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Top 5 SCARY videos of GHOSTS caught on camera!. CREEPY stuff this week - ghost hunters finds a screaming apparition, ghosts caught on camera in a paranormal investigation in an abandoned fort, the creepiest Randonautica finds by “Randonauts”, a ghost that haunts a small neighborhood in the Philippines, and an urban explorer is followed through an abandoned building by SOMETHING ( possibly supernatural ) . You decide!
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  • Paddie

    ppl use this app, go to the places and place something scary there. then others come to the same location

  • Paddie

    most of them are fake

  • Jonnny Ren
    Jonnny Ren

    Kids nowadays...

  • Tech Crypted
    Tech Crypted

    I never thought that the no.1 was from the Philippines. Kabulshitan lang yan ihhh

  • Diego Sanchez
    Diego Sanchez

    I am Mexicancn and I know the cry lady hits tire

  • Maggie Rackley
    Maggie Rackley

    There's a movie called La Llorona, y'all should check it out, like look at trailers of the movie.

  • Adam, Mustafa
    Adam, Mustafa

    How the woman's eyes could be all black? Meth. Does meth do that? Whatever, her eyes were black because of copious amounts of meth.

  • Miss Jean
    Miss Jean

    difference between pro ghost hunters and youtube ghost hunters is that YT GH RUN AWAY from what they're hunting. they're embarrassing.

  • vellabme

    The ghost was trying to play “hide and clap” with them. I’m cracking up 😂

  • Duo Armadyl
    Duo Armadyl

    I would have nope'd the fuck outta there if I heard that voice say "wanna play a game?"

  • JakulaithWolff

    Awesome... Corona: Get inside homes! Ghosts: Get outside homes! Us: :'-D

  • JakulaithWolff

    Me everytime he says 'You decide.': _Who am I to decide? But thanks I feel special_

  • a bug
    a bug

    please post more on the nukenorway chanel please

  • Asmit Maji
    Asmit Maji

    Wanna play a game ? Nah! I'm cool!


    Why go exploring searching for Paranormal activity and when you see something you run for your lives. What is the point of that ?

  • Don Kahn
    Don Kahn

    They made a movie called The Curse of La Llorona

  • China Russia
    China Russia

    19:27 WHY IS IT.....that ONLY matters involving police.....are NEVER hoaxes......but everything else needs 'science' to prove it?????????? Sooooo, essentially, if OFFICIAL PEOPLE or people of authority, like police say that the paranormal is real, then ALL OF A SUDDEN, even your most ardent and closed-minded Skeptics, automatically become believers???????? I mean, maybe if I want someone to believe what I'm saying, just get a police officer to say that it's true.

  • China Russia
    China Russia

    Soooooo, if Wonder Woman 1980 wanted to get Steve Trevor back, then all she has to do is get RandoNautica????? Wait, that tech wasn't present back then.

  • Sarah Porter
    Sarah Porter

    Matt is a hoax Tik tok user

  • Kara -i
    Kara -i

    The title: "SLEEP CANCELLED" Me:*grabs all of my siblings into bed*

  • Deborah Nieling
    Deborah Nieling

    About the Twins Paranormal clip...ten.year old Shane???Guys...this ghostly face has a full blown MUSTACHE!!!

  • Matatador Baby
    Matatador Baby

    it look like a naked women in 058 lol

    • Matatador Baby
      Matatador Baby


  • Vengefulspoon 84
    Vengefulspoon 84

    So my tv turns itself on all the time once I was sitting in a chair and the remote was right next to me, as soon a a sat down the to turned on, but the scariest experience I have ever had in this house was I once woke up in the middle of the night and no less than five seconds later I heard heavy footsteps along the hall outside my room, I then heard the sliding door unlock and then lock again, about a minuet later the same thing happens, after what felt like an eternity I got out of bed and turned the light on and saw nothing it still creeps me out to This day (for you guys who actually care the dream was about ghosts, I think it's actually kind of ironic I've ever had anything like this since that day)

  • Insane Toga
    Insane Toga

    6:36 me when I stub my toe

  • Paul Blaikie
    Paul Blaikie

    Me: watches a nukestop5 video Me: time for some sleep. My brain: remember that ghost...

  • The Second
    The Second

    Number 5 looks like stage 1 of the backrooms

  • Michael L.
    Michael L.

    Lol. that ghost scarred my momma 8:00


    The Mexico video of the boy screaming- he wasn’t standing on the 2nd floor.. he was standing on what looks to be a wooden beam and from what I could see there was no possible way to get up or down from there. So creepy! Think about it, all of the weird occurrences that happen around the world and 95% of them have NO explanation! So something has to be happening

  • Neil Guzman
    Neil Guzman

    matt used the app and then the other girl used it so that she can get the same attention as matt did, and they both sounded like if someone had a cheap speakers to make that " do you want to play a game"? Matt said " i think i heard something" , he thought he heard something when clearly the voice was speaking loud and clear, which makes me feel like this is a fake.

  • Jasen Lau
    Jasen Lau

    That Nautica stuff is like a serial killers dream tool. If you look for trouble it will find you.

