4 Levels of Chili: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious
We challenged chefs of three different skill levels - an amateur, a home cook, and a professional - to make a pot of chili. Once each was simmered to perfection, we asked a food scientist to review their work. Whose chili earned top marks? Find out on this episode of 4 Levels.

Check out the level 3 recipe on the ICE blog: www.ice.edu/blog/seafood-white-bean-chilli-recipe
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4 Levels of Chili: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

  • Dante Gallo
    Dante Gallo


  • Ana Luiza
    Ana Luiza

    The crab was alive??!!! Poor thing!! At least kill it before cooking. ¬¬''

  • Myszka

    Obama Level 3 chef Level 4 president

  • Dearth of Doohickey’s
    Dearth of Doohickey’s

    Level 3 chef sounds like Obama. Edit: turns out lots of people think so too. Nice to know I’m not crazy.

  • Wedon

    Am i the only one thinking that he sounds like captain holt from brooklyn nine nine (The level 3 chef)

  • Farmaan Aziz
    Farmaan Aziz

    Man the level 3 chef sounds like Obama

  • -Slur-

    I’m surprised Emily’s chili wasn’t just like ketchup and canned beans

  • Arkylie

    So it looks like you haven't done Four Levels of Curry yet (unless IT-my's search algorithm is failing me again). Could you do that, and also explain what function sugar performs and what changes could be made to keep it sugar-free without losing that function (too badly)? Pretty much every curry recipe I run into on these curry-paste containers says to add sugar in one form or another, but I'm trying to avoid adding extra sugar to things and I prefer to have Meat/Savory dishes be a separate category from Sweet dishes.

  • Jaquelyn Morales
    Jaquelyn Morales

    “Cows milk cheese” that exists ??

  • Luis Alvarado
    Luis Alvarado

    Lorenzo you are the star 😎

  • Jacqui Jacoby
    Jacqui Jacoby

    There should be warning when they plan to execute an ingredient live, on the air. Not cool to surprise us with it.


    First time level 3 chef introduce himself just as a level 3 chef and not by his whole bio data 😅

  • Nosipho Dywili
    Nosipho Dywili

    The scallops remind me of Hell's Kitchen.

  • Gabby Velasquez
    Gabby Velasquez

    chili...with SEAFOOD?! nahhhh someone please just make me some old fashion traditional mexican chili con carne

  • tartarus216

    Came here hoping to see a great traditional chili I can make at home, left the moment seafood was mentioned... chili deserves so much more than this video is offering

  • KingNurseOR

    Lorenzo, you forgot to add BUTTER at the end 😯

  • Dozoff

    Am I the only one who thought the lvl3 chef sounded like Obama?

  • Saulius Sophos
    Saulius Sophos

    Sounds like Obama is a level 3 chef

  • Alejandro Camarena Valdez
    Alejandro Camarena Valdez

    We want frank 🥺✌🏻

  • AnaColD Vlogs
    AnaColD Vlogs

    Emily’s food always looks bland to me😫😫

  • Khadija Muneeb
    Khadija Muneeb

    Who even watches the food scientist 🧐

  • Syed Hussain Nasir
    Syed Hussain Nasir

    Frank would've made his own fish.

  • Hussein Alankouni
    Hussein Alankouni

    Am I the only one who hasn't ever had chili and am 15

  • Grandpa325

    chili is a meat dish (beef) no bean. seafood is not chili

  • Oscar G
    Oscar G

    No. Just no.

  • amin

    tbh, i think u shouldve changed chris to frank

  • Smoove Smoke600
    Smoove Smoke600

    Emily makes me not want to watch the video

  • Melly April
    Melly April

    They are my favourites!!

  • Jagne narr
    Jagne narr

    Who else wants to see Lorenzo on his own channel?.

  • manusia pendosa
    manusia pendosa

    I dont know why i like emily this much

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama

    Lorenzos chili with the chips but also the corn bread 😋

  • Toii là Khoa
    Toii là Khoa

    Lorenzo:I'm using chuck Chuck the yellow one in Angry Bird:...

  • mrXOwarrior

    Get real. The first time they filmed this Emily bought a can of chili and called it good. No way she ever made chili from scratch in her life.

