6 White People vs 1 Secret Black Person
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  • Kyoumi Masuhara
    Kyoumi Masuhara

    Real talk for a moment... Kylie isn't a white name? I've only ever met white Kylie's, maaaany people who name their kid tht because it's "chic" or whatever. Like it is an Australian Aboriginal word but as a name white people have taken it too far with weird spellings, especially in the south. Like even though I'm 1/4 Japanese my mom is 100% assimilated to white south culture that it's cringy, and they did that with me. I honestly hate that my name is Kylie.

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay

    I closed my eyes and guessed Elizabeth by her voice

  • Jordyn H
    Jordyn H

    elizabeth is so pretty

  • sunrize løads
    sunrize løads

    Who else thought the beginning was an ad?🤣

  • Jonah Wood
    Jonah Wood

    “I came here to collect my coins “. A vibe💵

  • tamisha maria
    tamisha maria

    I just came here to see an erin related comment

  • Bearly Sims
    Bearly Sims

    8:30 ok so we know the black person wasn’t Brandon because he’s alive

  • Paige Perreault
    Paige Perreault

    Anna’s ‘tactic’ was to be as ‘friendly’ as possible... 😳

  • Cindy Skullz
    Cindy Skullz

    Elizabeth: *Exists* Mariah: “There’s powerful niggatry at work here.”

  • Fortnite Queen
    Fortnite Queen

    Elizabeth got money for being black pls let me do that IM BLACK TOOOOOOOO no joke

  • Fynn Mint
    Fynn Mint

    Ok mariah was woke

  • lucie srnová
    lucie srnová

    This video shows that white people are the same as white people

  • Queen B
    Queen B

    Brandon is racist af and then Ryan too. Like so racist

  • Brynn Chapman
    Brynn Chapman


  • big fat strowky
    big fat strowky

    this is way better when you know who the mole is

  • Marisol

    I looooove Elizabeth!!! She came to win! PERIOD.

  • Jordan Breunig
    Jordan Breunig

    When she said “all my sons” my Arther Miller. I SCREAMED “TWENTY ØNE PILØTSSSSS”

  • Ryan

    “I knew it ugh I knew it guys” that’s just LYIN tho

  • Olivia Riley
    Olivia Riley

    She so stoopid milly rockin 🤣🤣🤣

  • ChadBoysClub

    It's kind of unfair that Elizabeth got to vote, she obviously votes in her favor. With 5 people voting she was a deciding vote, which helped her win

  • David Ngo
    David Ngo

    Cody is hot asf

  • xclusiana

    should asked how long it takes to do your hair💀

  • Santiago Duque-Baird
    Santiago Duque-Baird

    If this were the reverse it would be the shortest one ever. "Alright everybody say the n-word!" then you'd know immediately who it is

  • Laura Juncker
    Laura Juncker

    It wasn’t the whitest name in myyyyyyy opppinnioonn

  • Shannon Haggarty
    Shannon Haggarty

    everyone was laughing at elizabeth for being too white but she's not even white 😳

  • Boomboom-Cod Mobile
    Boomboom-Cod Mobile

    If it was find the white person just tell everyone to say the n word

  • Caleb Corn
    Caleb Corn

    You should do 1 secret antivaxer and 5 normal people

  • Frost Rusher
    Frost Rusher

    She is waifu material

  • F Woyen
    F Woyen

    That intro was lame

  • tearysu

    “my race is human” here we go.

  • Callum Bedson
    Callum Bedson


    • L a t S u m i
      L a t S u m i

      Callum Bedson Sì

  • BellXsa


  • dankmemes

    cody out here looking like pewds tho

  • Bias Hagood
    Bias Hagood

    Mariah is so annoying

  • noor

    I Stan Mariah, she was the only one that wasn’t stereotypical

  • Simplyy Brii
    Simplyy Brii

    4:06 She sounds uneducated because black people were the ones that got Country music to where it is now

  • Jai Goraya
    Jai Goraya

    2:45 black people aren’t nice????

  • Josh McAllister
    Josh McAllister

    I cannot for the life of me think of the show, but Elizabeth sounds EXACTLY like a little black girl in a tv show. Just cant remember what it was called..

  • Robot plays
    Robot plays


  • Mayte W.
    Mayte W.

    I love how Elisabeth was almost dancing the while time 😂

  • Ce. B.
    Ce. B.

    Mariah was the only one with sense everybody else trying to depict the race by food and music that's not going to tell you 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Ozur King
    Ozur King

    I knew before watching the video who was the mole.

  • Zoe

    they acted like its bad to talk about stereotypes but what else are you going to do? sit there and vote at random?!

  • Arnold Jefferson
    Arnold Jefferson

    I would of easilly found out who was black by saying "Whats up my niggas!"

  • MyNameIsSheeep

    White people kick black people out for money.

  • Miguel Perez Coronel
    Miguel Perez Coronel

    2:44 , so black people aren't friendly?

  • Elizabeth Taylor
    Elizabeth Taylor

    As a black Elizabeth I'm proud

  • nakariaanoel

    "among people of color" just say black 🤣 honestly people of color sounds even worse

  • adam fair
    adam fair

    This totally isn’t racist. :|

  • tia lily xo
    tia lily xo

    put woahvicky in there

  • Fresh Prince
    Fresh Prince

    Who was the black person?? *I'm colorblind*

  • RGEntertainment

    Eminem: ‘Guess who’s black’

  • Lyn Quiroz
    Lyn Quiroz

    The title shoulda been "How To Spot Racists" lmfaoooo

  • nakariaanoel

    her tactic was to be as friendly as possible .. is that supposed to mean something or am i reading too deep😅

  • Chemically Anxious Cosplays
    Chemically Anxious Cosplays

    I kinda wanna know what podcasts Ryan listens to now

  • mia lover
    mia lover


  • Negin S.
    Negin S.

    The thing I would’ve asked: What is your hair care routine? Say the n word

  • Ginger Kami
    Ginger Kami

    Mariah being the good person for not being stereotypical

  • Charlie Slump
    Charlie Slump

    So you picked a black person who's actually the whitest person ever

  • Sholeh

    My race is human 🙌🏼

  • TekNik

    6 black people vs 1 secret white person Round one: "Say the N word"

  • King Kash
    King Kash

    I really hate the word race. We’re all humans not sub-breads

  • Ayaz Oruc
    Ayaz Oruc

    what is elizabeths instagram?

  • A Potato
    A Potato

    “I am white.” “I am white.” “I am white.” “I am white.” “I am white.” “I am white.” “I am black.” *One is a liar* I AM CONFUSION?

  • Jonathan Ruiz
    Jonathan Ruiz

    That’s how twenty øne piløts got their name from the book all my sons that’s crazy

  • Emma Brown
    Emma Brown

    “my tactic was to try and be as friendly as possible” so black people aren’t friendly? whew chile the racism jumped out

  • Chelsea Boliti
    Chelsea Boliti

    oh wow

  • P. V.
    P. V.

    If I was there I'll have ask everyone to say to N-word!

  • hapilotta br
    hapilotta br


  • kimphany w
    kimphany w

    May no one touch her hair 😅😅😅

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