5 Worst/Best Modern Family Guy Episodes
Howdy! Just a heads up some animated violence in this one. Checking out the top 10 worst and best modern Family Guy episodes from season 14 onwards :)
Written by Rhythm Rev, Timmah & Josh Strider
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& Josh Strider
Subtitles by: Jadrek Myers
Produced, Hosted & commissioned by Josh Strider

  • Trans Dollie
    Trans Dollie

    HOWEVER, quick fact, as is unfortunately common with this show, they get Ida's situation completely incorrect. It is not "chopped off", let alone saved to be used as a donor organ. It is INVERTED (I've watched the video eight million times).

  • Chris Gibson
    Chris Gibson

    I love how he warns us for bad content, like a solid portion of his audience hasn’t either inadvertently or on purpose watch videos of people getting their heads blown off

  • Hassan turtle
    Hassan turtle

    Hey Hey lois

  • Zelnyair

    I don't know if I'd strictly say it's the 'worst' one, but it definitely pissed me off greatly. There's an episode where Peter is told to read more, listens to the Van Halen album 1984 instead of 1984, the George Orwell book, and well... ...Here's the thing. I like rock in general, and I do like Van Halen. But that episode played their song, Panama, so often that it ran it into the ground and made me actively hate something that I should like. Put it this way- the Surfing Bird song was a running joke. The repetition of it is meant to be the joke, which is why I give it a lot of leeway. But here? They just run Panama into the ground even more than Surfing Bird, which I'll remind you, was done as a joke and this one wasn't. It's so ridiculous that I think if anyone uploaded it with that IT-my loophole of just outright streaming the episodes, they'd be hit by a copyright claim automatically from Van Halen- it plays it that much. And if you're wondering "Does the song have a purpose in the episode?" Not really. It's not like when Regular Show, for instance, used Bonnie Tyler's "I Need A Hero" during Mordecai's training to pump you up and add to the tension. It's just "We have a budget of 2 million, so let's just rub it in everyone's faces how we can afford to pay to licence a classic song". It's just very very infuriating and I _like_ classic rock songs.

  • Steve Cheney
    Steve Cheney

    Good to see some love for You Can't Handle The Booth. I like that one.

    • Lisa Fresso
      Lisa Fresso

      Yeah, especially when the Griffins meet their voice actors

  • Fangirl227

    Hey, so I know you were being very careful but I thought I should just let you know that the term transsexual is an outdated term and most people in the community prefer either transgender or just trans. Really loved the video ❤️

  • DK Giante
    DK Giante

    Family guy is sarcastic and stereotypical. They do the obvious with exaggeration

  • Brandon Basile
    Brandon Basile

    Do Top 6 Best Spanish Cartoons! 🇪🇸

  • Amanda Basile
    Amanda Basile

    Do Top 6 Best Spanish Cartoons! 🇪🇸

  • VanguardAngel

    Strider, I want that version of Megan’s death episode instead. Can we all start a petition?

  • Noelbro_Youtube

    And to make better off meg worse is the fact that it was her 19th BIRTH DAY

  • Bunnyboo3419

    I hate how meg is treated. I really hope they let her just be happy one day man it pisses me off

  • Zaihao Lightsbane
    Zaihao Lightsbane

    God..every time I see Meg I feel sad. Would wish she would be treated better. I mean - shes not even ugly lol She looks like Louis

  • BTW Ferret265
    BTW Ferret265

    7:47 I still think that’s really funny

  • Nebula

    family guy be funny again if the "jokes" werent obvious

  • Kamakaze

    I liked most of the episodes you consider the worst and that’s cause I don’t care about the violence and as you put it “bad spirited” humour I think it’s funny.

  • The White Parade
    The White Parade

    I have loads of ideas for lists Best adult swim shows Worst fox cartoons Best and worst transformers cartoons Best and worst modern sonic games Best cartoon reviewers Best teen titans episodes Worst teen titans episodes Best avatar and legend of korra episodes Worst avatar and legend of korra episodes Best movies of 2020 (when the year ends) Best cartoon theme songs I could go on

  • Herbie Markham
    Herbie Markham

    My little pony friendship magic sesaon 9 word episode 26 the end

  • rashh vender
    rashh vender

    I actually 100% agree with the choices in this video, especially the number 1 pick. I loved the episode and found it really intrigued me and I could sympathise with Brian and Stewie in both of their personal conflicts. Its a very good episode and even the B plot was more enjoyable than most modern episodes!

  • David Anthony Mercado
    David Anthony Mercado

    Hey man, I love your content, but you don’t have to make yourself suffer for our amusement.

  • Lee Phillips
    Lee Phillips

    So you're not even gonna mention the cruise episode that was such a mess they didn't even bother writing an ending

  • Lee Phillips
    Lee Phillips

    You don't think people on social media ever overreact on twitter? So J.K Rowling, Tropic Thunder, all the episodes of Community they want to take off streaming platforms none of that registers to you.

