I need a break from 2020

  • Scorchu231

    Day 42: I somehow discovered Sean's old band, risen from the ashes

  • What the ?
    What the ?

    Tom loves you

  • Adrian

    Day 42 without jack

  • JakHak909

    Sean just saying, a new Henry Stickman Game is out. Soooooo consider returning??? We miss u a lot :)

  • Starxii

    Now my hand hurts because I was drawing so this Is, ent going to be that long but 1.I know I'm really late but I don't care I'm depressed so I like to make people feel good Anyway Sean Jack whatever you call him we will be here when you come back I understand you're break the world is weird and a bit scary right now and You helped me get out of one the saddest times of My life I'm still a bit broken and sad because of it it was my cat that I had before I was born and loved her with all of me and loved nothing more she died this year and my best friend from the first day of childcare up to high school moved schools and I only caught up with her once so far but you helped me get out of that dark deep hole of sadness like I said I'm still a bit broken and definitely depressed because of it but you helped a lot you probley helped others to you already have made people happy and a break is understandable take as long as you want I watch you everyday and will never stop you did a lot for me and helped me feel better Raven (My cat that died) Would be happy you helped get out of the dark times and all the pain I cry randomly because of that and you stopped that. Thank you for all you did to help me and I hope you the best. Thank you

  • shadow bearker
    shadow bearker

    after few years watching your video, i just wanna say that you are the best singleplayer gamer and also the best youtuber in the world. i watched all of your games video, you are the best because when you play games not just focus on finish the game but you also talk about how detail the game is how cool the game is, .... i watched all of your game video, included: outlast1, 2 half life alyx happy wheels undertale subnautica subnautica below zero kindergarten 1, 2 papers, please slime rancher maneater call of duty warzone portal 1, 2 bitlife resident evil doom eternal final fantasy VII besiege death stranding the pestrian deer simulator jump king little misfortune luigi's mansion 3 hitman 1,2 man of medan life is strange mario maker outer wilds layers of fear observasoin tottally accrurate battle simulator kerbal space programe sally face attack on titan satisfactory job simulator the walking dead just cause 3, 4 thief simulator spider man esiecally is minecarf and detroit: become human i cant remember is there anymore games btw i love your coffee :D

  • Eddytahled

    Now the years even worse But it’s understandable

  • thetotallyofficialreal masteroogwayyoutubechannel
    thetotallyofficialreal masteroogwayyoutubechannel

    Decided to check the comments on this to see what people are saying....I wasn't expecting this

  • OriginalGaming !
    OriginalGaming !


  • Syamil Muhammad Ba'awad
    Syamil Muhammad Ba'awad

    These days without jack is getting harder 😧😧😧😧

  • Beelzebub Crumpethorn
    Beelzebub Crumpethorn

    Whenever you come back, prepare to see me request a game over and over. *The Henry Stickmin Collection* People are doing journals so I may as well half-ass it. Day: who f*cking cares Mental state: Liver Failure IT-my: yeet

  • Mboi Pulkkinen
    Mboi Pulkkinen

    Jack play henry stickmin collection now!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bard of Void
    Bard of Void

    Hey yo, jackaboy, I know we're all starting to miss you, but please, take as much time as you need to still; make sure you've taken all the time you need before coming back! :3 You must help yourself and make sure you're okay before you can help others and help make sure they're okay ^^

  • ŽØÎĎ¿?


  • namedata

    When you're back will you continue the SCP:CB series?

  • LucasCHG

    Welp, I miss Sean. We're all going through hard stuff and he always picks us all up and cheers us up. Sadly, there might not be someone like that for HIM. I love Sean's content, and he's an amazing person and respect his decision entirely. I just miss him man, I miss him... I just realised that it would be very hard to not have Sean on this platform. He is such an upbeat, truthful and caring person. It's crazy to realise it's been a month without him when I've been watching him for 6 years now, almost every day. 6 years of fun content with him seems like it all happened yesterday, but a month without him, feels like an eternity. Hope his mental health gets well soon, we do not want 2017 Sean again. But I also really do hope he comes back soon. Take care everyone! -Lucas

  • Godofdakings

    He’s still not back.......

