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Jenna Julien
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  • RoninRin

    And then a week later the cancel culture army attacks...

  • leonardo Lazaro
    leonardo Lazaro

    One of the most genuine videos on the protests. Thank you for spreading this message and using your influence to spread the good word. Jenna has grown so much as a person and we've grown with her. The dinkfam will still be here when this wholesome soul comes back to the internet

  • Sharon O'neal
    Sharon O'neal

    Black Lives Matter movement are a radical marxist group.

  • Anti-SJW

    All Lives Matter

    • Sharon O'neal
      Sharon O'neal

      I agree! I just ran across this and I'm very disappointed that they support that radical marxist group.

  • Theo's cakes
    Theo's cakes

    Hi there so offending someone can be apologized for but opressing someone is not right. Your past actions have not oppressed anyone but maybe it has offended many. That being said come back.

  • Erum Mahmud
    Erum Mahmud

    Why did this get 1.5K dislikes? They are so genuine and sweet and real

    • Sharon O'neal
      Sharon O'neal

      Because black Lives Matter is a radical group that supports marxism. BLM isn't a good group to support!

  • Monique D
    Monique D

    Thank you. My Godfather is not happy because I'm leaving to Alabama in few days. He told me "please be careful because they are super racist over there" He is white with red hair and was refused service twice at two different restaurant because he was heard speaking Spanish. I am a black hispanic women. It is super crazy and super scary.

  • Sydney D
    Sydney D

    Then Jenna is bullied off the platform.. 😭 Look at the souls of these people. They are so caring and real.

  • First Name
    First Name

    I’m glad u seemed to realize you can’t say you support BLM while you have a platform built on blackface

  • Classy Chassey CARHOPTRAYS
    Classy Chassey CARHOPTRAYS

    Way to stand up to what is right and making people feel good about themselves. www.ebay.com/itm/274353638331

  • Mrs boogaloo
    Mrs boogaloo

    Got woke, made a stand, now she’s cancelled, doing this was always going to bite her on the ass, you can never be “woke” enough, they’ll be after Julien next

    • Sharon O'neal
      Sharon O'neal

      I just found out that they support BLM. BLM are a radical, marxist group.

  • Carol Duff
    Carol Duff

    Disappointed that you gave in to the BLM mind control. Their goal is to frighten white people into acquiescence. Riots are intended to frighten white people. Everyone is NOT hurting. Only those who are frightened. You let them cancel you and your incredibly great messages.

  • RunniN IT
    RunniN IT

    The dog looked dead for half the video

  • bleach on a cob
    bleach on a cob

    I just want to say as a non-American who started watching Jenna & Julien since college freshmen. I really appreciate what they do. It's not exaggerating to say that I've learned the English language thanks to their videos. But the more I grew, the more I disagree with them politically. Living in a literal communist country makes me jealous about Americans and their values. It's truly a miracle to see that so many people could be so free. Yet It's sad to see some Americans don't appreciate what their country was built upon. I'll pray for America. And hopefully I could be there someday :)

  • Emma Jo
    Emma Jo

    SOOO, you’re supporting an underground terrorist organization that has ADMITTEDLY and REPEATEDLY stated via the news that they are “trained Marxist” and publicly STATED, “Without Change, WE WILL BURN DOWN THIS SYSTEM”!! I will quote a BLM leader as saying the following; Hawk Newsome, president of the Greater New York Black Lives Matter, reiterated that if the movement doesn’t get what it wants, it will "burn down this system.” AND, He replied that he had said: “If this country doesn't give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it. All right? And I could be speaking ... figuratively. I could be speaking literally. It's a matter of interpretation. Do you both know that is sedition and treason against the United States of America by vocally supporting a known terrorist group? Meanwhile, the son of Muhammad Ali said his father would not agree with Black Lives Matter, referring to the cause as “racist” and its members as “devils.” You both should do your research before speaking out publicly on what you support!!!! Shame on you both!!

  • PoPo #123
    PoPo #123

    And then four days later the mob came for you!

    • Yo Mama
      Yo Mama

      Its such a shame that she felt the need to quit bc people are so filled with hate. She is not a racist and the fact people are claiming she is is so gross. This cancel culture is dumb everyone is a hypocrite plain and simple

    • Mrs boogaloo
      Mrs boogaloo

      PoPo #123 it was always going to happen, you can never be pure enough for the woke

  • TheMultiReplayers

    Lol The same movement she claimed to support cancelled her because of "black face". Ironic. This is why you don't support Marxist movements.

