4 Levels of Omelets: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious
We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of an omelet. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which omelet was the best?
Check out the professional's recipe here on the ICE blog: www.ice.edu/blog/french-omelet-recipe
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4 Levels of Omelets: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

  • pamela seamster
    pamela seamster

    These people can cook and do the sceince of cooking awesome

  • YookoGacha605

    I swear one day Emily is gonna be a level 3 chef and be saying, “hi I’m Emily I’m a level 3 chef and I’ve been cooking for 9 years”

  • Camille

    Hey ! French people here. Just wondering... Why is it called a french omelet ? It looks nothing like a "french omelet" lmaooo

  • Мой Милостивый государь
    Мой Милостивый государь

    3:17 this sound lol

  • anthony

    Emily and Lerenzos also frank are the only ones I like since the burger ep

  • Nida Kazi
    Nida Kazi

    You guys Level 3 hit all the right points!

  • Christian Maas
    Christian Maas

    youtube: jaques pepin omelette. it is better

  • Naka Mishi
    Naka Mishi

    I would rather eat lorenzos than anyonrs else

  • bobdiamond31

    lvl 3 sucks, its level -1000

  • multi trash
    multi trash

    Level 2 looks the best but I think level 3 tastes better

  • Neetole Mitra
    Neetole Mitra

    wierdest video ever

  • astari djatmiko
    astari djatmiko

    i want Lorenzo's

  • Arielle 22
    Arielle 22


  • Kshipra Raut
    Kshipra Raut

    I watched Jacques Pepin video on another screen and cooked an omelette before this video was done.

  • Maknae Sanha
    Maknae Sanha

    5:26 sounds kinda like those fake evil laughs- xD jk, I love level 2 guy!

  • pretty pegasus
    pretty pegasus

    ion even use salt n pepper like that... for me its always seasoning salt and garlic salt 😂😂

  • Eldar Mahovic
    Eldar Mahovic

    Lorenzos looks the best and with the most taste

  • Sergio Quintanilla
    Sergio Quintanilla

    Barb’s omelette looks fancy af

  • Matea K
    Matea K

    sf for eggs....đizz....just eat them :D

  • Darwin D
    Darwin D

    Level 3 chef: “whisking side to side doesn’t really do anything for you” ALSO LEVEL 3 CHEF 1 SECOND LATER: *WHISKS EGG SIDE TO SIDE VIGOROUSLY*

  • Snake Enjoying a Sandwich
    Snake Enjoying a Sandwich

    Level 3: I’ll be using obscure ingredients you will never buy

  • B B
    B B

    Wait the first one’s a chef

  • 麦の時間

    Pepin - God Mode

  • Jet Piper
    Jet Piper

    I actually _hate_ omelets. I also don’t really like eggs in general. I hate the weird, chewy, rubbery texture, and the taste (especially of egg whites) is oddly metallic, but the yolk is pretty good.

  • Nathan’s Beats
    Nathan’s Beats

    I sometimes make an omelette with one egg and put a lot of cheese in the middle and it’s so good and there’s no browning on the omelette

  • Braden Norman
    Braden Norman

    Emily will most likely use ketchup behind camera

  • Lets get to 1mill without vids J
    Lets get to 1mill without vids J

    Why does the expert one look like vomit lol

  • BootleggedBoba A
    BootleggedBoba A

    Kids version?

  • flamingpie herman
    flamingpie herman

    I always use milk in my eggs...makes them fluffy! And I don't like runny omlets...mediim well please. hate to say it but I think level 1 chef did it the best omelette except for maybe the herbs and cheese part

  • Aerin Withey
    Aerin Withey

    i actually would rather eat lorenzos out of all

  • Aerin Withey
    Aerin Withey

    i- im so hungry

  • Zachary Hazen
    Zachary Hazen

    Who else related to that “omelet to scrambled eggs” comment!? 😂😂😂

  • tylerz garrison
    tylerz garrison

    Level 2 always looks better than level 3

  • Nara Huschle
    Nara Huschle

    Surprised that Emily put hot sauce on her omelet and not ketchup

  • Bofgif GD
    Bofgif GD

    You know it’s the expert when they say “I’m going to be making..”

