300 Entertainment - Where Rap Careers Die?
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Described on their official site as “A CREATIVE HUB THAT EMPOWERS ARTISTS AND THEIR PARTNERS BEYOND THE CREATION OF MUSIC", the truth of the matter is that 300 have a documented history of recklessly hampering their artists.
#300 #HipHopMadness
Narrated by: Pro (@JaysnProlifiq)
Written by: Robert Blair
Edited by: Roman Bill
Music by: Josh Petruccio
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  • James Williams
    James Williams


  • Juan Carwell
    Juan Carwell

    Dame tried to tell yakl

  • Juan Carwell
    Juan Carwell

    Lyor is a snake

  • kounterclockwise

    What ever happen to DP that track flight risk with $ha hef was AMAZING

  • Wicket1Blue

    Want Lyrics Come See Me

  • Eat Food Music
    Eat Food Music

    300 just came back to beat these youngins lol they been around under another name.

  • Sleeper

    Rich the kid is from New York i thought he was atl

  • hittahbeatz

    sad that record labels really treating their artists/producers of all people like that...

  • OfTheNight92

    Same dude that took jay from dame? Yeah

  • Jeffery Thompson Jr
    Jeffery Thompson Jr

    I don't feel bad for them it's too much info in the world to not be ignorant. Dame Dash already spoke in depth about Lyor Cohen so if guys are putting too much time into women and not researching and gaining knowledge, its on them.

  • marry sheat
    marry sheat



    That’s why I turned that shit down!!😅

  • Uoy Ebut
    Uoy Ebut

    @2:52 "To Remain End-ePendent". I guess not even the creator caught that.

  • Edward Castillo
    Edward Castillo

    Vote red for black greatness

  • m brad
    m brad

    Y’all don’t kno shit

  • Erika Grey
    Erika Grey

    Blackyspeaks made a video about how the "deluxe "albums, and too much content flooding the market, is ruining hip hop. There's too much mediocre content being made.

  • brothabrownthadon

    that was a deep intro, true and effective, thats trill, dont leave them like little orphans, a song is a hit when its polished, not just throwing so much out to flip mixtapes and flipping the product half done.

  • Trinidad Cardona
    Trinidad Cardona

    That ain’t offset lol

    • Lil Switch-i
      Lil Switch-i

      It never was


    You thug can mumble over a damn beat and that shit still gone be viral and platinum.

  • SlickBo MarySon
    SlickBo MarySon

    But Young Thug....Nvm!!

  • Steven Duong
    Steven Duong

    Lupe Fiasco turned down his 360 deal from Atlantic and warned future generations. He has a song called “dots & lines”, subliminal message.

  • Ra EL_13
    Ra EL_13

    Don't forget rich the kid remember him wanting to leave 300 all on ig talking about he wants out if that contract...smh I guess they tired of giving up that ass fit wealth soon as you don't comply it's a wrap!!

  • Neo Azania
    Neo Azania

    Ambitious Records In South Africa

  • TheDickem

    People choose to listen to mainstream rap. Underground and independent rap is everywhere. Stop giving attention to mainstream stick to quality originality.

  • jean mattaren
    jean mattaren

    Overly nice!


    0:34 What the boss was saying was actually right no cap. To make his singles popular Thig needed to Pop stricture his music. Kinda like Drake using the Pop music effect but backwards or like hook verses. Thugga was having fun

  • Jose Christo
    Jose Christo

    Bruh stop with the big words my guy

  • moneyone zoe
    moneyone zoe

    Im an upcoming artist i stand for one1one Qb rich51 money n power out now On IT-my and sound cloud The enemy is fear Love is the key And you are a key As am i My sound is violent I promise you its all out of love I vent through my music Support my music and i promise at the end of my upcoming mixtape my 1st mixtape you'll understand money n power only you and you can make it happen and of course im part of that you we all are one ignore the b.s follow my i.g and Twitter @rich.zoe.93 #mobtalk do what you gotta do too live i can't live for you and you can't for me but instead of killing each other why not help each other live you are a beautiful human being when you are happy

  • Micky Bender
    Micky Bender

    So who is giving kudos to Dame now? He called Cohen out years ago and told us about this foreign body to our culture.

  • culturefreedom89

    Just proved Lyor Cohen didn't know what he was doing.

  • bOuNcErSK2

    I dont understand why rappers dont start their own labels.

  • ted beco
    ted beco

    Overly nice!

  • 86twin

    A lot of new artists need to look up the Brockert Initiative, Prince vs Warner Bros, ect.