    • Sharon O'neal
      Sharon O'neal

      BLM probably harassed her.

    • Sharon O'neal
      Sharon O'neal


    • Lav Jeanne
      Lav Jeanne

      She canceled herself you idiot.

  • Viktoria Z.
    Viktoria Z.


  • ac

    yet you're friends with/support shane dawson and jeffree star???? saying black lives matter loses all it's meaning when you're buddy-buddy with someone who did blackface and calls black women gorillas/monkeys

    • Mrs boogaloo
      Mrs boogaloo

      ac you’re happy she’s quit I’m guessing

  • Mikhail k
    Mikhail k

    I've got to put my first dieslaik on it. When some people start apologizing to others just because they were born in different colors. That's the most outright racism. Only in the other direction. White people have become nothing to apologize to black people just for being white. It's a clownery. In an effort to get equality, they've mixed themselves with dirt. I don't care if it's black in front of me or white. And I'm not gonna determine how a person is treated by skin color. But that's why I'm not going to let you think I'm worse than someone just because of the color of my skin. I have no slaves, and I have no slaves. My parents and their parents and parents didn't have slaves. Why would I consider myself guilty of the historical mistakes of other people of other times? The law applies equally to everyone. So why did black people have priority?

  • wiIdfIowcr

    jenna you have a HUGE platform on instagram and twitter and yet you stayed silent... you are still friends with and support two BLATANTLY racist people.... this video is a performative joke and i am so disappointed in you!

  • Frau Marte
    Frau Marte

    i'm not from america. i don't often meet black people in my country, so it's hard for me to understand the scale of the problem. but it's really heartbreaking to see how frightened both you are. hope you`re will be fine and no one getting hurt.

  • _please_

    Thank you.

  • gonzogirl Seeker
    gonzogirl Seeker

    I love that you guys are talking about because it's very important to talk

  • Iggy Cotton
    Iggy Cotton

    it-my.com/watchvideo/video-BMcwE4Ahdn0.html ... What's Up Now?

  • Lana

    You two are such beautiful human beings ❤️ I appreciate you both sooooo much

  • Его Пейсейшество
    Его Пейсейшество

    It's so disappointing to see how such a good movement like blm turned in to murder, robbery and vandalism,,,

    • Sharon O'neal
      Sharon O'neal

      They admit that they are trained marxists too.

  • Samantha Robertson
    Samantha Robertson

    I friggin love you both so much. thank you for using your collective platforms to use your voices too.

  • Ruby Tate
    Ruby Tate

    Off topic but Jenna’s shirt looks sooooo good

  • Портреты Бафомета
    Портреты Бафомета

    Protests and robbery are two different things. #AllLivesMatter

  • Ciara Maxwell
    Ciara Maxwell

    you guys are amazing! also love seeing cerm knocked out in jenna’s lap

  • Elemental Le
    Elemental Le

    I am from Russia, and we have also seen the horrors of police abuse in your country. We are with you, fight, and let justice be on your side!

  • Сиятел Геюшова
    Сиятел Геюшова

    Oh, God, this is awful! I'm talking about the situation ✊🏿

  • Austin Unrein
    Austin Unrein

    Words cannot describe how much I respect n love you too.🙏✌️💗

  • Raj Ronald
    Raj Ronald

    The fact that over 1,000 people *disliked* this video??? :/. I fucking love how genuine and well put this video is 💗.

    • Sharon O'neal
      Sharon O'neal

      BLM is a radical, marxist group!

    • Mrs boogaloo
      Mrs boogaloo

      Raj Ronald and now she’s cancelled

  • Reyko Suzu
    Reyko Suzu

    I can understand when people protect their right, but this situation is the nonsense. 'Cause many of the protesters just hurt the country, the people, the economy and fukin blyat' common sense. Think with your brain and decide.When did looting and aggression become a way to solve the problem? People behaving so inappropriately show their closeness to animals. It seems to me that Jena and Julian are trying to defend themselves with these words. This is their right. But then where is your pride? Is this your freedom? Yes, the police behaved inappropriately. But what does racism have to do with it? It feels like people are just looking for a place to be offended. Everyone is offended. EVERYONE. You don't find fault with the murder of a man, but with the murder of a black man. Isn't that racist? You respond to violence with violence. Can you just be adequate, damn it? Blame me for anything, anyone can be offended. Goodbye.

