4 Levels of Steak: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious
We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of steak. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which steak was the best?
Check out the recipe on the ICE blog: www.ice.edu/blog/sous-vide-steak-recipe
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4 Levels of Steak: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

  • Angela Griffin
    Angela Griffin

    I'm sorry you shouldn't need sauce for a dry-aged ribeye. I like the sous vide. No marinade. Respect the beef. Sear that baby with butter. At the most compounded butter.

  • Tusshar Gindwani
    Tusshar Gindwani

    I dont get why a pro chef uses mushroom powder?

  • lm Malex
    lm Malex

    Plastic Steak? Thats disgusting.

  • ona nation forever
    ona nation forever

    Respect the beef man 🙏😂💀

  • Tny Puth
    Tny Puth

    You should call Gordon ramsay to do all of the cook not that i hate other but i wanna see Gordon in these video

  • CuzImPizza

    Fancy Shmancy

  • abdalluh alhabsi
    abdalluh alhabsi

    Emily cooked a 100% pure meth. The secret: KETCHUP.


    I can make a better steak than all of them

  • Micaela Noel
    Micaela Noel

    Bleu cheese butter hurts people who are allergic to it 😂 Sorry I just laughed when she said that since I'm allergic. Not trying to be rude just thought it was really funny.

  • ribeyeoverdrive

    no 👏 No 👏 NO 👏. I don't understand why this is a thing. 0:58 The bone does NOT impart more flavor! Maybe I'd understand if she said the meat on the bone is delicious. But there are no juices/marrow magically being injected into the meat through the bone, making it more delicious.

  • Helena Azevedo
    Helena Azevedo

    Why am I in love with the chef? So 🔥

  • Michael Lollar
    Michael Lollar

    Only counted 3 levels here. 4 is 3 + 1.

  • nathan cortez
    nathan cortez

    Yeah yeah yeah, whatever. Someone introduce me to Adriana now

  • Pablo

    Those lv 3 chefs that cooks and let the marinate rest for like, 24 hours. Do they simply leave the studio after cooking for 10 minutos to come back the other day? How hard is that?

  • Seil Epigon
    Seil Epigon

    Adrianna’s probably the most passionate out of all level 3 chefs

  • funny dog days
    funny dog days

    "And that my friends is a butter cheese log" 😂

  • -Life wit Shy-
    -Life wit Shy-

    Emily really used a lot of ketchup to make steak sauce...

  • ghost face
    ghost face

    lvl 1 and lvl 2 directly in the trash

  • newcoyote

    SO much misinformation, myth and demonstrably WRONG things in this video. Most of it is common.

  • vic

    *one day, emily will surpass frank*

  • Gozz

    all of them suck at making steaks. Sorry...


    Even tho Adriana cooks for 10 years now, she really needs to work on her plating

  • Zoobear Reviews
    Zoobear Reviews

    I hate how all of them think their cooking is good but when you compare it to the actual chef they're so bad at cooking. It annoys me how they think they know how to cook lmao

  • bt147258

    All 3 are level 0.. pre cutting a steak? Lol you feeding a baby?

  • Barney Massey
    Barney Massey

    It’s painful how many times these yanks mispronounce words 🤦‍♂️

  • Logan Sisson
    Logan Sisson

    "Number one ingredient: Ketchup. And some other stuff." -Emily 2019 My favorite quote, you can hear her capitalize ketchup.

  • Logan Sisson
    Logan Sisson

    "I respect the beef." Yet not married, so how much does she really have though.

  • Brendan Coen
    Brendan Coen

    I'm here waiting for Emily to level up


    Who loves ketchup more? Pikachu - Nope. Emily - Yes.

  • Ben Archie
    Ben Archie

    I like how this show never has a grill. Like when I watched the burger episode I was just like sat there thinking about cooking my burgers on the grill and not a stove and now it’s the same.

  • Essa Hussain
    Essa Hussain

    Call salt bae

  • Sofía Fondevila Agoff
    Sofía Fondevila Agoff

    I’m sorry for the person who has to wash the dishes.

  • Not Available
    Not Available

    So much overkill, you aren't even tasting the meat anymore.

