#628 BUTTIGIEG IS A RADICAL LIBERAL! | Alan Dershowitz Guests | Louder with Crowder
Talking all things: slutty wandering lone wolves, Swiss banning gayness, transgender My Little Pony, saying farewell to Andrew Yang, and finally thoroughly debunking the idea that Pete Buttigieg is a moderate. Spoiler alert: not even close.
Show Guide:
Animal House Open: 00:01:43
Joke Segment: 00:05:00
Pete Buttigieg Meat Segment: 00:20:45
Commercial 1: 00:52:20
Alan Dershowitz: 00:55:00
Commercial 2: 01:09:20
Closing Segment: 01:10:00
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  • StevenCrowder

    Going into 2020, do you think there are any moderate Democrat candidates these days? And if so, who?

    • hilariousgas

      @Joe Rogan For Prison death first

    • Joe Rogan For Prison
      Joe Rogan For Prison

      If Bernie wins everyone on the right or has ever been on the right will be going to jail.

    • hilariousgas

      tulsi and only kind of

    • Start A Movement
      Start A Movement

      @MyShrink'sPronounIsUsAndHeLooksALotLikeMyTwin WTF did I just read? I learned 1 thing... You are the "triggered" one. And no I don't think it was such a dumb thought. You just repeated the same thought process in every paragraph... I guess it was a response. Not sure. Seemed more of a "feelings" rant. The same thing you blame me for doing, seems it's time to go study the Dunning-kruger effect. Because it seems you have lost touch with reality. Meaning your taking a IT-my comment section and acting like its some deep shit. LOL, wow that's entertaining, can't wait for more, will I get another half assed "triggered" response by some person I'll never meet, making it seem like this comment section is life itself. Lol, please do, your entertainment and half baked sence of your "opinion matters" and "self importance" on IT-my comments is extremely interesting. I'm sure we all need this knowledge you have, since you responded for everyone in the thread. As sad as it is and hard to read as it was, I look foward to it. Thanks for so much knowledge,I never knew I needed to know any of that. Or I simply stick to the moto that works best for me "Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level then beat you with experience" This fits you so... Enjoy your life on that pedals tool. I'm sure you'll still respond, I won't but go on. Show how triggered and off base you are. Enjoy your day....

    • Start A Movement
      Start A Movement

      @MyShrink'sPronounIsUsAndHeLooksALotLikeMyTwin 1st off, I have plenty of experience, I'm a father... It was a simple"out of the box thought", not one to be lectured about, or put in a box as if I didn't know about the information contained in the entire thesis that you just typed out. so you just automatically think that you have some kind of information that I don't? simply because I just had a thought, it was more rhetorical then an accually a question. I'm supposed to feel honored because you decided to engage in civil discourse with me? I meant to actually put this response to Steven and not to you, so I apologize if my uncultured swine thought, got your attention. I must apologize I didn't mean to be so stupid my God, I'm so embarrassed now, I have no political affiliation nor do I hold any religious views, it was simply a point that I was bringing up and didn't have to be that deep. I definitely didn't need to be insulted that you somehow know that you more than me about the topic and to such an extent that you felt you had to add it to ket me know. It's a valid question anyway. Even if it was on the rhetorical side. If it's a life at gestation then why wouldn't that childs life begin at that point... Pls I know your answer. I think you left my ignorant ass info information. Sorry to come off so rude I just don't take being insulted then preached to like a child. Enjoy your night.

  • Bradley Miller
    Bradley Miller

    Penis Game was one of my favorite past times from high school...

  • Dhvani

    Wow! Crowder and Dershowitz, talk about scraping the barrel.

  • allen kuester
    allen kuester

    Chowder head.... a hole ....leech.... user..". Non citizen of the us .... wife abuser .....likes being with males . Illegal immigrant. Canadian idiot comedian... not funny ,.... fake.... lollipop.... snowflake....

  • Elijah Tracy
    Elijah Tracy

    We played the penis game in Latin once. We looked up the word, and then we asked our latin teacher if she new the word and she said that it must've been slang for penis because she hadn't heard it before

  • that one guy 500
    that one guy 500

    I played the penis game in class.

