2019 NBA All Star Weekend Dunk Contest Highlights!!!
2019 NBA All Star Weekend Dunk Contest Highlights!!!
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  • Bryan T
    Bryan T

    “The dunk contest is back!!!” Every year that’s all they say

  • toilet man7
    toilet man7

    4:30 gianis wearing da gucci

  • SunnyD

    The shaq dunk is on of the best dunks ever

  • Carlos_ ar23
    Carlos_ ar23

    07:24 songg??

  • Survival

    Ok let’s just be honest, You all came here for this: 5:28

  • Arman Narda
    Arman Narda

    0:42 gosh that was hard

  • ros memes
    ros memes

    look curry at 4:06

  • Unknown Gamer
    Unknown Gamer

    4:05 felt sorry for curry

  • Ayesha Cute
    Ayesha Cute


  • MJH

    Zion is gonna KILL it next year

  • Varo ESG
    Varo ESG

    What's the name of the song of the beggining?

  • Joshua Playz_YT
    Joshua Playz_YT

    Giannis over there iced in Gucci

  • Joshua Playz_YT
    Joshua Playz_YT

    Rip shaq😂


    Why is there a red spot at 2:08

  • Tural Nadirli
    Tural Nadirli

    Everyone should checkout Dunk League on Whistle. That's much more entertaining

  • Andre A
    Andre A

    "He grabbed it!"

  • Timmy Schueller
    Timmy Schueller

    Rip John collins plane...

  • David Ward
    David Ward

    Clutch why aren’t you making vids anymore


    Someone should had dunked over Thanos

  • Erin Mauriello
    Erin Mauriello

    I like unc n carolina yay

  • Alex Reyes
    Alex Reyes

    Glitch 2:07????

  • Luke St. Peter
    Luke St. Peter

    Clutch! #road to 1mil!

  • Elijah Hill
    Elijah Hill

    Number 20 the pilot left stephen curry hanging

  • xxjsmithxx

    Giannis Antentakoumpo will destroy this

  • Dj Simpson
    Dj Simpson

    1.29 xddd

  • It’s Benji
    It’s Benji

    The people who I think should have been in the dunk contest 1: trae young 2: Stephen curry 3: Isiah Thomas 4:Kemba Walker 5: a packet of chips

    • Eric Mangalagiu
      Eric Mangalagiu


    • It’s Benji
      It’s Benji

      I wanna be a packet of chips who would you be

  • Bryant’s animations
    Bryant’s animations

    I wish you’d play smash mouth’s all star

  • Glenice Delasbour
    Glenice Delasbour

    Haha curry and where is Atotocumpo

  • Judy Chen
    Judy Chen


  • Stephen Curry
    Stephen Curry

    Hamido used his dunks in highschool for a dunk contest against Zion.

  • 100,000 subscribers without videos challenge
    100,000 subscribers without videos challenge

    0:02 Song?

  • Maxwell Loflin
    Maxwell Loflin

    I hate every one except the Shaq dunk.

  • Michai Jenkins
    Michai Jenkins

    1:42 y does that look like YNW melly's brother

  • Saicharan Muraleetharan
    Saicharan Muraleetharan

    0:02 like the music

  • Cullenator 30
    Cullenator 30

    Denis smith should have won

  • Bacon Hairs are da best
    Bacon Hairs are da best

    2:07 who thought the FBI finally hacked into ur computer

    • Spokeno


  • Crookleaf 386
    Crookleaf 386

    Did anybody else’s screen go red when they were replaying Dennis Smith jr

    • Mr. Goodman
      Mr. Goodman

      Lil Ranks yep

    • the master chu
      the master chu


    • Kiwi

      yeah, I thought it was just a glitch for me

    • Leon Lind
      Leon Lind


    • 12 dbbl
      12 dbbl


  • Prodigy25

    1:30 why you grabbing your crotch

  • Jokūbas Ša
    Jokūbas Ša

    Nice very good!

  • Macadous Mac Of The South
    Macadous Mac Of The South

    I see why LeBron James don't wanna get into the Dunk Contest. Its clearly no competition at all

  • Yikes Zuijin
    Yikes Zuijin

    Just wait till Zion enters the league 😬

  • Mitch Laube
    Mitch Laube

    The passes by Westbrook off the corner of the backboard at 1:16 are incredible


    Same dunks every year

  • Square Bidnez
    Square Bidnez

    Crazy Bunnies

  • marq


  • Jose Oliva
    Jose Oliva

    Every year dunk contest gets worse and worse

  • Miguel Miguel
    Miguel Miguel

    My lil cuz zion would of won this one

  • Wasabi Wasabi
    Wasabi Wasabi

    They should ban props til final round shit got corny

  • SemperFiMyGuy

    1:03 “if you touch a bitch like that, that’s assault”? Then look at the girls eyes

  • indicahaze canna
    indicahaze canna

    Another shitty contest

  • The PotCast
    The PotCast

    They were playin favoritism Dennis smiths first dunk got a 45 but miles got a 50 on his second attempt🤔

  • Jody Vaughn.
    Jody Vaughn.

    Zion would’ve killed this

    • Austin Lau (629AusLau)
      Austin Lau (629AusLau)

      By kill you mean kill the whole hoop and become Shaq

  • Saveiun Washington
    Saveiun Washington

    Damn 4:10 he didn't dap Curry upp

  • Daniel Delgado
    Daniel Delgado

    5:28 is the best part

    • Mr diplodocus
      Mr diplodocus

      Daniel Delgado Totaly

  • Михаил Бугаков
    Михаил Бугаков

    shitiest contest ever

  • Christopher Hernandez
    Christopher Hernandez

    Weak dunk contest

    • Nemo Boss00
      Nemo Boss00

      Christopher Hernandez better than u can do lol


    Lavine needs to save the dunk contest

    • Lord Flies
      Lord Flies

      Yeah but him and his bum ass ankle


    Why wasn't Westbrook in

  • Christopher Rostran
    Christopher Rostran

    Left right titty queens

  • Vanessa Peavy
    Vanessa Peavy

    Y they do John Collins like that

  • Alberto Avila
    Alberto Avila

    it sucks, worst ever

  • Tre McGhee
    Tre McGhee

    It’s time to pull out the consecutive dunks to make the dunk contest exciting

  • Father

    Sucks as usual

  • Thatkiddadreamer 3528
    Thatkiddadreamer 3528

    Gianna’s wearing Gucci nobody said shit 😂

  • Sergio Sanchez
    Sergio Sanchez

    Why Candice Parker hating her league barely has fifteen dunks as it is

  • Jason Stalnaker
    Jason Stalnaker

    Can they just get rid of this? Same dunks for the past 15 years. Garbage. People elbow the rim in warm ups!

    • Hussein Sahro
      Hussein Sahro

      Try to do any of those dunks fucking bitch

    • Daniel Delgado
      Daniel Delgado

      Who does it

    • Daniel Delgado
      Daniel Delgado

      Tell who then

    • Daniel Delgado
      Daniel Delgado

      @DonTae Trowell ye ur right

    • DonTae Trowell
      DonTae Trowell

      So tell me about these innovative dunks you've created, since you wanna be so critical.

  • Garrett Ott
    Garrett Ott

    Holy shit diallo actually had my jaw dropped

  • calabis

    Just get rid of dunk contest...dudes are working on their game and too busy for tricks. Just get the street dudes to do this shit...they have all day to try new shit

  • Yaboii Splassh
    Yaboii Splassh

    left rack city queens 😂😂😂

  • William Beck
    William Beck


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