10 Times Jade Was the Best Character on Victorious
10 Times Jade Was the Best Character on Victorious // Subscribe: it-my.com/uservideos-MsMojo
She may be a gank, but these Jade Moments from Victorious make us chuckle. We’re looking back at some of the most iconic and funniest scenes featuring the bad girl of Hollywood Arts, Jade West. We won’t be looking at any of her musical moments since we want to focus more on her as a CHARACTER than a singer. MsMojo ranks the best Jade moments from Victorious. What’s your favorite Jade moment? Let us know in the comments!
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  • Pink Giraffe
    Pink Giraffe

    Jade and Cat are definitely the best! Tori is pretty irrelevant tbh.

  • Ecstasy And Heroin
    Ecstasy And Heroin

    10:03 BLEEEHHHHH i died this epi

  • Giovanna Machado
    Giovanna Machado

    What do u mean?? Her Tori voice is 100% accurate

  • Giovanna Machado
    Giovanna Machado

    Jade isn’t pycho, and her musical moments were the best ones, and she’s the best character 24/7.

  • Jamere Jackson
    Jamere Jackson

    Jade was not the best. Honestly kinda immature and annoying on how right and mean she always had to be, and also what's her deal with Scissors??👀🤔. The best character was rex hands down👏👏👏👏💪💪💪💪💪💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • Daniela Herrera
    Daniela Herrera


  • Potato Lover
    Potato Lover

    *don’t u mean for the whole 4 seasons?*

  • Journeys Breeze
    Journeys Breeze

    "I'm not gonna stand here and listen to you accuse me of things I clearly did" oh my god, I love that line so much.

  • Josh E.
    Josh E.

    I always loved her look in the 1st season. 👸🏻🕸🕷🖤

  • Ella Manvell-Church
    Ella Manvell-Church

    How did u narrow it down to 10??????

  • Alice Studios
    Alice Studios

    0:22 4:31

  • Buttercup Butter
    Buttercup Butter

    Don't forget about the car

  • Nancy Williams
    Nancy Williams

    Jades spin off series carly snd jade that right

  • Jeffy Nation
    Jeffy Nation

    What about spitting in the fries

  • Shianne Garner
    Shianne Garner

    I didn't care for Tori at all I had a lesbian crush on Jade as tween. Plus Tori and Beck are flat for me.

  • Marvin Lett
    Marvin Lett

    I hate jade I don't like how she's always picking on tori I love it when tori finds a way to get back at her let's all just be glad her actress Elizabeth gillies is actually a really nice person in real life.

  • Beanie Boo Blog
    Beanie Boo Blog


  • Mike Clark
    Mike Clark


  • Cole Sullivan
    Cole Sullivan

    She is my sweet sweet mommy

  • Osiris 197
    Osiris 197

    "no you cant buy me a drink" Arent they in high school?

  • Ron Jampil
    Ron Jampil

    I’m still wondering why the whole series isn’t on this video

  • Luis Daniel Landaeta López
    Luis Daniel Landaeta López

    No, Andre is the BEST character of Victorious.

    • Ron Jampil
      Ron Jampil

      No, Andre’s GRANDMA is the best character of Victorious

  • Romaryo Victor
    Romaryo Victor

    What about spitting in the fries

  • Felix Ricart
    Felix Ricart

    What about when she broke Elivs's gui-tar?

  • Filip Omerovic
    Filip Omerovic

    Do you need help? Yes! Interesting.

  • Eboni H
    Eboni H

    kid: I HATE YOU! jade: I LOVE YOU! kid :I HATE YOU!! jade: I LOVE YOU!! me:*cries laughing*

  • PoolKid75

    I always thought Jade's impression of Tori was just the voice she used to play Betty-Sue Goldenheart in the episode about method acting. Since Tori chose Jade's character I thought it was a brilliant way to get back at Tori.

  • Shinji0708

    Tori was the bad girl!!!! Ignorant and blank like a wood.

  • Fadalerab Rasool
    Fadalerab Rasool

    jade playing a happy farmgirl really creeps me out because I love her as the scary and mean person.

  • Fadalerab Rasool
    Fadalerab Rasool

    if i created a show ill be sure to give every chracters the spotlight cause i learn from victorious to not always shine the spotlight on the lead character

  • Kcha Sleami
    Kcha Sleami

    i love jade

  • Things `n Stuff
    Things `n Stuff

    TBH it makes me realize how annoying I find Cat and that dumb voice they made Ariana Grande do when you hear it from Jade.

  • Jaime Munch
    Jaime Munch

    There is no season 4

  • Anime Lover
    Anime Lover

    Let's be honest, no one likes Tori

  • Alex Ramírez
    Alex Ramírez

    What do you care?! I'm not your girlfriend anymore!! At this moment, I'm Jade

  • Christian Pinargote
    Christian Pinargote

    Jade was the best and most attractive.

