18th Century Mac & Cheese | Stump Sohla
Babish Culinary Universe
Welcome to Stump Sohla, where we use a big ol' game-show-style wheel to try and stump one of the internet's most talented chefs, Sohla El-Waylly! This week, a comfort food made complicated with no modern tools or stove; just an open fire and some incredible willpower. Will Sohla get stumped? Well it's the first episode of her new show, so it's thematically unlikely - but enough of that, let's dig into some Revolutionary-War-era mac and cheese!
Sohla's Instagram: instagram.com/sohlae/
Starring: Sohla El-Waylly
Director: Andrew Rea
Camera: Andrew Rea / Brad Cash / Jessica Opon / Sawyer Jacobs
Editor: Brad Cash
Producers: Sawyer Jacobs, Kevin Grosch, Jessica Opon, Andrew Rea and Emilija Saxe
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  • Babish Culinary Universe
    Babish Culinary Universe

    Welcome to the BCU, Sohla!

    • Lmao McFlurry
      Lmao McFlurry


    • Nick !!
      Nick !!

      She’s unstoppable, unstumpable

    • Bizarre Reverend
      Bizarre Reverend

      What about YOUR kindness and support for getting one of my fav underrated ex-B.A. chefs to join you, Andrew? You definitely made the right call to have someone with such natural talent, sweetness and poise to join you. Kudos to you and the BCU!

    • Joseph Guerrero-Lopez
      Joseph Guerrero-Lopez

      OMG, Yasssss Sohla!!!! I am literally just, wow. APPLAUSE. I look up to her so much.

    • Earlier Pigman13
      Earlier Pigman13

      Mr.Babish I've been a fan of yours since 2017 I hope you do this for your 8 million subs video you should do foods from the big bang theory like spaghetti with hotdogs,Thai take outs,Deathstar Cake, Some of the in the you read this and hope you do this thank you

  • Mads

    How have you never started a fire? Fires are freaking amazing, and nothing beats cooking shit on a beach from deadwood coals. Love you Sohla but you need to start making fires.

  • Eli Aranda
    Eli Aranda

    "I think I'm going to use a lot of cheese Because back then they died young"

  • z•i•g• 12
    z•i•g• 12

    I'm late but sign me up!! I'm supporting this

  • Meagan Marie
    Meagan Marie

    “People just ate all the cheese they wanted to eat and then they died” is still my long term plan.

  • C K
    C K

    Who else wants sohla to recreate that cake in walnut shell

  • Elizabeth Roy
    Elizabeth Roy


  • Ez E-Riders
    Ez E-Riders

    Sohla! Now all you need is Claire!

  • brizzleyoh

    We love you sohla!!

  • Senpai Coffee
    Senpai Coffee

    I can't believe I didn't know this was a thing. Congrats dude! This is the ultimate power move. And congrats, Sohla! I'm so glad your talent is being truly appreciated. Thank you Babish, for saving our dear Sohla, for showing her that her talent is appreciated, and for supporting her in this hard time. God bless both of you, and welcome to the BCU, Sohla!!

  • J A
    J A

    "so I have two rocks" Oh Sohla...

  • Wannabe 1 Me
    Wannabe 1 Me

    A great depression food was mac and cheese cuz it was so cheap. Today...its a life hack for me.

  • DoyleTheLovely

    Babbish: starts encroaching on Townsends turf. Townsends: starts loading Musket

  • Constant Chaos
    Constant Chaos

    Damn i was hoping she would have to follow an 18th century recipe

  • seth410

    Something about using rocks to start a fire while wearing an iwatch....

  • defectiveshark

    Sohla: People just ate all the cheese they wanted to eat and then they died - Yep, clicking on this was *not* a mistake. Kinda wish I hadn't had the door open when I shriek-laughed, but that's on me.

  • Heather

    i think babish's jorts need more attention

  • Heather

    BCU is the new bon appetit and no one can change my mind about it

  • Quake Jake
    Quake Jake


  • Engineer Lume is here!
    Engineer Lume is here!

    Sohla: "Was there Mac & Cheese in the 18th Century?" Me, who knows that Thomas Jefferson loved it so much that he imported it from France in quantities that almost caused a shortage: "Probably, I'm not sure."

  • Buddy

    "people ate all the cheese they wanted and then they died" me: haha im in danger 🙂

  • Julie Harden
    Julie Harden

    I love the concept of the BCU! And what a fun show "Stump Sohla" is gonna be. I feel she loves a challenge, and we all know how creative, smart, and resourceful she is. Love this.

  • Dravan Mcknight
    Dravan Mcknight

    I love her i love this

  • Jen Segrest
    Jen Segrest

    Needs nutmeg!

  • Jen Segrest
    Jen Segrest

    I hope BA watched this and realizes how bad they fucked up losing her.

  • James

    mmm... that looks so good, but too much work so i'ma just microwave mac & cheese because it's 1am

  • Tran1193

    I can't help but read BCU as the Babish Culinary University.

  • David Kling
    David Kling

    I'm really sad that I didn't see this when it came out on by birthday!