  • Isaiah Evans
    Isaiah Evans

    Day 70 i wish that jack would come back but i understand that he wants to take a break but i miss him and love his videos and it is again sad and boring that we don't have any of his videos yet but the good part is we can finish watching all his old videos that we couldn't get to hopefully he'll be back very soon that we can all laugh again and enjoy our time hanging out with him because all of us are family every single one of us who watch his videos and loves it we are family like all of you I don't even know any of you but I treat you all like family hopefully I'll come back

  • Energyguy

    day ???: im losing hope he has been gone for one month now. life is getting more and more pointless everyday and darkness keeps coming. i stoped counting the days now i only know that it has been 1 month lol i posted this like a min ago and i already have 1 like

  • SpagDaddy_ _
    SpagDaddy_ _

    Day - 420 There here, the Vastian species has hit contact with earth. I am do this journal entry right to now to ask people of the future possibly myself that things get better. please someone from the future tell me that things get better when the vastians. Tell me in the replies I have to know.

  • Cayden Murphy
    Cayden Murphy


    • George Pig Official
      George Pig Official


  • Gunter Wolfram
    Gunter Wolfram

    Opens Journal and flips through the pages to stop on a blank page. And with a zebra pen a man begins to right. Day 41 of the absence of our potato lord... The days have became long and rough... The world lost order when he left... Just a couple of days after the riots started... No the only ones left sit and wait eaither in the potato fields or in the abandoned towns, I sit and wait for our leader in the ruins of his castile, in front of the potato thrown till the bell rings once more. Until then his loyal knights of the potato lands will lay in wait.

  • Lucija Pevec
    Lucija Pevec

    Am getting sad every day and i hope his gonna come back But still have a great time there...

  • Trey Walker
    Trey Walker

    Please FULLY play Completing the Mission either in one really long video or multiple videos! Even Breaking the Bank is completely different so play that too!

  • Louis gamer 12
    Louis gamer 12

    Can you make a new video please jack your my favorite IT-myr and I made a PowerPoint about you from Louis ☀ ☁☁ Have a 🍃 /\ 🎈 good / 🌴\ 🍃 day❕ /\/🌻🌻 \/\🌴 🏃🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎💨 🚶🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑~~ 💃🐫🐫🐫🐫🐫... 24/7 Keep smiling 😄

  • Arran Clarke
    Arran Clarke

    Jack tomska loves you

  • hi u r dead
    hi u r dead

    3days in Everyone :OMG HE'S DEAD

  • SOLID!

    He's uploading tomorrow

    • Lucky N
      Lucky N


  • Castlers_ Junior
    Castlers_ Junior

    Pls reply and tell me for how many time have sean take a break...

    • Castlers_ Junior
      Castlers_ Junior


  • Braden Collins
    Braden Collins

    Ima go rewatch every video sean has made ill brb

    • izHobo

      good luck

  • it's just me
    it's just me


  • itssaihara

    This year isn't getting any better, so of course the majority of us understand you need a break. We all need a break, everything's hard for everyone. Get well soon, Séan(?).


    Its only been a month aaa

  • Molten Milk
    Molten Milk

    mInEcRaFt Is GoOd

  • GGnebbyGG -
    GGnebbyGG -

    Also opens Journal day 41 without Sean uploading the days have gotten so dark the light is slowly fading away into the darkness but I silently wait with a flashlight and top of the morning coffee by my side with hope that Sean will return sooner than 2 months

  • Diesel Dye
    Diesel Dye

    Jacksepticeye I'm diesel dye react to my videos and come back plz

  • Vitamin Zinc
    Vitamin Zinc

    I keep checking on his channel... even if I know he hasn't uploaded anything... i'm going insane...

  • Mc Salty
    Mc Salty

    This man has millions of subs and his own coffee company now that is impressive

  • Johnriel Batucan
    Johnriel Batucan

    WHAT im gonna unsubscribe you

    • izHobo

      learn some grammar

    • itssaihara

      literally nobody cares if you unsubscribe. Losing one subscriber won't hurt him, he needs a break.

