#562 GRETA THUNBERG'S NOBEL PRIZE SCAM! | HodgeTwins Guest | Louder with Crowder
Talking all things Bernie Sanders heart condition, Nickelback's sudden surge, the whistleblower's real identity, and all the ways Greta Thunberg is the pits. The always hilarious HodgeTwins guest!
Show Guide:
Bernie Screaming Instability Open: :53
Joke Segment: 5:00
Greta Thunberg/Nobel Prize Meat Segment: 20:20
Commercial 1: 51:55
HodgeTwins: 53:30
Commercial 2: 1:08:15
Closing Segment: 1:11:00

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  • StevenCrowder

    Do you pay much attention to who gets awarded the Nobel Peace Prize? Has it ever occurred to you that it’s a SHAM?

    • tiDDies aTTic
      tiDDies aTTic

      She's nominated for the "Nobel Peace Prize"? Great-grandpa Adolf must be rolling over in his grave😢

    • Shane Beckett
      Shane Beckett

      It has just occurred to me it's a sham now if she gets it. Now I know who gives the prize I have no respect nor will I care if they have been given it. Next they will gibe the Nobel prize to a terrorist or some shit...

    • nathan jones
      nathan jones

      So Crowder isn't it racist to whip a POC lol jk

    • Charles Peterson
      Charles Peterson

      Make sure you copyright that song before 311 tries to make a "comeback"

    • maxerica69

      Mother Theresa actually was NOT a nice lady, nor did she do any good things. Do some research please. She built churches and death houses where she could watch the sick and infirm suffer and die. She did not permit her nuns to help the people in any way.

  • muckymcfly

    1:03:50 - Dudes are killing me, so funny!

  • ttobinupinit

    The intro song deserves a thumbs up! Smash that like button, damnit!

  • Greg Or greg
    Greg Or greg

    Anyone find Bill annoying af? If i were Gerald, I'd def talk shit to Bill more than he does.

  • Sean Finley
    Sean Finley

    The Hodgetwins were the best part of the show. Its terrible that they are getting strikes on youtube for hate-speech when they are only speaking out against the hate and ignorance! Good for them for being themselves no matter what anyone else says or wants.

  • Elisa Viera
    Elisa Viera

    I love the remake of Dashboard Confessional’s “Screaming Infidelities”!

  • Allen Wang
    Allen Wang

    What happened to the video of the twins saying Ahmad Arbery should have been charged for assault and attempted theft for trying to wrestle that shotgun away from the guy who shot him?

  • Nefarious

    Freaking love HodgeTwins, funny as hell.

  • sOsa

    conservatives like this will end racism

  • Yilmazer

    Why is everyone except Steven so goddamn annoying... Seriously stfu

  • Jack Clark
    Jack Clark

    The good people from Creed became Alter Bridge with Myles Kennedy

  • RJ Vick
    RJ Vick

    I hope one day she actually grows up and feels incredibly embarrassed about all this.

  • Diana Saur
    Diana Saur

    Digging the Clark Kent Kiss curl lol.

  • Jon Herr
    Jon Herr

    "Coming out" - what a great analogy. There is very little true tolerance on the left. I've decided that if anyone asks me if I'm a Trump supporter then I tell the truth and it's a bitch. If you admit it then you're automatically a Nazi, Racist, etc... I make any accuser prove it. They can't. Live up to your own standards libs...

  • Ronnie Dark
    Ronnie Dark

    That was actually a really great opening song Steven. Not sure if you ever annexed that for it's own video. If you haven't you should. It's catchy AND has a great message

  • Jeff Lanton
    Jeff Lanton

    Damn steven can sing! I would listen to his album.

  • Nathan Hayden
    Nathan Hayden

    The parents will to blame for their daughter, Greta, for people criticizing her and "her beliefs".

  • Nina N.
    Nina N.

    Celibacy according to you, leads to child sexual abuse? It doesn't make sense to you, that violating; not living up to xelibacy votes, is what's a problem? More than 80% of the victims of sexual abuse in the church, are other males. This is why they banned homisexuals and homophilics de rom the priesthood. How come you've never talked about it?

  • Skrat Kat
    Skrat Kat

    Actually, you sing really well. Send Bernie a copy..

  • Dr. Corona
    Dr. Corona

    Hahahahaha damn, I love the twins.

