2 Chainz Checks Out a $1,300 Cooler | MOST EXPENSIVEST
Made from the best materials (they can source) and comes with a (five year) lifetime guarantee.
From MOST EXPENSIVEST, Mondays 10:30p.
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  • Luis Saldivar
    Luis Saldivar

    5 year life time warranty ..lmfao bro

  • Johny Palomino
    Johny Palomino

    Bullshit. Too expensive

  • Harold Mccray
    Harold Mccray

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    scarlett dunn

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  • Lane Wilharm
    Lane Wilharm

    Yeti is an absolute pos and overpriced lmao

  • Brodie G
    Brodie G

    5 year lifetime warranty

  • Cry Baby
    Cry Baby

    He thique

  • JC T
    JC T

    Whoever edits these videos 😭😭😂

  • stacks amill
    stacks amill


  • Austin Peek
    Austin Peek

    You can get an Rtic made out of the same material the exact same way for like half the price if not a third of the price.

  • phunkdoctaspock

    Yeti coolers are no better than a Coleman from Walmart. Don't waste your money.

  • shelby weston
    shelby weston


  • Antonio Rios
    Antonio Rios

    Yetis ads are complex now

  • Dionne Griffin
    Dionne Griffin

    2chain kicking Big proof Hater Proof like he buying a car.

  • rkm0074

    #Truoogle 🤣

  • Davis Dutko
    Davis Dutko

    YETI Guy at the end "So I get to keep my job?"

  • Cash Money
    Cash Money

    Sad that they ended the roadie 20

  • LagavulinMTG

    This is some nonsense Yeti definitely paid for this one. There is nothing flex about a 1300$ cooler.

  • We Are Anonymous
    We Are Anonymous

    I just buy RTIC cheaper and does the same thing all you doing is buying the brand 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Night B o t
    Night B o t


  • Odysseyodyssey

    This show is literally made for 2 chains ... its like pimp my ride in a sense

  • Landon Little
    Landon Little

    Just buy an Rtic

  • Kvon Curry
    Kvon Curry

    This dude is wack

  • 77Brainfreeze

    Too bad YETI moved all their operations to china.

  • Leslie Kumar
    Leslie Kumar

    The editing and animation team of this show definately deserve a raise. Epic

  • Katrina Cales
    Katrina Cales

    Only way ill have a yeti is buy it second hand for a fraction of the cost there not worth the asking sorry

  • MrBlaze256

    You can buy 12v refrigerator/ freezers for less.

  • Juancho Biggz
    Juancho Biggz

    My mom's bought a cooler for 300 and is a sound system too it's called iceblast bumps too

  • Charles Middleton
    Charles Middleton

    That guy slamming the cooler was so satisfying for some reason. Played that back bout 10 times. *Update. That elbow drop was pretty wicked too.

  • Tyler Wesley
    Tyler Wesley

    Yeti is expensive for no reason.

  • A. Rose
    A. Rose

    200 bucks for an insulated piece of cloth

    • A. Rose
      A. Rose

      AKA looking for Whales

  • Charlee Escobar
    Charlee Escobar

    That foo was shitting it to hear what 2 chains gonna say if he liked it or not. Thats to much money for a cooler even if i was rich i wouldn't buy it

  • Matthew Kohmann
    Matthew Kohmann

    I literally have a cooler the same size that ive had for 10+ years that works amazingly and it costed me $50

  • Dj Birdsong
    Dj Birdsong

    The most entertaining infomercial ever. Nope!

  • AlyMetz

    Okay, but polyethylene needs to drop 😂 reminds me of a 2014 Riff raff song 😂😂😂

  • Stayin Alive341
    Stayin Alive341

    Hey I have that cooler.

  • AZ Topaz
    AZ Topaz

    No wheels on anything. Wow. Df

  • Avery Racine
    Avery Racine

    Next you should checkout one of those expensive ass Wayfare cabinets

  • frigoff rick
    frigoff rick

    Yeti coolers are too expensive.

  • Jokey Jesus
    Jokey Jesus

    It's also not worth the money 👍

  • Inibrasium the first
    Inibrasium the first

    A 5 year life time warranty, must be talking life expectancy of two chains neighborhood

  • Adam Wallace
    Adam Wallace

    when you find out 2 chains is only worth 6 mil, souljia boy is worth more than double that O_o

  • Abraham Tesfamariam
    Abraham Tesfamariam

    Should at least have an ice maker machine for that amount

  • Cristobal Sepulveda
    Cristobal Sepulveda

    I got one from a raffle and never used it.

    • Andrea Woods
      Andrea Woods

      They really arw superior to many brands but now there are knock offs that are practically the same. Def recommend using it. Or sell it!

  • google Google
    google Google

    Guys a scam artist lol 1300 dollars lol i can make the same one for 75

  • Real Talk
    Real Talk

    check out otterbox coolers 2C!made in the U.S,leak proof,quality,they are legit!

  • drewcliff82

    Funny how they didnt even mention what makes this product so great. My buddy has one that cost about 400 and it's a decent size cooler and it will keep the ice from fully melting for about 3 and a half days when it's in the 90s outside. Not something the average person needs but if you want to go on a 3 day camping trip and have cold stuff the whole time, this is the way to go.

  • BigBassDreams

    We are proud to rock our hater proof Yeti Coolers!!!!

  • Clint Beastwood
    Clint Beastwood

    You can get the same cooler same size and durability for 300 bucks in other brands yeti has lost there minds

  • B Beemer
    B Beemer

    Whoever edit these shits needa get laid off lol

  • Adi Putra
    Adi Putra

    Damn...... This editor is so...... F*ck..... 😂

  • AYE_ im_a_N00B
    AYE_ im_a_N00B

    That man was so shook when he kept saying best materials we can source

  • Matt J
    Matt J

    My man Erik is no salesman haha.

  • Laurita Garza
    Laurita Garza

    He said hater prof 😂

  • John Fitzpatrick
    John Fitzpatrick

    The editing in this show is so overdone. Hard to watch.

  • reighn hkgdvk
    reighn hkgdvk

    3:15 LMFAO

  • Desean Carter
    Desean Carter

    That beat @3:46 is fire🔥💯🔥💯🔥

  • Jose

    It’s the middle of summer how are they in jackets?

  • Brandon Carrigan
    Brandon Carrigan

    Their jackets are making me hot

  • Dakota Dzuris
    Dakota Dzuris

    Dude looks like a zac brown wannabe

  • Sour Prophecy
    Sour Prophecy

    Can we please give a shout-out and an appreciation to that animator and editor . The talent level is insane !!

  • Mike Justice
    Mike Justice

    Yeti is a joke. Needlessly overpriced.

  • Clay Demelo
    Clay Demelo

    Because you asked: I have 2 yeti coolers, bought them 40% off to use on extended trips to the desert. They don’t work any better then a 50$ cooler.

  • Hot Rod
    Hot Rod

    I think he’s pretty funny! I’m not too sure about a “5 year” lifetime guarantee....

  • Bray Herron
    Bray Herron

    Over priced plastic

  • southchum101

    250 for a bucket.

  • Kid King
    Kid King

    Now introducing “yeti ice” only $100/bag from the best water they can source

  • Kenny Nguyen
    Kenny Nguyen

    Donut Media! Get them they copied the style

  • FireofFear

    1:23 bro I have that at home 😂

  • Juice Wraith
    Juice Wraith

    I am the 1,000th comment

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