  • Trish Jensen
    Trish Jensen

    Absolutely disgusted at the fact that you are supporting literal domestic terrorist groups. And on top of that to make that suck disgusting criminal put to be a victim/hero/marter is disgusting and insulting to the woman he abused- Floyd was a criminal who had been to prison 6 ducking times and the reason the cops were called on him in the first place was because him and his gang broke into a black pregnant woman’s house- while his gang destroyed their home and stole anything of value- Floyd beat this pregnant woman and then proceeded to put a gun to her unborn child and threaten to shoot it if they didn’t get what they want! It is insulting to the REAL victims when you support these terrorist groups and put a disgusting scum of the earth criminal up like a hero! How the fuck would you feel if you were that woman and you hear that this man is being praised after the trauma he forced on you! On top of that he was on drugs and had drugs when they attempted to arrest him and he literally tried to kill the cop who was attempting to arrest him after the sick thing he did to the woman! Cops are NOT the villains- what happened to supporting woman?? You’d rather support a criminal who abused a woman over a pregnant woman who suffered server trauma. Disgusting and deplorable that you guys are supporting this openly on your channel. I have no respect at all for you two anymore-you and the rioters can go fuck yourselfs im done with this bullshit

    • Sharon O'neal
      Sharon O'neal

      Pissed off about it too.

  • C A
    C A

    As a disclaimer, I love Jenna and Julien both very much and support really just about anything they film, talk about, discuss, etc. BUT, why was this uploaded to the least subscribed channel of theirs, and TEN MINUTES long, and then tell your viewers to further view on a different app?? Jenna talked about a FISH for FORTY-FIVE minutes and decided to "cut it short" while telling her story. Sorry, but this isn't enough for me. I didn't hear anything about the actual issue at hand, just what they're currently feeling. Give information, talk about the history, give current examples of what we're fighting, show us that you join protests, display examples of your privileges and what you've learned about it and how to combat it, have a BLM guest speaker- have them ALL, DO SOMETHING. I understand this was not thought out- it should have been. Your viewers deserve to get the best from you during the worst of time. This country didnt reach a boiling point, we've BEEN boiling for years and year and years, it's simply too late for everyone to finally continue on their day without reaction and thats why so many more have stepped in. Do better for you and your community, and your impressionable fans, we all deserve it.

    • Dorlan

      As a black person them dontating 25,000$ is way more than enough for me. They don't have to live and breath the cause for them to be allies

  • Ay O
    Ay O

    I can't get behind the movement because they are very selective about which black lives matter. It's not right. So apparently not ALL black lives matter. That's why some people say ALL lives, because even they are being specific about which black lives matter. Not sure how else I can say it, but that's what's happening.

  • Елизавета Викторовна
    Елизавета Викторовна

    There is a channel that translates all your videos. It's called a “Камеди стор” That's where I watch all your videos and I just fell in love with your videos. I completely agree with your words and I myself do not blame such an attitude towards African Americans. They did not deserve it. They are people like us. It's terrible. Thank you for opening yourself to us, your audience. Thanks for the revelations. (Есть канал который переводит все ваши видео. Называется "камеди стор" Вот там я смотрю все ваши видео и я просто влюбилась в ваши видео. Я полностью согласна с вашими словами и я сама не пореношу такого отношения к афроамериканцам. Они этого не заслужили. Они такие же люди как мы. Это ужасно. Спасибо что вы открылись нам, вашей аудиторие. Спасибо за откровения.)

  • pretty guy
    pretty guy

    I am from Russia and there are so many people who are not agree (even my best friend) with you but i think that the way of love still the best way. and i see this love here in people in comments. i love you, thank you also there are many people who agree with you but opposite position hurts me

  • Валерия Фитилева
    Валерия Фитилева

    Мы с вами.