  • Dr. Corona
    Dr. Corona

    America is literally Superman. We have the power to dominate and control the entire world, but all we do is try to help everyone else, and keep the entire western world safe. And just like with Superman, the very people we protect are constantly talking shit, just completely entitled, ungrateful morons.

  • Dr. Corona
    Dr. Corona

    Socialism is the number 1 cause of heart disease. Being an old, stupid fuck is number 2.

  • Lar Fi
    Lar Fi

    so if you burn a cat you should be framed for murder of a human so that someone else actually gets away with taking a life ? hmmm you were doing so well up to that point crowder lol..

  • Lar Fi
    Lar Fi

    they stopped using scientists in the hope people wouldn't debate with uneducated children! A child is propaganda. The real science stays un- debated because kids aren't expected to know the facts. Dr Nils Morner (head of Geo physics in the UN) told them the data was WRONG! they printed it anyway.. do your research folks. 0.04% co2 exists in our atmosphere OF WHICH 93% of that is PRODUCED BY NATURE! get your head around those figures for a moment!!! now WAKE UP

  • Devin Coon
    Devin Coon

    Steven Crowder is secretly Superman

  • faadada udada
    faadada udada

    What the hell? You know dashboard confessional? Surprising me more every day crowder

  • Kittsunay

    Steven, please make an album already. lol

  • Alexander

    From her mothers book she wrote something along the lines of "greta was one of the very few, who could see the very carbon imprint us people have on the earth", it isnt 100% but it was very close to that lmfao

  • Brian Green
    Brian Green

    The brothers are funny as hell!

  • Brian Green
    Brian Green

    Was that a front butt!😳

  • Brian Green
    Brian Green

    Donald Trump should have won it👍

  • Bob Johnson
    Bob Johnson

    When I woke this morning and ate sour gummy worms for breakfast that's when i knew at that very moment I'd be right here right now tripping bawlz on 5 tabs of acid. Lol

  • Billy Darley
    Billy Darley


  • Pirate McDavey
    Pirate McDavey

    Catching up on things Took a break from watching videos. Was it too soon? My answer: I dont care lol.

  • jake brown collection
    jake brown collection

    America has it's own little atrocities like the elimination of millions of native peoples. Also in Churchill's speech he talks about the United States very positively, he was half American himself. Apart from that love the show.

  • quack676

    Canned laughter

  • Kilyn Smith
    Kilyn Smith

    Move to mars.

  • blobcity

    fake laughter is the worst.

  • galiffrey1

    Steven Crowder's success on IT-my is a scam. Bought and paid for by Glenn Beck and mormons.

  • SebMeister

    I'm Swedish, the Nobel Peace price is not to be taken very seriously. It is seperate from the real Nobel prices and is awarded by a different organisation in a different country. The real prices are decided by a serious organisation in Sweden, not in Norway. At the time of Alfred Nobels death Norway had been taken over by Sweden and he decided to give the peace price to an organisation in Norway since they were seen as much less war like.

  • Max Mead
    Max Mead

    This is just a super long Weekend Update on SNL

  • The Wandering Ghoul
    The Wandering Ghoul

    Everyone. forgets this girl on the same subject, Severn Cullis-Suzuki at Rio Summit 1992 Cenk"look it up"

  • CoffeeEnthusiast

    Dashboard confessions intro though

  • blett 70
    blett 70

    amazing end bro I'm in that spot

  • TA - 12NS - Harold M Brathwaite SS (2482)
    TA - 12NS - Harold M Brathwaite SS (2482)

    can someone explain the brother "joke" to me? at 9:32?

  • AnimeGamer501st The Last Yeet
    AnimeGamer501st The Last Yeet

    In all honesty crowder has a decent singing voice

  • Seán Carroll
    Seán Carroll

    I skipped the first verse of the song accidentally and it actually sounds so good, crowder can sing

  • Joey Perkins
    Joey Perkins

    You should do a "happiness is earned change my mind" so you can spread that message more

  • PJ Edwards
    PJ Edwards

    I JUST WANT TO KNOW ONE THING: Can I get "Screaming Instability" on Spotify?

