13 Reasons Why Season 3 Final Trailer: Who Killed Bryce Walker? | Netflix
Everyone had a reason to want Bryce Walker dead. But who actually went through with it? Season 3 drops August 23, 2019 on Netflix.
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13 Reasons Why: Season 3 | Who Killed Bryce Walker Trailer 2 | Netflix
Secrets. Lies. Revenge. Everyone at Liberty High has something to hide ... and the truth is about to come out.

  • Prakash

    Can anyone talk about Jessica in season 3 "a slut".. Changing bf's in every episodes

  • pavan kalyan
    pavan kalyan

    i hated bryce but in the end he died i cried i really wanted him to see get better person and i hate the ani character , clay better get another one in season 4🤨

  • Mark Sison
    Mark Sison

    Hannah did it, it's just no one accept it.

  • Grimmed Gamer
    Grimmed Gamer

    Ani is the most nosiest character prove me wrong

  • Harsh Shekhawat
    Harsh Shekhawat

    The real mystery....after everything.....why was there a hole in bryce's head

  • sheesh kebabs
    sheesh kebabs

    why the hell do teenagers have a gun?

  • Big Bad Amba
    Big Bad Amba

    Bryce is awesome!!!! Ani is a stupid, boring, annoying garbage

  • duplisis n
    duplisis n

    anyone with the download link

  • Vexcarius

    Oh God, just episode 1, but the new girl was so annoying ffs. I just read the internet to spoil myself because I can't stand it. Also, for some reason, the color correction on this one is kinda makinf me dizzy...

  • The 3rd Agency
    The 3rd Agency

    What’s the trailer song?

  • Seztify_Ferraxi

    Everyone hating Ani Me hating Jessica: “😳”

  • Denis Mari Simolde
    Denis Mari Simolde

    Ever bully should be killed

  • Ömer Sait Kayım
    Ömer Sait Kayım

    Who shot bryce's head?

  • Shaurya Deshpande
    Shaurya Deshpande

    I know I am not alone who cried while watching *The* *Night* *We* *Meet* In *Episode* *13* of *Season* *03*

  • Prateek l
    Prateek l

    13 reasons why should have end in seasons 1.

  • Roberto Mata
    Roberto Mata

    Season 4 plz

  • Arianna Bermejo
    Arianna Bermejo

    I just finished the season 3. I don't like Ani, she gave me "Ms know it all" vibes. I prefer sheri to do the character instead. 😏🙅

  • Anusha V
    Anusha V

    I wish Ani was the one who DiEd.

  • Ary Panda
    Ary Panda

    Plot twist: season 4 Hannah comes back and is like y’all thought I was dead I just needed to teach you a lesson ( I know suicide isn’t. a joke but we all love Hannah and ship Clay and Hannah and we want her back so please don’t feel that way To anyone having these thoughts please confide in someone you trust I know you’re hurting but you are put on this earth for a reason you may not know this but there are people that need you and love you you were given a gift and that’s your life you are worth it and there is no one that can’t tell you don’t you are needed you are hurting and I know you just want it to stop but there are people that would feel just the way you are feeling if you leave so please don’t do it you are needed and loved this sounds cliche but it will get better so please 💕

  • Shivam Shrivastava
    Shivam Shrivastava

    It used to be 13 reasons why. Now they're at 39.

  • Pathetic Girl
    Pathetic Girl

    Tape 15, Ani this tape is for you

  • Pathetic Girl
    Pathetic Girl

    After all Bryce wasn't that bad at all.

  • The Matrix City - Adverb: Regeneration - Printing
    The Matrix City - Adverb: Regeneration - Printing

    fine ill hunte those dneaples'; myself

  • Eylül Sünger
    Eylül Sünger


  • Nicoly Lopes
    Nicoly Lopes

    Simplesmente essa serie é perfeita

  • mark dacks
    mark dacks

    Alex and Jessica is the murder

  • Corey

    Wow these comments about Ani are unreal. You people are disgusting!

  • brouinn74 x
    brouinn74 x

    kinda felt bad for bryce he was trying to change but i don’t blame anyone for how they reacted at him. and that girl ani o m g so annoying

  • venu salkapuram
    venu salkapuram

    We want Hannah baker back plzz

  • Oh Bro
    Oh Bro

    Alex kills Bryce

  • Ni Kadek Suarmini
    Ni Kadek Suarmini

    Twenty one pilots im drinking clorine

  • Baby Bean
    Baby Bean

    Did any of you know that Bryce was on iCarly?