  • captain crunch
    captain crunch

    Idk i kinda like Herberts song

  • ZENFGAS Official
    ZENFGAS Official

    27:12 *Saki Sanobashi intensifies*

  • bubble fairy
    bubble fairy

    Honestly I actually felt real emotions with Brian and Stewie, and the ending scene when Brian gives Stewie a new Rupert is just adorable. Speaking of adorable...32:01

  • Spikester HD
    Spikester HD

    The ending of dog bites bear actually made me cry a bit

  • Bud Of Sharon
    Bud Of Sharon


  • fishpop

    6:40 Oh hey, it's the Jobby music, or at least one of the tunes he uses.

  • just something you see online
    just something you see online

    Road to multiverse is my number one best

  • Waximilli Davis
    Waximilli Davis

    The one about quagmire and the share is season 16 episode 19

  • Anthony Productions
    Anthony Productions

    I thought you heated modern Family guy

    • Hyper N0va
      Hyper N0va

      He does but some episodes are really good

  • Penny Cat
    Penny Cat

    I actually recommended the House Full Of Peter's episode purely out of two reasons 1. the farting gag 2. the fact that Peter's SON is trying to 'do' Louis

  • Kai Chen
    Kai Chen

    Bad family guy episodes are garbage

  • Introv_r

    All I wanna know is why a top 5 video is HALF AN HOUR LONG?!

    • Hyper N0va
      Hyper N0va

      It's technically a top ten but he goes so in depth that it's ok

  • CinnaBunny

    Better off Meg is like Seahorse Seashell party all over again. Meg turns on her family and then crawling back

  • Depressed Duck
    Depressed Duck

    i’ve always felt bad for meg. i think it’s bc she reminds me of myself i just want one episode where she gets a break

  • Chibi Prussia
    Chibi Prussia

    What about when Stewie gets _pregnant_

  • Sunshine Hour
    Sunshine Hour

    Stewie is Doc from Back To The Future & Brian is Marty Mcfly!

  • Lordkey51

    You can’t show a nipple on TV but you could show a man getting his penis bit off

  • Animationreview

    the plot of peters boo berry shaken hand has some rally good imagery that could have looked grotesque but instead looked really cool

  • SnazzyGameBot

    I remember reading the synopsis for Better off Meg and thinking about the potential of where it could go and ultimately being disappointed that she went straight back like nothing happened and everything went back to normal. I know Family Guy usually solves each episode’s plot within itself but for this one, I felt like it could’ve been a multi parter. I agree with you that the funniest parts of the episode were the Quiznos employees; that joke was fresh and hasn’t been over done like the Bonnie wanting Joe dead jokes.

  • Captain Doggo
    Captain Doggo

    It's easy to forget that family guy had Adam West and Carrie Fischer as characters.

  • 15 Ways To Say Spaghetti
    15 Ways To Say Spaghetti

    Dog bites bear is one of my favourites, I enjoyed it immensely

  • MillionDollarMistake

    "socially conscience people" is just a dumb line Family Guy appeals to the lowest common denominator. That's why it's still so popular. The characters constantly turning to the camera to explain the joke is fucking nauseating.

  • Tom Jackson
    Tom Jackson

    I think you missed Hot Shots. This episode is where Lois convinces the town to stop vaccinating their kids which results in a measles epidemic. In other words, Lois nearly killed those kids.

  • Tom Jackson
    Tom Jackson

    The heiress is Margaret Woolworth Carrington von Schumacher Chanel Astor Livingston Compte de Saint-Exupery Mountbatten Windsor Armani Roosevelt Von Trap wykenhamp Hearst Montgomery Rothschild Johnson & Johnson Twillsworth Dolce Gabana Von Zweiger II Montgomery de LaRoche Geico Vanderbilt Lannister van Burean Butterworth How I Met Your Mother Wrigley Louise-Dreyfus Ludwig Morgan Stanley Dumont Lamborghini Forbes higbee Winthrop Chanel Remy Martin Fitzwilliam Kennedy Motel Six Fairchild Brook Pritzker Davenport von Stolen Monty Python Ellisworth Aston Martin Haverbrook Ziff Launder Hilton DuPont Kinkaid Winslow Coors Oviatt Marlborough Pembroke Huffington Bush Mellon Sinclair Mellencamp Starbucks van Dyke III Montgomery Marriott Barrington Chadsworth Big League Chew Chesterfield Kensington Boothbishop Longbottom Nottingham Meisterberg Burgermeister Tudor Hapsburg Rockefeller Onassis. I didn’t type all that, I copied and pasted the name from the wiki.

