13 micro-songs to boost your mood
Daniel Thrasher
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  • Emily louise
    Emily louise

    This video constantly cheers me up so I put it in my Instagram bio You’re welcome I guess 😂

  • Sup Games
    Sup Games

    One of your best videos in my opinion, i prefer singing with music and also it was unexpected and funny, good job!

  • Josh Deer
    Josh Deer

    Big man goes pee pee pee, little man goes wee wee wee. I think I this is the best song ever made

  • Stratos2 - no videos here
    Stratos2 - no videos here

    Thanks, you genuenly made me laugh on a bad day

  • the Kaktus
    the Kaktus

    is this a cure to my depression??? yes it is

  • David North
    David North

    I love you; I needed this and you are good at sounds so thank you muchly.

  • Samuel Benson
    Samuel Benson

    I watch this video weekly.

  • MicGaming628

    Old school youtube vibes

  • HEJSAN s
    HEJSAN s

    How did I miss this. It just made my day :D

  • Lucas van den Heuvel
    Lucas van den Heuvel

    So technically these are 14 micro-songs to boost your mood 'cause those earbuds boost your mood as well


    The Banana song was the best

  • Chef_PC

    I need more of these videos.

  • Celery Sings
    Celery Sings

    Two werdz Keep going:) C’mon, keep it up! Gettin there! So close! Almost there! *cough cough* S’cuse me, MAKE MORE

  • Humzter 05
    Humzter 05

    I love this video so much, that youtube puts it in my mix

  • catus

    W e l i k e i t

  • Matt Wiley
    Matt Wiley

    I'm basically watching this daily during Covid-19.

    • catus


  • Jake Benjamin
    Jake Benjamin

    Does anyone else feel like they know a song from the fist chords on 1:56 I can’t put my finger on it I think it’s Coldplay just can’t remember which song

  • dapet 225
    dapet 225

    Favorite video daniel made WE NEED MORE!!!

  • Leonardo Aronov
    Leonardo Aronov

    love it

  • Kaan Bekar
    Kaan Bekar

    This gave me real Bo Burnham vibes and I live for it ♥️🙌

  • Crazy Panda
    Crazy Panda

    We need more

  • That piano girl
    That piano girl

    Me: Man, I wish I could write decent song lyrics. Daniel: *HAVE YOU POOPED TODAY*

  • Charissa Schoon
    Charissa Schoon

    Daniel, are you okay?

  • Gei Diwanay Linggon
    Gei Diwanay Linggon

    This is God's prophet speaking to us in tongues

  • OmegAaron

    This give so much Jacksfilms vibes. Especially with the "Man goes wee" song.

  • KCTheNoodle

    The people that dislike this dont like having fun

  • Minifig3D

    This was great! Kinda reminds me of what Toby Turner used to be. But maybe bettter?

  • Kirkalicious

    This was fantastic

  • kapooyah kid
    kapooyah kid

    That banana song gave me a tobuscus vibe and now I'm feeling a sad nostalgia

  • Some_1

    big man + w = laser little man = french

  • Eli W
    Eli W

    I love the avatar song

  • Camila T.
    Camila T.

    I need more lmao

  • Hudson Beadles
    Hudson Beadles

    You should make these into an actual song.

  • Lauren LEUNG
    Lauren LEUNG

    This is how bored I am: Amazing intro: 0:00 1. Have You Pooped Today? 0:05 2. Blue People 0:17 3. Floating White Spots 0:38 4. Like Anime? 0:51 5. Can’t Tell The Difference 1:03 6. What The Heck is Hummus? 1:16 7. Banana Seed 1:28 8. Another King Kong Remake 1:47 9. Can a Dog See a Rainbow? 1:56 10. Am I a Weirdo? 2:11 11. Is This a Fart? 2:23 12. There’s Two Kinds of People Who Really Love Trees 2:36 13. Big Man and Little Man 2:44 14. Raycon 3:31 Your Welcome

  • Gabby Sims
    Gabby Sims

    I need more of these. And pronto

  • DeadlyOW

    Serious Bo Burnham vibes, really great video thankyou

  • Wacky Ditto
    Wacky Ditto

    Moar!!! I need moar!!

  • carsonproctor

    This is just shower thoughts while playing piano

  • Pig_master 101
    Pig_master 101

    Give us 50 more

  • Matt Rubio
    Matt Rubio

    Finally someone who doesn't assume "Avatar" is just blue people running around. It's like people forgot the best kids show in existence ever existed and it hasn't even been that long.

  • Zero Ranger
    Zero Ranger

    I would like more of this, personally

  • Probably procrastinating
    Probably procrastinating

    I love Dan's natural smile and laugh. Like also at the end of the last mediaeval and demon video, with the blooper with the pizza guy. I just love it

  • Sprinkle Xtreme
    Sprinkle Xtreme

    Please make this a series

  • YouTubeMaD

    He said boost your mood well my mood right now is tired so now I am basically sleeping

  • Little Demon Child
    Little Demon Child

    I want a full version of "What the Heck Is Hummus?" and "The Banana."

  • Kiki's Crafty Corner
    Kiki's Crafty Corner


  • Lucie Harding
    Lucie Harding

    The banana seed issue has now been addressed. I may rest easily at last.

  • The Apple
    The Apple

    2:57 Thanks, now I shall sing that every morning! Cheers!

  • WhatThePhilip

    your singing reminds me of tobuscus

  • Valdemar Smith
    Valdemar Smith

    Thank you

  • Martin Dokladal
    Martin Dokladal

    I love it :)

  • Anvion

    The banana one reminded me of tobuscus 😅

  • Jesus Lopez
    Jesus Lopez

    This gives me some Bo burnham vibes

  • Wackadoodle399

    Is the bath salts and eating faces one a reference to TGWDLM?

  • Sol

    1:03 I like to listen to the subtle cracks and changes in his voice that indicate Daniel finds this song particularly hilarious.

  • Loreto Loretillo
    Loreto Loretillo

    1:56 Reminds me to Taxi Cab by Twenty One Pilots. Marvelous video in general. This is a profesional musician in action

  • Beyza

    omg I need an aquivalent of "Big Man Goes..." or a full version something because I really loved that.

  • •Nyah Blake•
    •Nyah Blake•

    I cant stop singing the cow one 😂 Also i really wanna play piano to make up songs like...This beautiful creation :)

  • Michael O Briain
    Michael O Briain

    Please please PLEASE make 1:35 the banana song a full song

  • Connor McDougall
    Connor McDougall


  • I am Amazing
    I am Amazing

    That first line. (:

  • Amanda Richards
    Amanda Richards

    I love the songs that are in the video 😊😊😊

  • Robin D
    Robin D

    i desperately want just, like... an hour of these, i love this

  • GamingYourRobloxian

    The start of the video: *happy upbeat song* 14 seconds later: *"HAVE YOU POOPED TODAY-"*

  • Irelae

    This reminds me of Tobuscus in a very good way

  • Jus Tin
    Jus Tin


  • Bekah B
    Bekah B


  • Jack Sergal
    Jack Sergal

    Oh my frick dude. Amazing 😂

  • Lord DemonFort
    Lord DemonFort

    No, but, you're a lovely singer too!

  • Lord DemonFort
    Lord DemonFort

    "What the heck is hummus"

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