Accidentally breaking a $1500 monitor
The Slow Mo Guys 2
File this video under "hard oops." I'll let you know if the ad revenue ever buys us a new monitor.
EDIT - It did. Almost immediately. Bloody love you guys.
Watch main video here -

  • Samuel David
    Samuel David

    Didn't you guys blasted like 10 C-Stands with a tank a year ago?

    • Masif 2
      Masif 2

      @KakkaKarrotCake ayyy thanks Goku

    • PhoenixUltraMotive

      @The Slow Mo Guys nice

    • Pedro Pereira
      Pedro Pereira

      Totally worth it though!

    • Broockle

      Pretty sure those stands carrying the water melons were sacrificed willingly. They signed the papers and everything.

    • Ho3n3r

      @10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos just admit you were wrong.

  • Exotic Madness
    Exotic Madness

    It would have been a good slow mo

  • ShuRugal Oorus
    ShuRugal Oorus

    Over-spined the arrow. When you shortened the arrow, you made it stiffer, which will shift the impact point away from the riser (to the left, if shooting from the left side of the bow). It will also make the arrow travel faster (less energy put into bending == more energy put into accelerating) so it won't drop as much over the same distance. So, if you had taken that shot with a normal arrow it would have been fine, but the modified arrow screwed off your zero.

  • Junichi S.
    Junichi S.

    So glad this thing got paid for guys :)

  • Martin

    What camera gear do they use to record the broll

  • Tegnet

    With the amount of views you guys get, suuurely 1500$ is just a drop in the ocean? ;P

  • That Bloxburg Pro
    That Bloxburg Pro

    If that screen is 1500$ Then it’s a total ripoff.

  • grxhxm

    Oh no

  • Revengeadaseth

    Even Wren said “Oh no!”

  • DuckOnQuack _
    DuckOnQuack _

    Oh no

  • Whitcombe Korey
    Whitcombe Korey

    Weird flex but ok

  • Kamil Krawczak
    Kamil Krawczak



    vagtard of course !

  • Snowy Collar
    Snowy Collar

    *Hits camera* *I N S T A N T R E G R E T A N D S A D N E S S*

  • Infection DRank
    Infection DRank

    Make a slow motion video of that :) I would love to know how it looks like if u shoot a lcd with an arrow :p

  • Tanut Sirapornpirun
    Tanut Sirapornpirun

    Should've put a barrier behind the camera. Maybe even up the side behind the lens



  • WolfSmack

    *_I hod an oopsie!_* You guys are good comedians too! You need another channel: SloMo Comedy!

  • Two Thirds Tea
    Two Thirds Tea

    Oh no!

  • Surfdog2005


  • Todd Howard
    Todd Howard

    2:37 when the teacher calls on you

  • Mokel Entertainment
    Mokel Entertainment

    Atleast it wasn't the camera itself

  • mck

    oh no

  • Dmitry Godlevsky
    Dmitry Godlevsky

    If it takes 1000 veiws to get 1 dollar, then you’ve already paid it off

  • Duck Moore
    Duck Moore

    YOU paid $1,500.00 for THAT???! 😂 You can buy one 7” for camera with HDMI mini input for $100!!!!!🤣

    • omar

      Duck Moore Clearly you're not a professional videographer if you think like that. SmallHD monitors are the industry standard

  • Nathan Squire
    Nathan Squire

    He said he takes full responsibility. So after he buys a new screen it does not matter.

  • Dos Gamer Man
    Dos Gamer Man

    Oh no

  • ClassyCabbage

    OH NO

  • Poop Shit pie
    Poop Shit pie

    Фггйбйбчвнц в квадратик который ты не знаешь где

  • Brok3n Cube
    Brok3n Cube


  • jon vii
    jon vii

    Oh no

  • j5

    Not sustainable

  • Slick-O-Nick

    RIP Expensive Camera It TECHNICALLY Is Still Alive Tho

    • Slick-O-Nick

      @omar Lucky

    • omar

      Slick-O-Nick Just the monitor got killed, which is $1,500. The camera itself is fine

  • Isaac Newton
    Isaac Newton

    how does this video have better quality than my eyesight

  • DeadlyDaniel216

    Oh no

  • Senul Dissanayake
    Senul Dissanayake

    i am crying

  • Олег Кучерявенко
    Олег Кучерявенко

    20th of August is my birthday!

