5 SCARIEST Moments In Fortnite Videos! (Ninja, Daequan, Jarvis)
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5 SCARIEST Moments In Fortnite Videos! (Ninja, Daequan, Jarvis) - Scary Moments in IT-my Videos
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  • 12 هلالا
    12 هلالا


  • Justine Widjaja
    Justine Widjaja

    Sh*t i was shocked (clown)

  • PianoSongsEasy 33
    PianoSongsEasy 33

    Daequan heard an earthquake in his house Daequan: let me carry on playing

  • Felix Stop Motion and Gaming Awesome
    Felix Stop Motion and Gaming Awesome

    Sssss 👺👻👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👺👹👹👹💀💀🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃😈😈😈😈😈😈😈👺👺☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️


    Me:likes the vid Me:*gets hit with a ladder*

  • Master Zaid
    Master Zaid

    1:00 it was a gnome

  • Adeyinka Aremu
    Adeyinka Aremu

    Do you guys see how daquan keeps calm during the earthquake

  • leuceandrei !!
    leuceandrei !!

    Where is my cookie

  • Joltxy

    9:23 so Daquan came out the closet

  • GoneDeathMode

    His tone everytime he finishes set of sentences really bugs me.. its the same tone every time.

  • Jenson Amos
    Jenson Amos

    it is season 10

  • xxpastaleskiesxx X
    xxpastaleskiesxx X

    Steals cookies NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM >:)

  • ShinedownKing

    This fagget really stole content lol

  • el fam
    el fam

    Season10 anyone

  • Shauna Carter
    Shauna Carter

    I love y you

  • Sml Joseph Aka Joseph bro
    Sml Joseph Aka Joseph bro

    Where is my luck

  • Clapik Icy
    Clapik Icy

    I don’t think none of this is funny

  • Hockey Skills88
    Hockey Skills88

    When I herd the laugh I was scared as well

  • 1obvioususer

    *an earthquake happens* *keeps playing Me: oh no he is wearing headphones Also me: he can feel it. Me: oh

    • T - DiePie
      T - DiePie

      When will people shut the fuck up with this earthquake shit it's just a fucking earthquake

  • Rio FN
    Rio FN

    For ninja it’s the knome challenge lol

  • Belinda Rios
    Belinda Rios

    I’m not not sure

  • Belinda Rios
    Belinda Rios

    Your video suck

  • Jade Buni
    Jade Buni

    Rose's are red My comment isn't too I excepted more I bet you did too

  • D4RK_Sweat

    Who else is watching in season x? Like if yes

  • Jacob Jones
    Jacob Jones

    I’m a gnome

  • Leefu

    The thing with Ninja is just a gnome

  • Zackery Peters
    Zackery Peters


  • Ninja

    Hahaaha Yes my its scared

  • Chris Winter
    Chris Winter

    Hey the five seconds thing is grims

  • Arwen Lea
    Arwen Lea

    When ninja heard that laugh I fricken heard it to one day

  • Jebid

    I hate your voice🤦‍♀️

  • Henry Sorrells
    Henry Sorrells

    I hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. His voice

    • Jebid

      Henry Sorrells saaaame😂

  • Georgia Shawcross
    Georgia Shawcross

    The first one when ninja was scared of the gnome The same thing happened to me in happy hamlet

  • Matthee Morales
    Matthee Morales

    Daequan was just gaming to hard

  • Ariana Lycon
    Ariana Lycon

    If i were jarvis i would be scsred

  • Mac Resetich
    Mac Resetich

    this guys voice pisses me the fuck off

  • Xx Toxicgamer Xx
    Xx Toxicgamer Xx

    Jarvis does not look scared

  • Massimo Riggio
    Massimo Riggio

    If this isn’t blue u will be bad at fortnite FOREVER

  • ata awesome tnt adventures
    ata awesome tnt adventures


  • Robloxian real life vlogger
    Robloxian real life vlogger

    I had a earthquake and the power was 7.1 it was scary

  • Nisekoi _
    Nisekoi _

    Fortnite = TRASH

  • Bug spray in dinosaur’s Asshole Rashad
    Bug spray in dinosaur’s Asshole Rashad

    These videos are stupid

  • Michael Casarez
    Michael Casarez

    Who else keeps looking for the thumbnail???

  • FaDe Blist
    FaDe Blist

    I did to

  • Nitro_Panda 75
    Nitro_Panda 75

    i didn't get my cookie after using code trend in the itemshop like if neither did u RIP hopes of getting a 🍪

  • Lulu Vloggs and Gachas
    Lulu Vloggs and Gachas

    Earthquakes actually happen when tectonic plates ‘tickles’ the earth.. but it will NEVER happen all over the world, and I am now trying to think of aftermaths for such a catastrophe, or it could just do the same kind of damage as any other earthquake, who knows?

  • Tina Belsan
    Tina Belsan

    Acutally The EarthQuake Wasn't scary i had an earthquake to! :0

  • Tina Belsan
    Tina Belsan

    ......SO FREAKY!!!!

  • The Knight Gamers
    The Knight Gamers


  • She Wanna Meet Carti
    She Wanna Meet Carti

    Trends: Jarvis was very horrified Jarvis: 4:38

  • Jerrik bowen
    Jerrik bowen


  • Mason Bohm
    Mason Bohm

    Tread spot- You have to watch it ninjas reaction is priceless. Ninja- you hear that (walks in building and drinks mini) Ninja- what is that (walks out building)

  • DaIrishAnimeLover10 :3
    DaIrishAnimeLover10 :3

    0:44 I seen this video

  • Hunter Tarantino
    Hunter Tarantino

    Where is my cookie 😭

  • Super Saiyan Spartan Leonidas
    Super Saiyan Spartan Leonidas

    So,apparently,so far,about 90%of the comments are talking about the earthquake.

  • ur mummy
    ur mummy


  • Angel Rulz
    Angel Rulz

    When you like PUBG but you go to youtube

  • Angel Rulz
    Angel Rulz

    3:43 0 0 -

  • Tuomas2007

    I think we're having a earthquake *continues playing* Gaming 100 Doesn't care at all 100

  • oh frick
    oh frick

    Ninja: Here’s laughing Also Ninja: **pops a shield**

  • Wonder Sheep
    Wonder Sheep

    He sounds like James Charles when he says HEY SISTERS

  • MeevieTim _1
    MeevieTim _1

    Am going to say it Fortnite sucks minecraft is better

  • amir javed
    amir javed

    I cant sleep

  • amir javed
    amir javed

    Bro soooo scary

  • amir javed
    amir javed

    Bro how

  • EMET08

    Stfu in the thumbnail you can’t see that guy in tfues monitor

  • lissettelopez1969 Gladys19
    lissettelopez1969 Gladys19

    Tfue shirt looked at his window

  • Maria Melo
    Maria Melo

    So who else was watching this in season 10

  • Country Boy TV
    Country Boy TV

    R u James Charles

  • BoyToy99

    U sound gay

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