  • The_Nuclear_Winter

    The worst modern Family Guy episode for me is the one where Quagmire has sex with a 15 year old girl. I mean that description alone is cringeworthy. I mean although not the greatest premise for an episode, I could see how it could make an interesting topic on how you can't always tell and girls can lie about that stuff, but it wasn't handled well at all. The most uncomfortable thing about the episode is how everyone is on Quagmires side, not in the way that they're supportive and comforting that things will be okay and mistakes can happen, but how they're literally encouraging it like it's a good thing. There's one part where Joe arrests Quagmire, Quagmire says "let me send pictures of her to all my friends", Joe receives the message and woohoos at it and calls it "awesome evidence". This whole premise and the cringeworthy perverted way they talk about things honestly makes me think, yikes Seth, what's in your head?

  • Luke Affleck
    Luke Affleck

    I dont understand why people cry about meg getting bullied its a cartoon, and yes she is ugly there hage been episodes with massive zits, her back look like she has shingles, and most of all meg is dead so yea

  • Raptor Daptor47
    Raptor Daptor47

    Seahorse Seashell Party: Abuse victims should still in there abusive relationship for there abuser benefits Better off meg: Abuse victims should RETURN to there abusive relationship for there abuser benefits I'm done with this show

  • Outlaw Rip-off artist
    Outlaw Rip-off artist

    I think the important lesson from this list is. Family Guy best episodes will mostly be about Brian and Stewie mostly.

  • MeatPopsycle

    I love Meg and Bruce!!


    really? no other cartoons? theres a bunch of shows following the joke & family formula. only thing family guy has going for it is its cutaway gags but sadly they rely on them too much.

  • Evan Schrimp
    Evan Schrimp

    I enjoy the number one choice as well, but the one I consider one of the best is the episode where Stewie and Brian get locked in a bank vault and while some gross stuff does happen, it also shows these characters in a very serious light near the half way point. It also never cuts away to anyone else or any cutaway gags. It is just about watching these two characters talk and it gets quite serious and even emotional by the end. While I can’t remember the exact name or season it is from, I would definitely recommend the episode.

  • Renogade

    Let's be honest, this show just really needs to end already It's never gonna achieve a high again because the characters are so unlikeable now, it's just new low after new low. That Stewie therapy episode was just an attempt at a modern version of that 'Brian & Stewie' episode and it just shows they don't have it in them anymore. Family Guy may still be on television, but it's way past dead

  • Durty Dan
    Durty Dan

    Your first mistake was expecting anyone to make an honest critique of Orange Man, least of all Seth Mcfarlane

  • 2MattTV

    One of my favorite things about modern Family Guy is how they've drastically reduced the number of 70s and 80s references. As a millennial myself, there's only so many Brady Bunch parodies I can take lol.

  • The Gaming Don
    The Gaming Don

    What is everybody opinion on Saturated Fat Guy

  • NightPanther 95
    NightPanther 95

    The thing that makes that Meg episode even more terrible is the fact that there were episodes years ago that emplies that Peter does love Meg.

  • xboxsold

    I understand California legalized marijuana but seeing family guy characters using vapes is very strange and feels like Seth Rogan made these episodes

  • Ronald Willis
    Ronald Willis

    I at least liked the idea of the Better off Meg episode. I do think they could've executed it better. Maybe instead, they could've turned it mote int the thunderstorm episode where everyone turns on each other. Then it may give Meg a better reason to return home other than "She's Homesick".

  • DolanDarkXGrandayy 69
    DolanDarkXGrandayy 69

    I like modern Family Guy better when It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

  • Justin Opinion
    Justin Opinion

    Do top 5 Bojack horseman

  • David Campbell
    David Campbell

    When comparing the #1 worst and #1 best, it leaves one to wonder how the same people worked on both episodes. Edit: Also their obsession with everyone hating Meg is now just starting to get depressing.

  • Waldrich Lee
    Waldrich Lee

    I like D in suite episode, cause i know people who overreact at jokes or comments to ridiculous degree, and they refuse to listen to the context of things, sorry but i know wayyy too many people who gets offended so easily and gets offended for the people who should be offended by the jokes commentd or opinions of other, but they dont

  • Gaming Videos
    Gaming Videos

    Honestly if Big Trouble in Little Quahog was just the Stewie and Brian plot it would be higher than five. The other plot is dumb and distracting

  • babeyteeth

    Just so you know the term is transgender now and not transsexual. Just letting you know!

  • M&M_RatPack

    Trump isn’t a monster

  • Another Sheev Palpatine
    Another Sheev Palpatine

    I never watched Family Guy so I don't have much to say about the show everything about that Meg episodes ending makes me want to wash out my brain for knowing of its existence

  • Zelnyair

    I think it's as simple as: they'll make good Family Guy when they want to make good Family Guy.

  • Gus East
    Gus East

    I see where your coming from about this but family is hard to analyze without hate from funs which although you did a good job will still give hate and it's good that you try because it isn't above reviews.

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