7 Explosive ‘Catfish’ Reveals That Didn’t Go Well | MTV Ranked
A look back at some of the angriest, scream-filled reveals in ‘Catfish’ history.
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    • ceezraugustolara

      Fake and faker than fake and scripted and upsetting because it feels like being duped wasting my time wanting to see something real not something scripted..

    • Freaky Stories
      Freaky Stories

      total I am so glad that I am not them, it would suck big time for me if I did.

    • Zorian

      Can you explain # 2 because I didn't quite understand the conflict. Did she think she was texting with a guy the whole time or what?

    • Michael Tramontana
      Michael Tramontana

      Hey my main vlog channel @ brovervlogs can you all go watch are vid n sub pls we just wanna entertain n help are community and are youtube community n help us all again sub to BROVERVLOGS

  • The Captain
    The Captain

    The whole f*cking thing is staged. What a joke!

  • Kendrah Terrell
    Kendrah Terrell

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 catfish is my show lmaooo😂 this show is funny😂

  • Cory Resilient
    Cory Resilient

    #5 wow... This guys a killer.. Serial killer.

  • colleen hepburn
    colleen hepburn

    "Is that a fishnet !"

  • Cory Resilient
    Cory Resilient

    Fkn weirdos

  • Charles Thompson
    Charles Thompson

    the justin guy had me dead

  • Drew McLaughlin
    Drew McLaughlin

    26:04 dude should of stayed with his BM her booty phat 😩👸🏾

  • Mina Sanchez
    Mina Sanchez

    This is crazy 😝 I’m from old school 🏫 we meet face to face this the new name for treachery is cat fish 🐠

  • Rebecca Johnson
    Rebecca Johnson

    13:56 he'd be kinda attractive if he cut his hair and wasn't so crazy.

  • Gretchen Murphy
    Gretchen Murphy

    #3. Best friend sounds like a thot she don't even have empathy for her friend, she talking about it should be about me "I'm the one going through this" ... Smh sick bitch you don't have a child with this man, nor do y'all have any time invested together so just move on Hoe, and keep your best friend

  • Psychic Medium Ella Dawn
    Psychic Medium Ella Dawn

    Is there vodka in that Fiji water? He keeps going back for more lol

  • ALFJAMXA James
    ALFJAMXA James

    Number 7 should have been number 1.

  • ALFJAMXA James
    ALFJAMXA James

    Episode 4 final results: Machine Gun Kelly makes a diss track about Hundra 🤣😅😂

  • Becoming Lovely
    Becoming Lovely

    number 4# Catfish got catfished

  • Have a great day!
    Have a great day!

    #5 has to be an actor

  • James Hollister
    James Hollister

    Fake as fake

  • Tristian4Taki


  • gianna joyce
    gianna joyce

    Are you dumb? No are you dumb???

  • Matthew Malone
    Matthew Malone

    The slow clap at 5 effin psycho

  • Nekeba Channell
    Nekeba Channell

    #5 wtf homeboy a phyco rapiest killer he like the white deebo that's my booty punk !!!😂😂😂 And if #1s bf didn't know he do now lol

  • Heather Sutton
    Heather Sutton


  • Daniel Van Evera
    Daniel Van Evera

    Lol that slow clap though haha... he was teaching homie a point I guess in his weird way.

  • Kat Grootboom
    Kat Grootboom

    Where do black Americans come up with these names?? Ray'quan😂😂😂What the hell does that even mean??

  • Professor Brown
    Professor Brown

    #5 was like a fucking movie..... Crazy

  • I.loadinggg

    Anyone else peeped that most of the catfish are wearing timbs 😭

  • tash tash
    tash tash

    What is Charlamagne doing there lol

  • Disciple of The Way
    Disciple of The Way

    Fish net was worn for the occasion.

  • Bubbles4112

    #5 WTF!!!!!!! That's what he gets 4 trying to leave his family & kids!

  • Daniel Sahagun
    Daniel Sahagun

    “I’m lit!” 😹

  • Jesse Ard
    Jesse Ard

    Then he going around axin people, lol it's "asking people"

    • Jesse Ard
      Jesse Ard

      Oh so I'm a murder now!?!? 😄Jk

  • dogsitter68

    what does lit mean ???

