2020 Austrian Grand Prix: Race Highlights
All the best bits from a frantic and fabulous opening race of the 2020 F1 season... Austria = awesome!
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  • Robert Harrington
    Robert Harrington

    I've watched this at least 20 times and the "AND LANDO NORRIS" part at least 100. What a moment

  • Vusal Allahverdiyev
    Vusal Allahverdiyev

    Its good to see Mclaren on podium... Forza Mclaren.

  • clark kent
    clark kent

    Hot think

  • xx AJAXioo
    xx AJAXioo

    i am very like lando noriss

  • Matthias mokka
    Matthias mokka

    Good season opener

  • Анна Кондратович
    Анна Кондратович

    Мне сказали что тебе плохо было или ещё что-то нужно будет пиши если что надо пиши звони пиши звони пиши как сможешь забери меня из дома не выхожу никуда почти на карантине дома сижу на кухне чай пью ты сам ной не так как раньше уже на работу хочу на работу еду на автобусе домой еду домой скоро домой скоро уже приеду на работу напишу тебе что я л

  • Mr. Pickle
    Mr. Pickle

    How many times Albon had his podium stolen 👇

  • Анна Кондратович
    Анна Кондратович

    Привет ты где живёшь сейчас на улице не очень тепло будет на улице жить будет на что жить на работе шарь Леклер

  • 진교준

    9명이 리타이어ㄷㄷㄷ

  • Анна Кондратович
    Анна Кондратович

    Не надо

  • Анна Кондратович
    Анна Кондратович

    Привет йес

  • Анна Кондратович
    Анна Кондратович

    Привет да нормально вроде гонка

  • Ural Kemal KAVRAAL
    Ural Kemal KAVRAAL

    Driver of the day: Safety Car driver

  • Jae Le
    Jae Le

    Lando my boy, you did it

  • Antony Di Gerlando
    Antony Di Gerlando

    How to tell if a race was good: Hamilton Crashes ✅ Hamilton doesn’t win ✅ last lap Lando ✅ Williams almost getting a point ✅ Albon losing a podium ✅ Ferrari f*ck up ✅ haas do haas things ✅ 3+ safety cars ✅

  • Schmutzki


  • Mop head
    Mop head

    After Austrian GP Hamilton has decided NOT to be close to this fool again so he will stay only infront where Albon can never be 3 in row and counting Albon what have you done lately?

  • Jãø

    While some complain, in the future we will miss this beautiful noise from the V6T.

  • 13boabdil

    Terrible reporter. He does not have to shout like a Formula1-Car.

  • Вова Михеев
    Вова Михеев


  • fariz ascariz
    fariz ascariz

    albon albon albon. still not matured.

  • Butch Knight
    Butch Knight

    Any channel where you can actually watch and Hear the cars without all the constant clatter?

  • Biggle The Bangle
    Biggle The Bangle

    And Its lights out and away we 💤💤💤 😂🙄😂🥱😂

  • imad khan
    imad khan

    Thats why i love leclarc. He deserve Ferrari

  • Harsh_ Desai
    Harsh_ Desai

    This is the last time you will see a Ferrari on the podium this year :(

    • ntlespino

      Bookmarking for prophetic reference

  • Marlene ten Hove
    Marlene ten Hove

    wow what does the guy scream the comments you almost cant hear the cars no more

  • Levi de Bel
    Levi de Bel

    More retirements then Germany 2019!!!! *WUT*

  • truong do
    truong do

    Ô giải thích dùm lí do vì sao lewis mất vị trí thứ 2 và bị đấy xuống thứ 4 vậy?

