13 Reasons Why Season 3 Final Trailer: Who Killed Bryce Walker? | Netflix
Everyone had a reason to want Bryce Walker dead. But who actually went through with it? Season 3 drops August 23, 2019 on Netflix.
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13 Reasons Why: Season 3 | Who Killed Bryce Walker Trailer 2 | Netflix
Secrets. Lies. Revenge. Everyone at Liberty High has something to hide ... and the truth is about to come out.

  • pin gu
    pin gu

    girls to clay on every season : *FRIENDZONE*

  • Bhanu Malhotra
    Bhanu Malhotra

    Without Hannah I can't see it .

  • Shafiq Hanafi
    Shafiq Hanafi

    13 reasons why season 4: Justice for Monty! - Winston

  • Leffy

    This show is shit

  • Kamal Kamil
    Kamal Kamil

    So consistent events

  • Tanmoy Neogi
    Tanmoy Neogi

    Even after watching season 3 I still miss HANNAH 🌻

  • JaneJane

    Just finished the season and WOW JUST WOW! This was so thrilling and so real!

  • Lunaa N
    Lunaa N

    Terrible show.

  • Parsian Productions
    Parsian Productions

    Ani ruined this season for me, am I the only one?

  • Kian John Lewis Pope
    Kian John Lewis Pope

    Who killed Bryce Walker? Whole squad:Were all in this together

  • Green flames
    Green flames

    Season 1 awesome. Season 2 ok , season 3 messed up fked up

  • Daniel Beraka
    Daniel Beraka

    Hell to the nooooo.... no wayyyy Clay killed Bryce... did he? 😱

  • Dinesh Singh Rawat
    Dinesh Singh Rawat

    Such a worst season, totally unnecessary to push things this much. The london girl was not required at all, series should have ended after season 2, with justice served to Hannah and Jessica. But they needed to create such crap. Also the way they shown Bryce getting killed was very pathetic.

  • Mr. Last Victim
    Mr. Last Victim

    im not a racist.. but after seeing ani shit... yeahh im...

  • Mømmy Mäx
    Mømmy Mäx

    Next season: Who killed Ani? :)

  • Jet Green
    Jet Green

    Norman Bates meets Dawson’s Creek 😂 LMAO

  • Voin Saini
    Voin Saini

    Sorry but I skipped the fucking ani character every time she was so so so annoying as fuck ...

  • Zeinul- Abideen
    Zeinul- Abideen

    I dont know why but sometime these movies/series or even novel,when u watch or read them, z like they r talking about u

  • Call me Edra
    Call me Edra

    My opinion about S3 : Firstly I didn't hate Ani like most of u did (she was nice ) , but I find it a lil bit idiot from the writers how they made the characters tell everything to Ani , like they even hid their secrets from each other , why would they tell everything (even about Spring Fling ) to a new girl which they didn't know ???? Secondly: I REALLY CAN'T SEE THE DIFFERENCE FROM BRYCE AND CLAY&HIS TEAM ANYMORE 😑😑😑 A murder happened and they fucking lied bout it by blaming someone else , I mean Ik Monty was a very badddd human being (I hated him) but he deserved to get his detention for the crime he had done , and not a single shit more (even though he is dead). I find Jessica&Alex friggin cowards. THEY DID A MURDER AND THAT'S IT. Idc bout their reasons . No human being's life should be taken by another human being , it's that simple. And lastly the only 2 things that I liked from the show were Jessica's speech ( I cried) and Tyler's improvement. Tyler is so amazing and so strong and Jessica's speech inspired me sm(even though she did some messed up shit). For me it was the worst season of all 3. I miss Hannah. And those were my opinions.

  • Devan Beadle
    Devan Beadle

    To ani go fuck yourself

  • Imesh Udana
    Imesh Udana

    Why is *Sherri not in the show??? I wanted her to end up with clay and not this ANI chick smh!!!!!

  • Imesh Udana
    Imesh Udana

    Why is *Sherri not in the show??? I wanted her to end up with clay and not this ANI chick smh!!!!!

  • Kris Uy
    Kris Uy

    season 4 should just involve the main squad, aka NOT Ani

  • Pam Pam
    Pam Pam

    poor Bryce and Monty :'(

  • Tea Series
    Tea Series


  • Tara Tara
    Tara Tara

    Missed Hannah, Didn't like Ani and her Mother. Loved Tyler. Jessica as in all season selfish and hipocrite. Justin is love. Monty good for him. Zach good person potrayed as not so good all the times. Bryce well at least he doesnt deserve to die. Clay why so overobsessive ??? Alex why why why leave that jessica you deserve better.


    People I felt sorry for while watching the show 1.Bryce 2. Tyler 3. Justin 4.And finally ME, this season was fucked up, and ani's character fucked it up

  • nickel1459

    I hateeee alex now

  • Atom Essays
    Atom Essays

    I waited for this show like crazy, only for Ani to ruin it, I keep on skipping those stupid narrations. You guys ruined everything

  • Deanith

    Nobody asked youn Ani stfu.

  • SP3CTRE 5
    SP3CTRE 5

    What's the song called?

  • Zark Kazi
    Zark Kazi

    Tyler was really the best this season!!!

  • duarte.375


  • Arun Kumar
    Arun Kumar

    season 1: 13 reasons why Hannah did what she did season 2: 13 more reasons why Hannah did what she did season 3: 13 reasons why Bryce did what he did season 4 : 13 reasons why Monty did what he did

  • Bashar

    I cant find this movei on Netflix???

  • Digital Infotainment
    Digital Infotainment

    One of the shittiest season ever..

