2HYPE Extreme Basketball Forfeit Challenge w/ LoveLiveServe
This week we have our wildest round of forfeits yet! No Spoilers but someone has the most unlucky run we've ever seen.
Huge shout out to LoveLiveServe for coming by and going through all of the craziness with us. Make sure you check them out!

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  • Jojo Pitt
    Jojo Pitt

    Jesus and God is alive and love you repent

  • Jojo Pitt
    Jojo Pitt

    Jesus and God is alive and love you repent

  • Kaleb the god Schropp
    Kaleb the god Schropp

    Why did Zakk make dinosaur noises when you get injured

  • Kaleb the god Schropp
    Kaleb the god Schropp

    I called cash on the habanero pepper

  • 邱昱凱

    top of the key

  • Aidan IsCool
    Aidan IsCool

    Oh yeah this a banger

  • xFlqless_

    Rip steageek court

  • Brett Quennell
    Brett Quennell

    damn I feel bad for Rhino he looks like he dont wanna be there

  • Dynamic Duo
    Dynamic Duo

    Mitchell Makes milk look drippy

  • Dynamic Duo
    Dynamic Duo

    I feel so bad for Moochie

  • Dynamic Duo
    Dynamic Duo

    I like the shoes Zack!

  • TheMavyMavz

    Get cash some milk. Milk is better. water makes it worse

  • Ben Zawitz
    Ben Zawitz

    What about RØB

  • Brayden Larkin
    Brayden Larkin

    The guy in the beanie looks like Matt Barnes

  • heef beef
    heef beef

    So Alex left GMM to Join 2Hype? I never saw it coming

  • Dante Pierascenzi
    Dante Pierascenzi

    cash looked mad the hole video

  • Ty Skaug
    Ty Skaug

    When Cash walked up after the hot chip and hit straight backboard 😂😂😂

  • Zorojuro

    Bruh 57 degrees is cold to y'all, come to Canada in the winter it can get up to -30 degrees

  • iiQuickzy

    My fav collab

  • Adam Little
    Adam Little

    Rhino is 6” something and this man makes him look small 😂

  • Justin Chavez
    Justin Chavez

    Bro rinos form is 😵

  • 123 Four5Six
    123 Four5Six

    Noah got that Kevin duckworth form

  • W3aly

    I was 14 min in to the video then I paused cause I had to go for a sec then I came back, looked at the video duration and was like: 42 minutes WOT THE FOCK

  • Jeremiah

    This is so rigged bro nothing even happened to james

  • Jeremiah

    I feel so bad for moochie

  • Btl Sebastian
    Btl Sebastian

    kris can be a commentator

  • Btl Sebastian
    Btl Sebastian

    but then kris for theres a hose for water

  • Btl Sebastian
    Btl Sebastian

    i feel bad for moochie fr

  • Gavin McKenzie
    Gavin McKenzie

    Moochie down bad 😂


    2hype:It’s cold out here it’s 57 degrees Me: It’s so hot it’s 20 degrees

  • Bentley Hoops
    Bentley Hoops

    Does Jesse have natural curly hair or a purm

  • Mellow

    Came from the vlogs

  • Arshiya Azmi
    Arshiya Azmi

    35:42 Was the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard

  • BOB

    Yo I thought rhino was a lot taller

  • Tstormer

    that wheel is weighted

  • Tstormer

    their camera man used to work on gmm

  • Viral

    Rhyno said bye like he never coming back lol

  • Savage_ quique
    Savage_ quique

    They will never say another word to y’all I already know like bruh you is never seein dem again

  • Gabe Wattley
    Gabe Wattley

    Dang rhino got more excuses than flight

  • Cy Williams
    Cy Williams

    I have a video idea 2hype goes fishing

  • Yamin Ibrahim
    Yamin Ibrahim

    bro, y'all act like 57 degrees is 0 degrees farhanite, here thats the average weather at the end of spring to beginning of summer

  • Soy Saucing
    Soy Saucing

    Jesse look like he was abouta cry after that cake 😂

  • Soy Saucing
    Soy Saucing


  • Soy Saucing
    Soy Saucing

    Rip moochie

  • Kyle Mikula
    Kyle Mikula

    Noah and James are so annoying

  • Christopher Long
    Christopher Long

    Ice bucket with no Ice dafaq is that

  • Faded Shadows
    Faded Shadows

    Anyone else wanted them to cut back to Zack's beautiful "I got a feeling that I'm gonna get f*cked over" song?

  • Floezy


  • Devwey

    30:40 had me dying

  • Gabriel Prieto
    Gabriel Prieto

    Where tuffy

  • CanadaFr3sh

    Moochie the new Zack

  • Ant No cap
    Ant No cap

    That’s what cash gets for sayin it’s cold out🤣😂

  • Alexander Franqueche
    Alexander Franqueche


  • Threat-

    What about -10 Degrees

  • Rng Marmalade
    Rng Marmalade

    18:47 thats alex from gmm

  • David Peter Parbarita Siahaan
    David Peter Parbarita Siahaan

    Moochie kinda looks red after drinking the hot sauce

  • saxtons

    57 I’m from Michigan an I mean this in the most respectful way that is amazing weather and you think it is cold get out of here

  • Hamza Rizk
    Hamza Rizk

    34:33 "whoever it lands on has to shoot with their offposite haaend"

  • Kuza

    Bro the should be titled “40 mins of torching Mitchelle”

  • Juan DeJesus
    Juan DeJesus

    Can I eat the cake

  • Xx_PoPanda ThePro_xX
    Xx_PoPanda ThePro_xX

    Lowkey, sorry im late, but Moochie's face when this happened. 13:45 - 14:01.

  • Melissa Benitez
    Melissa Benitez

    i never thought love live serve would crossover with 2hype

  • 2kAJ NYK
    2kAJ NYK

    Noah’s form looking like 2k magic Johnson

  • Noel Ganio
    Noel Ganio

    After all this time James still haven't changed hahahaha🤣

  • ツBlu

    jesse gets hit in the balls Kris:Did we get that 😭😭😭

  • Brenden 10
    Brenden 10

    That's jesserthelazer

  • TheLifeOfWilliam Ballard
    TheLifeOfWilliam Ballard


  • TheLifeOfWilliam Ballard
    TheLifeOfWilliam Ballard


  • TheLifeOfWilliam Ballard
    TheLifeOfWilliam Ballard


  • TheLifeOfWilliam Ballard
    TheLifeOfWilliam Ballard


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