  • Tor-Erik Måseide
    Tor-Erik Måseide

    Hamilton is an amazing driver, but such a sore loser

  • Mr. Lee VJ소싸움
    Mr. Lee VJ소싸움

    Wow ~ 스릴 만점!🇰🇷💕👍 Wow~ What a thrill!🇰🇷💕👍

  • Michoel N
    Michoel N

    Lewis still is a loyal mc laren driver second race in three races takes a podium from albon and a mclaren driver gets it😆😂😘

  • trần đức anh-TĐA- gamer TV
    trần đức anh-TĐA- gamer TV

    this is first norris podium in his history f1

  • RoCCo GaMiNg
    RoCCo GaMiNg

    Canada 2019 - VET gets 5sec for squeezing HAM ever so slighlty Austria 2020 - HAM gets 5secs for destroying ALBONs race Interesting......

  • The Emerald Hunter
    The Emerald Hunter

    3:10, "Bono, the TiReS!"

  • Stan Camargo
    Stan Camargo

    Please post the full race.

  • Surya

    If u can’t win them Push them. -Lewis Hamilton

  • fibroman musc
    fibroman musc

    DRS detection prevents the driver being overtaken to fight back. In Austria DRS detection 1(D1) is before turn 1 and DRS activation 1 (DA1) is from turn 1 until turn 3. But DRS detection 2 (D2) is before turn 3 so the power from DA1 is still relevant and can still lead for a dive at turn 3 even if he pass D2. So the driver who was behind used the power from DA1 to overtake at turn 3 at takes the lead at turn 3 but he can still use DA2 for the straigh from the straight between turn 3-4. Which leads to the driver being overtaken powerless and cannot fight back till a couple of laps later instead of immediately. (I found this on the Internet, it is what always makes me confused how the DRS works. If there is back to back DRS, the driver who was behind at the first detection zone overtake the car before him and again, the overtaken driver could not use DRS at the next activation zone, why?)

  • Sima Biswas
    Sima Biswas

    2 commentary errors

  • Mustafa Göktuğ Aygar
    Mustafa Göktuğ Aygar

    Thats better than before

  • alec

    4:35 nice

  • Vlerke Damne
    Vlerke Damne

    Rewatching this race.. hamilton his car is too good but when he finally gets overtaken once he's just like 'nah mate that's not happening' and just spins him off track lol.. what a dirty move

  • Martin Dragostinov
    Martin Dragostinov

    Every single moron out there, who once was a Schumacher suporter is a Lewis hater now. He got penalized for everything he has done, worthed or not. Because of Bottas he got 3 places grid penalty. He perfectly knew it, Lewis was behind him for his last chance and possibly spun intentionaly to keep the pole. Look at the first lap, when Lewis was pushing Albon at the exact same corner from outside, how he slowed down to let Albon goes all the way to the left, just to avoid the contact. He is racing for the title, not for a podium finish as some real sore losers does. Albon was damn lucky to get this free box with so many SC, which made him a contender for the win. Albon is trash driver, not even slightly faster than Latify or Giovinazzi. It is all about his thai roots and RedBull being owned by thais... Keep with the plan Lewis and break this FIA records gifted to Schumacher. Then all we,true F1 fans can relax and enjoy.

  • fouoii gyhh
    fouoii gyhh

    Why’s no one talking about the race highlights being no 1 on trending 😂🤭

  • wide rinoceros
    wide rinoceros

    Top 10 photos taken moments before disaster: 3:57

  • hen ko
    hen ko

    Why’s no one talking about the race highlights being no 1 on trending 😂🤭

  • Jack F
    Jack F

    Amazing announcers!

  • Nabhan NBN
    Nabhan NBN

    half of the racers gone early😂

    • fouoii gyhh
      fouoii gyhh

      Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton for winning his 7th world championship.

