Aalyah Mysterio lashes out at her father: Raw, Sept. 21, 2020
Has The Monday Night Messiah driven a wedge between Rey Mysterio and his family? #WWERAW
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  • Usonne Ejekor
    Usonne Ejekor

    did alaayah beat rey mysterio

  • mohan kumar
    mohan kumar

    நாடகம் போலே இருக்கு..

  • Firdous Khan
    Firdous Khan

    Very bad grl aliya

  • Falcon

    Why tf do they had to have their convos in English when they are actually Mexican with nobody else around?

  • Meaningless alone
    Meaningless alone

    Everyone is taller than Ray mysterio in his family 😂😂😂


    This is some Hot Tea 0_0

  • DetermiNATE 21
    DetermiNATE 21

    *Last time on Los Mysterious novela*

  • Mother Mary
    Mother Mary

    Did I just watch WWE Mexico

  • Saúl Torres
    Saúl Torres


  • William Castillo
    William Castillo

    Can we be done with the damn mysterios jeez and I thought dom was terrible jeez it sounded like she was reading cue cards

  • Neerav Dangayach
    Neerav Dangayach

    Nepotism 😂

  • Juan Lopez
    Juan Lopez

    Rey's wife called him "Pancho"???

  • Emmanuel James
    Emmanuel James

    Nice lash out!! 🙄🙄🙄

  • SirRule

    .... is the WWE writing a telenovela right now?

  • Амир Пашаев
    Амир Пашаев

    what Aalyah love you Budy Murphy

  • sheldon sookoo
    sheldon sookoo

    So sad Reys career is turning into a Soap Opera 😂

  • 3D graphics
    3D graphics

    Aalyah i like you and i want to marrie you

  • Rick Chmelnytzki
    Rick Chmelnytzki

    This is out of control. Dr Phil. Dr oz please step in or the Monday night messiah will intervene

  • technical gadget guru
    technical gadget guru


  • Rogers Kirochi
    Rogers Kirochi

    Rey mysterio is an asset in WWE. Through his hard work his entire family is getting WWE universe support

  • Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez
    Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez

    I have questions. Why is aalyah acting so bad. How tall is rey mysterio

  • Aditya 7
    Aditya 7

    Aalyah doesn't need 619 , BUT NEEDS 69 💦😀😀

  • Aditya 7
    Aditya 7

    Aalyah would do 619 in future and then frog splash. Based on her size , doing frog splash might crush her crush only .

    • Wilbur Duerme
      Wilbur Duerme

      @Aditya 7 lol sasha can do frogsplash then peyton can do 619

    • Aditya 7
      Aditya 7

      @Wilbur Duerme meaning

    • Wilbur Duerme
      Wilbur Duerme

      Sasha banks and Peyton royce is waving at aalyah if she do that

  • Justin Truax
    Justin Truax

    The acting is just... ugh

  • Alex

    Horrible acting 😭😭

  • Uno Bassman
    Uno Bassman

    Seth Rollins suck... his promos have zero energy

  • David Var
    David Var

    I like Aaliya's ponytail

  • wadaltagi ود التقي
    wadaltagi ود التقي

    She is a babe

  • BITW Awesome
    BITW Awesome

    Romance girl.

  • BITW Awesome
    BITW Awesome


  • Ramu kumar Kumar ramu
    Ramu kumar Kumar ramu

    Alhya my favorite

  • Sushil9809111920 Paudel
    Sushil9809111920 Paudel

    Rey must stop to go his family in wwe in this way.

  • katy or love
    katy or love

    Alayah is low key annoying .

  • Juan Wick
    Juan Wick

    Rey has really good looking kids. Plus they got their moms height.

  • Young Rich Homie Quan
    Young Rich Homie Quan


  • hasbeendrummer

    Acting 101

  • Jet Moua
    Jet Moua

    Do they have like acting school for her?!

