12 Most Embarrassing CHOKE JOBS In NFL Playoff History
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The NFL postseason is where legends are made.
On a more negative note, however, the NFL postseason is also where scapegoats are born, and where choke-jobs go down in infamy.
You see a at least a couple of NFL playoff chokejobs every year, but these ones stand out as the worst in history. So let’s dive right into it.
Today we present, the 12 most embarrassing NFL playoff choke jobs of all time.
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Host + Editor: Jason Biondo
Writer: Alex Hoegler

  • Get That Money Get That Money
    Get That Money Get That Money

    @Jason Biondo 🗣"Mah Knee!!!" Lol #GetThatMoneyGetThatMoney

  • Jeremy Thompson
    Jeremy Thompson

    The 92 AFC Wild Card Game was the 2nd installment in the Oilers' trifecta of playoff chokes between 1991-93. That game is probably the single biggest reason the Oilers moved to Nashville and became the Tennessee Titans

  • James Swanson
    James Swanson

    We all knew that the Vikings would show up on this list twice....LOL

  • Jalen Brunson
    Jalen Brunson

    Super bowl 54 49ers

  • L McEvoy
    L McEvoy

    For the pats falcons game I was rooting for the pats and when they were down 28-3 my friend who was rooting for the falcons was trash talking and I just told him to wait for the comeback lol

  • Ernesto Suarez
    Ernesto Suarez

    Made this a couple weeks to early...LIV should be in the top 5 atleast.

  • Karvia Hamilton
    Karvia Hamilton

    No matter what You cannot count out Tom Brady at anytime

  • Grouse The Ghoul
    Grouse The Ghoul

    Thirteen : The 49ers defence in Super Bowl 54.

  • attilathehun0

    Nope Nope it's laces out and not in, so it was the place holder that fucked up and not Walsh. Unfortunately Walsh becomes a basket case after the missed field goal and no longer kicks.

  • SlidesXXVI

    Damn falcons was 1st both times

  • Royster_Goose23

    Falcons will never live that shit down. Pains me as Falcons fan

  • Jose Roberto Plascencia
    Jose Roberto Plascencia

    My friend and his mom are huge Patriots fans. That game. I laughed. They were dead, they were just waiting for it to end. I told them “the falcons will choke and the pats will pull out their third quarter comeback, just wait and see. I bet you 100 bucks the pats will win.” The second the game started to turn in their favor they jumped up and the energy changed. I kept laughing because I knew I was right. This kept going until the end of the game. They said “we knew it”. Total bullshit. They were just waiting for the pain to end. To this day his mom still tells me. “Remember 28-3? I should’ve listened to you. Never doubt your kids” she calls me her other son even thought she only has one. I earned it before that but that day it was cemented.

  • John Jordan
    John Jordan

    Giants 24-3 choke(basically costing them a chance for the playoffs

  • Never Sober
    Never Sober

    I’d replace super bowl 48 with the chiefs losing at home to the patriots despite watching the broncos beat the patriots in Denver in the championship game just a few years earlier


    Where is Colts vs Patriots 2006 AFC Championship Game? Pats lead 21-3 PS: I’m a Colts Fan ;)

  • Jmilljr

    Me: gets excited chiefs are on the list Also Me: oh yea I’m a Texans fan

  • J

    I'm so sick of hearing the "go ahead touchdown" unless you are 2 scores up with less then 3 min or 1 score up with less then 2 min the coach is not going to say hey let's stop at the 1 yard line run plays until we give the ball back to the other team so they can win.

  • Staci Hunsinger
    Staci Hunsinger

    dont talk trash about my falcons :(

  • Brian C-137
    Brian C-137

    Roger Craig's fumble against the Giants in the 1990 NFC Championship game. This allowed the Giants to get a field goal and steal the game from the 49ers.


    Why wasn’t the oak vs pat 2002 game in here

  • Manos Kok
    Manos Kok

    Thanks for not showing Stephon Diggs td

  • Charlie LaFever
    Charlie LaFever

    Scott Norwood should be on this list

  • Fritz vanLonden
    Fritz vanLonden

    I find it ABSOLUTELY AMAZING that the NFL has been around for 100 YEARS... and no team had EVER choked before the 1990's!!! I can think of one off the top of my head... The Miracle That Died (or The Epic In Miami... take your pick, both are good): San Diego Chargers vs Miami Dolphins 1982 AFC Divisional Round. This game is considered one of (if not) the greatest games in NFL history.

  • Isaiah Denney
    Isaiah Denney

    Ahem... The Minnesota Vikings

  • Thor

    All Atlanta had to do was kneel on the ball and kick a field goal Bonehead coaching play you know it’s not against the rules to kick on second down either

  • TROMPO_510

    What’s with the hat crazy!

  • John Cate
    John Cate

    The receiver on the Hasselbeck pick six ran the wrong route. So not really his fault. Hasselbeck threw to the right spot and his guy wasn't there. I still can't believe people took Supe LI for granted with 23 minutes left in the game. It was a choke job, but in the modern NFL, 25 down with that much time left is not impossible to come back from, especially when you consider how good that Patriots offense was.

  • Mcboofie boofer
    Mcboofie boofer

    What about the double doink

  • Scott Bilger
    Scott Bilger

    Choke or brilliant comeback?