  • Интер Энгельс
    Интер Энгельс

    То,что происходит у вас в стране,не правильно. расизм наоборот. вас ставят на колени за то что вы белые и ничего не делали. грабят дома,магазины,уничтожают бизнес. очнитесь, иначе пойдет отстрел белых. это вы,люди допустили такую ситуацию

  • Дарья Салтыкова
    Дарья Салтыкова

    I'm from Russia, and even here everyone knows what's going on in America. It's on the news, it's on social media. Many people here are also concerned about this problem and believe all people should be equal. In our country, too, now is a bad time, if we talk about money and LGBT. I believe something has to change, people finally have to see the views and feelings of others and recognize them. The people want peace, but apparently not everything and it's terrible

    • Дарья Салтыкова
      Дарья Салтыкова

      And at times like this, I'm sorry I don't have the money for charity.

  • Мышильда Яблочкина
    Мышильда Яблочкина

    All lives matter. All. We look like each other. We are brothers and sisters. Asian lives matter. European lives matter. American, mexican, russian, ukranian etc. ALL.

  • toodleoo

    "it should never have happened and it will never happen ever again" I don't think you'll know what it means to hear you say this. I had resigned myself to most influencers not being worried about police brutality a long time ago, even though it hurt, but that's how numb some of us have gotten. To hear you say that aloud and so vehemently, I can feel yours and Julien's passion for this. Thank you.

    • Mrs boogaloo
      Mrs boogaloo

      toodleoo it’s a shame she’s now been cancelled, but it was always going to happen, nobody is pure enough

  • Dinis Soulless
    Dinis Soulless

    а вот в россии равноправие. полиция отныне имеет право стрелять наповал вне зависимости от цвета кожи, пола, ориентации. недавно убили человека, которого подозревали в краже 4 рулонов обоев. убили из-за бумаги. и человек, одобривший все эти нововведения - наш президент. настоящий диктатор, который хочет закрепить своё "вечное" влияние на законодательном уровне. а люди этого не понимают. старики слепо следуют за ним, не давая нашему поколению, людям, которым здесь дольше жить (уж простите), слова вставить. люди боятся закона, а так не должно быть. закон должен быть на стороне граждан, а не пугать их, но, к сожалению, до даты голосования это дойдёт не до всех..

  • Shanghaigi Moi
    Shanghaigi Moi

    Guys, just know that there are millions of people in Russia who support you! We are with you!

  • lisa marie jo.
    lisa marie jo.

    i love you guys. you two are some of the most empathetic and good hearted people on the internet and i love how the people in this comment section are all on the same page. haven't seen any karens or "all live matter" assholes here. ALL LIVES DON'T MATTER UNTIL BLACK LIVES DO. ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

  • Sydney Lusk
    Sydney Lusk

    Oh my god who would dislike this. I am a pretty hardcore republican and I wouldn’t even dislike this.

    • Sharon O'neal
      Sharon O'neal

      It's because they support the radical, marxist, BLM Movement. Communism is a bad thing!

  • Сергей Резцов
    Сергей Резцов

    Протестующие просто грабят и поджигают дома и магазины, не смотря на то что хозяева тоже чернокожие; они хотят убрать полицию, хотя неделя без полиции вылилась в эти мародёрские протесты. Проблема не в систематическом расизме (что продвигают левые, пытаясь заполучить голоса цветных на выборах), а некомпетентность, тупость и жестокость конкретных людей, как этот полицейский. Тысячи людей страдают от протестов, копы теряют работу, беспорядки без полиции только увеличиваются. И это так BLM заботится о своих людях? Принося беспорядки на улицы? На следующий же день как начались грабежи эти люди УБИЛИ ЧЕРНОКОЖЕГО ОФИЦЕРА полиции (на пенсии) Дэвида Дорна, который пришёл на помощь к владельцу разграбленного магазина. А гроб с телом Флойда колесит по стране как какая-то реликвия. Тем более что Флойд был грабителем и отбыл 5 лет в тюрьме за групповое нападение на беременную женщину с целью грабежа её дома. Этот человек держал пистолет у её живота! СМИ об этом умалчивают. Любой из вас может посмотреть официальную статистику смертей, где будет ясно что большинство убийств в неблагополучных районах совершается чернокожими над самими же чернокожими. Никто в СМИ не говорит сколько застрелено полицейских при исполнении, сколько белых (извините, сам не люблю как левые делят всегда по цвету кожи) убито. СМИ в Америке находятся под руководством партии демократов, которым на руку сталкивать между собой людей по расовым признакам, так они обеспечивают себе электорат из мигрантов и "цветных меньшинств". А что касается ютуберов и Дженны с Джулианом в частности - грустно. Видно что они лукавят.Как можно поддерживать всерьез людей, которые ненавидят свою страну и сносят всё на улицах? В самой демократичной и прогрессивной! грустно.