  • Veronica Granger
    Veronica Granger

    Jades cat voice: on point Jades impression of tori: incredibly goodish. Tori's impression of tori: horrible.

  • Gacha Gamer
    Gacha Gamer

    Who thinks cat and jade are more poler opposite than Sam and cat say I

  • Erin Mankey
    Erin Mankey

    there was only 3 seasons MsMojo

  • Diane Johnson
    Diane Johnson

    This isn’t long enough. Jade was the best character in every single scene she was in. Liz (Elizabeth Gillies, the actress that plays Jade) is so amazing at singing and acting and it’s amazing that she was only 17 when the show started. I recommend you go look her youtube channel up and watch some of her covers. On most of them, she was 18.

  • Antonio

    Best and worst of Jade West

  • GhostFace

    Number 1 : Victorious season 1 - 4

  • Mackenzie Maraugha
    Mackenzie Maraugha

    I wish Carly and victorious went on

  • Berta Dellasala
    Berta Dellasala

    what about when jade threw the scizzors at the wall?

  • ray gordon
    ray gordon

    Jade / Liz gillies is a gorgeous babe !!

  • Berta Dellasala
    Berta Dellasala

    best character's on victorious: 1. jade 2. cat 3. robbie & rex 4. andre 5. beck 6. tori cuz i HATEEEEEEEEEEE her best singer's on victorious: 1. jade 2. cat 3. andre 4. tori 5. beck 6. robbie

  • SkaterBlades

    Upon watching the show again i think Jade was the best character. Her only solo song had a lot more passion than anything Tori sang, plus Tori was always pretty bitchy towards her. It's a shame Elizabeth Gillies' career didn't take off like ariana grandes

  • Heather Carter
    Heather Carter

    | | | 👍 👎

  • Emmett Scargaston Larimer
    Emmett Scargaston Larimer


  • Isa Divine
    Isa Divine

    You are wrong Jade got back together with her boyfriend in season 3 they never made season 4 they cancelled after that

  • Isabella Suero
    Isabella Suero

    Jade is a Raging Bisexual and you can’t tell me otherwise

  • Golden Gamer
    Golden Gamer

    Jade is best singer. But her shining moment was so rare. She is best. Her voice is soo perfect. Jade's smile in the opening for movie, she is prettiest woman in the GALAXY. I love her when she smile. I love her when she got anger. I got anger when she kiss Evan(Beck). I love her. I can love her better than her husband I promise.😍

  • Ava Hollen
    Ava Hollen

    Who else thought Tori was THE WORST character on Victorious???

  • OriginalKarasu

    Y does her dark personality turn me on? Soooo freaking sexy.... I mean also she so sexy naturally ofc...

  • April Luke
    April Luke

    why does this not cover like all the footage of victorious and that part in sam and cat?

  • Ava Peanut
    Ava Peanut

    She always was tje best i love her shes my fav

  • Shayna Dorsey
    Shayna Dorsey

    Jade the understudy is my favorite Jade moment! We needed the part where she throws her water bottle and breaks something because Tori asked what an understudy is 😂😂😂😂

  • Jack Combs
    Jack Combs

    That time when she sat in the janitor closet cutting up a garbage can with a pair of scissors

  • Shinelle Joyce
    Shinelle Joyce

    When she was saying the things she hates the camera said “Full AF” lol

  • Lalit Kumar
    Lalit Kumar

    She was the best throughout For me atleast Lead was way too much

  • Laamia Faisal
    Laamia Faisal

    Ariana and liz should have been the main characters in the show They deserve so much more attention then they got in the show

  • Ella Manvell-Church
    Ella Manvell-Church

    No she was always the best character

  • Adam Matthews
    Adam Matthews

    “What do you know about singing?” Helen: hold up: “hey”

  • Romaro Brandon
    Romaro Brandon

    Honorable Mention: Anytime Jade says "NO!" to Cat

  • Tatyanna Fontenette
    Tatyanna Fontenette

    Is no one gonna talk about how their teacher invited a bunch of teens over to his house for a sleepover?!

  • Dan_1022

    She was actually the best character once. During the entire show

  • Mr.Mister

    My fav Jade moment is when Andre gets a D in music class and in class says, “How does a person go from an A to a D?” And she says, “Happened to me in 8th grade.” Flew right over my head at first lmao

  • Sasha Andrews
    Sasha Andrews


  • Sasha Andrews
    Sasha Andrews

    WHAT UP WITH THE DISCO??!?!??!?!?!?!?

  • Jade Ogden
    Jade Ogden

    I love jade she is my fave ❤️❤️

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