A Country in the Middle of Nevada | Whoa that's weird
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  • thegreendank1

    Can I marry the step daughter and become next in line to the throne???

  • Lee Hofork
    Lee Hofork

    A nation within a county, within a state , within the US. Only exists in the rural areas of the United States . But that’s good , that’s your God given rights and you legally exercising it. Cheers

  • Sergeant Wifey Versus
    Sergeant Wifey Versus

    Wow...I apparently live 20 minutes from this place and had no idea!

  • Mav Div
    Mav Div

    Their are some really weird people in this world.

  • KDA

    At least he said Reno right

  • slim pickinsworld
    slim pickinsworld

    :>) Molossia / pretty wacky and that man is very smart he does what he pleases with his time and life, great energy.

  • Donovan Doran
    Donovan Doran

    It’s nuh-VAD-Ud “A” as in dad Not “A” as in odd Why does nobody get this right?

    • shauna giaquinta
      shauna giaquinta

      'a' is one of the most modified vowels between different accents and so anyone using the "odd" 'a' sound, likely doesn't hear a difference like you do. Go to another state and get yourself cultured. You won't waste your time with vowels when you see what else is out there.

  • A1 43
    A1 43

    I want war declared, I feel like my country is in danger, what if Molossia had nuclear weapons of mass destruction

    • shauna giaquinta
      shauna giaquinta

      The manakins aren't going anywhere.

  • Keith Callaway
    Keith Callaway

    This is the cheapest passport I ever saw lol hahahahaha

  • carlos espinal
    carlos espinal

    “I think you’re one of the most benign dictators I’ve ever come across”... Lmaooo hysterical

  • Blake Ybarra
    Blake Ybarra

    Good for them

  • Mitch Contreras
    Mitch Contreras

    Omg!! The ending KILLS me!

  • A.J. Ladore
    A.J. Ladore

    Its Nevada.. not Nevaughda...

  • Chris

    Cranked like 4 hoons after this video. About to start a go fund me to build my own nation

  • haters hater
    haters hater

    3:30 Still more efficient than the USPS.

  • Alicia Galvan
    Alicia Galvan

    Essentially it's what Michael Jackson aimed to do on his property.

  • Gabriel Robinson
    Gabriel Robinson

    Love thst catch phrase!!!

  • Dustin Wind
    Dustin Wind

    I know the area, the number 1 export is methamphetamine

  • Timothy Lim
    Timothy Lim

    Cringe fest

  • Timothy Lim
    Timothy Lim

    What a joke

  • C R
    C R


  • Jordan's Take
    Jordan's Take


  • John Smiths
    John Smiths

    It’s N.e.v.a.d.a ...you hill billy

  • Mike Rutecky
    Mike Rutecky

    The cookie dough standard dieing

  • Hazy Hartman
    Hazy Hartman

    Awesome dude!!! I want to go there. What kind of cookie dough do you like?

  • Tad Rodeheaver
    Tad Rodeheaver

    This actually isn’t a bad idea, like clearly it’s a good tourism idea and it proves quite popular

  • Derrick Pereslucha
    Derrick Pereslucha

    "Whoa..whoa that's weird.. REALLY FUCKING WEIRD...HOLY FUCKING SHIT" hahaha yes amazing tune

  • Oh Kay
    Oh Kay

    Forgetting the fact that the US has hundreds of independent sovereign nations within it

  • Master Lee
    Master Lee

    His whole family is sharing sunglasses most lickly becouse the whole town's on acid

  • North Star
    North Star

    I thought I am the only one who’s got a brain fart

  • Delta-Jungly 810
    Delta-Jungly 810

    I feel like this started as a vision and a bit of a joke and this guy has forgotten the difference between the joke and reality lmao

  • Corsair Carl
    Corsair Carl

    Holy shit this place is real? I thought Nostalgia Critic made it up!

  • Indonesia Terkini
    Indonesia Terkini

    Then he living his own dreams! Whats yours?

  • John Scroggins
    John Scroggins

    Stand there and play pretend guard at his drive way and check his iD every time he enters America

  • DreamWarrior

    Whoa, whoa this is gay..........

  • Brandon Tyler
    Brandon Tyler

    Yo this guy is a genius he turned his pretend business into a business lol

  • AmericaNeedsWeed

    He pays taxes......what a pussy...deafeats the purpose

  • Darnell Munos
    Darnell Munos

    I hate white ppl

  • vital 1234
    vital 1234

    Thank god the USA is still keeping good relations with Mollasia...can you imagine if they invaded our country'? Mollasias navy would absolutely obliterate us...

  • James Buckey
    James Buckey

    1:10 Guy looks like an African slum lord


    I need my on nation that's cool need to go claim so land gave me and idea

  • DaaMooN Vanquish
    DaaMooN Vanquish

    space program are more real than NASA


    Imagine doing a hostage trade off with molossia

  • Biggster biggs
    Biggster biggs

    This is tops. Love it. More established than some of the others I've seen. Props.

  • hjh fhy
    hjh fhy

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha molossia vs east Germany

  • jayce keffer
    jayce keffer


  • I love Lunches
    I love Lunches

    I just found your channel and I really like it a lot💓💓💓

  • weston malone
    weston malone

    Desert people....

  • Darth Revan
    Darth Revan

    Breaking news molassia has declared war with the us

  • Tin Dal
    Tin Dal

    At least their rocket launching was more successful than north korea's nuclear launch

  • Yukno Imreighte
    Yukno Imreighte

    id bang out the constable

  • used tea
    used tea

    Lol it’s like the city from that one scene in Indiana Jones where he hides in a fridge

  • used tea
    used tea

    I officially claim this comment section as my country

  • Carter Personal
    Carter Personal

    That’s what drugs do to you

  • Green General
    Green General

    The Republic of Kekistan is the most powerful of them all.

  • Jake Allard
    Jake Allard

    I'm gunna get some friends and invade

  • bitario723

    That's delusion to the highest degree

  • Chris Quick
    Chris Quick

    "That's a good army." -Peter Griffin

  • James Kelly
    James Kelly


  • shortpg2

    I've lived in Reno my whole life and didn't know that this existed... lol

  • Adrian Pearns
    Adrian Pearns

    This guy's is to bored with his life seems like he's never worked to hard

  • Menacing Mollusk
    Menacing Mollusk

    Nation aka tourist trap

  • Shawn Tsosie
    Shawn Tsosie

    We've got a lot in common,we use dummies as civil servants as well. That means you piggy.

  • Ggbt Vyh
    Ggbt Vyh

    Homie said fuck east Germany I need my sleep 😂

  • Zach InTheHat
    Zach InTheHat

    So people can role play and pretend they live in the 1700’s to entertain tourists but this guy is crazy for doing the same kind of thing.

  • Brian W
    Brian W

    Molossia money is worth more than Venezuelan money. That’s really sad.


    This where the mental institutions went to ❗😂 Note - don't go to Nevada

  • ryanfrogz

    Who knows, maybe I’ll colonize a cornfield in Iowa

  • Karl Kindle
    Karl Kindle

    you cant tell me this guy aint got illegal shit going on. probably making and growing drugs where its "legal" and has underground drug cartel tunnels. definately more to this shit then meets the eye.

  • quinn king
    quinn king

    Everyone makes this guy look like a nut! But this video actually explains it for what it really is! What a cool place!

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