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2019 Chinese Grand Prix: Race Highlights
After a dramatic start, who would win the 1000th F1 race? Sit back and watch the highlights from Shanghai...
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  • Nick Goodyear
    Nick Goodyear

    Nico hulkenberg Danny kwyat and lando Norris is out of the race in Chinese grand Prix dnf

  • Arif Bagus
    Arif Bagus

    Driver swipe driver swipe chrales and seb

  • Ayrton Jagarnauth
    Ayrton Jagarnauth

    This is why Formula 1 is getting boring. Only Lewis fucking Hamilton wins. It's like nobody else can win a fucking Grand Prix race anymore

  • Takis Ververis
    Takis Ververis

    Mercedes = 1-2 WILLIAMS = 19-20

    • Lan Thi
      Lan Thi

      Trần này hammonton thằng h

  • The Beast Cars
    The Beast Cars

    How does that work, Hamilton gets old Pirelli types and Valteri gets new Pirelli tyres

    • Realest_ Ginger
      Realest_ Ginger

      The Beast Cars If you dont have new tires left , you can’t put on new tires. The team selected a number of tires and you can’t get new tires . Hamilton did not have any new tires. Bottas did have new tires.

  • CrowKYS

    3:51 lol bottas #3, vettel #3

  • Zexityreez

    I was there

  • Kevin

    4:34 - what kind of wave is this?

  • haza alhirmoodi
    haza alhirmoodi

    why renault engine at this year is garbage



  • AI fan
    AI fan

    The lap splash screen noises are seriously annoying

  • Lazarus Zoolander
    Lazarus Zoolander

    Damn, that Chinese smog is no joke.

  • takunda muzondo
    takunda muzondo

    the sound at 1:50 is pretty cool

  • Loop

    this sounds like lawnmower race

  • Pedro da XJ6
    Pedro da XJ6

    Seria muito mais melhor a fórmula 1 ser transmitida pelo IT-my detalhes sem narrador🤔

  • Mechanic

    FORMULA 1 / why don't share full version?

  • Jela Blagojević
    Jela Blagojević


  • Antonio Marinella
    Antonio Marinella


  • Elvin Bert Corvera
    Elvin Bert Corvera

    I am not a F1 fan because I am into motogp more. Now I understand the fans sentiment about F1 being boring. Base on a number of races that I watched today, Mercedes always wins.

  • Joaquim Méndez
    Joaquim Méndez

    Verstappen the 2019 man.

  • Euse Esau
    Euse Esau

    Formula Borring

  • Rifqi Ramadhansyah
    Rifqi Ramadhansyah

    The lights out sounds funny

  • aspire

    Stop using that stupid "lap number' sound and animation. It's so fuckin annoying. Do you even watch the video after render? Fire the editor guy. Half of the video is retarded animation. Just edit the fucking race as it goes, we can read what lap it is in top left corner.

  • David Meyer
    David Meyer


  • David Lue
    David Lue

    host is too noise

  • Milka Tuc
    Milka Tuc

    If there are always the same teams in front it almost seems like driver skill doesnt matter @ all

  • Decklon's Channel
    Decklon's Channel


  • Drug Induced Fever dream
    Drug Induced Fever dream

    The commentary at the beginning gives me a headache...

  • Rosely Caixeta
    Rosely Caixeta

    Corrida espetacular

  • NetherPrime

    just realised that george russel is actually a pretty good driver, he's just in a buggy racing kubica while everyone is in a separate race using rocketships.

  • NinthDensity

    Yugh RIP f1

  • RantingIdiot F1Fan
    RantingIdiot F1Fan

    0:42 what renault it was two mclarens and a toro rosso.

  • David F
    David F

    I don't wish harm to any driver..... but this race needed a crash on track at the front to make this more interesting

  • Garra Esportes
    Garra Esportes


  • Kanishka Kushan
    Kanishka Kushan

    Leclerc should have been allowed to race. If not for engine problems he would have won in Australia. When was the last time Vettel looked like winning a race?

