15 Ways to Sneak Snacks into the Plane!
Troom Troom
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Going on vacation but don't want to get hungry on a long flight? We have a couple of life hacks for such cases!
Supplies and tools:
• Gum
• Food coloring
• Press-on nails
• Honey
• Spray bottle
• Plastic lunchbox
• Cup lid
• Marker
• Scissors
• Donuts
• Headphones
• Ziploc bag
• Skittles
• Food coloring
• Face mask
• Double sided tape
• Travel pillow
• Marshmallows
• Orange gelatin
• Blister pack
• Pipette
• Foil
• Hot glue gun
• Fishing line
• Needle
• Gummy bears
• Cap
• Velcro
• Fabric
• Cardboard roll
• Soft bottle
• Gauze
• Soft cheese
• Ice cream scoop
• Ping pong ball
• Hand sanitizer
• Tortilla
• Knife
• Salami
• Plastic wrap
• Case
• Travel kit bottle
• Ketchup
• Mustard
• Sprite
• Gingerbread dough
• Rolling pin
• White glaze
• Silver edible pearl dust
• Belt
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  • Deanne Thomas
    Deanne Thomas

    Suitcase fancy Nancy look on Candace shows they are so good she just made two videos today

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    not only have i lost the majority of my brain cells but i keep losing them

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    This is illegal. trying to sneak anything on a plane is illegal even though you an bring food on. having false cavities is illegal. do the things in this video and you will get arrested.

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    On airplanes having drinks can cause a plane to crash, google It

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    Excuse me you can bring food in a airport the FAA didnt said that you cant You morons

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    *dateshub.ru?v=BDq7wVxn8Fs* 4:45

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