  • Michael J. McCall
    Michael J. McCall

    My suggestion is you read “This Present Darkness” and “Piercing the Darkness” for context on a lot of things going on in our world

  • Jason

    She's just parroting what her parents and government run media has trained her. Poor thing, I can only hope that one day, if she doesn't live up to such notoriety by actually doing something for the world, which is damn difficult, I imagine, even for those thrust into limelight, she doesn't take it out on herself. It is a sad display of misinformed over-dramatization. Who at that age actually 'knows' anything. Another example of parents trying to live out some "dream" through their child. Nice sentiment, but I'd bet my left * that the statement she was reading was not written entirely by her own (at his early age) uninformed mind.

  • SWARM Music
    SWARM Music

    I know it's a joke but the music video was hella good

  • ORION B.
    ORION B.

    What is the intro song a parody of

  • James Tapp
    James Tapp

    47:46 That chick does realize that when Jesus comes back he's coming as a conquering king, right?

  • Nate one
    Nate one

    My brothers baby momma kinda did the same thing to my brother started going insane and thinking she was a goddess and was God and deserved happiness regardless of everyone else's feelings... it's so sad she's been so spiteful and is trying to take custody of my niece and nephew they have my whole family as support here women are maniacal often when they go south... they can convince themselves they're making the right decision no matter how wrong it is kinda like a sociopath and they more often think they're worth more than men (there's certainly men that are the same vice versa) but I knew so many girls who would get into arguments for fun with Bfs break up and date again 8 times smh

  • Kevin Dean
    Kevin Dean

    I love this fucking show. god bless greter

  • Andrew Harrison
    Andrew Harrison

    Every couple of weeks I watch some Crowder videos and he is getting more insane and stupid as time passes. Everything the guys said about the whistleblower was 100% wrong. How are Americans so fucking stupid? Please, I want some explanation.

  • LeadingThePack

    @StevenCrowder, Thanks for the show and what you guys do. Just want to insert some commentary regarding the Catholic bit. First, McCarrick, et al. have been engaged in adult homosexual abuse, not pederasty. Secondly, to the bald guy whose name I always forget: there is a major fallacy in your position; i.e., that the Catholic Church's policy of priestly celibacy led to child sex abuse. Look at sex abuse committed by married men and you'll see that this is farcical. The discipline of celibacy for priests is to imitate Christ in the closest way possible, and further, men that have a duty to wife and family have something that could keep them from their duty to God and the Church.

  • McDonalds Delivery
    McDonalds Delivery

    what I think is cool is when democratic candidate the republicans wish they get better and their thoughts go out to them but if a republican got hurt the dems would celebrate it and wish more

  • Camulus777

    Hey you used my favorite quote for youtube to describe the USA. We are the only nation in world history to never try to conquer the world. Every other nation on earth that got more power than its neighbors tried to conquer them Every single one.

  • DevilChildSteve

    StevenCrowder: make sure to subscribe we don’t exist in suggestions Me: * sees StevenCrowder video in recommendations Also selective mutism exists Flat Earthers suffer from it a lot, they don’t listen to evidence they ignore scientific fact and continuously move the goal post and cherry pick certain facts to suit their narrative. Global Warming believers and Climate Change believers are diagnosed with selective mutism also, even though there’s no difference between global warming and climate change it’s just been renamed to seem relevant. The answer to global warming/climate change: it-my.com/watchvideo/video-NjlC02NsIt0.html

  • AllMyHeroesHaveFBIFiles!

    Burning Cats alive is worse then Hitler 100%!!!

  • Shandyw5

    Is it just me or do the Hodgetwins look a little bit like Tyler1 but with more hair

  • maggie leyman
    maggie leyman

    the european union sucks the the sweat off a dead mans balls

  • Mr Gribbs
    Mr Gribbs

    Crowder you Sr are without a doubt my favorite. Class A straight up know bullshit guy. Your the best!! Thanks for making my day with laughs and truth built in it.

  • Ingrid Johansson
    Ingrid Johansson

    I really think we need to rename mental illness’s as Monsanto related illnesses I have Swedish cousins and they learned English from Kindergarten. So EASL hmmm very questionable

  • Ingrid Johansson
    Ingrid Johansson

    I thought that celibacy requirement had already been lifted considering .....

  • Ian Simmons
    Ian Simmons

    Alexander Nobel is rolling in his grave...

  • Ano Nimi
    Ano Nimi

    Whenever I see Hodge twins I can't help but visualize pit-bulls

  • Saj Tyk
    Saj Tyk

    I like watching your stuff but not this. It's too long

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