  • Jesse Moore
    Jesse Moore

    Alex killed Bryce


    When the trailer dropped I was like for the 1st time in this show I'm about someone dying After watching s3- why did u die Bryce I lil bit felt sry for him but ani ruined this season

  • Chandni Thakker
    Chandni Thakker

    Why can't i stand the new girl ?? She's so out of place..

  • TosZ

    yooo alex killed bryce

  • Gaming Limited
    Gaming Limited

    That black chick ruined the season for me. Who tf is she even? She came out of nowhere even tho no one asked for it

  • Dogz

    Season 1: Felt bad for Hannah Season 2: Felt bad for Clay Season 3: Felt bad for myself after watching less than an episode of such a shitty ass season with extremely unlikeable characters

  • Dogz

    Gotta love when a phenomenal show with an amazing cast of great characters and great story comes back for a third season with an intriguing plot only to be complete dogshit and be rated at 6%. I didn't even finish episode 1 it was so bad. Ani was so unlikeable and the dumbass grey filter makes everything 10x worse. Fuck this stupid ass season they better do a soft reboot for season 4 and pick up right after season 2 and make this whole bryce walker dumb shit just fuckity fuck outta here.

  • Rubi Galvez Ramirez
    Rubi Galvez Ramirez

    I was really looking forward to seeing season 3.... BUT 🙄 Ani was so freaking annoying since the very first episode, she ruined the show for me, always butting in 🙄 all the other characters, they’ve been there since season 1, they have a history that ties them up but Ani 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🙄 plz shush 🤫

  • david martinez
    david martinez

    No why??

  • Japfourme Zxr400l9
    Japfourme Zxr400l9

    As before absolutely awesome!! One of the best series I have ever watched!! You all deserve an Oscar for your performances, every single one of you!! Well done guys a most enjoyable entertaining production!! Robin

  • Mr. Magistral Malik
    Mr. Magistral Malik

    Somebody shot Bryce! Tyler has a gun! 0:46 *CLOSED CASEWORKER MATES!!!*

  • Hinanda Halder
    Hinanda Halder

    And Tylor is such an amazing actor I mean like he's assaults scene just freaking me out and made me sad at the same time

  • Hinanda Halder
    Hinanda Halder

    Sorry but ani's character is like so annoying god damn ,even she fucked so many times w Walker , & act like nothing in the drama she acts like she's a detectetive an idiot giri .. clay ani is nothing in front of Hanna remember that

  • Internet Explorer
    Internet Explorer

    Shoulda made Tyler or Jess the main for this season. Tf this ani kid, ruined the show tbh

  • Mar Mar
    Mar Mar

    season 3 isnt even about hannah anymore lmao

  • Moon Zaman
    Moon Zaman

    That sh*t died at last. We should celebrate.

  • Patrick Villaluna
    Patrick Villaluna

    Who dafaq is Ani ?

  • J B
    J B

    Ya know the timeline doesn’t really make sense,season 1 took place from sophomore year to when Hanna cut her hair to junior year. Than the 2nd season should have been long enough to be senior year.then even after the spring dance along with the couple of months that past they should have been out of school during season 3 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Aritasyia

    Imma just say KARMA IS A BITCH and leave it at that :)

  • Aliza Noor
    Aliza Noor

    But who killed Monty tho?

  • Aliza Noor
    Aliza Noor

    SPOILERS, but a question... Can someone tell me who shot Bryce after he drowned in the river? I mean Alex didn't have a gun, but when the poilce found his body, he was shot in the head....

    • Shreya Yadav
      Shreya Yadav

      Later episode you find out that police say, he wasn't shot he was beaten too hard.

  • Finnlard Eyelash
    Finnlard Eyelash

    in all of the seasons I missed Jeff😢

  • Ruby Bowen
    Ruby Bowen

    Season 4 ‘Hey it’s Monty, Montgomery De la Cruz’

    • Sam Lung
      Sam Lung

      "Hey, it's Monty WithaBroomIn My Ass"

  • Nanna Mary Bernabas
    Nanna Mary Bernabas


  • Justin Hon
    Justin Hon

    Honestly speaking I don't feel like watch no more of season 3 because of this girl....but I'm curious as to how it ends

  • xinran zhao
    xinran zhao


  • Leandro Zadinelo
    Leandro Zadinelo

    I killed Bryce Walker...

  • snatcher81

    Couldnt watch more than 2.5 episodes of this season because of that annoying new char. A new person just comes in and demands to know everything and dig up shit, wtf ?? Bringing in a person like that is one of the absolute worst decision ever made in the history of tv shows.

  • Shivamm Siddhu
    Shivamm Siddhu

    Spoiler alert** Im the only one who felt sad about monty?? I mean okay ,what he did to Tyler was so cruel,but still he don't deserve to die. He had his reasons as well,his fuckin father,and being in the closet and have to joke about it all the time with a weird smile on his face,that must be hard for him. This season is all about redemption but i don't see anything about that. now all i can think about monty,he deserve better or maybe he would have get better with that new guy. We always judge people by their actions but we don't know about the reason behind that. I know it just a show but still i feeling sad about monty. It just me or you guys thinks the same way???

  • Eric Shen
    Eric Shen

    13 reasons why season 3 : who killed Bryce walker? 13 reasons why season 4 : who killed Gary Bolan?... ................. 13 reasons why season 99: who killed Clay Jensen?

  • Eliza Doggy
    Eliza Doggy

    Alex did.

  • e u p h o r i a
    e u p h o r i a

    okay, but for real, WHO INVITED THAT ANI GIRL??? WHY??? she just appears out of nowhere and thinks she knows every damn thing...

  • morshed margub
    morshed margub

    I seriously don't want them to make it more long

  • Gee

    Episode 1-13: Amorowat: I don't know.

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