6IX9INE- PUNANI (Official Music Video)
Tekashi 6ix9ine
Stream / Download: cmg.ffm.to/PUNANI
IG: instagram.com/6ix9ine
Twitter: twitter.com/6ix9ine
Tik Tok: www.tiktok.com/@6ix9ine
Directed & Edited By: Canonf8 & 6ix9ine
Shot By: Canonf8
Mixed and mastered by: Wizard Lee
Cover art: Alex Solis

Nasty x6
Shake It Back, Punani-nani,Fat Punani-nani,
That Tsunami-nami, That Tsunami-nami
Fat Punani-nani, Fat Punani-nani, That Tsunami-nami, That Tsunami-nami
Fat Punani-nani,Fat Punani-nani, That Tsunami-nami, That Tsunami-nami
Fat Punani-nani,Fat Punani-nani, That Tsunami-nami, That Tsunami-nami
Jiggy Little B*tch jiggle on the d*ck, watery, she puckering and sh*t
Guzzle Guzzling
Beat it she a doggy *ss b*tch, muzzle up her sh*t
She just want the ec$tasy and sh*t, trippy in this b*tch
Yeah that b*tch’ll pop it if I tip her, Bend her up d*ck her
Pockets on monopoly big big spender
Big Big Tipper, big big Trigger, big big pockets on my big big d*ck-a
Fat Punani-nani, Fat Punani-nani, That Tsunami-nami, That Tsunami-nami
Fat Punani-nani,Fat Punani-nani, That Tsunami-nami, That Tsunami-nami
Make it Nasty Nasty Nasty. Make it Nasty Nasty Naty
Make it Nasty Nasty Nasty. Make it Nasty Nasty Naty
I know 100 Little N*s, 100 Little N*s, that will really hunt a lil N*, hurt a lil N*
Yous a lil bummy lil N*, dirty lil N*, Yous a lil bummy lil N*, ugly *ss N*
N* act dumb, want to act dum dum, tell em dont act dumb because im dumber
How many shots could a N* duck duck, tell him ducked down before he get BOOM.
Fat Punani-nani, Fat Punani-nani, That Tsunami-nami, That Tsunami-nami
Fat Punani-nani,Fat Punani-nani, That Tsunami-nami, That Tsunami-nami

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    King of USA

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    no offense guys, no offense but i already hate this song.

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    This just proves he not worried about any artist Bc now that he free what y'all gonna do

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  • Carlos Bernard
    Carlos Bernard

    Hope you paid the Jamaican Dancehall artist Left Side to use that Fat Punnay line in your song. Left Side - Punnay song is the same, even the riddim you use is almost the same Jamaican Dancehall Riddim tittle Punnay Riddim. Go listen to Left Side - Punnay people and make your own judgement. Big up the whole Jamaica, Dancehall created Hip Hop and Rap anyway.

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    At 0:31 he took a pic with a little girl, I wouldn’t let her i were her parents 😂

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    Руские тут?

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    Why this dude got the whole US swat team in the back 😂

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    6ixi9ne “Today is going to be dope” Coronavirus: *Think again*

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    Don’t like it where the fat butts at?

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    That “nasty nasty nasty” in the beginning go hard no lie

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    porque siempre tiene que salir la novia de Tekashi en todos los vídeos que ha sacado desde Gooba, se nota que solo esta por estar $$$$ y como busca tener cuadro en el vídeo. Con respecto al vídeo y la canción, lo único que me gustó fueron dos coches porque se ven geniales, pero no me gustó la canción y más porque no dura ni 2:00 min :( desde que Tekashi69 sacó Gooba, dije "Viene con todo, la va a romper cabrón", luego salió Trollz y woooah muy genial, después Yaya que no me gustó en un principio, pero le di otra oportunidad, esta chida, tiene ritmo, pero esta canción definitivamente no :( espero que salgan más rolas chidas y pues acá andamos :) Saludos a todos desde la CDMX, México.

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    One of the shortest songs with highest views...

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    Can someone tell me what punani means ??


    Director:How many cars do you want Tekashi: just 50 or 60 Director:( >_

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    This is how many people is a true fan of 6ix9ine 👇👇



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