2010 Canadian IMP Omelette with Salsa MRE Review Individual Meal Pack Tasting Test
Notoriously hailed as one of the worst Canadian IMP menus ever made, Omelette with Salsa has a very descriptive nickname. Find out if it is a well deserved one, or is this menu actually not bad and one that should still be made? Find out, if you have the courage!

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  • Enrique Garcia
    Enrique Garcia

    People be getting mad for nasty food while steve be eating 10 yr old food

  • dan smejdir
    dan smejdir

    i gotta go get something CRUNCHY!

  • Phoenix

    When Steve hasn’t seen something in years but the soldiers see it every day

  • Jormungandr

    i cant believe i actually get hungry watching these

  • Bushtreck Boosh
    Bushtreck Boosh

    Hey dude. That maple candy looks like a maple sugar candy. You just completely boil the water out of maple sap instead of making syrup (which still has water content).

  • Curtis DWKC
    Curtis DWKC

    The music you make for these vids remind me of old RTS games

  • Martha Stewart
    Martha Stewart

    petit pain is french for little bread

  • B.J Wright
    B.J Wright

    If reviewbrah had an older brother...it would be Steve.

  • muttleo

    I'd have liked to have sat next to Steve in the third-grade cafeteria on Salisbury steak day

  • p4p3rm4t3

    That bread is the best. Too bad no retro-tube of PB to go with it.

  • John

    2010? pfft i got older food in my fridge lel

  • Christian Parente
    Christian Parente

    Doctor: Steve, I'm sorry but you have diabetes. Steve: what kind? Doctor: ...type 2 Steve: Nice!

  • bob morane
    bob morane

    Omelette avec salsa i would of traded that + a pack of cigs for ANYTHING and no more M.big boo

  • l ll
    l ll

    Who else watches his vids when ur hungry 🖐

  • Lyingwarrior

    Btw pain is bread in french :)

  • Pepsi Puppy
    Pepsi Puppy

    Very progressive of the Canadians to make an IMP for toothless soldiers

  • La la Memu
    La la Memu

    No confidence in the hot 🍫. Totally fine with nearly 10 year old eggs! 😂

  • camendiv

    That omelette makes me think of nutrient paste or something.

  • Thing One Thing Two
    Thing One Thing Two

    Looks like Satan took a shit on the tray

  • Jantina Haspels
    Jantina Haspels

    Is that what they consider a soft diet for those w/ painful or no teeth?

  • NCBonnie

    I've just stumbled upon these videos and I'm stickin' around for Steve's t-shirts. Brilliant!

  • n e x u s 1 0 1
    n e x u s 1 0 1

    8:10 The way he stayed quiet, zoomed in and did a little *bleh* when he dumped the omelet i just couldn't

  • n e x u s 1 0 1
    n e x u s 1 0 1

    Kid: whats for lunch today? Schools: 0:20

  • JohnThule B
    JohnThule B

    Steve is a ghost soldier, and he eats old rations while he has nostalgia over his war exploits

  • matthew kondakor
    matthew kondakor

    The canteen cup is always half full with Steve. You have to sort of admire that

  • Farhat Rahman
    Farhat Rahman

    the coffe looks like coca cola lol

  • Rubastax Akaso
    Rubastax Akaso

    important announcement: *_G U S S E T_*

  • Natasia Yamite
    Natasia Yamite

    replay button 3:02

  • Natasia Yamite
    Natasia Yamite

    nice 😀👍

  • kevinthe hamster
    kevinthe hamster

    That’s the lung with salsa...

  • Heriberto Ramos
    Heriberto Ramos

    that omelette with salsa ohhh nice and hott( opens the pouch) 😳 WOW WHAT IS THAT? 😂👌 LMAO

  • Donnie Darkly
    Donnie Darkly

    "2010, I've got food in my fridge older then that" -Steve The fact I've seen you rehydrate 1960's spaghetti & enjoy it I fully believe that statement sir.

