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  • sanshun ch
    sanshun ch

    2:27 Is this pad thai?? It look like pad thai น่าจะเป็นผัดไทย

  • NightG


  • TN BYC roars
    TN BYC roars


  • Patrick Loney
    Patrick Loney

    Did no one see the mold on the cone?

  • l o t t i e
    l o t t i e



    How to prepare this soil... I don't know because i m a beginner to gardening....

  • Keops PS
    Keops PS


  • Pouyan Mokhtari
    Pouyan Mokhtari

    عالی بود..⚘⚘⚘👑سپاس از کانال خیلی زیباتون👑👍👏👏👏

  • todoroki is gay
    todoroki is gay

    3:11 how much patience do you even have

  • Vatertheone

    Wwwaaaaiit! Edible flowers??

  • Top Hat
    Top Hat

    6:27 hey blossom are you art hacks or planting hacks

  • Sujan Al Shehzad
    Sujan Al Shehzad

    What's the composition of the soil you used?

  • Juliet Olivares
    Juliet Olivares

    It went from gardening to cake...🤔😮

  • Twisted

    Can't seem to get pregat? simply put some human eggs and semen in a chicken egg, let it dry and then put in your greenhouse until the baby is fully mature.

  • urdbest


  • Stunt Wzrd Flayv
    Stunt Wzrd Flayv

    If you have already gotten to the point of getting soil and putting seeds in, you don’t need to be taught how water hydrates plants smh

  • 朕朕始皇始皇帝

    取り出した種を土に蒔いた後に植物が 育っていく資料映像を流してるだけだぜ? 誰もこうすれば簡単に植物が育てられる なんて言ってないからなァ!

  • Hanumanth Kulkarni
    Hanumanth Kulkarni

    super idea if we do

  • Ramso 21 Oliva Álvarez
    Ramso 21 Oliva Álvarez

    Gracias por el cultivo de los champiñones 🍄🍄🍄🍄

  • Ngoc Quach
    Ngoc Quach

    Họ sai rồi, sắt cho cây là chất sắt không phải là sắt từ đinh, chất sắt phải lấy từ phân bón. :((( they are wrong, plants need Fe, not "Iron" from nails :((

  • Belman Games
    Belman Games

    Misinformation! This was debunked already. Report, and Dislike.

  • alevv26 !
    alevv26 !

    Why they put tetanum on plants

  • phong trần ngọc như
    phong trần ngọc như


  • phong trần ngọc như
    phong trần ngọc như

    Tot ghe nha

  • Chantelle Yao
    Chantelle Yao

    Interesting ideas

  • Gaz Logtens
    Gaz Logtens

    All fake

  • Nikola Rozmarin
    Nikola Rozmarin

    2:31 is how to grow an avocado from an avocado seed. If anybody needs it there you go

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker

    2:30 ya know you kinda need to peel the protective layer of skin before trying to grow it but it’s blossom so nothing has to make sense like to fix a broken plate by putting the plate into a non-refrigerated bowl of milk with painters tape on it... yeah the milk won’t get spoiled but okay...

  • A Hand
    A Hand

    remember to use gloves before practicing these tricks.

  • Masen S.
    Masen S.

    You can make “new” plants from most existing ones! You can easily root new peperomia plants, Philodendron, Teddy bear vines, maranta (red or green), Swedish ivy, “Creeping Charlie” plants, and so many more! Don’t bother trying to propagate a calathea from stem cuttings though (you can only propagate through division). But with every other plant I just listed, you cut right below the node, then place it in water. You should see roots in a matter of days, to a week or two (depending on the specific houseplant you choose to propagate through stem cuttings) 👍

  • Issac’s Channel
    Issac’s Channel

    1:40 I am dumb and no use it gloves oh WhAt ThiS DiRt IDoN’t have GlovEs

  • Moby Andreae
    Moby Andreae

    In the eggs what do you put in?