  • Jaz Pascual
    Jaz Pascual

    Nev couldn’t take #5 seriously in the beginning with his cute crutches😂❤️

  • Allan Beltran
    Allan Beltran

    Machine gun kelly is pissed because the name Gerald was thrown around

  • Jaguars Fan
    Jaguars Fan

    Is dat Charlemagne da god lol 😂

  • dogsitter68

    just like a black person to blame the victim , i dindu nuffin

  • HclewTheCrew


  • B M
    B M

    Nev is so hot when he's mad. Smiling all big like a crazy person. 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • I am a Nigga
    I am a Nigga

    Why most ppl R not straight like 90%off ppl in catfish R gays

  • Antonio Mena
    Antonio Mena

    #4 guy looks like Paul Cantu

  • Raven Willis
    Raven Willis

    MGK is a loser yo🙄

  • Jayyy Babyy
    Jayyy Babyy

    #4 shit was funny asf 😂 the bitch was like🤨”whats done” “I was t the world to know I’m gay” her shit was stiff😢

  • lokey 7
    lokey 7

    #3 is fishy how dose she not know we’re her baby daddy works at???

  • iTjmezy

    Justin is weird bro lol

  • michael randall
    michael randall

    I have encountered many # 5's and this Justin comes across as the real deal. Even the fact that he was sweaty and maybe smelled not bothering to clean up ,not for a 1-2 -alpha situation. Not knowing any of what led up to this , but Justin exposed is all about throwing everyone off balance from his confrontational driving, slow clapping,what he's wearing, sweaty ,sloppy and the disjointed, change of perspective. Agreeing with Nev after saying they would take care of what they discussed last night. Explaining how it started so innocently but agreeing with where ever Nev led. I wonder what happened after. If this guy is actually gay, then here is an example of where homophobia places people.

  • Danny Ortega
    Danny Ortega

    "Aw lord Mtv aint paying me for all of this bruh " 😂😂 that camera dude is so cool

  • Sleepy Mei Mei
    Sleepy Mei Mei

    Oof machine gun Kelly is fine af

  • Lillian Williams
    Lillian Williams

    Some people with Lupus, definitely display mental issues.

  • David Olivares
    David Olivares

    Lol scripted.

  • MAD

    you can tell this is near the eastcoast, swear i saw like 20 timbs

  • Leslie Scout
    Leslie Scout

    #5 reminds me of the Pokemon kids in elementary school

  • kute kissez
    kute kissez

    This hoe talking bout they supposed to be in love she would have got hit in her shit talking bout she in love with my bd like she disregarded her friendship bitches have no loyalty

  • Karen Kk
    Karen Kk

    The beginning of #5 was just creepy asf man...ugh. The clapping and the way he was acting was so off putting.

  • K. G.
    K. G.

    THAS MY BABY DADDY.....she said...aint no way

  • K. G.
    K. G.

    SUCKAAAAA U R a SUCKUHHHHH....CORNY...thanks for wasting my time youre corny you r not a hero you are a ...shameful citizen

  • K. G.
    K. G.

    Hundra looks lost the entire time shes on screen lmao

  • K. G.
    K. G.

    ‘’Swear to god im mad af...’’ -mgk lmaooooo

  • Charlotte's Web
    Charlotte's Web

    Is it lupus or is she psycho?? Lmao!!

  • Reece Smith
    Reece Smith

    #2 that girl did not have to slap her tho

  • Joshua Garrity
    Joshua Garrity

    Working for the state isn't a "career". It's a job that does things like pay you to take your sweet time to wait near an hour just doing paperwork to serve a single person after more than an hour. A career is a type of work where you use technique and learned wisdom twords doing things like doing a learned skill to heal somebody's body, use tools to fix things, use empathy and use psychological learned treatments and prescribe medicines to defuse mentally stressful situations. How the heck is paperwork, taking a lot of time to serve people and getting information from them a "carrer"? It's possible to get paid a well over average amount working for the government, but that doesn't make it a "career", that just makes it a good paying or financially stable job. Careers are something you can take to any place in the world. Just because you worked for Ohio State before, doesn't mean you'll get to work for Texas state. You have to put in effort just to get a state job. As opposed with like working as a CNA and bringing your skill and or certificate/certificates with you and getting hired because of the guaranteed wisdom. All states have different laws and norms. So you're not going to have a "career" because even if you have worked for a state, that doesn't mean another will hire you because obviously they will have a different method system. Please stop stating opinions to be factual.