  • scrambled ripper
    scrambled ripper

    all of those steaks look bad

  • 陈皮

    Emily is always interesting and relaxing.

  • Jordão

    I want more of Emily, she's so sweet

  • Kylie Ore-Giron
    Kylie Ore-Giron

    Emily is over qualified bc she used more than salt and pepper

  • Cameron Alcala
    Cameron Alcala

    My dad is probably a steak MASTER!

  • LemonDoge312

    7:03 i swear when she turned the steak i thought she messed up but in the end she was like "perfection" lol

  • EPIC Games by EPIC games
    EPIC Games by EPIC games

    I love you Emily but I had to *Emily* Ketchup vinegar and some other stuff TADA Barbecue she made *Barbecue*

  • Joe

    Frank was gonna be in this video but his cow that he bred wasn't old enough to be slaughtered yet

  • Joe

    One day Emily will make her on ketchup as a level 3 chef

  • Bill A
    Bill A

    Add salt, fry high temp, rest, done! No fancy sauce and spices. The meat IS the flavour!

  • Selena Rivera
    Selena Rivera

    RESPECT the beef

  • Sayhan Awan
    Sayhan Awan

    Did anyone find the black woman annoying?

    • CC Britannia
      CC Britannia


  • Mitchell Yang
    Mitchell Yang

    Is it even a challenge, dry age vs the others

  • Diana Zahri
    Diana Zahri

    Can we have an episode where all 3 level chefs are given the SAME ingredients and see who elevates the dish the best?

  • Mr.Ardian Shah
    Mr.Ardian Shah

    More Emily!

  • vXAcromatics YT
    vXAcromatics YT

    *I respect the beef*

  • Vero Nicah
    Vero Nicah

    Ay our favorite food scientist is back

  • TheSuperNoob

    the only two level 3 chefs that smiled in a video are adriana and kelvin from the tacos video

  • Mark Clegg
    Mark Clegg

    Steaks I'd send back in a restaurant

  • Steven Greenwalt
    Steven Greenwalt

    A good cut of beef does not need all that extra spices. Maybe a little salt and pepper anything more is too much! If you are starting with factory farm junk meat fine do this.

  • Robin Wells
    Robin Wells

    She didnt make a bearnaise at all. Bearnaise has to have tarragon. This was just a hollandaise with herbs. Get your facts straight. She should be ashamed after working in France to get such a classic french sauce wrong

  • L Hour
    L Hour

    They all looks pretty good, if only it wasn't medium rare

  • ASVP

    They all should have used the same cut of meat

  • Let’s get 100,000 subscribers for no reason
    Let’s get 100,000 subscribers for no reason

    Teacher:why are you laughing? Me:nothing My brain:*emily making ketchup as a level 3 chef*

  • Chango Bango
    Chango Bango

    The message is clear: Get yourself an Adrianna. 😁

  • Stephanie Gould
    Stephanie Gould

    Julie's awesome. :)

  • Stephanie Gould
    Stephanie Gould

    in 10 years Emily is going to be on the Food Network with her own show: "Cook to Quick"

  • Rooster Brand
    Rooster Brand

    More Emily please!

  • Event Horizon Productions
    Event Horizon Productions

    Downvote for the Scientist and the science.

  • YoShaDey

    Kinda feel bad for emily for being used as level 1 chef

  • Aishwarya Satpathy
    Aishwarya Satpathy

    I don't watch beyond Level 3. My mind is not ready for that kind of knowledge.

  • Atyenta Manandhar
    Atyenta Manandhar

    I want to try a steak but I can’t cuz my country’s national animal is cow

  • Juicy Plushy
    Juicy Plushy

    99% Of people talking about Emily

  • near

    anyone in here know emily's instagram?

  • Lala Peralta
    Lala Peralta

    Progression Of Cooks Level 0 Chef - Level 1 Chef Level 1 Chef - Level 2 Chef Level 2 Chef - Level 3 Chef Level 3 Chef - The One That Check If the Ingridients Are Right

  • Ata Tekin
    Ata Tekin

    What does Emily do to stay a level 1 chef?

  • weirdo world
    weirdo world

    i really watch these videos just to see emily cook

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