  • Red Fox
    Red Fox

    Ребята вы молодцы, это видео вызывает гордость за вас. Делайте то, что считаете правильным, защищайте свои права. Удачи. С английским языком у меня не очень хорошо, поэтому оставлю комментарий на русском.

  • Iryna Bilinska
    Iryna Bilinska

    Thank you ♥️ and BLACK LIVES MATTER #blacklivesmatter

  • kshusteritos

    ALL lives matter.

    • Sharon O'neal
      Sharon O'neal


    • Fabio the bedazzled beauty
      Fabio the bedazzled beauty

      “All lives don’t matter until Black lives matter.” ~Julen Dismissed

  • Вероника Андреевна
    Вероника Андреевна

    Я так рада, что Дженна призвала к проблеме ни только США, но и другие страны. Всем протестующим желаю удачи и силы Господней♥️ Мы с вами

  • Emily game over
    Emily game over

    Russia is also against, it is very painful to look at what is happening in America, I even cry when I watch a video with protests. Actually it hurts ... I want this "tipping" moment to end, What would come warm times and racism just ended ....I support you my dear ❤️

  • Vein Hugh
    Vein Hugh

    Thank you 🙏

  • Star Light
    Star Light

    it-my.com/watchvideo/video-8cyQUN4vvtQ.html Very important...watch..we need to save our country.

  • Мин Ёрин
    Мин Ёрин

    🤝 #blacklivesmatter from Qazaqstan!!

  • Beauty Queen
    Beauty Queen

    They are the best and there the least problematic couple on IT-my

    • Mrs boogaloo
      Mrs boogaloo

      Beauty Queen this hasn’t aged well!

  • aetern4m

    "Human rights issue" How can we fight for human rights through violating them? Aren't those robberies violate private property rights?

    • Fabio the bedazzled beauty
      Fabio the bedazzled beauty

      They said they supported the movement of BLM, not that they supported the looting. Also, property can be replaced, and it’s often insured. A life can’t.

  • accidentally happened
    accidentally happened

    Я люблю вас и желаю вам удачи ❤️❤️❤️

  • Хочу есть
    Хочу есть

    Russia supports you! 💛

  • Eva Foster
    Eva Foster

    But what about the indigenous people of America? They are not affected by this topic?

  • Светлана Барбарисовна
    Светлана Барбарисовна

    You such a good people, I love you 🥺❤️

  • Alyna Waters
    Alyna Waters

    Are 1.3K people racist or what? What’s not to like about this message of support?

    • Mrs boogaloo
      Mrs boogaloo

      Alyna Waters I think a lot of us realised they were opening themselves up to the finger being pointed at them, which is exactly what’s happened, Jenna apologising and quitting her channel, nobody is pure enough for the woke

  • Devynn Johnson
    Devynn Johnson

    Needed that fuel. Thank you guys for being on the right side of things!

  • Amy Williams
    Amy Williams

    Jenna and Julien, out here spreading love and positivity. My husband and I love you two. We really love that you guys are so genuine, good to each other, and good to so many others. Thank you for using your platform to back such an important issue. Most of us have black people in our friends groups or families, and right now is the time to stand up with them to show our government and the world that we're not going to be divided and intentionally pitted against one another anymore. We're tired.

  • your inner monologue
    your inner monologue

    I have watched jenna’s videos for about 8 years. I found myself drawn to her content because of how true to herself she was and she has remained as such. That is one of the rarest things to come across on this platform, especially in content creators who come into having a large following. She may have changed living locations, physically, relationships etc over her years on IT-my but her sense of self is completely in tact. To see what fame does to most people and see what it hasn’t done to Jenna is truly awesome. This video....on this subject (my life) coming from Jenna and Julien, things they said, the emotions you could see and feel from them has just skyrocketed my respect and stanning of them. My thanks to both of you for utilizing your platforms to help bring long-awaited change and awareness as well as push the true meaning of #BlackLivesMatter. It is so deeply appreciated and my support to you both will always continue.

  • Isabel

    bruh who disliked this

Prossimi video