1999 v 2019 Riff-Off w/ Camila Cabello
The Late Late Show with James Corden
When James Corden takes a moment to opine on the hits that defined 1999, Camila Cabello shows up with The Filharmonic ready to defend the biggest bops of 2019, and the only way to settle it is a riff off. Camila offers Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road" and Shawn Mendes' "If I Can't Have You," and James counters with Ricky Martin's "Livin' La Vida Loca" and Santana's "Smooth," before the two settle a beef over a duet of Camila's "Señorita."
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  • Wonderful Dream Lady
    Wonderful Dream Lady

    I wanna be in a riff off with James Cordon. I love whose the better singer contests.

  • Sugar & Spice
    Sugar & Spice

    Damn shes good ❤

  • Patro

    that booty on cabello 😍😁😊

  • Ava Colvin
    Ava Colvin

    Did anyone notice that Camilia sang songs that Shawn wrote

  • Lauren Wilson
    Lauren Wilson

    We all know the old songs are way better. Today’s songs suck 😂😂

  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez

    99 way better!!!

  • Vicky Shafir
    Vicky Shafir

    I love that he sang "smooth"!

  • K-smi Sabu
    K-smi Sabu

    Fifth harmony is nothing without her. They let her go, and unfortunately for them, that made her even bigger star. They took a piss out of her, but it was too late. Now it’s Camila Cabello’s band.*NSYNC is the band of Justin Timberlake. So does Fifth Harmony. But She didn’t leave the band, the band kicked her out to made her the biggest pop star of today.

  • Ko Zi Le
    Ko Zi Le

    She is like shawn mendas. this is the same storline riffoff about a few years back

  • Lily Hope
    Lily Hope

    Just compare this to the riff off he did with Anna Kendrick

  • Noah Vinoya
    Noah Vinoya

    1:45 why did Camilla low key look like Liza Koshy for a second there

  • Jaden Daniel
    Jaden Daniel

    James singing. LOL

  • Aaliyah Marker
    Aaliyah Marker

    They were amazing

  • Aaliyah Marker
    Aaliyah Marker


  • nesreen saleem
    nesreen saleem

    Camila : ok boomer James mind : what the hells :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Me watching dis : Omq YAS CAMILA

  • FetiXhe Game
    FetiXhe Game

    Like for the botty de CAMILA CABELLO!! 😈😈

  • mia rrhodes
    mia rrhodes

    Ok wow Camila has attitude

  • Melissa Towey
    Melissa Towey

    Camilaias remix’s are better then the real one.

  • Gymnast Dahal
    Gymnast Dahal

    James is probably thinking not this again.

  • Julie Martin
    Julie Martin

    Team 1999 all the way here

  • Colin Basden
    Colin Basden

    I love your show so much😍😍😍

  • xmultifandomxeditsx

    Did she really just hit that OK boomer?

  • Angel Monae
    Angel Monae

    I really loved this but who else was afraid that there was going to be a wardrobe malfunction I was afraid for my girl cabello I was like one more bend and everything is going to show but other than that she killed it

  • Meg Ramos_13
    Meg Ramos_13

    i think 1999 is the best because most singers today were inspired by the music back then

  • Louise Wang
    Louise Wang

    Shawn mendes!!

  • Majo Lopez
    Majo Lopez

    Yes is ready

  • April Burns
    April Burns

    1999 was definitely the best year for music

  • Carbis

    Right I get that the whole video is a joke, but how can I like her when she is practically saying that modern music is better than older music. I get that it's subjective, but it's true that modern music has less heart and most people will say that they prefer that to what is brought out now. And what was supposed to be a joke has literally made me dislike that girl - put on or not, that personality is toxic.

    • Carbis

      @Tabti Bouchra2016 I said I knew it was a joke. But they were trying to make her annoying and it worked; she's annoying.

    • Tabti Bouchra2016
      Tabti Bouchra2016

      U need to chill

  • Annika Felton
    Annika Felton

    Music when my parents were growing up: mama, just killed a man put A gun against his head pulled my trigger now he’s dead Music I grow up with: I got hoesssssssss

  • Ricky Saito
    Ricky Saito


  • Nicole Feyka
    Nicole Feyka

    she just act a bit like Cardie B...

  • Random Craziness
    Random Craziness

    Who else thinks Camila is annoying?