  • Terrill Montgomery
    Terrill Montgomery

    Dame spoke on Cohen years ago should of listened to Dame

  • Hawk Apache
    Hawk Apache

    Raz ain’t no activist smh

  • Atlantic top selling song changes every year last year it went from bodak yellow to xo tour life to the box 300 got 1 song that is there top selling song trap queen and that was 6 years ago that label clearly don’t know what there doing all there rappers are one hit wonders ( Fetty wap tee grizzley famous dex rich the kid ) thugger broke the curse if meg don’t have 2 successful songs or a successful album she will join the 300 curse

  • Thug is said to more then 3 labels

  • Kelly Berry-mcgee
    Kelly Berry-mcgee


  • Brandon K. Ray
    Brandon K. Ray

    Shy glizzy beef with chief keef then join 300 ent smh

  • Matthew Chavez
    Matthew Chavez

    2020 and it's still fuck Lyor. Old heads don't know that the scope has completely changed. SMF may be the first true no holds barred project 300 ENT allowed, and us the fans are the reasons it finally came to be.

  • Dashawn Fdog
    Dashawn Fdog

    Famous Dex just sucks

  • Fernando Jr
    Fernando Jr

    I dont like thi man but hes right about Thugger! Dead right! He's like almost freestyling instead of passion writing. Gotta perfect your craft! Hes not as bad as Gunna tho.. i dont know what yall niggas see in Gunna that nigga whack! All beat production / horrible vocals and lyrics!

  • KoyoteMaglen

    Bro was actually telling Thug right , bro fail off ever since he wanna freestyle every song and stop focusing on actually making a good quality song that sticks in people mind

  • CopperSkinned FreeThinker
    CopperSkinned FreeThinker

    300 the company that steals off the culture which is vultures This 👹 truly is🦅

    • XanGang Beats
      XanGang Beats

      No cap u wouldn’t believe how many A&R a they have🙄

  • DRMZBeatz

    Had to put this on 1.25x speed. The narrator talks so damn slow it kills the video.

  • E.T ThaTruth
    E.T ThaTruth

    The Cohen family very powerful in entertainment period

    • Greg King
      Greg King

      Their whole 'tribe' owns, influences, or outright controls everything that matters starting with control of almost every nations' money supply ( Federal Reserve in the USA) then uses the media they own to deflect the reality of this by scapegoating the "white supremacist" boogeyman and inciting racial strife among gentiles. Divide and rule.

  • Kamau Kokayi-Taylor
    Kamau Kokayi-Taylor

    In conclusion either stay independent or never sign with 300.

  • It’Z Ya Boy Bug-Z
    It’Z Ya Boy Bug-Z

    Sad because I love Fetty Wap music

  • royal3880

    A lot of these rappers are trash, but they make good songs. The fact that 300 is still getting clients says a lot about the state of the hood.

  • Detroit Juan
    Detroit Juan

    Death row needa come back. At least they knew how to handle business

  • TTO Music
    TTO Music


  • ColdBottomFlow

    Mad respect for Thug at the start of the video

  • Vybz Machine
    Vybz Machine

    Looks like rich di kid had some tall cardi B pink nails flashing all over the place😂😂😂

  • Besus

    Thug in a nutshell at the beginning. He doesn't feel the need work on his songs.

  • Joshua Stgermain
    Joshua Stgermain

    I’m glad these wack ass artists are finally irrelevant.

  • paulina kabzinska
    paulina kabzinska

    So cutee

  • LOSO

    Kids now a days are not loyal to any artist. They go with with hot at the moment or trending. They are lot loyal fans. So thats why so many artist come and go so fast now.

  • El Millonario
    El Millonario

    It's funny cause you call them rappers. They're mumble artists, a whole other breed. Only Hopsin is a real rapper.

  • Brando

    This why WE need to run our own shit

  • josh tho
    josh tho

    every label be doing this no?

  • Edward White
    Edward White

    Ain't migos suing quality control tho?

  • Frank King
    Frank King

    300 is ran by white people stop acting surprised study your history sucker💯

  • CIA

    300 Signs Those who has potential and keeps them on hold much like OvO Sound

  • V Vendetta
    V Vendetta

    this is why we need to own our own shit

  • V Vendetta
    V Vendetta

    dude look like a devil

  • Spitfire

    2:57 I wouldn't trust a company that spelled independent "endependent"

  • Quad City Legends
    Quad City Legends

    it-my.com/watchvideo/video-y8hap9eAMps.html Truth tellers

  • Derek Dissell
    Derek Dissell

    Fetty Wap was garbage and a flash in the pan. That's why he fell apart. He put more music out after and it was atrocious. He was easily top 10 worst of the last decade. Shy Glizzy is also trash and sounds a cartoon network character. Suga was not a good project. Dexter had one or 2 good tracks and the rest of his music was terrible and has become considerably worse since. Just about every example you gave was a poor one. These dudes wouldn't be good whether or not they had a good label. Come again.

  • Joe Brat
    Joe Brat

    You’re probably not an old school head like me but you should do one with Aftermath - the labels where everyone get signed but very few actually get to release an album. As they keep pushing it back.

  • Gt Ichildsupport
    Gt Ichildsupport

    I thought all labels did this lol

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