  • Eric x
    Eric x

    The race was about as exciting as Prost’s flag wave.

  • ron abrams
    ron abrams

    Could ESPN's US Broacast coverage possibly be any worse than it already is?

  • areton dong
    areton dong

    this is my second season as an F1 fan and its getting boring watching Lewis win with pretty much no competition

  • Michal

    it just isint the same without screaming engine :( F1 will loose interest of people

  • Fotis Komitas
    Fotis Komitas

    Please subscribe at F1 GR

  • Marques Zukin
    Marques Zukin

    Cara não leva a mal não essa fórmula 1 fizeram de tudo para tirarem os brasileiros e agora sem brasileiro essa m**** aí não compensa nem assistir. #queremos brasileiros na fomula 1 em carros de ponta merecemos torcer pra brasileiros não pra estrangeiros

  • Your Local Commie
    Your Local Commie


  • Mike A
    Mike A

    Hoping Lewis Hamilton wins the British GP 2019

  • Danny

    Didn’t know there were any highlights from the race *yawn*

  • ONI

    Can anybody understand the first commentator?

  • Michael Farrugia
    Michael Farrugia

    This is yummy

  • Hieu Ha Huy
    Hieu Ha Huy

    Why ferrari has 4 cars ?

  • SparkS

    2008 / 2009 : F1 Was Very Interesting 2019 : F1 is Very Boring Any suggestions for other racing entertainment guys?

    • addicz2

      TT Island. But that race just between Honda and BMW. The other bikes are sucks 😂


  • Evox Kenshin
    Evox Kenshin


  • Young Gunz
    Young Gunz

    Probably the most boring race. It feels forced...

  • Bob Dillahunty
    Bob Dillahunty

    This comment section has unfathomable levels of bitch-made faggotry (no homo).


    F1 sux. INDY CAR

  • Anoop Ahuje
    Anoop Ahuje

    Killed it!!

  • John Mcevoy
    John Mcevoy

    I was a fan all my life I loved f1.. But this is just too boring these days. Absolutely no excitement whatsoever... I've stopped watching it..

    • Redneck Rebel aka raregoodguy
      Redneck Rebel aka raregoodguy

      Same here. I used to even try and watch the qualifying. In the old days you felt there was always potential for excitement. Now I would rather watch paint dry. Perhaps the paint get's a penalty for dribbling a bit!

    • CaptainAMAZINGGG

      I was ecstatic and so excited watching Aus and Bahrain like.. So intensely lol. China I fell asleep tho haha. Still ecstatic AF otherwise.

  • LineRat 86
    LineRat 86

    Hey F1, greetings from America. I'm going to tell you all why you'll never have a solid base of American fans. You don't provide a way other that PPV and ESPN 2 to allow American F1 enthusiasts to watch. Hell, I work. I can't watch a GP at 5am. It's too bad you all won't allow people to post the full races on youtube. I want to follow it, but since I can't even watch the races AFTER they happen, what's the use? Fuck it. I'll just watch Indycar. Too bad.

  • fran gasch galvañ
    fran gasch galvañ

    Congratulations for Hamilton 6th world champion, same to Mercedes. And of course vettel showing why he win 4th championships.

    • timothy nissy
      timothy nissy

      Real F1 has become predictable..that is why people were making unpredictable race on Xbox here:

  • Julio HR
    Julio HR

    Donde puedo ver la próxima carrera online? Sera el próximo domingo 28 en Azerbaiyán no?

  • Chris A
    Chris A

    Lewis 6352 pts everyone else 13pts

  • Underrated Mobile [YT]
    Underrated Mobile [YT]

    Mercedes make f1 boring and unpopular, Hamilton is a bad face for the sport, and it’s taking its toll

    • Samanthaflower

      Underrated Mobile [YT] Says no one ever! Lol! Lewis is bad for the sport? Why because he’s black? Lol! Ok grandpa, go back to the 1940s where you belong! More people tune into f1 because of Hamilton dumbass! 🙄 Salty, old fashioned fans like you that want to keep the sport lily white are so pathetic! #blackexcellence

  • SOIBand

    Unpopular Opinion: Team Orders are a part of F1 History and have always been part of it. You are free to rage because you dont like it, but every historical team did it. F1 is like that.

