7 Explosive ‘Catfish’ Reveals That Didn’t Go Well | MTV Ranked
A look back at some of the angriest, scream-filled reveals in ‘Catfish’ history.
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    The Most Awkward MTV Hookups EVER | MTV Ranked it-my.com/watchvideo/video-kUf56yka53g.html

    • Samsung Galaxy
      Samsung Galaxy

      13:08 💧💧💧 ... All the way from FIJI🏝🏝🏝🏝🏝 ME : Yaaassssss biaaattcchhh , Iam originally from ther 😃😃

    • Drew Jones
      Drew Jones

      LEp . Yo I love the way myseljf

    • David Sanchez
      David Sanchez

      @MTV ....charlamagne is such fag

    • John W
      John W

      @ArmchairWarrior yes she's an attractive woman and she's got every right to be pissed as about this oddball wasting her time

  • Anicodeaufo 59
    Anicodeaufo 59

    MGK’s insult game is embarrassing. Sucka? C’mon. Try ugly, poor, gap-toothed, doughy, five-headed, Haitian dyke.

  • Briana Escobar
    Briana Escobar

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 why does the world need to know you’re gay

  • Vanessa Issa
    Vanessa Issa

    "Is that a fish net?" 😭🤣

  • Holly Sisa
    Holly Sisa

    #7 he looks YG & DJ Mustard mixed together. Smh.

  • Thegirlkeke

    *#5* that was the most confusing confrontation I have ever saw😂😭.

  • şąđ ėđīţş
    şąđ ėđīţş

    #4 When she said "I did it for love that's it." That was like pretty sad

  • Kade Sutherland
    Kade Sutherland

    32:22 PRICELESS!

  • Briana Escobar
    Briana Escobar

    My chocolate kiss?! I am so confused 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Cq Thatdude
    Cq Thatdude

    That's showing your gangster MGK, getting cat fished by lesbians lol

  • allybean

    These people are so sick.

  • Talya Brown
    Talya Brown

    #2 HOW DO YOU DO THAT TO A FRIEND?!?!? YASS BITCH SLAP THAT HOE lying bitch thats what she gets💀

  • Talya Brown
    Talya Brown

    #3 tiana upset its not about her no more💀

    • Talya Brown
      Talya Brown

      And that sad music at the end im dead asf

  • Talya Brown
    Talya Brown

    #6 is petty asf from both sides. Honestly could’ve been avoided if they had just spoke facts nd quit cappin

  • Talya Brown
    Talya Brown

    #7 i get in a way because having a disease that causes u pain the way hers does can really mess someone up mentally but her husband fr should’ve shut that shit down. U cant play with ppls lives like that

  • Diseree R
    Diseree R

    My baby daddy

  • PrincessLoveBug

    #5 is high key smoking toilet bowl cleaner and I’m here for every second of it 😂😂

  • Zach Mcclure
    Zach Mcclure

    I can’t believe #4 walked into bro house like thst😂😂😊

  • Domica Scott
    Domica Scott

    The last one that high sugar booty bitch got the nerve to jump hard and be mad cause he was in the wrong REALLY negro wtf he mad for he probably a controllin ass bitch and then got a 1yr old psst are u serious so he stickin his doo doo d... in females too

  • Oeisha Beachem
    Oeisha Beachem

    Wtf #5 tho had me deaddddddd😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Dawenson Pranksteryoutuber
    Dawenson Pranksteryoutuber

    We need another world 🌎 🤷‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️ This world is dirty ass hell

  • Jordan McKee
    Jordan McKee

    Charlemagne got me dead🤣 “nev don’t you follow no angry black man in no house”🤣🤣

  • Yumi Chocolate
    Yumi Chocolate

    I once was Catfish ...😟

  • MJJ

    #5 is fucking hilarious

  • Matt Sterling
    Matt Sterling

    This whole show is so obviously fake. It’s impossible to track down and Anonymous hookup app users for starters. No one is going to go on tv and admit they do this kind of stuff. Lame

  • LJ Garrison
    LJ Garrison

    I see alot of shit hairstyles on this show

  • Melissa Perez
    Melissa Perez

    Their home is so clean and they all dressed up all prepared...

  • Alex M
    Alex M

    Mgk gotta be a actor now thanks to em

  • Ali B
    Ali B

    MGK cringy as hell

  • Scott Prendergast
    Scott Prendergast

    Damn huntdra is one ugly muckafucka

  • Scott Prendergast
    Scott Prendergast

    12:57 he IS ugly- oh SORRY HES SO 🔥 LIT LMFAO- dark and ugly ass

  • Scott Prendergast
    Scott Prendergast

    No u look dumb because you are a dummy- shes just a typical bi sexual black girl whos nuts

  • p I n k y o g u r t tina
    p I n k y o g u r t tina

    *i wanted the world to know that I was gay* Fucking phat stupid dumb dumb headass goofy ass clownin whack ass goofy goober motha fucka😂

  • Ali K.
    Ali K.

    MTV is shit and had disgraced where it came from

  • Gabby Formo
    Gabby Formo

    Justin: yeah i'm jess 15:13 Artis: WhATtt ManN whAtt

  • Posegativity

    I oddly respect Justin (#5)

  • lukeBbrum

    Why is Charlemagne filming? Wtf? Was this his job before breakfast club?

  • kinetic blues
    kinetic blues

    27:14 hahaha which kid? ha!

  • Bob Robert
    Bob Robert

    This is so scripted

  • Armando Is life
    Armando Is life

    Mgk was mad asf

  • Matt Sharp
    Matt Sharp

    Justin is basically doing the same thing but in a different way as these two catfish dudes...Not All Heroes wear capes...You crazy fucker

  • Chris Goffe
    Chris Goffe

    ..ha ha ha! facebook nutters! ..glad i dont have that shit!

