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WuTz PoPp!N F@m! It's Friday and you already know what that means...NEW VIDEO BEBE!!! Today we are bringing back a classic video that all ages and generations of smartphone users can enjoy! If you haven't guessed it already, we're rating 10 iPhone Cases DOPE or NOPE! Also, we have a LIKE to GIVEAWAY Contest that YOU can enter in! Check out our story here on IT-my to learn how to enter yourself! If you do enter, good luck!

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  • adian solomon
    adian solomon

    edgy boizs

  • Zachary Smith
    Zachary Smith

    Sams face when she says longboard -_-

  • Jaime Jardim
    Jaime Jardim

    Edgy boys

  • Reham Elshony
    Reham Elshony


  • Jill Clayton
    Jill Clayton

    eggy boys

    • Jill Clayton
      Jill Clayton

      i am team edge fan!!!!!!!

  • cookie crusher
    cookie crusher

    Mad eye moddy was the professor

  • Krofek

    Are you high 16:00

  • Caleb Hermanny
    Caleb Hermanny

    what are those

  • Conaday Sweet
    Conaday Sweet

    You can’t use the camera

  • Neil Calder
    Neil Calder

    These depressing Mazda CX-5 ads are making me suicidal

  • Theysee Me
    Theysee Me

    It is NO

  • Joe Breton
    Joe Breton

    Edgy boyz


    This is how much you like the size and Michael not tan man l v

  • Sun Conure
    Sun Conure

    Edgy boys

  • Isabella Rose
    Isabella Rose


  • Reem Alhassan
    Reem Alhassan

    Edgy boyz

  • Haru Kelistone
    Haru Kelistone

    Nobody: Literally nobody: Matt: *screams are hiccups*

  • Tracey Guilbert
    Tracey Guilbert

    The way the dance thing moves while they talk

  • Divyesh Kandari
    Divyesh Kandari

    19:40 Like if you are Indian like me

  • Fright Insanity
    Fright Insanity

    His name is mad-eye Moody

  • Blake Mcl
    Blake Mcl

    4:53 the 3 German accents

  • Joy Richter
    Joy Richter

    my name is TANNER

  • AaronMan 00
    AaronMan 00

    Who’s dog is that??????!!!!!!?!?!?!?!????!?!??!??

  • Lil Altoid
    Lil Altoid

    Tanner: gen z Me immediately after:OKAY ZOOMER

  • javier moreno
    javier moreno

    A dark light is a black light

  • Ashton Wolf
    Ashton Wolf

    Smartphone Telescope Nope

  • Jack Krein
    Jack Krein

    Ha ha 3:37

  • Madison Clark
    Madison Clark


    • Madison Clark
      Madison Clark


  • Kathan C.
    Kathan C.

    kathan like nathan

  • Alanis Nani
    Alanis Nani

    I’m literally dying of laughter from that hiccup: “ahhhhhhhhh”

  • Aiden Post
    Aiden Post

    Your clap is a nope

  • CraftyCole09

    Alastor Moody

  • Happy Somewhere
    Happy Somewhere

    How many people realized that they used the edited Mohawk from Roblox? Only Robloxian will agree

  • N Back
    N Back

    sam is the cutest!

  • Colin Main
    Colin Main


  • Derpy Fox Gaming & Reviews
    Derpy Fox Gaming & Reviews

    12:31 Ok boomer

  • AJ Lingenfelter
    AJ Lingenfelter

    Phone case was actually pretty cool

  • Matt Ruby
    Matt Ruby

    Where’s the join botton

  • Øcëån S
    Øcëån S

    How Matthias hiccups: AaAaAaAaAaAh

  • Exile DeadWolf
    Exile DeadWolf

    The only Android that’s just as good as iOS is the Samsung Galaxy series 😛

  • Sarbani Das Dutta
    Sarbani Das Dutta

    That guy isn't McGonagall ,,,,,,his name is mad eye moody or alastor moody will also.....well, I love magic....😂

  • Velencia Bernius
    Velencia Bernius

    Everyone started liking when they heard there would be a possibility that Joey and Bryan would come back

  • Danilo danilinho
    Danilo danilinho

    Edgy boys

  • Just Galaxy
    Just Galaxy

    Nobody: Matthias when he hiccups:AaAaAaAaAaH

  • Luke plays
    Luke plays

    When they said telescope or that electron it was coaxing for the iPhone they said that’s gonna be hard to carry in your pocket but I have an iPad so that’s an every day thing but the camera is like poopy

  • Gamedramon

    O K person

  • In the D with us! A doll's life!
    In the D with us! A doll's life!

    *"EDGY BOYZ"*

  • Logan Paul haters Jake Paul haters
    Logan Paul haters Jake Paul haters

    Edgy boys

  • Tatum Wimer
    Tatum Wimer

    I had that bear phone case in high school....

  • ya_boi_yeetus

    3:36 his reaction 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😄😄

  • Elon Haliti
    Elon Haliti

    Edgy boyz

  • Jacob Klinkovich
    Jacob Klinkovich

    Edgy boy

  • Reagan Brannock
    Reagan Brannock

    Edgy Bois

  • Lillian anthos
    Lillian anthos

    Michael:it's a maze Matt:are u high?

  • Lars is my name!
    Lars is my name!

    Edgy Boys 😏


    Tanner insulted India

  • Shabana Kousar
    Shabana Kousar


  • Mohd Azlan Hassanddin
    Mohd Azlan Hassanddin

    Edege boys

  • Thunder Biscuits Official
    Thunder Biscuits Official


  • Thunder Biscuits Official
    Thunder Biscuits Official


  • Winton Nguyen
    Winton Nguyen

    Disclaimer:smoking is gay

  • gman animates
    gman animates

    Edgey bois

  • teddy bear
    teddy bear


  • magical_ Ship3105
    magical_ Ship3105

    I will bye that off you

  • Maria Beltran
    Maria Beltran


  • Un Nuevo Despertar J
    Un Nuevo Despertar J

    🤔 a dancing face stand?......

  • MarshalSlimShaddy Mathers
    MarshalSlimShaddy Mathers

    Waiting for pewdeipie to claim this video 😂

  • Lucy MacLellan
    Lucy MacLellan

    How can you have a inflatable dart board the darts would pop it.

  • Kayden Hutson
    Kayden Hutson

    Edgy boy

  • Gretchen Odem
    Gretchen Odem

    Edgy boys

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