    • SlotheusGaming

      Cool no one cares get out

  • Joker MCNugget
    Joker MCNugget

    btw, I recommend watchin the newest trailer cuz, well... I'T'S FUCKIN RAD! 👍😎

  • Joker MCNugget
    Joker MCNugget

    Hey Jack, I hope and pray you will play the DLC's for DOOM ETERNAL when Bethesda finally releases those. But for now, enjoy yer break from youtube and best regards from me n my pals. 👍

  • Dane Uys
    Dane Uys

    Come back seun

  • Night Mare Freddy Ops II
    Night Mare Freddy Ops II

    Instead of jackseptereye it would be cool as jacksepterguy

  • Nayaka Lintang Fauzan
    Nayaka Lintang Fauzan

    Why you leave us

  • roboninja saur
    roboninja saur

    You people do know Sean has like over 4000+ videos right?

  • Gaming Pro
    Gaming Pro

    Jack can u play red dead redemption 2

    • green gaiming eye v2
      green gaiming eye v2

      give him a break


    Feeling some nostalgia in these times without Sean Not saying that he should end his break but... Let's give some time he needs, Some time for him to get better Don't feel bad coz he's not posting You can watch other videos and series too He deserves what he wants

  • DJ

    It's been a month now but it's ok for him to take longer I just wanted to check in

  • MouthfulOfSpiders

    *Everyone.... "BOO" this man for bouncing. "Wahhhh, I don't wanna play video games for a living and be a rich Bitch, my life's hard."*

    • green gaiming eye v2
      green gaiming eye v2

      @izHobo sounds like hate to me ngl

    • izHobo

      @green gaiming eye v2 exactly, i dont know either

    • green gaiming eye v2
      green gaiming eye v2

      what's you're point?

  • gamer fam
    gamer fam

    ok just dont die

  • MolyKid RAW
    MolyKid RAW

    Starts to sing without you I can’t breathe::

  • MolyKid RAW
    MolyKid RAW

    Open’s journal day 42 without Jack:(We miss you you all know the legendary Sean known as Jacksepticeye legend says he will be back soon but you never know he might have died he might have quit legend says he will never quit

  • Your Daddyel
    Your Daddyel

    Jack reminds me of my dad................ difference is that he will come back right......RIGHT.. Sean .... Jacko boy .... greeny meany

  • Kaylea Hollenbach
    Kaylea Hollenbach

    I never saw this video and I’ve gone a month before realizing jack disappeared from my feed. I pressed the bell, it didn’t work :(

  • Ronald Nelms
    Ronald Nelms

    Jack bro come back your inspiration made my wife and kids laugh we miss you brotato

  • KatalistProductions-Kozzy-Sasha

    Take Care dude

  • Uni_Montage

    Day 40 quarantine club is down people are getting infected in some countries its dark and lonely our leader of quarantine club has fallen i will try and write next week

  • Zeydon Sap.
    Zeydon Sap.

    Jack henry stickmin collection is put but remastered and completing the misson episode 5 is out now plsss play it

  • Maqthemaniac

    For all those comments talking about how jack is the only youtuber that you can watch, stop pressuring him, let him take a break, you can miss him but you dont need to verbalize it, if he needs a break he needs a break, so let him take one

    • Jojo

      wise words

  • Cheryl Smith
    Cheryl Smith

    no mater what we will all be here for you AND I HOPE THAT YOU FEEL THE SAME WAY WE LOVE YOU JACK WE ALL DO.AND PLZ STAY SAFE. : ]

  • yt addition
    yt addition

    Sean is reading this message 👉👈😖👋👋

  • IDare Jaden
    IDare Jaden

    Well coryxkenshin did this too last year and world has gone to hell hope jack will return one day

  • Srpt_ SAMURAI
    Srpt_ SAMURAI

    Why is he gone

    • Manifest Positive energy
      Manifest Positive energy

      He's taking a break hes tired of uploading daily

  • Jamie Hager Jr
    Jamie Hager Jr

    there’s a pandemic every 100 years

  • Sidney Whitehead
    Sidney Whitehead

    I miss jack so muck I hope he is ok

  • yt addition
    yt addition

    Jack's just ganna come back buff have a hella deep voice

  • Slowed Songs
    Slowed Songs

    Plz come back

  • 2-balladz

    Day something: im going nuts watching other ytubers, i struggle everyday so i have to become a weeb to amuse myself, i miss Jack and hopefully his next video will be a large blast

  • Quan Nguyen Anh
    Quan Nguyen Anh

    It 's Break Time It's Break Time For our fam It's Break Time It's Break Time It's Break Time The only cure for Jack-a-boy. 😐😶😥😭

  • Rob

    hey man i think we all need a break this year, take as long as you need jack :)

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