory, and the blind side, Avatar, and Crash.

  • Roary Hayes
    Roary Hayes

    I love Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It's great. I like it way better then the Original.

  • Jazzy Wolf
    Jazzy Wolf

    I didn't ever like Avatar. Its just a Ferngully rip off without Robin Williams charming Batty Koda character.

  • Ghost Wolf
    Ghost Wolf

    I despised Charlie and the Chocolate Factory complete travesty of a classic

  • Gautam Pappu
    Gautam Pappu

    Mother! and American Hustle, in my opinion, are still highly regarded by MOST people.

  • T Stahler
    T Stahler

    I don't hate any of these movies. I have not seen a couple, can't "hate" something I haven't watched. I'll take the SW prequels to the crap they are putting out now.

  • Mr Rationality
    Mr Rationality

    I don’t think avatar is hated I think people just forgot about it.

  • snarknado

    Avatar was crap. 😂😂😂 American Hustle was brilliant! Still my all-time favorite. ❤❤❤

  • mr pants
    mr pants

    White saviors are bad. Every leftist: white people need to save minorities

  • 75 aces
    75 aces

    Crystal Skull and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory got good reviews? I don't remember that ever.

  • Oscar Johnson
    Oscar Johnson

    I've even noticed people turning on the Dark Knight lately. Idk why but it's just kinda human nature to love something briefly and then turn on it.

  • Ivy

    Avatar was good and still is. Sausage party tried way too hard and wasn't funny.

  • Ivy

    I hated mother. The previews .she it seem like one thing and then the movie was something else.

  • Ivy

    The original willy Wonka was good the remake was creepy. Willy Wonka was almost secretly sarcastic in the original which made it funnier and he was eccentric but not creepy. Johnny Dep was a creepy willy wonka and the oompa loompa was just creepy

  • Jordan Lang
    Jordan Lang


  • John-Evan Bear
    John-Evan Bear

    I never liked American Hustle

  • John Stevens
    John Stevens

    Everyone I knew (which is of course not everybody) didn't like the first Star Wars prequel.


    Y’all should make a new channel about hats called HatCulture.

  • Dennis Mitchell
    Dennis Mitchell

    Just as annoying as when people say “Everybody’s favorite...” (fill in the blank)

  • Sean Joseph
    Sean Joseph

    The worst Star Wars movies are the last three...Johnny Depp's Wonka became unpopular because of accusations of spousal abuse.


    Charlie and Indy had acclaim from the get-go? What?! I seem to remember them being panned from day one. And seeing them (and never again) going CRAAAAP! The Mr. Plinkett youtube review of Indy is genius, though. :-D

  • Robert Maybeth
    Robert Maybeth

    every film in this list was over-rated when it came out, probably by the studios to get our butts in the theater seats, and every one is now deserving of our indifference. Avatar, most over-rated film ever, unless you get high and watch it that way, in which case no

  • Cotton Bud
    Cotton Bud

    'Herited' isn't a word is it?

  • Starr Smith
    Starr Smith

    .......Charlie and The Chocolate Factory was actually liked at one point? Most reviews I see now are mixed

  • The Man
    The Man

    Midvideo ads suck!

  • Gert Fog Christoffersen
    Gert Fog Christoffersen

    Oh f*** off! Seriously f*** off! Everybody doesn't hate these movies just because the talk about them has changed its tone. Very forced and wrong list....

  • Daniel Stoner
    Daniel Stoner

    Excuse me, but Avatar was, is, and always will be AWESOME!! Sausage Party was quite good as well.

  • Kevin G Conroy
    Kevin G Conroy

    I agree with every film on this list. American Hustle is one of the worst film I’ve ever seen and always hated it and enhanced my hate of Jennifer Lawerence

  • Kevin G Conroy
    Kevin G Conroy

    Avatar was just a technological exercise it’s not a film

  • Kevin G Conroy
    Kevin G Conroy

    Just because lots of people go to a film doesn’t mean it’s any good. Indiana Jones is always good. Crystal Skull just isn’t good enough. Moonlight is the worst best film Oscar btw.

  • Keiji Johnson
    Keiji Johnson

    Last time I checked, The Phantom Menace wasn’t even liked when it first PREMIERED in theaters. Heck there’s a friggin’ video online of a news report displaying diehard fans telling their distaste for it. Oh wait... Maybe I was thinking of The Last Airbender. But still, the hate was there even back then!