  • Shiela Ingram
    Shiela Ingram

    How are the 2007 New England Patriots not on this list. 18-1. #BigBlue

  • Nathan Chartier
    Nathan Chartier

    Already know what’s first Pats 3 falcons 28 come on just run the ball

  • Assassin XD
    Assassin XD

    Comn, the Bills, vs Oilers game was number one. That game was like Super Bowl 51 but with Brian Hoyer instead of Tom Brady, and the Falcons scoring one more touchdown.

  • Teon T
    Teon T

    You should have added the saints lose to the vikings.

  • Jared Hunnicutt
    Jared Hunnicutt

    The NFL is a “choke job”. Go NCAA College FB!

    • Never Sober
      Never Sober

      Jared Hunnicutt the national championship game was a flop the last two years

  • TheyHateMarc

    You seriously put Patrick Mahomes on the thumbnail... it’s not his fault that the refs fucked the chiefs over. Not to mention the shitty decision by Dee Ford to jump offsides. Change the thumbnail.

  • Dominique Richard
    Dominique Richard

    Mahomes in the thumbnail lol.

  • Goated Chicken46
    Goated Chicken46

    I hate being a falcons fan

  • Chiefs Fan
    Chiefs Fan

    Why the picture of patrick

  • Ethan Pace
    Ethan Pace

    Do a list on the biggest underdog wins

  • LC Highlight Reel
    LC Highlight Reel

    "Marcus Willias?"

  • Cee Twangy
    Cee Twangy

    Tony romo again? WoW

  • Will McAnurn
    Will McAnurn

    At 2:30, 28 to 7, what?

  • Will McAnurn
    Will McAnurn

    At 1:14, he says 2017 AFC divisional round, while the title says nfc.

  • Travis Stoudt
    Travis Stoudt

    I knew Super Bowl LI would be number 1

    • PhoenixGamer34

      Travis Stoudt I would've had it at 2, just behind Oilers-Bills, aka the 35-3 game.

  • Joe Cool
    Joe Cool

    Wait -- how did you NOT include "Wide Right"???

  • yassel54659

    As far as the Giants San Fran game, you can't get called for PI on a special teams play. It a rule put into place so teams don't fake every special teams play to get a pass interference call for guys blocking down field. Specifically for punts but it's across-the-board. So even know the guy was draped all over him, it can't be called pass interference no matter what Colinsworth thinks

  • Meko5

    Is the SF vs NY game really considered pass interference considering that line man wasn't technically an eligible receiver?

  • Beck Parsons
    Beck Parsons

    Seahawks fans love and hate this list

  • lucas carry
    lucas carry

    As a Vikings fan this video hurts

  • Necessary Evil
    Necessary Evil

    Neil odonnel choking with his ton of picks in that one sb?

  • The New One 071
    The New One 071

    12:10 Does Tyreek have a shit stain??

  • payton smith
    payton smith

    At 1:15 you said AFC instead of NFC 😂


    How about the Titans blowing the lead against the Chiefs this year

  • Smack2k

    Aaron Rodgers - Just about every year outside his Super Bowl year

  • Blissworm Ouchie
    Blissworm Ouchie

    1:13 Now that's a choke job by him.

  • david ellsworth
    david ellsworth

    i think 2011 packers team should been on this list winning 15 games and won and done against 9-7 giants in the playoffs and i think 2007 pats should be on this list to 16-0 pats losing to 10-6 giants in Superbowl 42 .

  • Martin W
    Martin W

    Kicker Anderson gets so much credit for losing for the Vikings vs Atlanta, but also blame the Vikings for not stopping Atlanta to tie, then surpass them on the scoreboard.

  • Dylan Blum
    Dylan Blum

    Who writes the script? Lol. The packers weren’t up 19-17....

  • Dylan Blum
    Dylan Blum

    How are you up by 8 kick a field goal that would put you up by 8?

  • Airtime Thrills
    Airtime Thrills

    Bengals loss to Pitt a few years back was a pretty nasty playoff choke job

  • Airtime Thrills
    Airtime Thrills

    Falcons always and forever #1. I still cant believe KC came back from a 24 point deficit in like 3 minutes

  • NateyPlays MC
    NateyPlays MC

    Not a very good title...

  • Michael Brown
    Michael Brown

    2019 Chiefs-LIV

  • J. Reynolds
    J. Reynolds

    Ravens 2020.....a total team effort collapse.

  • Mason P
    Mason P

    2018 NFC championship game

  • Mason P
    Mason P

    Super bowl 49 will forever haunt Seattle Seahawks fans.

  • Edgar el cuh
    Edgar el cuh

    Barcelona 6 Psg 5 Oh wait wrong sport....

  • choclitwonder

    Hey wait a minute, are you stinking kidding me................ yea Seattle choked that guarantee second Super Bowl in a roll away. That guaranteed Surefire shot at immortality........in the form of that sssssTupid idiot Pete Carroll making the single most, unheard of call in sporting history...............Nah. the fix was in idgaf. Or he had it in for beast mode or some dumb sht like that........, to this day , I can't believe it............Yea that was all Pete Carroll's choke though.................wit dumb ass

  • Pneuma 666
    Pneuma 666

    As a Saints fan, I feel so terrible for Marcus Williams. He is actually a really good safety, but his reputation will always be ‘Responsible for Minneapolis Miracle’

  • Tom Traubert
    Tom Traubert

    I'd have thought that the Pats losing to the Eagles would have been classed as a choke job? #flyeaglesfly

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