  • William Bedell
    William Bedell

    My mom carry me full term despite being told I was going to be a veggy but maybe some moms don't know love and sacrice like my mom did.

  • GutsofEclipse

    The Crowder Closes here is absolutely true. I say this as someone who lives in the pacific northwest: Your average American hates the far left and supports freedom of speech, and you'll be surprised at what you'll uncover about people once you convince them that you have no interest in causing them trouble. If you see someone wearing the SJW uniform (unkempt, problem glasses, blue hair, hijab, mean girl/soy boy/cat lady/angry nerd, etc.), avoid them. Almost everyone else is out to have a good time and is feeling oppressed by the mob of malicious misanthropes.

  • rat illecebrasque dubitantium
    rat illecebrasque dubitantium


  • Aniber Moras
    Aniber Moras

    Crowder does the “little Nicky” voice perfect!!!

  • Dan Strikker
    Dan Strikker

    I played the penis game

  • Francis Gomes
    Francis Gomes

    Anyone know the song at 54-55? Thanks in advance

  • sam

    "Alan dershowitz is a pedophile buddy of Jeffrey Epstein" change my mind

  • OzziTheMan

    i played the penis game in a crispy cream with my brother and everybody looked at us, I was embarrassed but i was dying of laughter at the same time. I was great.

  • Vincent Clark
    Vincent Clark

    Are you so niave not to know this guy been accused of sleeping with under age girls and got epstein off the hook.

  • Cameron Branch
    Cameron Branch

    It's hard to tell someone what to do morally when your morals are fluid.

  • David Stairs
    David Stairs

    There is no damn such thing as a "Moderate democrat". THEY ALL WANT To take our guns, they all want open borders, free this, free that, and generally all of them, want to take a dump on our constitution.

  • Vova

    the circle game, t's popular in the middle east or at least in Qatar, you look at the circle which has to be under your torso, that person can punch you in the shoulder

  • Robert Debicki
    Robert Debicki

    you idiots haw wolf !!!?? Alan Dershowitz HAHAHA the human leach

  • Robert Debicki
    Robert Debicki

    you idiots haw wolf !!!?? Alan Dershowitz HAHAHA the human leach

  • The ambassador of the divided States of America
    The ambassador of the divided States of America

    Actually Steven there are lots of reasons you would abort a birth at 8 months not that you would know because I'm sure your not a doctor.

  • Eddie 2P
    Eddie 2P

    i played the penis game in school

  • Gabe Speake
    Gabe Speake

    Crowder plays THE BEST Neo liberal ill never get tired of it XDXDXD

  • George Carracedo
    George Carracedo

    Americans please vote Republican in 2020 and help our country....Democratic party stop loving American!

  • Bobby Pfender
    Bobby Pfender

    Penis 🗣

  • Anthony Anderson
    Anthony Anderson

    The 34:27 area Pete Bootykiss looks like Eric Foreman (That 70’s show) and Murr (Impractical Jokers) had a baby

  • Kevin P
    Kevin P


  • TORYN Nielsen
    TORYN Nielsen

    How much a year for the mug club if you are a veteran and a student?

  • Vin DiGregorio
    Vin DiGregorio

    I’m pretty sure the Chicken just wanted to get to the other side.

  • Crystal Rodriguez
    Crystal Rodriguez

    6:20 “AMERICAS BEST LAWYER IS HERE ... (half Asian lawyer gets excited) *ALAN*

  • Elijah Murphy
    Elijah Murphy

    I play that game

  • Lyin Dog Face Pony Soldier
    Lyin Dog Face Pony Soldier

    Abortion doctors should be charged with first degree murder based on the fact that they have to be trained and licensed to do abortions in the first place. 🤷‍♂️

  • 89792131121607920 math is cool
    89792131121607920 math is cool

    DAILY REMINDER: Political Correctness is tyranny with manners.

