33 unglaublich GENIALE Makeup und Beauty Tricks zum Ausprobieren
Geniales Makeup
Wenn du mit einem unordentlichen Lippenstift kämpfst, habe ich was für dich! Gebe eine Peel-Off-Maske und Lebensmittelfarbe in eine Schüssel. Vermische es und gebe es auf deine Lippen. Lass es trocknen und entferne die glänzende Schicht. Genieße unbeschwerte Lippenstift.
Es gibt viel zu viele tolle Tricks, die ich heute mit dir teilen möchte!
Schon mal versucht, in High Heels auf Gras zu laufen? Ich schon, und es war schrecklich! Bis ich eine geniale Klebepistolen-Lösung gefunden habe! Das solltest du auf jeden Fall versuchen?
Kennst du das, wenn du gerade deine Nägel lackiert hast und du kaum deine Tasse oder den Türgriff berühren kannst, oder deine Kleidung ausziehen kannst, weil du Angst hast deine neue Maniküre zu ruinieren? Aber am Ende ruinierst du es trotzdem irgendwie! Bist du jemals auf dieses fiese Problem gestoßen?
Dann habe ich einfach eine wunderbare Lösung. Alles, was du tun musst, ist etwas kaltes Wasser in eine Schüssel zu gießen und Eiswürfel hinein zu geben; lass deine Finger dann nur eine Minute ruhen! Jetzt sind deine Nägel völlig sicher!
Du findest auch eine effektive Möglichkeit, Mitesser zu entfernen und essbare Lippenbalsam zu machen! Es gibt so viele tolle Dinge, bleib dran und verpasse nichts! ;)

8:05 Klumpige Wimpern?
9:37 Mandel Augenbrauen
10:32 Glitzer-Tricks

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  • stephan

    3;08 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    toe Beans

    nice eye brow

  • toe Beans
    toe Beans


  • ZARA tire shop Sharamet
    ZARA tire shop Sharamet

    🔵💠🔘⚫,blue bagr tea,"she does not like her new highlights."

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    Alika Zahra

    Bagus banget Vidio nya

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  • Loreen Gregory
    Loreen Gregory

    Your need to cut the lashes to fit to your eye lol I think this is funny and cute

  • superMalala

    hay qua

  • Life with Jimmy
    Life with Jimmy

    If you have the silver fillings in your mouth don’t try the teeth whitener with the tin foil! When the foil comes in contact with the fillings it is very very painful. It almost gives off an electric current. That’s how painful it is. I’ve tried it and the foil came flying out of my mouth. And the pain to my tooth was so severe. I have since had all my fillings replaced with the white ones . But I’m still not sure about using tinfoil in my mouth.

  • Robert Gonzalez
    Robert Gonzalez

    4:44 TAG JAMESSS

  • Sheree Laycock
    Sheree Laycock

    This is cool

  • Sugerkat Burgess
    Sugerkat Burgess

    My pale ass had to suffer to get my freckles. Gtfoh with your fake-ass freckles. Try getting blisters so big you had to go to the Drs. I was born in 1971...before SPF8000.

  • yrma Briezuels
    yrma Briezuels

    Hola soy pieru

  • TheTaxburden

    Yes! Destroy your umbrella for a handy dandy makeup bag! Lol. Then ruin all your lip sticks!!

  • StripeEclipse

    Did anyone notice the women's legs become men's legs for the shaving parts? 😂

  • Someone Cool
    Someone Cool

    fun fact: wearing false lashes too much and damage your eyes🤷🏽‍♀️just saying

  • Shereign Kalaukoa
    Shereign Kalaukoa

    Want to see how I “hack” rocks? Visit facebook.com/reignscherishrocks

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    Suzanne Dippel

    *Ich muss das teilen!!! In nur 1 Мonаtеn habе iсh ganz 14kg verlorеn! Iсh empfehle all mеinеn Mädеls Еliхіеr Zdorоv, wеіl iсh еs nіcht mehr еrtrаgеn кann anzusеhеn, wie sіе sіch zu Tоdе hungеrn. Мehr Inforмаtіоnеn hier **vesensys.ru/elixier?v=U37pCtiv2SA*

  • Eileen Gjermundson
    Eileen Gjermundson

    Mp m mop

  • Lala SINATRA
    Lala SINATRA

    I'm cringing so hard at the burnt almond and eyebrows hack

  • Lala SINATRA
    Lala SINATRA

    You took apart a umbrella to use as a bag when u can just buy a waterproof bag.....

  • Craig Rogers
    Craig Rogers

    Five minute crafts

    • Craig Rogers
      Craig Rogers

      Come and have a look! What is this word? #wordconnect word-share.tuanguwen.com/share/ask_friends/En?puzzleLang=En&gameMode=normal&level=12&words=88_88_88_88_8888&chars=NOEH&endless=false&si=3793823d3e8e&gp=4&ui=Zh0*6LsAC&ver=2.313&lex=false

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    Talk to the Hand Reviews

    Adorable and great ideas! Thank you!



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    Ana Julia Carvalho

    Bem racista essa do nariz

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    Dasdores Rodrigues

    Adoro essas dicas

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    Lukyho Proměny

    13:36 BULLSHIT 😁

  • IdaIda

    This video has been reported for misleading thumbnail. I hate when youtubers does that!


    pump up your lips in this way is so dangerous! i'm serious more girls in States are gone in hospital! sure there are many video about it ,on youtube! TAKE A LOOK!!!!

  • Change Color Eye
    Change Color Eye


  • Misty Cat
    Misty Cat

    Les chaussures à talons avec pilier pour gazon : vous êtes décidément trop forts ! 😂😂😂😂 je m'arrête au milieu de la vidéo c'est trop... (là par contre jsuis sérieuse !) J'ai du me perdre sur IT-my pour tomber sur cette vidéo. ..

