10 Spy Products That'll Keep You From Getting Caught!
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10 Products You Wouldn't Believe People Actually Buy! ➡ www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bonff...

Yooo! Whats poppin' fam?!! I hope you guys are all having a great Friday thus far, however, if you aren't, there's no need to worry because boy oh boy do we have a video for you guys today! Join us as we check out some of the "dopest" spy products on the market! We'll be putting them to the test and rating them DOPE or NOPE. Let us know which product you'd use and how you'd use it in the comments down below!

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  • Petey Timpe
    Petey Timpe

    1 22:34 / 23:59 10 Spy Products That'll Keep You From Getting Caught!

  • Petey Timpe
    Petey Timpe

    Logo Logo Logo Logo Logo ]

  • Nate the Adventurer
    Nate the Adventurer

    Don’t shove a crayon in the wrist blaster. Like I did!??!!??!!😎🕵️‍♂️

  • Nate the Adventurer
    Nate the Adventurer

    Tanner:pepper spray, PLUTONIUM!

  • Punky Plays
    Punky Plays

    Lol 😂

  • Lucas Alaniz
    Lucas Alaniz

    its invisible inc

  • Hunter Leighton
    Hunter Leighton

    oh and 7:17 my word lololololol

  • Hunter Leighton
    Hunter Leighton


    • Hunter Leighton
      Hunter Leighton

      LOST IT LAUGHING god me hawk

  • Terry Atkins
    Terry Atkins

    10:38 That’s what she said (the office)

  • The cold Gamer
    The cold Gamer

    17:57 oooooooooooooooooooh

  • ian pandes
    ian pandes

    The pen was for something secrete note

  • therealyosuke

    7:23 yo did the tanman seriously just drop that one piece reference? total respect my dude

  • Sonya Scanlan
    Sonya Scanlan

    What’s with tanner and pepper spray

  • Sir_Palm_Branch

    Does anyone know where Matt’s water bottle is from? 😁

    • Ben OB
      Ben OB

      Sir_Palm_Branch okay, mr tree limb

    • Sir_Palm_Branch

      Ben OB Yes you did. But you didn’t tell me exactly what brand it is and what exact store it’s from. So the info you gave is totally pointless to me.

    • Ben OB
      Ben OB

      Sir_Palm_Branch what do you mean? I told you the truth, didn’t I?

    • Sir_Palm_Branch

      Ben OB Alright, i’m not getting anything out of talking to you so i’m not gonna bother anymore.

    • Ben OB
      Ben OB

      Sir_Palm_Branch it probably comes from a brand that makes water bottles

  • DJ PJ
    DJ PJ


  • Zozo_Gamer

    I had the spy gear clip on action camera thing and I didn’t even know it had a screen for video chat.

  • Rose_ Cute
    Rose_ Cute

    There’s no JOIN BUTTON 😑

  • NextGenRex

    16:59 what was this show called I used to watch it all the time

  • Jace Reedle
    Jace Reedle

    When you write with the pin when you're done shine a black light on it

    • Blade reviews by Dallas
      Blade reviews by Dallas

      I agree

    • Fred Brought
      Fred Brought


  • Meme Lord
    Meme Lord

    Laughs at Michael for taking to a inanamit object but they are taking to the camera

  • anton jesus
    anton jesus

    Can you clip it to long things because I want to OK

  • How to camp
    How to camp

    Is it just me or does Michael sound like a tea kettle when he laughs?

  • Amanda Deshazier
    Amanda Deshazier

    I would love if you had the walkie talkie connected from Matt’s house to hi five

  • Trifers

    didn't u guys did a video on the ninja star? i still rmb matthias cut the rubber of the star.