  • Dr. Corona
    Dr. Corona

    Leftists are such weak little entitled children. Pathetic.

  • Tyal Prince
    Tyal Prince

    Epstein’s lawyer

  • hilariousgas

    half asian lawyer bill richmond is the entire reason i watch these

  • Victoria MacBeth
    Victoria MacBeth

    Wow, I find myself even now in your section of comments. It's amazing what you never notice until it's pointed out.

  • ianthemagus

    The problem with anyone that is already heavily skewed towards either of the two main political parties is that they are not good judges of what constitutes a "radical", due to their over reliance on using their own opinion to define the word rather than a non-partisan standardized definition. If you already have a baked-in knee-jerk reaction to carelessly describe anyone who disagrees with your political views as "a radical", whether they are on the right or the left of you, then your commentary isn't very insightful. By definition, Trump was a radical when he was elected. Anyone who believes they have an obligation to "clean house" or "drain the swamp" or "shake things up" is a radical, doesn't matter if they're a progressive or not. Bernie is a radical, for sure, he's not even a registered Democrat, the establishment hates him and he has policy ideas that would make drastic changes to the current system. There's nothing radical about protecting the status quo, though. Unless people have been asleep for the past decade, they should realize there isn't really anything radical about being a married gay person now that it has been legally permitted nationwide for 5 years. Maybe it would still be radical in a small town in Alabama, but that area is hardly representative of the entire US population, no matter how much people who live there might wish that to be the case. Even Trump, who makes terrible policy decisions that constantly go against the rational advice of his own advisors, is well aware that casting gay marriage as an issue that must be reversed is a political loser of an idea. I'm not sure I'm familiar with anything else about Pete that screams radical, even the Democratic Party's stance on guns (excluding UNELECTED politicians like Beto that just say things for a sound byte in order to gain traction during a primary) is more or less in line with the position the Republican Party itself took in the wake of the assassination attempt against Ronald Reagan (who, despite being seen as a conservative icon, actually did enact gun control while he was governor of California). People are entitled to believe candidates like Buttigieg are radical liberals all they want, but it only passes for wisdom if you preach to a choir, which to be fair, is the niche you've carved out for yourself and seem quite happy to remain entrenched in, so the phrase does seem to reverberate around the echo chamber quite nicely.

  • Starbeyond

    "No more covering of your mouth". I think Steven wants the corona virus to spread to all of us.

  • Starbeyond

    I wasn't able to see the "When I was 3 years old and I jumped off the high dive board and forgot I had arm floaties on and it's very painful, cuz you don't shoot back to the surface like you normally would, you shoot up shoulders first like heaannnnn... very painful" dance because 1/4 black was busy drowning... like always

  • Angen Gaming
    Angen Gaming

    When it showed half asian get the jfk experience i laughed really hard at work cause i didn't expect it

  • infonewport100

    If the woman's life is in danger and the pregnancy is in the third trimester, the doctor can do an emergency C-Section and deliver the baby and save the women. Abortion is much more dangerous to the woman, and it ends the life of the child. Third-trimester abortions should be illegal

  • paxster76

    ButtGuzzler's military "career" should get more attention than it has.

  • Jacob Tomblin
    Jacob Tomblin

    I am conservative and nationalist and Christian and far rightist and right winger and patriot and capitalist and republican and west Virginian and american I am gun owner and white I am pro second amendment Jesus get tired hey devil Bernie had fun falling down off mountain # I not racist


    Buttgeig is a liar! Stated he had an AR-15 in Afghanistan ( Troops don't use that weapon) The fake didn't even have to complete basic training!! Just another career politician who has been groomed !

  • GuyTron65

    Pete Buttgig carried an AR-15 in Afghanistan ... his Superiors must have hated him and hoped he would not come back ... or something =/

  • Giraffe Queen 94
    Giraffe Queen 94

    Buttigieg looks like a rat

  • bobicabayo

    Andrew yang... It had to end...

  • AceFlyn

    just graduated high school, played the penis game for four years in high school. funny shit. in a tech school now, still, play the fucken penis game bc why not. thank god I don't live in Cali though.