  • suave cowboy
    suave cowboy

    listening to Steve’s videos like it’s ASMR

  • pierre-luc grenon
    pierre-luc grenon

    "Petit pain" 😂😂

  • G M Lecter
    G M Lecter

    I believe in Aliens too.

  • Alpha Whisky Adventures
    Alpha Whisky Adventures

    I hated that one.

  • Tristan D
    Tristan D

    Do you get nostalgia out of eating MRE's?

  • Jurassic Coast Comics
    Jurassic Coast Comics

    *WHAT DO YOU DO WITH YOUR DISPLAY ITEMS?* PS I bet you do *literally* have older food in your fridge. PPS your intro sounds like GRIME!!!

  • Hannah FABELLA
    Hannah FABELLA

    Peaches and cream~ Sweeter than sweet~ Chocolate cheeks and chocolate wings~

    • laineeash

      we really everywhere huh

  • Edward Lazenby
    Edward Lazenby

    Hey man, love your vids, where do you actually buy all these things from? Would love to start my own little collection, if your able to reply follow my insta, @eddielaz92

  • hunter miller
    hunter miller

    Have you gotten sick before from eating any of these

  • christopher garrison
    christopher garrison

    Love how he finishes it even though he said its not good just to put himself in the soldiers shoes that have to eat this to survive

  • milton cargill
    milton cargill

    I didn’t even like that omelette when it was fresh! Yuck!

  • Jason Lau
    Jason Lau

    Salsa preserves egg?

  • Gabriel Benoit
    Gabriel Benoit

    Petit pain means little bread in French and Canadians don’t mainly like omelette and salsa but it is a nutritious meal for the army

  • Another Guy
    Another Guy

    Codename: lung in a bag *lung* in a bag. What the fuck.

  • MrShmanckles

    Since when were omelettes crunchy or have texture?

  • Darth Stigater
    Darth Stigater

    Instead of oatmeal they should have given you a packet of corn chips like Fritos.

  • Siiboxic

    *piles shit omelette on-top of good bread* "Oh yeah, you know what? Engarde!" LMFAO never change, Steve.

  • Darth Stigater
    Darth Stigater

    Coffee Instant Type II by any other name is still Coffee Instant Type II.

  • Hernan Pumarino
    Hernan Pumarino

    Me: :( *Steve1989MREInfo just uploaded a video* Me: :)

  • Absolute Best Potato of Them All
    Absolute Best Potato of Them All

    I like mre stuff it tastes good

  • Mike Weaver
    Mike Weaver

    Is that a bruce willis stand up special in the back ground of his house?

  • Danial Zaki
    Danial Zaki

    Steve makes a joke and laughs at 15:50

  • sam finkelstein
    sam finkelstein

    Steve did you eat the instant towel!!?

  • Daniel Marshall
    Daniel Marshall

    Damn it all...."I've got older food in my fridge" nearly spat out my food at that one. Steve thank you once again.

  • Schmidt54

    At least it is not green and rotten.

  • paul castelluzzo
    paul castelluzzo

    Steve I missed you !!!!

  • Wessthemess 117
    Wessthemess 117

    Oh these aren't so bad lol

  • MiraiStar 未来星
    MiraiStar 未来星

    The classic omelette salsa letting everyone down once more 😅

  • Jef Rey
    Jef Rey

    I always loved the US MRE omelet. I know I am weird, but it came with a cinnamon bun, pop tart and random candy. I ate those omelets cold and if you don't look at what you are eating it tasted like eggs. They did look gross though.

  • Geno2733

    Eggs aren't usually crunchy, Steve...

  • Travis Finnemore
    Travis Finnemore

    8:52 the reason you were born

  • Zarkee Poo
    Zarkee Poo

    Petit Pain? sounds like a category I'd find on pornhub

  • Benjy Huburt
    Benjy Huburt

    Whouhh spank that hot chocolate

  • Francisco Perez
    Francisco Perez

    *spank* "there yah go!"

  • Shotgun Mongol
    Shotgun Mongol

    8:24 BLEH

  • maoristereo


  • Matthew Menzies
    Matthew Menzies

    Can we be introduced to "Smitty" please Steve? He sounds like a legend.



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