  • azulon435

    Rusty nails may provide iron but the plant wont be able to take it. Most of this videos are lies invented for likes and retweets.

  • Microms


  • 悲 paper boi
    悲 paper boi

    guys, if u like gardening dont watch this video, is painfully WRONG

  • Thomas Aushauser
    Thomas Aushauser

    All these are gimmicks. Such videos can only be afforded by an affluent society. No one who wants seriously to make a living from gardening will even begin to get involved. Those who don't want to study agriculture for four years should occasionally go to a farm museum: The fear of hunger has dominated humanity for thousands of years: there has been no interest whatsoever in such hacks. It's entertainment, that's all.

  • Arlynn Chrisanty
    Arlynn Chrisanty

    Oh such a scam

  • Kevin Hayden Wen
    Kevin Hayden Wen

    The one with the onions really isn’t a good idea. This is not the most efficient way to grow onions and when you soak it in water, it will create mould really quickly. Please do not listen to most of the video.

  • Kaylie Chen
    Kaylie Chen

    I tried to grow one avocado seed, only saw tiny roots after 7 months or 8 months and it died 2 months later.

  • Shabnum shahzad
    Shabnum shahzad


  • 예진

    Can you grow mushrooms with a piece of mushroom? Really??????

  • Janine Alèobert
    Janine Alèobert


  • Momtaz Garden
    Momtaz Garden

    Nice presentation, thanks for sharing :)

  • MrNobody

    The amount of just putting seeds in eggs

  • Wilson Gao
    Wilson Gao

    Iron promotes oxygen, what does that even mean?

  • Poonam Tiwari
    Poonam Tiwari

    make video on own soil how you prepare

  • GardenTV풀고

    This is really interesting data. It's an amazing idea. I'm so happy to be creative.

  • What's Up Everybody
    What's Up Everybody

    I love watching this

  • 渔小何

    太厉害了!!学习到了 回过头我也要弄弄!


    Best...... love u.....yaar

  • WhereIsAll TheFun
    WhereIsAll TheFun

    a lemon from a seed takes up to 10-15 years and it will be a large tree, mostly placed outside

  • SZ Lifestyle
    SZ Lifestyle

    😊😊😊😊Hi, Make a video on how you make the soil.😊😊😊😊😊

  • vex

    The music will give you a headache. Watch with the sound off!

  • rachel ball
    rachel ball

    Most of these are bullshit and won't work. Try a reliable gardening Channel, like MIGardener.

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith

    Almost all of these "hacks" are crap, get a book or even use Google to learn how to plant things correctly.

  • pscs mnl
    pscs mnl


  • J A
    J A

    so darn ingenious thank you for sharing

  • LemonJew

    These are all such bollocks.

  • Aivaras Valeika
    Aivaras Valeika

    6:58 i though it says i wet my pants lol

  • Star Art Studios
    Star Art Studios

    Who honestly had time for 3:13??

  • papu 215
    papu 215

    Is false is fake thie video is copiright

  • Tessa Herndon
    Tessa Herndon

    They should also tell you that you must use organic fruits and vegetables in order to use the seeds. GMO plant seeds can't be used.

  • Bruce Banner
    Bruce Banner

    thx for sharing..amazing video

  • Jonah St-François
    Jonah St-François

    So the life hack here is buy eggs, then don't actually water anything for 6-8 weeks before potting, cool, thanks. Oh and also, pretend like stone fruits don't take years - to decades to actually bear any fruit.

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker

    I use soap hack myself. The pot tower was kool. Thanks!

  • Truck Taxi
    Truck Taxi

    Great ideas I saved it

  • Tanjina and bts lovely V and all countries songs
    Tanjina and bts lovely V and all countries songs

    You don't have to marketing

  • Jaxionisnum2

    Can’t wait to try some of these

  • Khadija

    Too good to be true. An insult to human intellect.

  • MjklSimpson

    okay you sprouted a seedling inside an egg shell... but you forgot to remove the soil from it before transferring into the pot. how dumb

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