2019 Ultimate Exhaust Sound MotoGP : Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Ducati, KTM, Aprilia...
Air Kei
Twin ring Motegi
Rain condition
#MotoGP #JapaneseGP

  • Aa Aa
    Aa Aa


  • Ajijul Zabbar
    Ajijul Zabbar

    Motor rossi paling keren

  • Mohd Hanif Abu Bakar
    Mohd Hanif Abu Bakar

    the best sound is medical car.smooth

    • Angry moto Panda
      Angry moto Panda


  • Michela Marotta
    Michela Marotta


  • ejat rblz
    ejat rblz

    is that all v4 engine?

  • Muhammad Bagus Setiawan
    Muhammad Bagus Setiawan

    Honda bad sound

  • Tyrone Taylor
    Tyrone Taylor

    Aprilia... 🙄😑

  • Tyrone Taylor
    Tyrone Taylor

    Honda and Ducati launched the best.

  • Premkumar Gopinath
    Premkumar Gopinath

    I like always Rossi start extraordinary

  • stephen goldring
    stephen goldring

    The tyres look like there working in the rain you can see the heat coming of them

  • Gustavo Marci
    Gustavo Marci

    Bangga tgk anak melayu pertama dipersada motogp..dan satu2naya wakil dr asia tenggara

  • brandal lokojoyo
    brandal lokojoyo


  • Aleksandar Vajic
    Aleksandar Vajic


  • Ehis King
    Ehis King

    Dis I just see Valentini Rossi?

  • Jeanpierre Falaschi
    Jeanpierre Falaschi

    Vive l électronique...

  • Aizat Zainuddin
    Aizat Zainuddin

    Thanks for sharing this amazing video. Great sound and display!

  • aviator2492

    EV bikes can suck on this.

  • FullThrottle099

    Dat launch control. SOOOO much trust needed to use it.

  • Faiezal Kamaruzaman
    Faiezal Kamaruzaman

    Hearing the bike sound like this is the best things ever. Even if its not your favorite rider.

  • Gió Đồng TV
    Gió Đồng TV

    Những người này chào được họ thì cứ chào thấy vậy chứ cuộc sống họ ngắn lắm

  • Automotion

    Great video, we've got a similar video from Silverstone this year. Is a great sound you can only fully appreciate in person :)

  • Tosic Kristian
    Tosic Kristian

    Still the ducati gp3 sounds the best.

  • Syafiq Iqbal
    Syafiq Iqbal

    46 the best

  • No Hate Just Love
    No Hate Just Love

    REED for speed pinoy kami..

  • No Hate Just Love
    No Hate Just Love

    2:40 best sound ever

    • Thea Barcena
      Thea Barcena

      So badass

    • Akhund Zada
      Akhund Zada


  • The Boogeyman
    The Boogeyman

    Why do all them bikes sounds similar with each other?

  • Raposo Udyat
    Raposo Udyat

    Ducati brutisima

  • paenis cupcake
    paenis cupcake

    I've failed no nut november

  • Heinz Lammerding
    Heinz Lammerding

    Awesome video eargasmic exhausts

  • K.V.R production
    K.V.R production

    Love you KTM LOVER'S

    • One Step
      One Step

      no suck machine

  • Dolan Tross
    Dolan Tross

    2:07 it is awesome trothling control

  • Akhtar Faresta
    Akhtar Faresta


  • Maximus Augustus
    Maximus Augustus

    I'm a Ducati guy, guess having one makes me bias

  • Federico Samperi
    Federico Samperi

    It's like an airplane!

  • Imran Hussen
    Imran Hussen

    Which circuit?

    • Ryan Agate
      Ryan Agate


  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana

    APRILIA 💣💣💣

  • the poisan
    the poisan


  • berriebadslof

    i wonder what their 1/4 mile time would be

  • Jhella Parajas
    Jhella Parajas

    Im the fastes one of theme

  • Eramus Moto
    Eramus Moto


  • CallMeJeff

    their tires are that hot theyre smoking lol

  • Randy Chopa
    Randy Chopa

    How do they change gears with their both legs behind?

    • curly

      You can hear it

    • curly

      They don't change it...they changed when foot on the footrest..

