A Country in the Middle of Nevada | Whoa that's weird
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  • Vlad Drac
    Vlad Drac

    Holy shit was that allgasnobrakes?

  • Dylan Wager
    Dylan Wager

    Was that AllGasNoBrakes singing the national anthem?

  • Franklin Weitendorf
    Franklin Weitendorf

    HOLD THE FUCK UP you're telling me wonton D has been collabing with all gas no brakes already? 4:30?

  • Opus Noctem
    Opus Noctem

    Hey Donnie, at 4:28 that is the guy who makes the All Gas No Brakes show... great content! are you guys acquaintances or just happen to be on the same tour the same day??

  • Turk

    It is illegal to play percussion instruments in any bathroom

  • stan Lee
    stan Lee

    Foreign aid!! 😭

  • mooseone

    Haha, wtf? 4:28 Is that All Gas No Brakes singing the Molossia national anthem?

  • Jay Forts
    Jay Forts

    It's like a mini attraction inside a big theme park.

  • Brandon

    New Nicaea had its state visit with Molossia in 2016. President Baugh was a kind and interesting fellow. The state visit was a success and our two micronations still carry on friendly correspondence to this day.

  • rabin lama
    rabin lama

    It’s a fucking museum not a country

  • No Shirtedass
    No Shirtedass

    He said we give them foreign aid that's hilarious

  • Frandmaster Glash
    Frandmaster Glash

    Wtf all gas no breaks is in this video

  • Yomal Amarathunge
    Yomal Amarathunge


  • Bla Blabla
    Bla Blabla


  • Smutty Alonso
    Smutty Alonso

    East Germany should invade

  • Austin Ramsey
    Austin Ramsey

    What in the fuck

  • ddas adfassaf
    ddas adfassaf

    What is Molossia's drug policy? Seems like its pretty lax.

  • MarceloACR

    All Gas no Brakes suddenly pops out for a few seconds wtf

  • Legit Chris Oconnell
    Legit Chris Oconnell

    must be interesting when his daughter brings a guy over haha

  • Legit Chris Oconnell
    Legit Chris Oconnell

    every one say this dude on drugs.... but he seems incredibly sober ... and super funny

  • Colin B.
    Colin B.

    Quarter confessions collab?

  • Ari K.
    Ari K.

    Get Out

  • Kevin Foley
    Kevin Foley

    What’s the national dish?

  • d Watson
    d Watson


  • Emmett

    He's not crazy you guys, just a troll with a tourist attraction


    That place is much more fun than a regular tourist contraption.

  • Sam Rice
    Sam Rice


  • PayneDeathz

    Is that All Gas No Brakes?

  • Thomas McCormick
    Thomas McCormick

    Yo is that the the “All Gas No Breaks” dude at 4:29?!

    • Jeff F
      Jeff F

      for sure but its weird cause i can't find any videos of him in molossia

  • Joshua Alofipo
    Joshua Alofipo

    🤣🤣 too funny

  • babydrummers

    ayy all gas no brakes homies


    Dude , ! Iv been there 👍 I found an old lady with a dog someone had just shoot in the ass . Good thing I took first aid 🙄

  • Cole


  • Daniel Feldman
    Daniel Feldman

    Cookie dough?!?! LMAO

  • Adam

    this guys step daughter doesn't even know the real world exists lol

  • All-Time Alien
    All-Time Alien

    Lol the space program is hilarious

  • Fuentinho

    'Maybe one day we'll invade, the Cubans might object.' Just don't do what the US did and you should be fine.

  • Supaflyy Owen
    Supaflyy Owen

    Lmao one of their laws is that u cant play percussion in the bathroom 😭😭 is if someone was gonna let loose on the drum set while droppin a dump 💀😂

  • Drew Chamberlain
    Drew Chamberlain

    That constable could arrest me anytime

  • Maxime Brisebois
    Maxime Brisebois

    hey its that all gas no brakes guy at 4:28

  • Austin Pyeatt
    Austin Pyeatt

    woahhh all gas no brakes cameo at 4:29 lmao lets gooo

  • Austen Summers
    Austen Summers

    4:28 Andrew from allgasnobrakes!

  • Haywood JaMakemeasandwich
    Haywood JaMakemeasandwich

    Homeboy from All Gas No Breaks was in there. What's the connection?

  • Thomas Jones
    Thomas Jones

    ALL GAS NO BRAKES,what a crossover!

  • J. Milo.
    J. Milo.

    why the fuck nobody is talking about andrew and his #allgasnobrakesshow

  • Tiffany Ko
    Tiffany Ko

    This is hilarious!! He's definitely on meth

  • Byron Meyer
    Byron Meyer

    Why the actual Fuck are there so many people there. Sure I understand Don being there 1000%. Fuck molossia. Canada biotch!!!! Lmao

  • onelove1968

    Donnie really has a very charming Elvis Presley vibe about him.

  • Belltown Daisy
    Belltown Daisy

    "Foreign aid."🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💀

  • Reinsteigerix

    wirkt vielleicht witzig am helligten tag mit der mugge und wenn don es rüberbringt, aber im prinzip ist das doch total krank und scary

  • eustace b
    eustace b


  • ham and cheese
    ham and cheese

    Dudes created a tourist attraction in the middle of the desert. Looks nuts but it's intelligent really.

  • Gonzolives420

    The allgasnobrakes guy is singing the National anthem

  • azdoe98

    All Gas no Breaks!

  • Steve West
    Steve West

    Is Cannabis legal there?

  • Dave

    Wow. That was retarded.

  • Hagge Bänke
    Hagge Bänke

    Go to transnistria next.

  • marsteinou

    Is that All gas no breaks?

  • tenchichrono

    hahaha. when the Chinese tourist was told that you can't smoke inside Molossia and so he says "We're gong to be smoking *points here* in the US". LOL

  • Joseph Duggan
    Joseph Duggan

    Is that the guy from all gas no brakes?

  • Topher1162

    This guy probably isn’t serious. It’s probably j a tourist sight and the guy seems rlly normal except the fact that he owns a “country”

  • Mataz007

    this guy scared me sober

  • Jeff S
    Jeff S

    Basically a school project taken too far 😂

  • bartolocasanova

    All gas no breaks ...xD

  • Chris Guerrero
    Chris Guerrero

    How many billions does US give this country in foreign aid

  • 3.8 SN95
    3.8 SN95

    This guy is probably happier then all y’all making fun of him, yes it’s a bit strange but he’s happy so fuck it 😄

  • Collin Cook
    Collin Cook

    I mean if ya got the money why not

  • Nick Hickam
    Nick Hickam

    Yo why does this guy sound like Joe Rogan

  • Marky Darky
    Marky Darky

    Step daughter is cute

  • Nick Sengheiser
    Nick Sengheiser

    You just happened to be on the same tour as the All Gas No Brakes / Quarter Confessions guy!? (the guy singing the anthem)

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