A COLLECTION of BAD IDEAS! 😅😆| Funniest Fails | AFV 2020
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Tickle your funny-bone with these #funnyfails and try not to laugh LOL. Americas Funniest Videos has the most epic library for #fails and we've put together a list that will get you through the week with a laugh 😆 Which #fail made you LOL the hardest?
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  • FV Funny Video
    FV Funny Video

    Awasome videos 🙃 Check also my channel 🤣🤣🤣

  • shree ganesh taylor
    shree ganesh taylor

    👈अगर आप सीलाइ काम करते हे तो इस फोटो पर क्लिक करके नइ नइ डीझाइन सीख सकते हहैज👌👌👍❤💙💚💛💜

  • esskhefi mjid
    esskhefi mjid

    Vidéo eclaton de rire

  • Lalhmahruaia Chhakchhuak
    Lalhmahruaia Chhakchhuak

    These people disen't know how to execute bad ideas 😂😂😂😂

  • Josean Rodriguez Gutierrez
    Josean Rodriguez Gutierrez

    Your videos are so funny

  • andrea alves de jesus
    andrea alves de jesus

    Amooooo kkkkkkkkk

  • Mocking69


  • Malik Saif
    Malik Saif

    *How can i compile the funny memes with monitization and upload on my youtube channel 🙏 plz tell me 😕 Saifisur60@gmail.com*

  • Sudhanshu Singh
    Sudhanshu Singh

    1:55 the feeling of you cannot do anything ...😁😁

  • amy channel
    amy channel

    Good funny..

  • Maria Henriquez
    Maria Henriquez


  • petesme petesmepetesme
    petesme petesmepetesme

    city skylines

  • gavhar fathullayeva
    gavhar fathullayeva


  • E Wood
    E Wood

    I’m never gonna hydrate on a bike

  • E Wood
    E Wood

    That rubber band busting. Ouch.

  • bOrn SurvivOr
    bOrn SurvivOr

    2:18 Never heard a horse laugh like that...Must be a Special breed..

    • AnnieTheMighty

      C Co Con Conf Confu Confus Confusi Confusio Confusion Confusio Confusi Confus Confu Conf Con Co C

    • AnnieTheMighty

      ... I Don't Get It

  • 해볼꼰대[I'll Try]
    해볼꼰대[I'll Try]

    잘 보고 갑니다~~~

  • F gamer
    F gamer

    USA in a nutshell

  • Vlad Sentry
    Vlad Sentry


  • Angelica Ortiz
    Angelica Ortiz

    That is dangerous

  • Huriya Life
    Huriya Life

    Hello kya hal hai aapka theek hain please meri video ko like kijiye

  • Νικολαος Καρανικολας
    Νικολαος Καρανικολας

    the watermelon boms? Hahahaha

  • Santiago Gonzalez Ortega
    Santiago Gonzalez Ortega

    I really feel so sorry the pilot,he might have some important things in his phone or memories

  • Dyar Jasim
    Dyar Jasim

    3:27 tea is ready 🤣

  • David Rock
    David Rock

    It was pure stupidnies of every but it was funny😂

  • World united
    World united

    hi i really like your videos guys we dont see them nowhere else i give you a big thumbs up for your good work really funny :)

  • 结山绘板

    I only feel pain, but also it's funny.

  • xxx ayyee
    xxx ayyee

    Anyone else happy that the fish made it? lol, I know I probs am the only one.

  • Carter Vanzummeren
    Carter Vanzummeren

    how r u still a thing


    2:00 tis doood lost all braincells lmao

  • Anthony PLAYS
    Anthony PLAYS

    Not funny

  • Ramil Campos
    Ramil Campos

    I Feel So bad for the pilot dropped the phone

  • Pawel Wolodko
    Pawel Wolodko

    Commercials, commercials, commercials... You are just the same as the failarmy now.

  • Frank Bishop
    Frank Bishop

    1:11 - Apparently I blinked and missed a new fad. When did rubber banding watermelon become a thing? 2:49 - I laughed out loud when the little kid said, "You fell, mommy." Captain Obvious in training.

    • مريم مرام
      مريم مرام


  • Quba Iqbal
    Quba Iqbal

    Not so funny and don't make funny video 👿

  • Isabella Napoliello
    Isabella Napoliello

    4:38 Grandma did a whole split 😂

  • Ronaldo b
    Ronaldo b

    I love how fat people think they are more agile than they actually are 🤣

  • Dhemver quiñones
    Dhemver quiñones


  • Dhemver quiñones
    Dhemver quiñones


  • SuperLionMarc

    1:56 Wow just Wow how sad

  • Sai Dharshan
    Sai Dharshan

    Super சிரிச்சு சிரிச்சு வயிறு வலியே வந்துடுச்சு 😂😂🤣🤣👌👌👍👍

  • Alarm Gaming
    Alarm Gaming

    nicht witzig wenn sich alte menschen Verletzen.

  • Its darkmars
    Its darkmars

    6:30 he's slipery

  • Caitlyn Banjao
    Caitlyn Banjao


  • Cotonella


  • Siddharth Mishra
    Siddharth Mishra

    Always hydrate!

  • gaming studio 99
    gaming studio 99

    I can't stop watching 👍 💞 💓 💝 💜 💘 💛 💗

  • gaming studio 99
    gaming studio 99

    I can't stop watching 👍 💞 💓 💝 💜 💘 💛 💗

  • gaming studio 99
    gaming studio 99

    I can't stop watching 👍 💞 💓 💝 💜 💘 💛 💗

  • Ayushman Bharat
    Ayushman Bharat

    Make Auz Boss the most subscrined channel. Search for it.

  • trying to get 500 subs before coronavirus ends
    trying to get 500 subs before coronavirus ends

    My favourite but of this video is when the person fails

    • Kauppareissuilija66


    • Fuzzy Yard
      Fuzzy Yard

      Yeah me too

  • Cardinal baz
    Cardinal baz

    I just searched up funny and this was the first thing

  • Nick Borromeo
    Nick Borromeo

    the sadness on the mans face recorrding what hes witnessing above the sky on a plane is purely tragic :( as if all his memories with his wife is all stored on his phone then it got lost onboard ,:(

  • Sheikh Kids
    Sheikh Kids

    I latterly went through all the comments lol

  • Jeanette


  • FERNANDO González
    FERNANDO González

    Min 6:58 Poor dog hahaha🤣

  • JairoPlayzTY

    Your a docter cause this can take out saddness

  • Th3 hacker
    Th3 hacker

    6:58 poor dog

  • yokluuds_roblox YT
    yokluuds_roblox YT

    I feel bad for the guy on the plane losing his phone his face went from happy to sad ☹️

    • Miley Oconnor
      Miley Oconnor


  • Brian Foster
    Brian Foster

    I did not laugh. Not once

  • Bradley Baller
    Bradley Baller

    That’s not funny🤨🧢

  • Lisa Odelius
    Lisa Odelius


  • CryPaxl

    I feel bad for that pilot

  • Izzat Yollyyev
    Izzat Yollyyev

    I like it

  • Leem Khalaila
    Leem Khalaila

    Is that grandma ok??!! 😰

  • Jai jawans jai kisan India
    Jai jawans jai kisan India


  • 112 flexxoff
    112 flexxoff

    Who is in quarantine watching weird stuff?

  • Sage Reyes
    Sage Reyes

    5:45 did that guy really grab a fish with his hands and put it back

  • AwesomeGtaMods

    people falling and get hurt you say its funny ? and who laugh at them you seeing falling ? someone will do same to you

  • Peter Zingler
    Peter Zingler

    Why are there so many broken chairs.... Yes

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