  • Misty Cat
    Misty Cat

    La vaseline : leur produit préféré !! Et multi usage en + mdrrr 😅😅😅😅

  • Misty Cat
    Misty Cat

    C'est n'importe quoi !! Pensez aux jeunes qui peuvent regarder ça et imiter ! C'est du grand n'importe quoi la perceuse pour nettoyer l'embout du pinceaux !! Enfin enfin soyez sérieux ! Heureusement que le ridicule ne tue pas 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Raeka Huntress
    Raeka Huntress

    ... I thought the flower ring was cute, and then this woman put tape on her eyelids. Gtfoh.

  • Suzanne Johnson
    Suzanne Johnson

    This is bull crap I tryed it it doesn't make any difference I was not happy

    • Suzanne Johnson
      Suzanne Johnson

      This city lip thing does not work

  • Наталья Ильина
    Наталья Ильина

    Заняться людям нечем что-ли?

  • Gilbert Martinez
    Gilbert Martinez

    Were you using the brush to put rogue on your anus?!?!? Why are there brown stains at 1:50?!?

  • Farah Kidwai
    Farah Kidwai

    DO NOT USE PREMADE HENNA CONES ANYWHERE ON YOUR BODY. Purchase henna from a henna artist who mixes the paste themselves. You risk injury and permanent scarring at the very least. Pre-made instant “henna” cones, like the one pictured, contains PPD and other chemicals that are extremely dangerous. Real, natural henna will not really produce much of a stain facial skin.

  • Judy Snyder
    Judy Snyder

    Kids don't put nail polish on you eyelids. You could go blind.

  • Angela Busby
    Angela Busby

    The first one may be worse than me at crafts 🤣

  • Jean Brandt
    Jean Brandt

    I am yet to see a woman with such hairy legs.

  • LUI 2002
    LUI 2002

    The woman at 00.32 has heterochromia 💙💚

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    ThisisSarah 81585

    The forks in the hair tho... 😂

  • Bree Jozz
    Bree Jozz

    stupid !

  • Emmylene

    13:33 Hahahahaha!

  • Johanna K
    Johanna K

    Oh nooo! This video should be call “Never never never Do any of This!”

  • Gina Ortiz
    Gina Ortiz

    Dumb ideas for even dumber people.

  • Sandra Myers
    Sandra Myers

    Vaselline lipgloss ring? Yeah, were done here. Thanks anyway ....

  • Sandra Myers
    Sandra Myers

    Gettin pretty DESPERATE with the thumbnails, smh

  • Patricia J
    Patricia J

    Elmer's glue on your lips?! Its toxic!

    • Welcome to greenaqua's glen
      Welcome to greenaqua's glen

      No, it's not toxic. That's the glue they give children for their arts and crafts.

  • Melissacar7

    Some of the dumbest hacks ever!!! They were most certainly hitting the ole crack pipe when they made this video.

  • florence robinson
    florence robinson

    tin foil over your teeth OUCH!! i had some left on a kit kat the once it was like an electric shock in the head lol

  • Smeffy-Abigail

    Bei 3/4 von diesem scheiß, greift man/frau sich echt an den kopf!!!!

  • C DV
    C DV

    If you cannot eat or drink it do not put it on your body. It's toxic.

  • lipstickprincess1

    Where do you buy charcoal?

  • Doreen Silva
    Doreen Silva

    Some of these 5-minute tricks seem to be toxic. 🙅😠

  • Doreen Silva
    Doreen Silva

    Those eyelashes are spooky 0:12 😨😲😝

  • Just A Death Eater
    Just A Death Eater

    People don't notice, that these ''hacks'' are stolen, or just stupid.

  • Victoria Boyd Sweethang
    Victoria Boyd Sweethang

    Why TF would you wear burnt almond for!!! Gtfoh

  • Nightshade Kelly
    Nightshade Kelly

    Why the hell would u paint your eyelids

  • Sharon Alabama
    Sharon Alabama

    Ok ok...but just go all natural lolol😂

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    Klanger Runecarver

    how stupid is this, girl ur thirsty

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    kim_ slipstreams

    3:08 wtf

  • Mr. C Jokey
    Mr. C Jokey

    Is this a joke. Are you in Siberia that you have to make these up? Nail polish on your eyelids. Are you crazy?

  • Adirondack Pixie
    Adirondack Pixie

    To avoid any eye problems, wounds, infections, etc, you should NOT use anything other than actual eye pencils on your eyes. The colored pencil looks nice but it's not worth the risk. Never use your lip color on your eyes because mouth bacteria can easily transfer to your eyes and cause infections AND...if your mascara is dryed out and clumped up on the bristles, like that, throw it out, don't clean it, its obviously old! Normal, average people can't clean it to a sterile condition and the mascara goop's is, more than likely rancid, anyway. You should buy a new mascara every three months. Mascara viles are breeding grounds for bacteria and other nasties. This is the same reasoning as to why you do not share eye makeup. Your eyes and sight are precious and relatively un-repairable, take care of them. Gee whiz 5 minute videos...do you not care about the inexperienced or dummies who watch these videos? You certainly will when one of them sues you!!

  • Laura Radut
    Laura Radut


  • Joy Weber
    Joy Weber

    Crazy wanted to see a fool put fingernail polish on their eyelid.

  • Loobyloo

    The one with the brush on the drill, I mean,,,WHY? Just swish it in water by hand,,but for goodness sake DON'T PUT AN MAINS ELECTRIC DRILL INTO WATER,,YOU WILL END UP DEAD!! Yes the one on here is rechargeable but not everyone will notice that!

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