  • mestreinsolito

    one thing we can know for sure: they master the art of making trailers

  • CDNthe 7th_
    CDNthe 7th_

    new season not coming


    S3 is prime example of milking a show and completely ruining it.

  • Min SuYa
    Min SuYa

    I swear i dont want this to turn like riverdale. We had enough for two seasons

  • neami draws
    neami draws

    When demphsey is Bryce's killer: Me; demphsey you adshole!

  • Cot Anamaria
    Cot Anamaria

    This is the best season so far!


    Is anyone is going to talk about Monty's relationship with Winston and how did he even get killed? And Alex, how can he live with that?

  • Damodar Pawar
    Damodar Pawar

    Who killed Bryce Walker :-Tyler down

  • K K
    K K

    Ngl I’m super late on this but now the people at Liberty high be turning form rapists to murderers.... what’s next?!!!!

  • Human

    can anyone tell me what type of jackets these boys are wearing plzz (the blue ones)

  • call me at 102
    call me at 102

    lol screw he can go to prison for all I care

  • XGN

    I feel like they made Ani a more alive version of Hannah

  • Yamini P
    Yamini P

    Still why was there a hole in Bryce's head? Who killed Monty? Most importantly where was Ani at the homecoming night? (Clay told Alex that it was ani. What happened to that?)

  • Its JJ
    Its JJ

    Hell yea I hate that man woooo

  • My Row
    My Row

    Just finished season 2 and watched season 3 trailer but I got very spoiler while reading comments shit.

  • raj dey
    raj dey

    Stinky Poop

  • Møwgli

    Im the only one who like Charlie?

  • tyutt

    Amorowat better get killed in the next season

  • Arslan Rasheed
    Arslan Rasheed

    One of the best show

  • Mini Singh
    Mini Singh

    But like wasnt bryce was shot in the head what about that

  • Dipanjan Patra
    Dipanjan Patra

    Haanes mom has reason to killed Briyce... bcoz no one given her daughter justice... but if it is ... the movie will not interesting like 1st part.

  • Welcomed

    The show: being a hypocrite and a murderer is okay.

  • Taranpreet Singh
    Taranpreet Singh

    Ani nd her mom was the most annoying character of this season😑😶😬

    • tyutt

      Ani only ,i like her mom

  • Yudha Albana
    Yudha Albana

    plot twist, Bryce killed himself and recorded 13 voice records

  • shota jimshitashvili
    shota jimshitashvili

    Is season 3 already released?

  • Annette Lamoste
    Annette Lamoste

    It's not about Hannah anymore?

  • Tah Sin
    Tah Sin

    Henna is the totally worst.... She was a slut...she crushed on one.. Spent time with another one.....had sex on others Finally double gaming with everyone.... Actually she Don't deserve to live.. Now in our Universe, sex with (friends,boyfriends, liked person,good person) Isn't fare in anyways...but if anyone do this that she Won't this is a problem.. That is happening in this series...

  • xeniabieber

    Why everyone hates Ani?

  • Achyut Pandey
    Achyut Pandey

    Who killed 13 reasons why 😂😂in just 4 seasons?

  • DarkVader BL-Lover
    DarkVader BL-Lover

    Monty and Winston deserved a good ending... Monty had a rough childhood... a violent homophobic dad... And dying in prison because he’s gay... it’s such a harsh portrayal of gays... This show is so harsh with gays...

    • Semper Fi
      Semper Fi

      DarkVader BL-Lover This show isn’t harsh with gays. What about Tony or Ryan or Courtney? Just because someone is gay doesn’t mean they can’t do bad things.

  • whistler wayne
    whistler wayne

    1:09 thank me later..

  • 那的話

    2:00 after season 3 reaction

  • Josh Berith
    Josh Berith

    An all season done to made us watch what happen to the most awful character of this serie, Really netflix ?! It could have taken 2 episodes Max... I felt so relax when that rap*st died ! As well as monty... Still can forget the rape action against tyler ! It was so shocking 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Reia Bhardwaj
    Reia Bhardwaj

    Thank u Netflix for making this series. This is the best thing ever .I live it

  • Rafael Crespo Ramos
    Rafael Crespo Ramos

    Alex and Zach killed Bryce

  • Kathryn Pitt
    Kathryn Pitt

    Loved how the writers kept us all guessing right to the end. Ani was annoying, self-righteous and a major pain in the arse, but it made sense to have an 'outsider' carry the story on.

  • endo gamer
    endo gamer

    3 seasons and clay is still a virgin 🤣


    I think I'm gonna complete this season in 5hrs coz I cant really face Ani shit so just skipping scenes

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