  • Andrés Hernández
    Andrés Hernández

    Guys, two weeks is too long, can’t you schedule 42 races per year please? Thanks ✌🏻

  • Amin Wibowo
    Amin Wibowo

    Nooooooooooo vettel lost in 3rd

  • Anton Mifsud
    Anton Mifsud

    1:16 What an overtake by Vettel

  • Yusuf Hadi Al hadad
    Yusuf Hadi Al hadad

    Another DNF for Renault. Wish they do better in the next race

    • Epicguy456

      @S K Jesus Christ man. Are you okay?

    • S K
      S K

      Renault is a trash ass garbage team. Renault is a cum dumpster of aids. RIC is a dumb fuck for not staying with RB.

  • gtboi

    My predictions for the Azerbaijan GP: >Ferrari uses a team order on Leclerc >Verstappen does a thing >Gasly is stuck in the mid-field >McLarens are unusually competitive >Hamilton and Bottas get 1-2 >Williams face dead last >Ricciardo or Hulkenberg met with great engine failure >Raikkonen says a thing >Leclerc becomes sad >Grosjean crashes for no reason

    • Mijn naam is Maiko v3
      Mijn naam is Maiko v3

      Same as china....

  • IdioticPlatypus

    I haven't kept up with F1 much this year, and I come back to find Hulkenberg out with a car failure, Kvyat using someone else as a brake, and Lewis driving his own race. The only change is they look like they got trapped in giant flip-flops.

  • จันทิมา คงวัน
    จันทิมา คงวัน


  • julian moyano
    julian moyano

    Just two words: ALEX ALBON.he had everything against him, last position from the pit lane and he still managed to get a p10. Just amazing. Only a few people realized about this because the race only was focused on Hamilton, vettel, leclerc, bottas and verstappen...Toro Rosso did an amazing job repairing Alex's car.

  • bob Brown
    bob Brown

    I guess I’m in the minority when saying the race wasn’t boring...

  • Roman Zerstoren
    Roman Zerstoren

    F1, I saw a Superformula race, there is a cameraman on the track shooting cars while they starting formation lap. I think it would be a nice idea to make the same thing in Formula One.

  • RareYellowWUUTBee

    Are you fucking kidding me first Mercedes with dumb team orders now Ferrari

  • gthakur17

    these F1 cars sound like kart cars

  • Kans Channel 2019
    Kans Channel 2019

    Nice drivers

  • Գեղամ Կոծինյան
    Գեղամ Կոծինյան

    Hamilton is best

  • UUU U
    UUU U

    To be honest, I'm sorry but I gotta switch to NBA boys

  • Mark

    F1 is pointless. Watch the stuff from the 70's, 80's and even the early 90's for real racing. It should have been put to bed then.

  • warotham op
    warotham op

    เฟอร์รารี่ รถไม่แรงรึคนไม่แรงกันแน่

  • Friedrich Siefferman
    Friedrich Siefferman

    Max is the only real racing driver on the grid

    • Andrés Hernández
      Andrés Hernández

      Friedrich Siefferman 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 he’s the only one you’re looking at then 😍

  • azael vivas
    azael vivas

    Lamentablemente la formula uno es peor cada dia los pilotos ya no son tan magistrales como lo eran antes verdaderos pilotos... Unfortunately formula one every day is worse because they are not great pilots as before, now the one with the best car wins.