  • Fortnite Gamer
    Fortnite Gamer

    They make me laugh 😂

  • Jaxon Garber
    Jaxon Garber

    skylanders was physical toy being played in virtual

  • Gregory XboxNinjaPro26 fortnite
    Gregory XboxNinjaPro26 fortnite

    Did you get some fre e sh a vaca do at delltaco

  • okay dank memes
    okay dank memes

    9:52 listen to Matt 😱OMG HE SAID THE SWARE WORDD

  • Rebecca Baxter
    Rebecca Baxter

    You make the best video

  • Jji 88
    Jji 88

    Door alarm! currently unavailable

  • Spot Alarm
    Spot Alarm

    CallMeCarson crying>Tanman crying

  • EZ RA
    EZ RA

    I want a shout out!!! Like for Liz!! Who ever else wants a shoutout. Like, like, like. Subscribe, Dope or Nope, this show is a Dope!!

  • Benjamin Goldsworth
    Benjamin Goldsworth


  • chill&CHILLY Gamer
    chill&CHILLY Gamer

    9:59 spyderman

  • Clarence ross Olimba
    Clarence ross Olimba

    1:52 I like the reaction of Luna when she noticed that her giraffe tail is on her diaper 😂😂🤣🤣

  • Wrm Mcneal
    Wrm Mcneal

    at 18:44

  • Shy Gamer
    Shy Gamer

    Aquaman drowns in the new movie

  • David Aliman
    David Aliman

    I love your vids so much i am actuali wachin your vids at school

  • Squish KSP
    Squish KSP


  • Izaiah McCane
    Izaiah McCane

    Is it me or does Michael seem high in this video

  • Matt Riha
    Matt Riha

    No joke

  • Matt Riha
    Matt Riha

    I laughed so hard that I puked

  • Cristian Sanchez
    Cristian Sanchez

    Subscribe button : I see you're trying to destroy me . Lol

  • seth gamer
    seth gamer

    I have the second product that you got

  • Twilight Chan
    Twilight Chan


  • Aidyn Young
    Aidyn Young

    Not lieing I used to have the rist thing and when I was littler I usee to shoot my brother with it

    • ebl 421
      ebl 421

      Wow! I got a headache reading this!


    Dad poked mom now I’m here

  • Panda blade69
    Panda blade69

    The girls laughing in the back are beautiful

  • Giavanna Zampetti
    Giavanna Zampetti

    you should use the door alarm with the 3 dart motion detecter thing

  • Entertainment Hobbyist
    Entertainment Hobbyist

    Uh it’s teen titans bruh

  • Noah Hill
    Noah Hill


  • Cami0926435 Ya!
    Cami0926435 Ya!

    The only reason I watched this is because of Matt from team edge

  • Maddie Wolf
    Maddie Wolf

    I had that spy gear door alarm and it was so fun to play with but the only problem is that it would fall randomly after a few days and I lost the key

  • Lauren Farris
    Lauren Farris

    YES!! You are raising Luna right because giraffes are indeed the best animal! 🦒 💛

  • Radical Mary
    Radical Mary

    I haven't seen endgame because I had no one to take me to the theater to see it and my dad buys the DVD, hides it so I can't watch it, watches it without me, and then spoils the movie for me.

  • RandomRohan

    10:39...that’s what she said

  • Beth Forbes
    Beth Forbes

    This is the definition of dope or nope I no what you’re trying to destroy me

  • smoksyy leal
    smoksyy leal

    10:27 when your a big fan of anime

  • Angus Meades
    Angus Meades


  • Josh Kelly
    Josh Kelly

    That spy gear door alarm ripped the drywall of my wall cuz of the stickiness lol

  • Josh Kelly
    Josh Kelly

    The bit where Micheal was talking to the voice bomb I literally died

  • Evedraws

    Tanner is so underrated! I love him so frucking much aaaAaAa🥰❤️

  • Indominus Gamer505
    Indominus Gamer505

    Why on 23:05 he screamed so loud

  • The Internet Enforcer
    The Internet Enforcer

    That NVG tech looks cool.

  • Angela Shook
    Angela Shook


  • Angela Shook
    Angela Shook


  • Nevaeh Basnett
    Nevaeh Basnett

    you be like naruto throwing a ninjastar

  • Faith_gj

    16:34 tanner: or real darts

  • Robert Shaffer
    Robert Shaffer


  • Smiley

    they act like a bunch of stoners. i fuckin love it

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