  • Brittany Vicious
    Brittany Vicious

    Sohla is amazing! I'm also living for Babish in a powder blue suit!! 🤩

  • Jon Reniel Norca
    Jon Reniel Norca

    I really thought BCU stand's for Babish Cinematic Universe


    Wow... she's lucky she didn't lose an eye! GREAT accomplishment with the spaetzle on a board -- so ingenious! But I sure hope Babish has good liability insurance.

  • Sumeet Hora
    Sumeet Hora

    A show starring Sohla? Just subbed.

  • Neil The Hermit
    Neil The Hermit

    You can't stump Sohla! - 5 hour instant meal,wonderful. Glad to see one of the best entertaining culinary geniuses is back where she belongs. Long may she reign!

  • Ceara Goodnow
    Ceara Goodnow

    *googles when corduroy was invented* Google: 1774 She's even right when she's wrong!

  • Carolina Hidalgo
    Carolina Hidalgo

    In love. Love you sohla. So happy and proud

  • Claire

    Took me awhile to realize, on a unrelated note, that Sohla's apron reminds me of Malaysian's secondary school pinafore. Anyways, great show!

  • TheJacqueswong

    I subscribed for Sohla! Welcome to babish! She gets to be herself!!!!

  • Karla

    Get what you deserve queen 👸

  • tyhokan

    I wonder if we're going to see other chefs from the defunct test kitchen join the babish culinary universe? 😈

  • alice gray marks
    alice gray marks

    The Mozart score was inspiring.

  • Madison Bernhardt
    Madison Bernhardt

    Babish unleasing his inner Alton Brown

  • Nassia99

    Ok next episode of Stump Sohla. Sohla makes a gourmet meal.... in a time share hotel kitchen. Terrible saw knives, only four plates, electric burner oven. The works. And on a travel budget. 100 dollars at the local supermarket, and she has to use every ingredient she buys with absolutely minimal waste. What will she make???

  • moffix

    I love sohla

  • moffix

    go Sohla

  • Epic Guy333
    Epic Guy333

    why u brin gb mkliytttle mamnn ? i dony like vwgat tthids dotrera? dorra? dora / why this is this bhitjis this? little man

    • Epic Guy333
      Epic Guy333

      little man comehere i am very serious what thujs? wga thus ? little drora dora man?

    • Epic Guy333
      Epic Guy333


  • Stumpy Falcon
    Stumpy Falcon

    So when is the Townsends/BCU collab coming? How much do I have to pay you?

  • Elijah Dage
    Elijah Dage

    This is what happens when you don't dry out your firewood. You make mac and cheese.

  • Dewkeeper

    Wow they really held her back on BA, huh. She's got tons of personality!!

  • Nefarious Purple Badger
    Nefarious Purple Badger

    I feel like Sohla El-Waylly should be called Sohla El-Yaylly. Or maybe Sohla El-WayCool.

  • Danielle Lumbis
    Danielle Lumbis

    Imagine if Babish also hired the other chefs who left BA...

  • Roby Love
    Roby Love

    BA's loss is BCU's and Food 52's gain. Love you Sohla💓💓💓💓

  • Joshua Davis
    Joshua Davis

    “People just ate all the cheese they want and then they died” is a fair assessment of culinary history.

  • Kara Sage
    Kara Sage

    The thought of y’all doing this in a Brooklyn backyard is absolutely sending me

  • Mansell Family
    Mansell Family


  • Sage Warren
    Sage Warren

    Can we talk about how her not being on BA has just... allowed her to truly be herself. She is so funny and so incredibly smart. (Not that she wasn't on BA). But I feel like a lot of it was edited out so we only got brief clips of her showing her talents.

  • Haley Fadullan
    Haley Fadullan


  • Jadon King
    Jadon King

    “Tremendous.” -Joey CoCo Diaz

  • Deluxray

    Sohla’s flexing so hard and I’m LOVING it, your loss BA

  • J. Garon
    J. Garon

    So proud

  • Amber Crystaldottir
    Amber Crystaldottir

    18th-century people didn't eat off those forks. They ate off the side of dull knives or with big spoons. Just FYI.

  • andy bruce
    andy bruce

    Today is binge on Sohla day.

  • Mark Hebblewhite
    Mark Hebblewhite

    Loving Sohla, great new addition to the show! Looking forward to more challenges.

  • Orella Minx
    Orella Minx

    Ben Franklin is judging you, just know that.

  • Andre K.
    Andre K.

    The universe would explode if you added Claire and Molly to your BCU gang. 👏

  • Adri Rizo
    Adri Rizo

    Best wishes to you guys! Welcome Sohla!

  • boister anto
    boister anto

    listen, i’m not gonna say i’m not happy with this, but did i expect sohla to milk her own cows, churn her own butter and make her own cheese? maybe i did.

  • Alex Filho
    Alex Filho

    Can I like this twice?

  • SuperRagni

    Sohla is a genius, so happy to see her get the opportunity to shine!

  • Ariel Jayde
    Ariel Jayde

    LOVE Sohla. You can never stump Sohla! 🤍

  • monochromusic

    I'm finally subscribing to Babish channel with Sohla on-board!

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