  • D Swiger
    D Swiger

    I don't eat nightshade, the peppers, but Lorenzo is closer to what I'd want on my plate, tho the lol 3 looks kinda interesting. I cook most like Lorenzo, Emily only when I'm tired and very short on time, and I am tripping on the pastry bag, srsly?

  • TanteFrank

    We honestly don’t need level 4.

  • ItzGenesis !!!!
    ItzGenesis !!!!

    Lorenzo's omelet looks way better then the other ones

  • Crawfdawg

    Lorenzo's looked best imo

  • Jung Hoseok
    Jung Hoseok

    Finally the level three chef doesn’t say how long they have been cooking and actually say I’m a level 3 chef

  • William Meyers
    William Meyers

    How do you even compare these you have a country style omlet and a traditional French omlet the French takes more skill but you have 2 wildly different flavor profiles. I prefer Lorenzos personally.

  • Avi

    Am I the only one who puts milk into the egg mixture?

  • Adrian

    Its strange. I always seem to like level 2 more than anything. The level 3 always seems too extra.

  • puGGirl878 msp
    puGGirl878 msp

    Cheff 3 just trIgGerD me 1st she scrabbled the hulk eggs then pipes the ingredients in that we won't see then adds more ErBs to it She made a lumpy omlet with fresh eRbS

  • Gacha Potato :3
    Gacha Potato :3

    Barb’s omelette looks depressing

  • Shakim Bush
    Shakim Bush

    That eggshell still out here giving 'em hell

  • mike.is.guitar

    level 2 tries too hard

  • Mbada Khoury
    Mbada Khoury

    *old Japanese lady laughing*

  • Vishal Kant
    Vishal Kant

    I liked the home cook, she was great

  • Edward Ranjo
    Edward Ranjo

    Who else thinks that food scientist is hot?

  • Pranish Playz
    Pranish Playz

    5:26 Ahhehheahhehhehahehahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • レモンいちご

    ummm am i the only one that only uses eggs and sugar/salt

  • Zanfire11

    Level 2 was the best besides being a little too crisp/dry.

  • Cal Mc
    Cal Mc

    Anyone notice that asian guy is always the level 2 chef?

  • Craig Gallagher
    Craig Gallagher

    Don't think Id take any of these over my own amateur omelette which is so much easier to cook - put your egg in, add your fillings to one half, finely diced onion and capsicum followed by grated cheese and then some thinly sliced ham. Put a glass lid on to cook it on top as well, flip the untouched half over, cut it in half and egg slide each half onto a slice of buttered toast. Done :)

  • James McSalsa
    James McSalsa


  • Dmytro Pobedinskyy
    Dmytro Pobedinskyy

    Pro... lawl. Just no.

  • LogicianMagician

    Well, tbh, I would rather eat Lorenzo's omelet rather than Barb's. It just looks more appetizing. Right? Emily also did great!

  • Simon Sanchez
    Simon Sanchez

    Idk. I think the Japanese omelette is way better.

  • Cari

    Food scientist is so cool.. i wish I could do that.. 🙄😆😆😆

  • Aditya Khetarpal
    Aditya Khetarpal

    I honestly like Lorenzo's omelet....

  • Harshad Harun
    Harshad Harun

    @nd_g "

  • Harshad Harun
    Harshad Harun

    @nd_g "

  • Harshad Harun
    Harshad Harun

    @nd_g "

  • diana

    i love lorenzo ):

  • Nuthan Reddy
    Nuthan Reddy

    i break my eggs directly on pan

    • Nuthan Reddy
      Nuthan Reddy

      and don’t mix them

  • HectorC

    Lorenzo is really the og man in this show. He is always in every single video as a level 2 chef

  • sehuns abs
    sehuns abs

    lorenzo reminds me of the "it weel keel" guy

  • Ben Grant Lockwood
    Ben Grant Lockwood

    Only trust the level 1 chef

  • Alice and Hare
    Alice and Hare

    When they bring a Spaniard to make an omelette it's over for y'all, guys

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