30 Deep Grimeyy Feat. Lil Baby "Loose Screw" (Official Video)
30deep grimeyy
GRIMEYY 2 SOCIETY out now on all platforms: ingroov.es/grimeyy-2-society
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Dir. By: @20K Visuals

  • Outcast Speclus
    Outcast Speclus

    Keep chasing next is bet

  • Amy Scott
    Amy Scott

    I made my name in the hood. Went from Snowflake in South Bronx to cat lady in Hope Street Hannibal MO to The Champ.

  • BlackLitSTL

    Check out the "St. Louis Kingpins" documentary on my page, it covers notorious figures like 'Fats' Woods, Terry Cooley, Jerry Lewis-Bey & more!

  • teagan justice
    teagan justice

    Its funny how most people in dis vid got lil babys chain

  • Raymond Kemp
    Raymond Kemp

    St.l stand up💯

  • GamerKyree

    Tee Grizzley Type Flow/ Beat / Video

  • Young Stl Hooper
    Young Stl Hooper

    Jesus Is Lord Jesus Christ died on the Cross for our Sins Jesus Is Our Savior God wants A Relationship with all of y’all God wants y’all in Heaven ask for Forgiveness of your Sins and pray for your Friends and Family God Loves y’all God Bless Amen

    • notfrom63rd

      Get out of here

  • keymo flex
    keymo flex

    An oop he throw up blood

  • Wavy Music
    Wavy Music

    he sounds like BOE and Ohgeesy combined

  • Peyton.Stl

    Cool to see this dude make it out STL, not a lot can make it out 💯

  • Alonso Damian
    Alonso Damian


  • Lil Bno
    Lil Bno

    Is Baby talm bout NoCap???

  • Dominic Joseph
    Dominic Joseph

    On Crip 💪

  • Joe Dan
    Joe Dan

    Grimeyy the type of dude to sleep on the roof and use his Glock as a pillow

  • Jc Work
    Jc Work

    30 deep went in

  • Mike St.
    Mike St.

    im read

  • Mike St.
    Mike St.


  • Mike St.
    Mike St.

    cant kill our fightlers

  • Dream Music Marketing Firm
    Dream Music Marketing Firm

    Grimey, Dude LIVE even in person he got a good head on his shoulders. Keep it 💯 dreammusicprfirm.net Giving Artists The Game To Succeed

  • Luke Olson
    Luke Olson

    Almost 3mil views!!!!

  • Isabelle Allen
    Isabelle Allen

    if lil loaded was in es 💀😭😂♥️

    • Your Favorite
      Your Favorite


  • VyroIsGarbo

    30deep look like brokeasf2

  • carlos talavera
    carlos talavera

    Yoo this song fire asf yo latin America fwy Nicaragua

  • BlazeOnDa Beatz
    BlazeOnDa Beatz

    This shit fire

  • Max C
    Max C

    My favourite artist, from Sydney Australia godbless brother

    • Your Favorite
      Your Favorite


  • Ezal

    2:50😂 2:03

  • Ezal

    This dude gives me Tay-K vibes with them gang signs

  • Ricky Davis
    Ricky Davis

    I know its a lotta beef in the city...so idk who u cool wit. But it would be str8 dope af to see you do more features w other mfs from the city....yall just proved mfs wrong when they say mfs from st louis cant make it. For that fact ALONE im a big ass fan bro .no cap no d*** ridin.