  • Yoly And Elaine TV
    Yoly And Elaine TV

    I love you mom

  • Chronic_Breakdown

    If I thought I was talking to a girl, and I went to meet up and a man pulled up, I'd beat his ass.

  • Chronic_Breakdown

    "Lets go drink some fiji" *blurs fiji water*

  • jetmir limoni
    jetmir limoni

    Number 4 luck at MGK he is a biggg shittt

  • Ceaton Busch
    Ceaton Busch

    And that was the last time mgk was allowed on the show

  • The Engine
    The Engine

    Tatted chick in #2 has got a mean right cross

  • Drew Tee
    Drew Tee

    That first dude needa come out the closet dressin like a gay biker.

  • Mark's Accidents
    Mark's Accidents

    Isnt this the one that Catfish said was fake? These two guys were in on it together?

  • Jae Ponafala
    Jae Ponafala

    MGK is so extra

  • King Pilo
    King Pilo

    I love this show 💯☠️

  • Loveable

    Justin is lovely ❤️

  • Breezy.Riyah

    22:30 "I wanted the world to know i was gay" mf you cant just tell em???

  • Latia Kitt
    Latia Kitt

    #5 has me rolling😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • the donkey from shrek
    the donkey from shrek

    number 5 was on some other type of shit. the guy thought he was in a movie lool

  • nadien

    #5 is actually fake they are friends irl, i think they even have a youtube channel together

  • Cassandra Aveina
    Cassandra Aveina

    Nev dont u follow no mad black man😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Love Warrior
    Love Warrior

    This show is so fake.

  • SIKONE 05
    SIKONE 05

    Why tf is machine gun kelly on here

  • BashanSandersRockstarchannel



    I missed when they labeled him, but that whole time I was like damn, that looks like a broke MGK

  • Brad Stream
    Brad Stream

    'Shallow goldiggers get trolled hard'


    I love how she slapped that fatbitch for lyin😂

  • Big Man
    Big Man

    MGK is weak sauce. Skinny ass bastard

  • christopher wong
    christopher wong

    It's hilarious how fake this is. When he hits his chest he hits is lav microphone.

  • Nicholas Russell
    Nicholas Russell

    Can't believe I'm sitting here watching this shit .

  • Lady Mae
    Lady Mae


  • The Normal Life
    The Normal Life

    That last one though. Dude wasn't tryna hear nothing they were tryna say. Then get mad when he said he had a child and didn't tell him

  • Duh deon
    Duh deon

    I swear #5 is an actor I bet my left nut I seen him before he's a poor actor acting mad or whateva

  • an irish ladd 04
    an irish ladd 04

    kanye is on the first one

  • bigboy

    Nev hard as you try YOU AINT BLACK, but you def gay.

  • Monke Luffy
    Monke Luffy

    Stop picking ur ear gal

  • S R
    S R

    Lupus isn’t keeping that “B” from the mall, hair salon, nail parlor -

  • Carama Gambino
    Carama Gambino

    Damn who misses MTV VIDEOS!??!

  • Carama Gambino
    Carama Gambino

    You do not look like a fool. Your not a dumbass. With lupus are not municipality of little snakes that want to miss lead and deceit and try to turn peoples lives upside down people with lupus or not as sick as she saying she is she is a bold face manipulating Little bitch that has never been held responsible for anything. Her horrible actions Will be judged one day and she will have to face her maker.

  • priceless

    #4 😫😫😫😫😫

  • priceless

    Lmbo #5 Artis that's your karma your in a relationship thought you were about to score lmbo JESS I MEAN JUSTIN IS PSYCHOTIC AND NEEDS TO COME OUT THE CLOSET.

  • DucklifeYT

    Wait is number 4 machine gun Kelly?

  • Douglas Diggins
    Douglas Diggins

    Justin is the man!

  • slałł

    I love catfishing Pedophiles

  • yardbirds89

    This is the worst acting that i have even seen...

  • k

    I just realised all these people are gay, except what 1? Shit, is gays the majority now? Or just the messy, crazy, weird majority???

  • Maddox Ryan
    Maddox Ryan

    # 5 Is a mu'f**kin Disney Villain!

  • Zerozen808


  • Nina Baby
    Nina Baby

    #5 was fake as hell lol.

  • Michelle Zamora
    Michelle Zamora

    Dejay is lowkey cute😬🤭... and he was over there looking like a kid when sone parents are arguing 😂

  • mutinyontheark

    Filming the pill bottles in their house is scummy AF

  • B

    Thank you IT-my for recommending this to me and reminding me why I DO NOT watch MTV, VH1, BET etc..... 👍

  • mrsynix

    MTV desperate as FUH right now with this shit LOL

  • Reibecca Stringer
    Reibecca Stringer


  • Michael Schäfer
    Michael Schäfer

    Camera man right crazy that he even playing camera man

  • iiVorce

    Justin is gonna be on the local news one day charged with murder Just wait

  • Allen Albright
    Allen Albright

    Seems fake and I am pretty sure they could get sued if it was not a bunch of actors. What a stupid show. You have to be an idiot to believe this is real.

  • 1zeaz1

    #4 damn her forehead

  • Sara Grays
    Sara Grays

    #2 damn California girls are crazy

  • Tylona Hambrick
    Tylona Hambrick

    # 5 trying to get himself killed . Wtf

  • Trash Barbie
    Trash Barbie

    What couple was number 5 was he spose to be a girl ????

  • Jaime Perez
    Jaime Perez

    @0:49 lmao the way he was looking all around

  • jason fontaine
    jason fontaine

    Bro the 5th one dude had me rollin

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