17 Ways to Sneak Snacks into the Movies!
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At the cinema, you always want to enjoy something delicious. But not everyone knows how to bring sweets to the cinema. Watch our video and find out how to quietly take sweets with you to the cinema.
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  • Garza Family
    Garza Family

    I love the he’d ban

  • Fire

    Nice IDEAS 💡 infect the Guards were fake

  • Gerrie Nobile
    Gerrie Nobile

    Why did they say I missed you popcorn if you always eat popcorn at the movies like if you agree with me

  • pandacakes panda
    pandacakes panda

    ... The guy with the mop has Dippers hat

  • laraib playz
    laraib playz

    1:48 tOtAl rAgE

  • N0T Luckyy
    N0T Luckyy

    Who ever added those sound effects needs to be fired immediately

  • ninapina1000

    Me: I bet all those people that work at movies watching this People that work at movies: ............my life is a lie.

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    Tenneh the Queen and Massele konneh

    Nice video

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      Tenneh the Queen and Massele konneh

      I love all your video

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    Wow I like it!

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  • Patavian Lewis
    Patavian Lewis

    I would like to work at a movie theater like the so I can have all the sweats 🍧🍦🍰🧁🍭 and that way when my guy gets me roses they will have candy🌹🌹and look at all these likes one day I will be like ya'll and pls respond back pls

  • Md. Abdullah Al Masum
    Md. Abdullah Al Masum

    I like Kit Kat and Snickers and all kinds of yummy 😋 and sweet chocolates 😋😍😋😍😋

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  • Gisele Silva
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    Guolin Chen

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    Lee Mey

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    L Payne

    Now I now why we never get to have sweets in the cinema

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    Christi Howerton

    i want that much candy

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    28names Dave

    Tf side of yt is ? I feel like im watching a kids educational channel only with creepy looking adults

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  • Georgia Johnson
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    Humairah Abdul Harris

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  • Omar Ashari
    Omar Ashari

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    Omar Ashari

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  • Jennifer Perry
    Jennifer Perry

    That lil girl ate the candy like a pig

  • Flame Fox
    Flame Fox

    Is it weird that they talk telepathically?

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    Nur Miqai

    I like troom troom so fun

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    Choesang Yonjon

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    vernice omg

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    i would hate to be that 'kids' mum!

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    Tabeth Manyanga

    I liked the shield made me laugh

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  • pekkle7810


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    Dabs 4 Life

    Hide them in your purse, very easy to do

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    Leylani Pacheco

    This was nice 👍🏻

  • Ruby

    People are that desperate for sweets...JUST BUY THEM AT THE CINEMA

    • Jennifer Perry
      Jennifer Perry

      Yeah it's so easy theres a lot

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