  • Ricky Davis
    Ricky Davis

    30 you got the city on 🔥🔥🔥. Salute for overcoming and going to the top. Young life you on TOP.💯💯💯

    • Your Favorite
      Your Favorite


  • Cole Simkin-Boyar
    Cole Simkin-Boyar

    They did lil baby dirty with the thumbnail

  • landoboss

    This like a blueface beat

  • CLG Green
    CLG Green

    If this one of his best like it up

  • Ashton Graham
    Ashton Graham

    Soundcloud W.T.F. Murda1 Ashton Maxwell

  • Cash Money
    Cash Money

    I heard it lil baby didn’t want jewelry in the video or wrong video

  • K N R 1 3 3 7
    K N R 1 3 3 7

    Use to be a fan, but after hearing this masterpiece, I’m a whole ass Air Conditioner

    • Your Favorite
      Your Favorite


  • Amari Hall
    Amari Hall

    Only people who didn’t come from tik tok can like this

    • Your Favorite
      Your Favorite


  • MadeNiggaMusic

    Any body smelling ybn

  • Tupac Big
    Tupac Big

    Grimey look like he ain’t bout that designer shit that’s wassup up

  • OhRexhy

    "Gay pistols, 25, cuz he on a killstreak" that line tho that shit slap!!!!

  • INTL_SaucyBoot

    Grimeyy is to underrated

    • Your Favorite
      Your Favorite


  • Reggie Brown
    Reggie Brown


  • Nik trik
    Nik trik

    Am I tweaking or this beat was used by YBN nahmir? 😂

    • Your Favorite
      Your Favorite


  • 1017 brick squad
    1017 brick squad

    Grimey on 🔥🔥 salute to all real niggas from stl 🇲🇽🇲🇽

  • Qrazxss

    Lil Baby the fkn GOAT no competition

  • trey Side
    trey Side


  • Helen Davis
    Helen Davis

    This 🔥 🔥 🔥💯💯

  • omega

    I won't buy no more jewelry, I'm stacking for a wraith. Y'all heard that? Priorities son.

  • Sabrina Kathleen
    Sabrina Kathleen

    This shit go hard af!! 🔥🔥

  • Brian Dixon
    Brian Dixon

    We do not say goofy

  • NoobBossAddiasYT

    Damn this shit is mad fire

  • cortez holmes
    cortez holmes


  • Sean Jones
    Sean Jones

    Helluva is one of the best producers in the game. I never heard a wack beat from bro

    • Your Favorite
      Your Favorite


  • Tanner Kompelien
    Tanner Kompelien


  • Lance Richardson
    Lance Richardson

    -30 DEEP,, gone be on tha creep... All the way to the top even if they loose sleep. - My life’s a story, tell it,, hell I could sell it,, sit bacc & get tht mail from it. Been watching these dude get down since they got down, an told err body in the hood they gone pop, now their like say u heard tht 30 DEEP. I’m like yea I put u on tht piece.

  • James Junior
    James Junior

    This beat hoard

  • DeVaughn McClennon
    DeVaughn McClennon

    help me Lil Baby Kick his A.. ok

  • elite socks
    elite socks

    He look like rylo and nocap put together😭😂😂😂

  • Oz Purpp
    Oz Purpp

    This sound like tee grizzley first day out beat mixed with blue faces thotiana 🤔

    • Your Favorite
      Your Favorite


  • Katrina 55nine
    Katrina 55nine

    get in in duece

  • Safiah-nye Richardson
    Safiah-nye Richardson

    Here after Say Cheese

  • Nick J
    Nick J

    Detroit helluva make that beat

  • Rozayy Lee
    Rozayy Lee

    Anybody reply can I use this beat ??Or I’ll get charged ?

  • Anthony

    His hand tat cold asf🥵

  • Jawan James
    Jawan James

    Thought this was soldier slim son

  • Kelvinkenzo

    30 Deep look like my evil cousin

    • Your Favorite
      Your Favorite


  • Rays Cycles Repairs
    Rays Cycles Repairs

    @1:32 when you put chains on CJ 😂

    • Your Favorite
      Your Favorite


  • RATED -R
    RATED -R

    Fye azz feature

  • Wamp


  • Donny Lewis
    Donny Lewis

    30 deep is underrated dude is 🔥🙅🏿‍♂️🧢

    • Luke Olson
      Luke Olson

      lil baby seen that so he gave him feature

  • bikerboy72

    This dude has Arthur tatted on his chest lmfao

    • Tre 314
      Tre 314

      His name is Aurthur

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