  • Davies Christensen
    Davies Christensen

    I always hated American hustle

  • deathybrs

    I never knew anyone who liked Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

  • Aaron Lucas
    Aaron Lucas

    Before I start watching this, my list of "Acclaimed" movies I think are boring, pointless (go nowhere), or terrible: American Hustle, Boyhood, Ladybird, Moonlight. After watching this vid, I liked or was entertained by about half of these movies, but fell asleep in that Indiana Jones movie, haven't seen Blindside, etc.

  • Felix Fae
    Felix Fae

    Roald Dahl hated the first Willy wonka because they portrayed the entire story inaccurately and his wife detests that he would have loved burtons version

  • Shots and Chops Wrestling
    Shots and Chops Wrestling

    I love all these movies!

  • Jonathon Clary
    Jonathon Clary

    2 items into a list and both were bombs on Contact. Seriously, Crystal Skull was loved right up until about 15 minutes after the first showing when people started walking out en masse and posting to social media not to bother.

  • Sarah Midnight
    Sarah Midnight

    Charlie and the chocolate factory is a great movie, people just don’t like it because they compare it to the 1971 movie. It’s actually closer to the book.

  • Primetime Pranks
    Primetime Pranks

    The Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was TERRIBLE !

  • lamar76 metal
    lamar76 metal

    Look guys a couple of y'all liberally use the phrase "everyone hates" just say "people hate" and that'll actually be accurate because show me one person that actually hates the blind side for literally any reason! My wife is Latina and SHE even loves it and how's it white savior? It's a true story?!

  • J-Kickbox

    Ugh hated Sauggae party! But American Hustle? I loved that film


    So the true story of the blind side is white savior now?

  • Mitch Obrien
    Mitch Obrien

    Ok, American Hustle is HARDLY the number one acclaimed movie that people hate now. "The Greatest Show On Earth" and "The Birth of A Nation" are the first two that come to mind when i think of acclaimed movies that are hated, both of which are WAY shittier and WAY more hated then a lot of the films on the list

  • HeeroShugotenshi

    This list should just be renamed to "10 Movies That Were Never Good That I Knew Were Crap Before Even Watching, Save for The Phantom Menace-Which Everyone Knows Is Crap But Only After Watching".

  • Big August
    Big August

    White Savior? I guess helping your fellow human is off the table unless the government mandates it.

    • HaroldsLastDate

      Please. Michael Oher could barely chew his own food in that movie without Sandra Bullock's character patiently explaining to him how to do it. It went out of its way to show even White CHILDREN being more intelligent, more confident, and more independent than a Black guy. If you actually care, maybe go read real-life Michael Oher's response to how the movie portrayed him.

  • M.K Tuck
    M.K Tuck

    SJW's are not ''everybody''

  • UH8meCuzIm RIGHT
    UH8meCuzIm RIGHT

    This whole comment section needs to get laid

  • Hector Martinon
    Hector Martinon

    I will defend mother! until I turn to fucking dust 🎞

  • Nick Carlson
    Nick Carlson

    While Crash may not be the best Best Picture, Driving Miss Daisy was less deserving.

  • Amanda Sondergaard
    Amanda Sondergaard

    Everybody? Speak for yourself thanks

  • Dee Dee Williams
    Dee Dee Williams

    Ahhh, forgot “everybody” = SJW’s

  • EllieC

    DID people like Green Book? Or just a handful of professional reviewers.

  • TheRapper10000


  • TurnStyleGames

    When was the last time anyone genuinely believed a professional "critic"? Can anyone name a semi-famous critic who actually is interested in the art of film vs. pandering to political agendas or writing fluff pieces to stay on the right side of the industry?

  • Matthew Wagner
    Matthew Wagner

    Avatar is not a bad movie... I've seen many bad movies.

  • ScorpionGaming

    'mother!' is awesome and one of the best films of 2017 easily. The fact it had an 'F' on cinemascore shows how dumb and biased that website, including most mainstream audiences, actually are.

  • Chris Wills
    Chris Wills

    What a stupid list. Not everybody is a SJW you puss

  • Alexander Lumford
    Alexander Lumford

    Thank you; for now I feel vindicated for having walked out of American Hustle after the first 15-20 minutes and never bothered trying to watch it since

  • Justin Kluesner
    Justin Kluesner

    My friend is a huge Gene Wilder fan. It's so much fun arguing with her over which is the better chocolate factory movie.

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