  • Didntstickthe1v1

    Why do they press down to go in 1. gear? I thought they have GP shifting (inverted shifting)

    • Didntstickthe1v1

      Mathys H. Doesnt depend on the rider, every team has that. It is very important. When they have standart shifting and they accelerate out of a corner, their foot would be stuck under the shifting pedal when shifting up in lean angle. Thats the reason they press down to shift up ;)

    • Mathys H.
      Mathys H.

      Not all the pilots I guess

  • S S
    S S

    For someone who is new to MotoGP why does Kawasaki not have a team?

    • Tyrone Taylor
      Tyrone Taylor

      They also tried back in the 500cc era with Kork Ballington in the '70's. Ballington had won championships in 250cc and 350cc, but found little success in 500cc, and no wins. Kawasaki just wasn't good in MotoGP. 😕

    • Tyrone Taylor
      Tyrone Taylor

      They had, back in the 2000's, but pulled out claiming "financial difficulties, global recession, blah blah blah." In honesty, they were never competitive, Honda, Yamaha, Ducati, and Suzuki kicked their butts at every race. Their bikes lacked speed and hp. Then came the shocking revelation that their team principal, Harald Eckl, was sharing tech secrets with other teams, and he was immediately terminated by Kawasaki. Kawasaki was investing millions into its MotoGP team, to no avail; they tried everything, but only managed a few podiums (usually in the rain) but zero wins. Finally, they said "screw this" and left for good, finding more success in WSBK.

  • Lanny Fleming
    Lanny Fleming

    Aprilia, no contest.

  • Alexandru T_21
    Alexandru T_21


  • Joonagoona

    Wish kawasaki was in moto gp

  • Brandon Lambert
    Brandon Lambert

    The people on the bikes are lame!

  • Brandon Lambert
    Brandon Lambert

    The bike are unguarded!

  • Brandon Lambert
    Brandon Lambert

    Those bikes are lame,old and ungly!

  • Luftbubblan

    Haha, that dude that cut off one that was about to launch. I almost hoped he would get hit from behind. What a dumbass.

  • Suresh Suresh
    Suresh Suresh

    I love Moto GP

    • Larry Wayne Meets
      Larry Wayne Meets

      Brad is going to do well in the top league next year, looking forward to watching his progress 👌

  • WoWa_89

    Aprilia live gehört auf dem Sachsenring. Die hören sich echt brutal an 👍

  • jangogixx

    that traction on wet conditions is unbelievable

  • zzgixxer zzgixxer
    zzgixxer zzgixxer

    I really think that ktm and suzuki are the best looking bikes there

  • tom young
    tom young

    Throw in a Suzuki GT750 with a large size Bromlech 3 into 1 chamber and you will find the only human experience greater than sex.

  • Blake Maxon
    Blake Maxon

    2:37 one of the loudest “bikes” on the track 😂

  • キリン


  • PC PC
    PC PC

    ducati looks shite


    Yeahhh Petronas Malaysia


      @something not fishy ya malu ape bossku

    • something not fishy
      something not fishy

      also dont frget bo55ku

  • Meykel Debian
    Meykel Debian

    🇯🇵 #1 motobike in the world

  • Aerial Relaxation Films
    Aerial Relaxation Films

    Wow superb camera and shots ! Super clear, great colors and sound ....amazing.

  • Rodrigo Tarpinian
    Rodrigo Tarpinian

    Vale was a never a good starter....

  • iRush Death
    iRush Death

  • blooneyful

    Yamaha sound is so good. Having said that, they all sound so similar.

    • Federico Samperi
      Federico Samperi

      Aprilia sound's good


    Good to hear the Bikes without Bullshit commentators over the top and with about 20% of the actual sound. The V4's all sound good, but maybe the Yamaha is slightly better. Thanks for the video.

  • Edwin Karani
    Edwin Karani

    This monster machines have so much power.

  • Ariz Suliztyo
    Ariz Suliztyo

    5:14 perfect launch

  • calon mayit
    calon mayit

    Mantep kabeh lah jos😁😘

  • op3l

    Is there anti wheelie control for the launches or are they modulating the rise of bike with throttle/clutch?

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