2019 NBA All Star Weekend Dunk Contest Highlights!!!
2019 NBA All Star Weekend Dunk Contest Highlights!!!
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  • Bryan T
    Bryan T

    “The dunk contest is back!!!” Every year that’s all they say

    • Balooga 316
      Balooga 316

      Bryan T I know right

  • Popoy TheGreatOne
    Popoy TheGreatOne

    One of the worst dunk contest of the decade

  • Liam Summers
    Liam Summers

    Porzingis brown suit was disgusting

  • Daniel Rozas
    Daniel Rozas

    What's the name of the Westbrook cap?

  • Nathan Wasielewski
    Nathan Wasielewski

    John Collins got robbed


    4:07 poor curry

  • JoshuaWrldGaming

    Shut up loser

  • Gaming_ Pro
    Gaming_ Pro

    RIP CURRY 4:05

  • Hoodie Life
    Hoodie Life

    Wait a minute is this whole thing a highlight

  • Hamidou Barry
    Hamidou Barry

    Hamidou my twin is the best


    But boy jumps over tacko fall it's 48

  • Northedge ///
    Northedge ///

    Would have been nice to check Shaq and Thank him after dunking on him... But nope I'm young, no manners and too precious to do so....

  • 123 5 anh có đánh rơi nhịp nào không
    123 5 anh có đánh rơi nhịp nào không

    2:51 :((

  • Jœ Mæmæ
    Jœ Mæmæ

    3:47 The way Collins runs 😂

  • maher الذهبي
    maher الذهبي

    Wtf.... Slam dunk 2016 the best of all time

  • Yahayra Tolato
    Yahayra Tolato

    Please anybody tell me how is called the intro song??

  • MantisAtlantis

    Diallo reminds me of a young Kobe.

  • Don Jie
    Don Jie

    This probably the worst dunk contest ive seen haha

  • Unwrap Reãxtion
    Unwrap Reãxtion

    That nigga on the thumbnail look like polo g

  • Joe Rohle
    Joe Rohle

    why tf are there women judges. like ifk who tm they are so i’m assuming their from the WNBA but they’ve prolly never dunked a basketball.

  • xxx tentacion
    xxx tentacion

    4:07 curry 😂

  • Star Lord
    Star Lord

    You can't wear a superman shirt, if nobody knows who you are.

  • Steven Duke
    Steven Duke

    7's for a miss!?!?!...you guys are as good at judging a dunk contest as the NBA is at calling traveling violations

  • aldrin castro
    aldrin castro

    4:05 look at stephen curry hahaha

  • Shawn

    10 for shaqs acting

  • Fernando_NG11


  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne

    Lavine and Gordon: lmao k boomers

  • ThisNamesTaken

    4:06 Steph gets left hanging bruh 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Rashaad Ugas
    Rashaad Ugas

    2:48 it says the fuckin n word racist put on captions to see

  • alex abed
    alex abed

    J.coles dunk was funny he is my fav

  • F8 Freeze
    F8 Freeze

    2:48 he says the n word put on close captions

    • Heath Belan
      Heath Belan


    • Zecilo

      F8 Freeze 💀 The HARD R

    • Troy Boardman
      Troy Boardman

      Oh wow

  • Darrell Landry
    Darrell Landry

    So an alley oop windmill is a 48 and the exact same dunk as smith jr except instead of self lov someone else does it off an oop and gets 50

  • Nicolaszallo

    7:04 he says FUU

  • JJ

    He left curry hanging 4:06

  • Shoot Productions
    Shoot Productions

    5:48 is that Luka Doncic

    • Bianca M
      Bianca M

      Duh yah

    • mine headed freak
      mine headed freak

      Yup the one and only 77 in the Dallas mavs

  • itsJeffy

    Diallo: jumps over shaq without vault Smith jr.: jumps over d wade while vaulting when he has the highest vertical in the nba

  • Michael Hartzell
    Michael Hartzell

    10:03 had me in shock

    • Joshua Frick
      Joshua Frick

      Thumbs down

  • Jacob Ramos
    Jacob Ramos

    4:06 curry got left hanging bro 😔

  • Dan Melcher
    Dan Melcher

    What does the fox say -> 2:48

  • Sam Davis
    Sam Davis

    Slam dunk!

  • Adam Carpenter
    Adam Carpenter


  • Harry CM
    Harry CM

    Why does this commentary sound like Xbox parties

    • Survival


  • Fran Jo Reynoso
    Fran Jo Reynoso

    1:29 look down at diallos thing hes touching it

  • Hunter Barber
    Hunter Barber

    They really giving 10s for the littlest things

  • Alex Rodriguez
    Alex Rodriguez

    Alvin and Gordon was the best

  • Elizabeth Ward
    Elizabeth Ward

    Destroying plays basketball?

  • toilet man7
    toilet man7

    4:30 giannis wearing da gucci

    • Renz Taboy
      Renz Taboy

      Its gussi

    • MLG MAN
      MLG MAN

      toilet man7 it’s giannis

  • SunnyD

    The shaq dunk is on of the best dunks ever

  • Carlos_ ar23
    Carlos_ ar23

    07:24 songg??

    • kafilator 09
      kafilator 09

      Carlos_ ar23 jay z

  • Survival

    Ok let’s just be honest, You all came here for this: 5:28

    • Curr Y
      Curr Y

      Right for sure

    • Σταύρος Τσαβαλος
      Σταύρος Τσαβαλος


  • Arman Narda
    Arman Narda

    0:42 gosh that was hard

  • RJ26 Gaming
    RJ26 Gaming

    look curry at 4:06

  • Unknown Gamer
    Unknown Gamer

    4:05 felt sorry for curry

    • Mobile legends game play Vlogs
      Mobile legends game play Vlogs

      Unknown Gamer nnbapba

  • Ayesha Cute
    Ayesha Cute


  • MJH

    Zion is gonna KILL it next year

  • Álvaro Espejo-Saavedra
    Álvaro Espejo-Saavedra

    What's the name of the song of the beggining?

  • Joshua Playz_YT
    Joshua Playz_YT

    Giannis over there iced in Gucci

  • Joshua Playz_YT
    Joshua Playz_YT

    Rip shaq😂

  • Rex YTF
    Rex YTF

    Why is there a red spot at 2:08

  • Tural Nadirli
    Tural Nadirli

    Everyone should checkout Dunk League on Whistle. That's much more entertaining

  • Andre A
    Andre A

    "He grabbed it!"

  • Timmy Schueller
    Timmy Schueller

    Rip John collins plane...

  • David Ward
    David Ward

    Clutch why aren’t you making vids anymore


    Someone should had dunked over Thanos

  • Erin Mauriello
    Erin Mauriello

    I like unc n carolina yay

  • Alex Reyes
    Alex Reyes

    Glitch 2:07????

  • Luke St. Peter
    Luke St. Peter

    Clutch! #road to 1mil!

  • Elijah Hill
    Elijah Hill

    Number 20 the pilot left stephen curry hanging

  • xxjsmithxx

    Giannis Antentakoumpo will destroy this

  • lixdyboi

    1.29 xddd

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