  • CommercialPlaneGirl

    ew gays/lesbians 🤢

  • Eric Blue
    Eric Blue

    Damn. Just damn.

  • Eric Blue
    Eric Blue

    Da hell? Really?

  • Crystal Curtis
    Crystal Curtis

    5 LMAO

  • Crystal Curtis
    Crystal Curtis

    #7 omg i would break y'all neck...lupus or not i would kick the shit out of y'all 😂😂😂

  • Nav Gee
    Nav Gee

    26:04 she got smurf in her pants.

  • It's Olivia
    It's Olivia

    Let's go get some Fiji Water XD

  • Jay p
    Jay p

    lmao the way #5 pulled up had me crying wtfff

  • Becca Black
    Becca Black

    Thats my friend T.T!!!

  • Zay Glizzy
    Zay Glizzy

    This is the funniest shit in the world 😂

  • Ivy Jordan
    Ivy Jordan

    omg its machine gun kelly

  • Gazella Manami {Officially Sexy}
    Gazella Manami {Officially Sexy}


  • daniela rossi
    daniela rossi

    *20:00** Finally Catfishers got Catfished lol*

  • daniela rossi
    daniela rossi

    *The delusional white gay is such a sociopath I am afraid he is a ticking time bomb, right there*

  • J o a n n a . G
    J o a n n a . G

    #1 said he’s 22 years old and has a 10 year old, I’m lost🤔🤔he was 12 when he had a kid??

  • michael swords
    michael swords

    May not count as as being catfished, but on a dating site i did have a guy in a wig making out to be a girl who kept messaging me. Also looked like he had downsindrom.

  • S L
    S L

    This show is fake as shit, o shit was that Charlemagne !?! 😂

  • Daniela Leyva
    Daniela Leyva

    Joanna is TOO FINE!

  • Tangobulldogs

    Am i watching a gay show..... Wt-f....

  • Prisila J
    Prisila J

    #4 Hundra was about to get rocked by mgk 😫🤣👊🏽

  • Astraldymensions

    Lol why is Charlamagne out here XD

  • Dayneisha Davis
    Dayneisha Davis

    Yo! I Love MGK! He is heated lmfao mmmmmm he so tall and sexy!

  • Timothy Richmond
    Timothy Richmond

    Proof that all black men are gay in todays society ...

  • Janice Hullaby
    Janice Hullaby

    #1 😩😩

  • Tremell Israel
    Tremell Israel

    bitch if you have a daughter or and are a slave for the pink man why you fucking around on social mdia

  • Janice Hullaby
    Janice Hullaby

    Number 3 seems real and hurtful

  • meilani rose
    meilani rose

    #6 . thats what you get for tryna cheat on a beautiful gf you already had!!

  • your majesty mrmac
    your majesty mrmac

    Gays do have a disease

  • SepticRaven

    *"Don't you follow no angry black man into his house."*

  • Jay Vontay Swing
    Jay Vontay Swing

    Ya so messy why ya bring my baby mama😂😂😂

  • Dustin Palumbo
    Dustin Palumbo

    Lol that had that fuckboy on #4 hahahaha

  • Kimmaya

    woah machine gun kelly is on here !

  • veronique mcfadden
    veronique mcfadden

    You're dismissed

  • Izaiah Murr
    Izaiah Murr

    lol if you get catfished you lame😂

  • FairyOfTheRain

    people with lupus still work tho :/ i have it to

  • Lele Shreve
    Lele Shreve

    If someone did that to me, I would fucking laugh my ass off!😂😂😋 but I love pranks

  • Light Within
    Light Within

    Sick people

  • La' Derrick Senoj
    La' Derrick Senoj

    The Hispanic Chic In #2 Looks So Damn Gorgeous To Me Lol. She Reminds Me Of Amy Winehouse ♥️

  • Honeymfdue

    “Is that a fish net”😂💀 girl they a mess

  • Dr Sleuth
    Dr Sleuth

    Number 5 is Sam Hyde

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