  • zeemonkeyman1

    I’m so sick of hearing people complain that the race was “boring” these types of people are the type that like action movies instead of a brooding drama. You can’t have random winners in F1 every race because the cars and drivers are so finely tuned and at an elite level that other codes just can’t come near. It takes time for the tides to change, cars and drivers slowly get better or worse because they are at such a high level. You can’t think of F1 as one race, it is a slow burn over the whole season, some races don’t have as much action as others but they are just as important as the other races, it’s similar to a good drama, you don’t have to hav things happening every episode, sometimes a filler episode is just as important and sets up for the next thrilling episode. So how about all you action movie types just go and watch NASCAR or something along those lines instead of bitching about F1 all the time. I on the other hand will continue to watch my high quality F1 drama.

  • Marco van Noort
    Marco van Noort

    The race battles in the rear are more exitng than in the front...

    • David Johnson
      David Johnson

      This has always been in F1, only a handful of teams have had the budget with the competence needed to be serious upfront which has always led to a domination, and the rest are fighting out their lack behind.

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson

    Let Leclerc race Lewis, stop impeding him for Vettel, then we will get a great competition going!

  • Kamal El Shafey
    Kamal El Shafey

    Watch china 🇨🇳 and the pollution 💨 here

  • jens157

    Make the cars great again!!!!!!

  • Florian Balavoine
    Florian Balavoine

    Mercedes AMG sont seule e'core cette saison Ferrari est la honte de ce sport avec 96 millions d'euros juste pour écurie historique..... Honteux.... Honteux... Honteux..


    F1 just started in Vietnam and welcome Vietnam Grand Prix 2020 :)

  • Nordi Mejia
    Nordi Mejia

    This should be called: the least boring bits of the race. F1, you are dying... Do somehing about it!

  • Huy Hoang
    Huy Hoang


  • Richard WILSON
    Richard WILSON

    _Formula 1_ on may 26th will be in Monaco, but also *Indy500* scheduled the same day. Since F1 has became a boring race (having the same one-two for Mercedes and then the other 3 spots is between Ferrari and RedBull-Honda), if both race are scheduled at the same time, *I will watch INDY500 over F1.*

  • Dan Bonacum
    Dan Bonacum


    • David Johnson
      David Johnson

      No Ferrari did not show up LOL!

  • syahmi ismail
    syahmi ismail

    I think ferrari should approach max verstappen

    • Andrés Hernández
      Andrés Hernández

      syahmi ismail in points? 🤣

  • Marko Popo
    Marko Popo

    Got bored just watching highlights, imagine siting thro all race ...

    • Andrés Hernández
      Andrés Hernández

      Marko Popo you’re right, it was quite boring imagining you sitting through the whole race.... yawn! I’ll just imagine you getting hit in the head with a cartoon hammer..... now THAT’S entertaining.

  • Ichigo Kurosaki
    Ichigo Kurosaki

    Is 支那

  • Liam Hiley Vlogs
    Liam Hiley Vlogs

    Azerbaijan prediction: Leclerc Hamilton Bottas Verstappen Norris Ricciardo Gasly Grosjean Hulkenberg Kimi Albon - 1 lap down Kubica - 3 laps down Kyvat - 3 laps down Magnussen - retired Vettel - retired Russel - retired Perez - retired Giovinazzi - retired Sainz - retired Stroll - retired There...

    • Andrés Hernández
      Andrés Hernández

      Liam Hiley Vlogs damn, that’s a lot of DNFs, are you sure Kvyat would not make that list though? 😂For the rest, that would be very nice actually, let’s hope you’re right 🤙🏻

  • Engenho Mental
    Engenho Mental

    What I like in contemporary' Formula1: I can see the whole race in less than 3 min. and don't miss a thing...

    • Andrés Hernández
      Andrés Hernández

      Engenho Mental well, in this case you’d miss 2:44 at least, right? So... a couple of things maybe?

  • Unchartedbook

    Some 1000th race

  • Breno Silva
    Breno Silva

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  • multiyapples

    Nice editing.

  • Lionel Archie
    Lionel Archie

    i like honda red bull becase it is super duper duper fast and my dad say honda is the best car in the world but there is a suv and racing car its looks lovely and cool and ss amzing omg i like honda more besase it is amzing

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