12 Most Embarrassing CHOKE JOBS In NFL Playoff History
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The NFL postseason is where legends are made.
On a more negative note, however, the NFL postseason is also where scapegoats are born, and where choke-jobs go down in infamy.
You see a at least a couple of NFL playoff chokejobs every year, but these ones stand out as the worst in history. So let’s dive right into it.
Today we present, the 12 most embarrassing NFL playoff choke jobs of all time.
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Host + Editor: Jason Biondo
Writer: Alex Hoegler

  • Jax Awesomeness
    Jax Awesomeness

    Surprised Cody Parky isn’t up there

  • Blackshadow 5712
    Blackshadow 5712

    If you bring up the 2018 and 2019 afc championship I’m going to lose. It

  • iang_106

    Thank sweet baby Jesus that only one of the two games I cried myself to sleep after were included (Billy Cundiff and the embarassing Ravens' performance on January 11th, 2020, a day that will forever live in infamy, Earl Thomas was suddenly and deliberately attacked by a vicious, criminal stiff arm of the Empire of Henry etc. etc.). I went to bed at halftime during Super Bowl LI because I was tired as hell and there was no way anything else interesting was going to happen. I thought Julio Jones would do as he said during that one mic'd up video everything that will see this comment has seen and "put up 50-something on their ass". God dammit, I should've seen it coming. The Falcons are the present-day Vikings. The Minneapolis Miracle and the Falcons' awful performance against the Eagles was a passing of the torch of most tortured NFL franchise.

  • iang_106

    That "blatant pass interference" on the botched field goal in the 2002 NFC Title Game (Giants vs. 49ers) wasn't pass interference. It was an illegal receiver downfield, and pass interference cannot occur on an inelligable receiver.

  • Gavin D
    Gavin D

    11:09 right wrong?

  • SmoothChroma

    Why did you put Mahomes in the thumbnail he didn’t choke. Your obviously view hungry

  • Deluxe Dimer
    Deluxe Dimer

    As a Seahawks fan, I approve of number 11.

  • topchief1

    I'm not A Bills fan, but I grew up in Buffalo. The announcer for the team, Van Miller, was as good of an announcer in football as you'll ever hear.

  • rik Stensrud
    rik Stensrud

    Ah maybe everyone forgot that the Saints were found guilty of cheating in the #8 Viking vs Saints championship game. Not a choke but a joke. 6:00 min. in this video. The refs were obviously paid off too. Weak investigation with very little punishment.

  • John Bartz
    John Bartz

    Yo you forgot to add for #5 with the Vikings it was about -30 degrees outside in Minnesota I remember that day it was one of the coldest football games played ever

  • jake esco
    jake esco

    Choke job 😏

  • Connor Rivers
    Connor Rivers

    You know, when I hear playoff choke I think of exclusively teams blowing late leads. Where's the 1980 divisional round where the Falcons choked away a fourteen point fourth quarter lead to the Cowboys? Or the Drive? Or the 1993 divisional round when the Oilers lead 13-7 in the fourth quarter only to lose 28-20 to the Chiefs? I'm just saying that when I hear "playoff choke" I'm expecting a whole team melting down, not individual players.

  • Brandon Wiley
    Brandon Wiley

    The beast mode run against the saints was pretty embarrassing lol 7-9

  • lsaiah Gray-Jordan
    lsaiah Gray-Jordan

    Poor falcons 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • spook fook
    spook fook

    Why is no one talking bout how the hawks are in 90 precent of these.

  • Amy

    Tracy porter is the defensive savior of the saints he picks off farve and manning

  • Owen Clark
    Owen Clark

    should have done the bengals choke against the steelers in the wild card round.

  • Gary Ford
    Gary Ford

    2020 playoffs through to Superbowl LIV. Mahomes magic & Texan, Titan & SF choke. Ends the 2020 trifecta: Houston lead of 24 early; Titan lead of 10 early and SF lead of 10 in the 4th quarter. Three chokes = 1 Superbowl win.

  • Bigfootsb28

    I could have expected the 49ers super bowl loss to the Chiefs

  • Wwe Tv
    Wwe Tv

    should of ran the ball

  • CraftySouthpaw

    I'd argue the Oilers' collapse vs. Bills was an even bigger choke job than the Falcons, since they were playing the Bills' backup QB and had whupped the Bills a week earlier.

  • uncensored008

    Coming from a Vikings fan, how the fuck do you rate the Walsh shank over '09 and '98?!

  • Dhruv Thota
    Dhruv Thota

    wilsons int was no choke

  • Jeremiah White
    Jeremiah White

    Glad they gave Buffalo some representation

  • Jackson

    That title sounds so wired when I say it out loud ChOKE JObs

  • John Gaynoe
    John Gaynoe

    Am I the one who kind of thinks one big play to win the game isn’t really choking

  • Brad miles
    Brad miles

    Seems like Atlanta just can't keep from choking in big games

  • Caleb Jackson
    Caleb Jackson

    What is it with the Seahawks?