  • Damien Grey
    Damien Grey

    I used the app to find the 'Root of All Existence'. It keeps sending me to places where I am more than likely to die after slipping and falling. Places like Cliffs, Tiger Sanctuaries, Traintracks, top of a building etc It might be on to something.

  • Crist Rcm
    Crist Rcm

    God the no.1 video is came from the Philippines

  • Pijus

    de kid

  • Darshan Gowda N
    Darshan Gowda N

    Seriously these videos are(all of your videos) so creepy that I directly close the youtube withou even giving a like for the video and once again opens the video for giving it a like because you work on the video(like enhancing the sound and editing to show the main scenes) is really fantastic. Keep doing the same and entertaining us {forgive me if any grammar mistakes are there}

  • why hello there
    why hello there

    Hm La Llorona's legend is different from what Nuke said in this video. The one I heard was she killed her two childs in a fit of rage but then realized it and committed suicide. She also wandered in villages to call her kids.

  • Travis Thornton
    Travis Thornton

    The first video with Zach he was on Swamp people so I’m sure it’s not a hoax

  • KittieKat

    10:39 Its a little harder to explain *Ad starts* yeah a ad is hard to explain XD

    • KittieKat

      10:58 10:57 and 10:55 10:56 i meant :3

  • Fire Cheetahgirl
    Fire Cheetahgirl

    NO omg no, so everyone, the one with the black suitcase with that inside right?! Well if you go to the woman with black eyes she had a black suitcase in HER CART

  • Caterpillar

    The girl in the car was 100 % looking at the front camera , when she zooms out you can see a parked red car and a grey one to the right and that's exactly what appears on the camera aswell , like how didn't she notice that is beyond me (around 17:40) you can see what i mean

    • Olivia Dinh
      Olivia Dinh

      Yeah and why would they think to look at the car’s cameras anyways? They dont need to back up for any reason

  • Mortarion

    yeah totally legit visit place alone without any support in creepy looking woods and then try bait and witness something unkown.


    how does incense get ghosts away that’s nuts lol




    Omg omg sO sCaRy!!!!!

  • Mike Arts
    Mike Arts

    The guy from the first videos is the same guy from the history channel??

  • Katrina V.
    Katrina V.

    The video when the bodies were found.. there was two bodies a man and woman. You should correct this because you said "body" just an FYI

  • Doosh Kaboosh
    Doosh Kaboosh

    Am I the only one who would love to play hide and seek with the ghost at the end?

  • nickshaneballs

    Came here just to say it looks like the ghost of Eazy-E in the thumbnail

  • Jarrads 32
    Jarrads 32

    "Lets go out to some place to catch ghosts on film".... Sees one and proceeds to leg it out of there.... 🤦‍♂️

  • 김딸이

    OK but that was THE weeped woman

  • 김딸이

    Sees a ghoust Zack: HELL NOO !!

  • Oto Anake
    Oto Anake

    la Llorona legend maybe about some weed farmers trying to protect their weed farm from outsiders :D

  • AnunnaCY Nils
    AnunnaCY Nils

    The randonautica TikToks are so stupid... -:- except for the one wih the bag, since this was actually investigated (apparently). I'm not on TikTok, but I guess after that bag video many others tried to do something similarly "scary" for the views etc. Meh. The other videos were quite interesting and cool though.

  • Logan Miller
    Logan Miller

    Second clip was 100% fake no way it wasnt

  • Goliath Projects
    Goliath Projects

    Sleep was never an option

  • Kayla Marie Bragais
    Kayla Marie Bragais

    the last video is the Philippines?

  • Ethan Aby
    Ethan Aby

    I used to live in the neighbourhood next to fort stevens. Me and a friend trespassed at night and set off fireworks in the tunnels, but never heard or saw anything paranormal

  • Zeke Rivera
    Zeke Rivera

    I’m putting this on to fall asleep to not tryna brag

  • Zackrey Azdeman
    Zackrey Azdeman

    The last part that's a cute one,just playing around.

  • Amy Mills
    Amy Mills

    why does everyone call themselves ghost hunters but then runaway? I would want to stay and experience that shit

  • izaac omega
    izaac omega

    I'm so scared of the screaming

  • izaac omega
    izaac omega

    How many times that nuke said it did not go well

  • Sport Station
    Sport Station

    did any body realize that the evil lady had the same suit case in her shoping cart

  • i Peck
    i Peck

    this made me fall asleep

  • Morgan Laware
    Morgan Laware

    Yes! Love your vids! And Twin Paranormal are the best!?♡

  • Salvador Soto
    Salvador Soto

    Has anyone noticed that the woman with the black eyes has the same black suit case as in the one with the body in it?

  • CurtF94

    That person was walking toward him to you can see his feet moving

  • Aiden Johnson
    Aiden Johnson

    Imma just say it. “Saturdays are for the boys”

  • Elle H
    Elle H

    That was just a loud muffler

  • Bozidar Dojcinovski
    Bozidar Dojcinovski

    14:11 he asked the dumbest question ever.The car its probably over 50 years old and he is wondering how did they parked it,well before 50 years those 10-20 years old trees didn't exist my brother

  • Shakir Obaid
    Shakir Obaid

    dude the matthal guy is just so fake dont feature these tiktok kids please ..

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