  • Md Jaber
    Md Jaber

    অসুবিধা লি বাংলাদেশের চলে আয়

  • kcazzzzz

    she can be the new stephanie mcmahon. starts off as an innocent girl, then turns heel on her family. and dominick can start calling himself dominick guerrero, and face rey for a mask vs hair match, where rey unmask and retires for his final match. it is actually a good passing of the torch moment for dominick

  • Trevor Clausen
    Trevor Clausen

    She doesnt belong in such a pathetic storyline.its pathetic,she is just a lil girl.

  • Daniel Cardenas
    Daniel Cardenas

    dominik should face drew mcintyre this tommorow if hes so big

  • Muneeb Chaudhri
    Muneeb Chaudhri

    Man her voice and acting makes me want to break my phone and cut off my ears😂😭

  • Muhammad Danish
    Muhammad Danish

    Why the hell they bring there family to WWE. it's wrestling not family tv show lol.

  • Michael Thomson
    Michael Thomson

    Neptoism start in WWE😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jeovany Rojas
    Jeovany Rojas

    WWe became a soapopera

  • Aydan Rampersad
    Aydan Rampersad

    I Love This Storyline

  • Liam Christopher Payne
    Liam Christopher Payne

    If there's any 20 or 21 year old American Boy For Allayah Mysterio it would make Rey's Family Happy 24 7

  • Liam Christopher Payne
    Liam Christopher Payne

    Kids who grew up so quickly

  • Deadpoolfan 101
    Deadpoolfan 101

    He has way more experience

  • Deadpoolfan 101
    Deadpoolfan 101

    I'm gonna say it seth must be out of his mind on messing with one of the best wwe wrestlers

  • Diogo Santos
    Diogo Santos

    Aalyah has a mysterio...

  • Tactical Sniper
    Tactical Sniper

    2020: the mysterio family 2040: the Messiah family

  • Sam Aj
    Sam Aj

    Nice script 👌

  • Muhammad Yaseen
    Muhammad Yaseen

    _Well, Because She Believes in Monday Night Messiah, I Think_

  • Ron Gerard Recel
    Ron Gerard Recel

    Welcome to "Keeping Up with the Mysterio's"

  • Google Dey25
    Google Dey25

    Dosto hamare is channel par IT-my se judi tips & Tech sabkuch milega to Please aap channel Se ghoom Ke Aaya aap ko jarur achcha lagega❤️👍 ❤️😭 Agar achcha Lage to channel ko subscribe jarur kijiye Friends🙏 Google Dey25 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Google Dey25
    Google Dey25

    Dosto hamare is channel par IT-my se judi tips & Tech sabkuch milega to Please aap channel Se ghoom Ke Aaya aap ko jarur achcha lagega❤️👍 ❤️😭 Agar achcha Lage to channel ko subscribe jarur kijiye Friends🙏 Google Dey25 ❤️🙏🙏🙏❤️

  • Jack mcdonnell
    Jack mcdonnell

    aalyah is so cute

  • j thugg
    j thugg

    All his family is taller than him!

  • 4 More Years
    4 More Years

    Wow Rey is so tiny almost like you can stick him in your pocket

  • Kunal Sawant
    Kunal Sawant

    Ladki haath se nikal gayi re😂😂😂

  • Chirag Naik
    Chirag Naik

    She is a better actor than whole WWE roster.

  • Lydia Charles
    Lydia Charles

    Please how can I using my phone to watch it live I need help

  • Jesus Castillo
    Jesus Castillo

    I love rey one of my favorite wrestlers but konnan is right his promos suck and that kills him of getting a bigger push like Daniel Bryan , and cm punk

  • Junior

    Yall😂 Rey be bringing his family to work,too damn much, since the attitude era hahaha


    This all scripted...!!! I fed up with this. No more WWE. 😢

  • Jefferson Espinoza
    Jefferson Espinoza

    Es real WWE ahora es una parte de la rosa de Guadalupe?

  • Humanoidfreak

    Yeah her acting is bad. But she ain't no actor.

  • Michael Spikes
    Michael Spikes

    She's good looking

  • Bryan Hughes
    Bryan Hughes

    Acting coaches clap clap clap clap clap

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