  • opzz xsin
    opzz xsin

    Why’s no one talking about the race highlights being no 1 on trending 😂🤭

  • Dr. Santosh Kumar Dwivedi
    Dr. Santosh Kumar Dwivedi


    • hen ko
      hen ko

      this year is trully fked up

  • Vladimír Kútnik
    Vladimír Kútnik

    idiot komentator

  • Elie Mrad
    Elie Mrad

    Ham has played it nasty bad with albon But I love him And he deserves the +5 s

    • opzz xsin
      opzz xsin

      Podium for mclaren lol

  • Kuba Sitnicki
    Kuba Sitnicki

    1:32 you spin my head right round

    • Ptao Tom
      Ptao Tom

      May i asked why tf is there 71 fuckin laps wtf how long did this race take🤣🤣

    • Ptao Tom
      Ptao Tom

      Podium for mclaren lol

  • Darren Richardson
    Darren Richardson

    +5 second penalty for Hamilton cutting albons line is not enough in my opinion

  • Wasted Years Gaming
    Wasted Years Gaming

    Oh shit, this is real life. I thought this was gameplay. I'm looking for the gameplay.

  • I Racer
    I Racer

    Good god. That commentator seriously needs to calm down before he does himself a mischief! Sheeesh!

  • Joan Giner Duran
    Joan Giner Duran


    • Cassie

      FULL RACE!!!

  • bofooit gojo
    bofooit gojo

    last moment.) - Audience: Excitement rolls over to unintelligible language

    • Cassie

      innovations in all competing teams. How much bribe did you take to artificially make Mercedes and Hamilton the best? It's time someone from FIA goes to prison for that.

  • crxdelsolsir

    3:44 Hamilon: You Shall Not Pass! Also Hamilton: Have I said that before? Albon: Yes You Have!

  • Viajar Siempre
    Viajar Siempre

    go Ferrari

  • philip baker
    philip baker

    Ever been over taken on the outside of a bend ? Of course you haven't its TOO dangerous. Not only do have no where to go if you spin off, your tyre slip is at its maximum. Try pushing an F1 side ways across the back axle. You will never do it, unless you have already compromised your grip with temperature and slip. Albon ran his inside rear (lifting with over-steer) into Hamilton's front offside ( hard down in an under-steer slide). The physics does the rest. Yes be passionate, and yes have your voice, but at least try and work whats really happened. Don't just be a media megaphone Having set up a FF1600 for 4 seasons, grip is all you think about with tyres and geometry and the divers know where and when its absent. Did you see any other wheel to wheel banging ? of course you did. So that's part of the sport. Albon took a risk and paid the penalty for his lack of grip, otherwise he would not have spun. There is a problem, and its that the Albon protests are becoming louder and more frequent. We don't want another fledgling SENNA, who barged his way past everybody in the Albon style, from BEHIND and on THE OUTSIDE. The ruling should be simple - the guy leading into a corner on the inside gets the benefit of the doubt. Corners are about turn-in, clip and slide and if your on the outside, in any car, any where on the road, your chances of coming off are very high. DONT TAKE THE ALBON RISK. It might get YOU killed.

    • bofooit gojo
      bofooit gojo


  • Eric Sanchez
    Eric Sanchez

    Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton for winning his 7th world championship.

  • Cassie

    Poor Latifi, the only one that actually finished and didn't get a point... :(

  • Anatolios Shao
    Anatolios Shao

    this year is trully fked up

  • Hi Reddy
    Hi Reddy

    i agree that ferrari engine might be 5th best ,but aerodynamics and race pace of ferrari cannot be counted out

  • vAiiLd -_-
    vAiiLd -_-

    May i asked why tf is there 71 fuckin laps wtf how long did this race take🤣🤣

  • Kou Es
    Kou Es

    Podium for mclaren lol

    • Cassie

      The salt is amazing

  • 김형준

    와,,,해설자 너무 시끄럽다..

  • Little_leon

    Pérez and Norris had an entertaining faze

  • soinu foig
    soinu foig

    I’m so happy that Lewis didn’t get a podium

    • Rea Ian Cassidy
      Rea Ian Cassidy

      And you were foaming at the mouth when he obliterated your gods just 3 days ago. Right ??

  • cinegraphics

    FIA corruption and crime at its best. Bribed by Mercedes in 2013 to introduce changes to make Mercedes and Hamilton the best. And still pushing those changes, while banning innovations in all competing teams. How much bribe did you take to artificially make Mercedes and Hamilton the best? It's time someone from FIA goes to prison for that.

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