  • The Passassin_72
    The Passassin_72

    I knew 28-3 was gonna be #1

  • Shane Hutchens
    Shane Hutchens

    I'm a Broncos fan and he named all great players from them at number 11

  • Agent Blue2
    Agent Blue2


  • MrHoundDoug

    Sigh what a dumb premise for a video. Instead of celebrating the greatness of teams coming back from big deficits, you are focusing on losing. Take the 28-3 game, the Patriots were the better team, the Atlanta offense struggled to move the ball but got some big plays off and managed to score a bunch of points but then the Patriots defence adjusted and no more big plays. Likewise Atlanta defence held the Patriots almost scoreless but ran out of gas. Calling it a choke is lame. It was good play by Atlanta to get out in front and great play by the Patriots to drag themselves back into the game and win it.

  • Andres Borja
    Andres Borja

    15:55 That score really sounds familiar

  • Smyan Kalpande
    Smyan Kalpande


  • harry black
    harry black

    I like your guys videos, but you gotta do som spellchecking. You get little things wrong in most of your videos. Marcus Williams was the nfc divisional not afc, packers were up 19-7 not 19-17

  • Team Carrot
    Team Carrot

    *kyle shanahan has entered the chat*

  • Edrey Estrada
    Edrey Estrada

    Am about to watch it and i bet anything my cowboys are in the list lol

  • Hubert Sang
    Hubert Sang

    Poor Drew Bledsoe, being unseated from the starting job by Tony Romo and Tom Brady

  • will tallman
    will tallman

    Chiefs Vs Titans 2018 afc wild card. Chiefs blew a 21-0 lead at halftime and lost 21-22

  • coolsparkz47

    miracle at the new meadowlands??

  • poopoo caca
    poopoo caca

    stfu and play the videos


    The blowout, SAINTS vs Eagles when wentz came back to play that game,the score was saints 48, eagles 7.

  • Joshua Kriger
    Joshua Kriger

    Houston Oilers vs Buffalo Bills 35-3 comeback for the bills

  • Gary Ford
    Gary Ford

    Chiefs 49ers SB 54

  • Gary Ford
    Gary Ford

    Chiefs Titans 2019 playoff

  • Chris Ketchem
    Chris Ketchem

    thank goodness neither of the Texans/Chiefs playoffs games ended up on here haha

  • I_AM_BAGEL2268

    For number 8, the refs didn’t botch the call, the Giants had 12 men on the field so the 2 penalties canceled out.

  • c j
    c j

    Should add the whiners...i...i mean niners choke job in sb54 😂


    You forgot about the Vikings vs. Saints 2017-2018 season

  • Bjorn Yesterday
    Bjorn Yesterday

    14:08. Ryan was down

    • Enzy


  • EG 101
    EG 101

    Oilers should have been number 1 on this list The falcons are number 1 only because it was a superbowl

  • Scooby Carr
    Scooby Carr

    Not only that but the Broncos lost their record 5th Super Bowl. Vikings, rest easy. Somebody eclipsed you in NFL playoff futility.

  • Michael Leroy
    Michael Leroy

    The 1998 Vikings were 15-1 but they were not that great on defense (15th in NFL)

  • Michael Leroy
    Michael Leroy

    Things didn't go well for Oilers after this game eventually on their way to Nashville

  • Michael Leroy
    Michael Leroy

    Gary Anderson should be no 1 but the Vikings blew the game in other ways

  • Michael Leroy
    Michael Leroy

    SB LI nobody blew it better Falcons!

  • Michael Leroy
    Michael Leroy

    2012 NFC Championship typical Falcons

  • Michael Leroy
    Michael Leroy

    Most boneheaded play in SB history Seattle Seahawks

  • _ Zaky_Poo_
    _ Zaky_Poo_

    what about the KC vs Tennessee game in 2017 when Tennessee made 21 pont comeback?

    • Eeds Ssxv
      Eeds Ssxv

      Alex Smith's final game as a Chief. He was traded to the Skins so they could give the keys to PM15.

  • MrJon92as

    I find it odd that a lot of you are saying that the 2019 Ravens should be on here, but not the 2011 Packers, even though both those teams choked in similar fashion.

  • Angel.Dc5

    Walsh was the only person who put up points for the Vikings though!??😂

  • woke af
    woke af

    The 2013 broncos didn’t face a real defense until they met the Seahawks. Seriously,look at the broncos schedule that year. The teams that they played were bottom feeders of the nfl. And my chiefs were just as overrated as the broncos beating up on the same weak teams. My point the broncos didn’t choke they were just overmatched

  • Fabian A
    Fabian A

    Mahomes proved his doubters wrong no more of a choker!

  • EDPoddone _
    EDPoddone _

    Back to back for the Vikings

  • Richard Ubert
    Richard Ubert

    How do you leave off the Pats Blowing the perfect season?

    • Scooby Carr
      Scooby Carr

      I don't think the Patriots themselves choked away the perfect season. Their safety Asante Samuel choked away the Patriots' perfect season by dropping a sure interception before Eli Manning's heroics.

  • Elena Singer
    Elena Singer

    I’m not surprised that the falcons are number one and that the Seahawks are apart of the dishonorable mentions segment

  • Quenton Stillion
    Quenton Stillion

    Super Bowl 49 was more of a play calling mistake than anything

  • Spencer Mcfarland
    Spencer Mcfarland

    Every team that lost to the chiefs in the playoffs this year should be on here. CHIEFS KINGDOM

  • devourmug

    Walsh was never the same kicker after his senior year at Uga.

  • Get That Money Get That Money
    Get That Money Get That Money

    @Jason Biondo 🗣"Mah Knee!!!" Lol #GetThatMoneyGetThatMoney

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