  • Hidamis olivo felix
    Hidamis olivo felix

    I was born in 2004 but 1999 songs are better😗

  • Jazz Vaez
    Jazz Vaez

    90´s musis is still way better.

  • Grace Lytax
    Grace Lytax

    Let's be honest the security team was hired by Camila to ensure Reggie the and the other black band mates don't jump her😂😂

  • Serina Panganiban
    Serina Panganiban

    Her voice isn’t far from kehlani’s

  • Anonymxs. _
    Anonymxs. _

    I am for 1999...

  • Tylar Howell
    Tylar Howell

    Their basically flirting the hole time

  • Frida Ackermann
    Frida Ackermann

    "A little bit of Monika" Even if it's an actual song, somebody messed with the game files

  • Even Holm
    Even Holm

    Like: James Cordon Comment: Camilla cabello

  • Artholic By SB
    Artholic By SB

    Omg fantabulous beautiful😍💓 awesome amazing

  • Naruto Lover
    Naruto Lover

    Why she sound like Selena Gomez when she laughed!!!

  • MessiKoul

    Livin La Vida Loca was the best Just Dance Song.

  • Priyanko Mahanta
    Priyanko Mahanta

    No competition... 1999 always..!!!

  • anna mihailides
    anna mihailides

    I'm bonr in 2003 and I loooove James songs 100 times better.

  • Super Fantastic
    Super Fantastic

    can't help but dance to livin' la vida loca

  • Tanveer

    She looks and acts like hermoine granger here ....

  • Kristy Colodal
    Kristy Colodal

    When he did this with Shawn: James: i got hits from before u were born Shawn: We get it, you are old with Camila James: I got hits from before u were born Camila: Congratulations old man🤣🤣

  • Ginerva Althea
    Ginerva Althea

    I died when she said 'ok boomer'😂

  • Just Some Elite with internet access
    Just Some Elite with internet access

    James wins for the fact he used a shreck song

  • Maxwell R.
    Maxwell R.

    music 35 years ago was better, Heavy metal Fuckin RULES!

  • Bop it Bob
    Bop it Bob

    What a poopy song

  • Sactiram Naidu
    Sactiram Naidu

    *lizzo and bad guy* did james just forget ariana ? WHERE YALL ARIANATORS AT?

  • Haley Vineyard
    Haley Vineyard

    Whatever you say old man XD and then the face where “oml she’s right :O”

  • The Dancer
    The Dancer

    I think that the music 60 years ago is better than the music 20 years ago, and especially today. I mean, The Beatles, Queen, The Beach Boys, David Bowie, Paul Anka, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, the list goes on! Everyone and their uncle knows who they are. I don't even know who 95% of the artist today are. My friends don't either. Today you can curse a bit, sing, and you have a hit. This is just my opinion though, don't be nasty to me because of this, please. Thank you. 😊

  • Sandi W
    Sandi W

    You both rock. James...you really, really rock 🥰

  • Jackson Hughes
    Jackson Hughes

    James won

  • Tigerbunny Productions
    Tigerbunny Productions

    guys in the back YAY! James is slaughtering the songs.

  • Autumn Snider
    Autumn Snider

    My opinion the older music is alot better then today's stuff

  • Tika K.
    Tika K.

    3:36 I think Camilla meant to say “ok boomer”.

  • Mary Ong
    Mary Ong

    camila’s acting in this is so on point, i want to see this girl in a movie 🥺

  • Kay bay
    Kay bay

    7:15 ouuuuu😍😍😍

  • A Saito
    A Saito


  • A Saito
    A Saito

    5:31 ok bommer

  • Daantje Dorlas
    Daantje Dorlas

    Camilas skirt is making me nervous, every second I thought she was going to flash herself.

  • Ciara Kelsey
    Ciara Kelsey

    She really said "Okay Boomer."

  • Dat gurl iz hea
    Dat gurl iz hea

    She's annoying

  • MakaylaBrave

    to tell you the thing is old songs and new songs are difrint you cant comeper them if you no what i mean

  • Bethany Fisher
    Bethany Fisher

    Younger than both of them and have heard all the songs both of them singing, kinda proud ngl 😂

  • Pig Fan
    Pig Fan

    Gosh Camilla what are u doing here singing ur boyfriend’s song then singing a duet with James

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