10 Spy Products That'll Keep You From Getting Caught!
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Yooo! Whats poppin' fam?!! I hope you guys are all having a great Friday thus far, however, if you aren't, there's no need to worry because boy oh boy do we have a video for you guys today! Join us as we check out some of the "dopest" spy products on the market! We'll be putting them to the test and rating them DOPE or NOPE. Let us know which product you'd use and how you'd use it in the comments down below!

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  • Michal Holec
    Michal Holec


  • Kristina Moore
    Kristina Moore

    Is know one gonna talk about what Tanner said 1:41 “and her neck was tree times longer”

  • Hydra Productions
    Hydra Productions

    20:34 can we appreciate Matthias' double take

  • Aryanna Lopez (Student)
    Aryanna Lopez (Student)


  • Love Editz
    Love Editz

    My brother has the walker talkie watch

  • North 3.4st
    North 3.4st

    How tall is Michael really?

  • the urbanlightbender channel
    the urbanlightbender channel

    Spy gadget everyone lazers

  • Morgan Forsha
    Morgan Forsha

    13:41 Matt: KOBE Me in 2020: why Matt :(

  • septic snakes and septic spiders
    septic snakes and septic spiders

    Buy a almost exactly like a iron man suit

  • zaid gamer
    zaid gamer

    why did you say depression when i was drinking water i spit everywhere lol

  • Teacher Pearl
    Teacher Pearl

    1:15 that kid doesn't even have a watch

  • Blake Croce
    Blake Croce

    00:57 I know what your trying to do your trying to destroy me

  • Corey Spruill
    Corey Spruill

    I’m not even 12 yet and I’m taller then Michael

  • riley flohr
    riley flohr

    lefty lossy righty turn on

  • Tavon Riley
    Tavon Riley

    The pen dart is invisible ink

  • David Salmeron
    David Salmeron

    It was invisible ink

  • ARM lightron
    ARM lightron

    i rember when this channel was matthies

  • Epic tube
    Epic tube


  • alecboi777

    I remember nope or dope. Not dope or nope.

  • cool dude
    cool dude

    But if you were like 6 and did not have a phone it would be a "doper"

  • Eli Fabian
    Eli Fabian

    When you feel that your friend has spy gear there is only one way out... RUN

  • teletubby man with shotgun
    teletubby man with shotgun

    I couldn't breath for a second when Michael spoke to the ball and matt acknowledged how dumb that was

  • Sandra Cristina
    Sandra Cristina

    Spoilers down Iron man does thats what he said

    • Sandra Cristina
      Sandra Cristina

      Not does dies

  • Jessica Beggs
    Jessica Beggs

    Luna still wears a diaper? Isn’t she like 5? Shouldn’t she be potty trained or are they just like for accidents? Or maybe night time?

  • Carlos Perez
    Carlos Perez

    He said hey yo i rememberd the song oh no I got a desies waking around the naverhood

  • Andrew Nguyen
    Andrew Nguyen

    Matt changed his voice sound like josh brener 4:34

  • the lilSoviet-
    the lilSoviet-

    8:36 **SEPPUKU SPY BLADE**

  • jaevizzy allenizzy
    jaevizzy allenizzy

    this video didn't even hit 150k and they still bought the like to buy i-

  • Oggyguy72

    The night vision goggles look like the goggles the TFC spy has.

  • Jen Fowle
    Jen Fowle


  • Dominik DeMatto
    Dominik DeMatto


  • Dominik DeMatto
    Dominik DeMatto

    The pen hasn't visible ink

  • Dominik DeMatto
    Dominik DeMatto

    It's invisible ink

  • Gabriel Simbulan
    Gabriel Simbulan

    why r there videos 24 minutes on the dot


    Kobe is dead and so are u

  • Drizzle Cake
    Drizzle Cake

    Bro his scream is higher than my grades

  • Arianna Evans
    Arianna Evans

    I'm not allowed to have a door....

  • 1800 Pupusas
    1800 Pupusas

    Michael sucks, take him out

  • Anime Lover
    Anime Lover

    I m not able to see this video because my screen is broken. But from reading the comments i can say the wedding is awesome.. god bless both of them ♥️

  • SpaceGamer 1012
    SpaceGamer 1012

    If someone figured out hoe to put actual poison darts in the dart one than it would be lit

  • SilentCall_01

    By far one of my favorite episodes

  • Pugtastick

    4:32 Mathias is litterly sitting like a girl lol

  • Will 2-B
    Will 2-B

    Close browser immediately. Never Return.

  • IcyStar the IceWing IceWing Princess
    IcyStar the IceWing IceWing Princess


  • h2h2Productions

    4:21 WTF

  • Stinky Tits Ramen
    Stinky Tits Ramen

    them: "150 ft. is not that far." me: "thats longer than my tape-measurer"

  • That One Lady
    That One Lady

    Oh the Luna story was so funny! Shes gonna be quite the character!

  • That One Lady
    That One Lady


  • Bradley Crawford
    Bradley Crawford


  • Kailyn Tabis
    Kailyn Tabis

    I have a Spy go and it stinks

  • •idek•

    "KoBe" me: oop

  • Mindy Dosztan
    Mindy Dosztan

    I would've been the one to put razor blades on the tips of the dart landmine lol

  • MugManGaming 101
    MugManGaming 101


  • Christian Hunter
    Christian Hunter

    Not Good Video Boy is He Call Nope Not No Jokes Just Not Happened we About Us Right now

  • Morgan Simmons
    Morgan Simmons

    My sister ran into a trash can once and then I turn back because she stopped and then I heard her say sorry to the trash can

  • Morgan Simmons
    Morgan Simmons

    My sister ran into a trash can once and then I turn back because she stopped and then I heard her say sorry to the trash can

  • Scott Kinney
    Scott Kinney

    I got a bit life ad... they in?

  • NotAGoodChanel Srsly
    NotAGoodChanel Srsly


  • klaudius dani
    klaudius dani

    You dont no that is a moushen sencore in it

  • Froylan Barrera
    Froylan Barrera

    Poor Sara I would imagine Joey was the worst sibling

  • Tom the Cat
    Tom the Cat

    2:49 Just buy Military comms! They last longer have a 1 mile range!

  • John Grace
    John Grace

    that part at the school was funny

  • Kossu 4
    Kossu 4

    21:31 *wrist crack mp3*

  • kraken games
    kraken games

    9:50 I guess you could call him spyderman

  • Jacob Carandang
    Jacob Carandang

    Matt: That kid looks like spock. Michael: I don't know what spock is.

  • GrantRafael Salmoral
    GrantRafael Salmoral

    Love ur videos,

  • The 808
    The 808

    i gotthe walkie talkie watches and they came broken

  • R R
    R R

    I hate the like to buy it sucks so don’t

  • Gaming Lists
    Gaming Lists

    18:16 wtf was that? 😂

  • ??????

    Your faces pasted over clover alex and Sam as im watching totally spies

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