  • Bluuplanet

    Pete's father, Joseph, was a Marxist professor who praised the Communist Manifesto.

  • WhiteTrash Panda
    WhiteTrash Panda

    "Protected exclusively by Walther... And Betty! -and the ghost of Hopper, eternally vigilant."

  • Barbara Johansson
    Barbara Johansson

    Holy Pete..

  • Clay Schultz
    Clay Schultz

    Post the male pride song on your crowder bits I gotta share it with all my liberal friends and collect the tears in my mug.

  • Dennis Collins
    Dennis Collins

    Hate crime misdemeanor goes against the right to free speech. Hate crime is an actual crime in the physical world. On late term abortions I believe it is not the rights of the parents at stake but the one they are murdering--a defenseless baby.


    As an Indian, I found Quarter-Black’s Indian fart contest sketch pretty hilarious. I don’t understand why leftist retards get triggered for all of us..stfu and move on, its just a joke and you are not sane enough to realise it.

  • Louie Alan
    Louie Alan

    Alan dershowitz is a straight-up sex offender how dare you Steven Crowder how dare you

  • Youdontneedto Seemyidentification
    Youdontneedto Seemyidentification

    I'm not at all a mayor Pete guy in the primary, but shyster Douche-o-witz is really out of his mind on this lol. if anything mayor Pete is a radical moderate. Really the ONLY thing right-whiners can point to as 'liberal' is Pete is a gay guy that married another guy. His stances are more or less as moderate as Biden's, Klobuchar's, and Tulsi's except that Tulsi is a homophobe and the others aren't. He'd make a good VP, but he isn't ready for the big time just yet. We need an older, more experienced choice to restore what comrade Trumputin has destroyed.

  • gohansolo1980

    13:34 "Whatever your pleasure. It all costs the same."

  • Darth Killhoon
    Darth Killhoon

    I'm just going to say I'm based as f*** on abortion. It's a crime against humanity and a crime against God to kill a child

  • Aaron Gil
    Aaron Gil

    I joined mug club year ago and never received my mug.

  • Sadie Everette
    Sadie Everette

    Praying someone other than me noticed the framed Onision photo on the desk 2:18

  • Start A Movement
    Start A Movement

    I have a question, I don't know why I never pondered this thought before, OK bare with me pls: OK, so the pro-abortion movement make the argument about when the fetus becomes a "human with rights", now anti-abortion also make the same argument but they say "it is a human life as soon as fertilazing begins" OK so why don't they change the birth date to include the 8-9 months that the baby is in the womb? If it's born at fertilazing, then why not count them months? Would it not have a bigger impact if the child's DOB included time in womb? Cause when you don't it's almost as if your not acknowledging this. I don't know it's just a thought that jumped in my head.

  • Joe Trimble
    Joe Trimble

    I really think P!nk would be hard-pressed to understand the humor of LwC.

  • Seth Baty
    Seth Baty

    Man that Gilbert Gottfried impersonation is SPOT ON. Well done sir!

  • Josh Oblander
    Josh Oblander

    Lmfao maybe Buttgig needs to go back to the military if he believes what he carried in battle is the same thing. All politicians are either liars or stupid!!! 🤦‍♂️ O also before the assault weapons ban, you could buy a full auto machinegun in the Sears catalog, yet mass shootings didnt happen.

  • Stone Cold316
    Stone Cold316

    Lmao, I love the animal house analogy. Fucking great!!

  • Iced

    My vocal cords hurt just by hearing the lady in the beginning

  • Keo M
    Keo M

    If you need the media to tell us he's a moderate...he's not a moderate.

  • Michael Matthews
    Michael Matthews

    Getting paid in cheeseburgers for sex isn't a new thing...Randy (Smokey) has been doing it for years...guys gotta eat.

  • Zach Mäkinen
    Zach Mäkinen

    Finally found a IT-my channel where people aren’t pussies and aren’t afraid to make jokes about hot topics, my kind of humor, thank you @StevenCrowder

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