  • Mogen Molo
    Mogen Molo


  • savage101 cooldude
    savage101 cooldude

    How dare the level 3 put cornbread with that abomination

  • Adam J
    Adam J

    I make a better chilli than all 3 of these people 🤣

  • David Phongsavanh
    David Phongsavanh

    All the levels of chef add beans to their chilli. Texans has left the chat

  • OutofNowhere

    Emily and Lorenzo's chilis looked delicious. Not a fan of sea food chili.

  • savage101 cooldude
    savage101 cooldude

    Bro the level 3 threw my brother in there

  • Reznor

    Grabs a can of Hormel and spoon- "And this is my chili!"

  • Sadae Sashington
    Sadae Sashington

    I can eat those Hawaiian rolls by themselves lol. But I do prefer cornbread... And it's not a black thing 😂


    Only lorenzo^o^

  • Benedict Pepino
    Benedict Pepino

    Welcome back to hungry and just sitting on the couch with your host Benedict!

  • Elian Demian
    Elian Demian

    Him: Tomateeos Me: tomatoes😑

  • Ava Conrad
    Ava Conrad

    let’s be honest, who ACTUALLY watches the level 4 review

  • mythirdchannel

    if I close my eyes, level 3 chef is Barak Obama XD

  • Cheater Cylo
    Cheater Cylo

    Only my Marylanders know abt that blue crab ✊🏽

  • senorproxemia

    Non of that is real chili. No ground beef in any???? WTF??!!!..... crabs??? shrimp???? turkey???? ALL OF THEM SUCK... LEVEL ONE, LEVEL2 AND LEVEL 3!!!

  • Kylie McKay
    Kylie McKay

    All of them just adding one type of bean makes me disappointed honestly. I usually add at least 3 different types of beans if not 5 types. Using more beans balances it out so you don't get as gassy after eating your chili. My go to beans are normally kidney, garbanzo, and black beans.

  • chmod 777
    chmod 777

    I think the level 3 chef made a mistake, you shouldn't add cheese on seafood...

  • Nuclear Lazer
    Nuclear Lazer

    I love the level 3 chef’s who say they are a level 3 and not “and i have been a chef for 9998384938474938 years”


    We also see color levels of their face Emily white Lorenzo natural and a black guy

  • Chartayia Crear
    Chartayia Crear

    Might actually be in love with Chris

  • Quinn DeGuira
    Quinn DeGuira

    The best here are emily, lorenzo, gabi, and FRANK

  • Claudio Pandolfi
    Claudio Pandolfi

    The moment the chris said he was gonna make a seafood chili I died💀 But surprisingly he pulled it up

  • Oluwapelumi Olagunju
    Oluwapelumi Olagunju

    Am I the only one who will eat mostly the level two chef's meal?

  • Antoinette Marlow
    Antoinette Marlow

    Ya knooooooooooow, Lorenzo is totally level 10 cuteness. On his own, he's an 8 - his handsome smile rounds him out and takes him to a 10! l8^) What a Doll! Just the right amount of heat, sweetness & spice! And honesty!!

  • Sophia Trenary
    Sophia Trenary


  • Sophia Trenary
    Sophia Trenary


  • siddharth raghuwanshi
    siddharth raghuwanshi

    Hi i am level 5 chef and i am gonna start by evolving into homosapien

  • Ryan Bales
    Ryan Bales

    Lorenzo is my favorite one.

  • Brittney Di Renzo
    Brittney Di Renzo

    Wow level 3s chilli sounds sooooooo amazing

  • Rithin Munnangi
    Rithin Munnangi

    did anyone notice at 1:21 that there was a piece of meat stuck to the tongs that did not get seasoned?

  • nishikant sharma
    nishikant sharma

    Barring Frank, Lorenzo is better or just as good as any level 3 chef

  • lilrobyo

    if i odered chili and got the level 3 dish id send it right back not gonna lie

  • Colt Gerald
    Colt Gerald

    I'm throwing hands if I ge either BEANS or seafood in my chili. Btw I'm from Texas our state fish is chili. You ticked off every Texan on here

  • Rae Zyon
    Rae Zyon

    Other Parts of the world: Chili: a spicy fruit.

  • isabelle i
    isabelle i

    from now on, nothing i cook is ever burnt, it will only be described as yummy goodness

  • B E
    B E

    Distracted by "Level 3's" strikingly good looks and voice!

  • gracehasbadaim

    i think the level 3 chef is using seafood in chili because his wife is korean. at least thats what i think but im not sure

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