  • 6laderunner

    "Got gobbed off, whiffed, got mugged off" The last two speakers of Middle English left on the planet. Or maybe they're from the Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter universe.

    • 6laderunner

      @funkyman8887 It was a joke. I've lived in England. I didn't really think they were speaking Middle English or Harry Potter words.

    • funkyman8887

      No, you mug, this is common language among the British. Source: I'm British

  • 6laderunner

    ...And paying for multiple new ones by making a video about it : )

  • Jolamprex

    Its great how the arrow lingers in the spot for a moment, as if its also going Oh No!

  • Marco Sbozza
    Marco Sbozza

    Say porch diopoetiyutynhuggvuub hugbjii hogged tr

  • Amparii

    'Breaking a $1500 monitor at 12,500fps'.

  • sikeaux

    Oh no

  • choochooboy

    The amount of times they said "oh no" 🤦‍♂️😂

  • Arun Sehrawat
    Arun Sehrawat

    Gav looks like Hiccup from How To Train Your Dragon

  • Jasiek Molski
    Jasiek Molski

    It's beautiful... You earn on this video more than it cost

  • Alyssa T
    Alyssa T

    Ok, so I saw the thumbnail to this, and I thought it was like a BK drive through screen! And I was like, 'what were they doing in the drive through that caused that!' Now I know better 😅

  • Zipp4Everyone

    Thats wonderful! More vids like these please! The production value is usually 200% but these behind the scenes are really quite nice!

  • No this is Patrick
    No this is Patrick

    They did surgery on an arrow

  • suka blyat
    suka blyat


  • D. Chavez
    D. Chavez

    "Gobbed off" Never heard it before. I like it.

  • Никита Яковлев
    Никита Яковлев

    It is pizdec)

  • Isaacs Random Videos
    Isaacs Random Videos

    I don’t understand how a little monitor like that is worth £1500

    • MłodyYasker

      Isaacs Random Videos yeah but this monitor is alot smaller maybe thats why

    • Isaacs Random Videos
      Isaacs Random Videos

      MłodyYasker I got a brand new 4K Oled LG TV for like 300 so that cant be right.???

    • MłodyYasker

      Isaacs Random Videos its probably about the pixels per cm or something im not s proffesional

  • coolgamer 6554
    coolgamer 6554

    How is that little screen 1.5k

  • a TiT
    a TiT

    Trying to hit a fired arrow with a sword.... better get them safety glasses to be safe

  • azan ashari
    azan ashari

    Sorry im just laugh so hard when see it

  • CaliBassinTV

    That’s an expensive video

  • Tanner Wallace
    Tanner Wallace

    anyone think the katana was gonna shatter it not an arrow

  • Moto Dreamer
    Moto Dreamer


  • MeanStudios

    Breaks $1500 monitor makes video hits 1.2million views earns $1800 bucks ...

  • Saifaan :L
    Saifaan :L

    2:30 yw have a nice day

  • Mackan

    Fucking idiots, just get a shield for the camera

  • Wrench 0
    Wrench 0

    Ohh noo

  • Dominator Kozaczkins
    Dominator Kozaczkins

    Oh no...

  • GG bro
    GG bro

    *Oh no*

  • DarklingGolem

    Oh no

  • Panayeet

    Guys pls like so they can get a new one for free love u guyss

  • LeVine

    you guys earn enough so it isnt a big deal

  • Frilabird

    Me: *cries in $432 laptop*

  • Ian Wait
    Ian Wait

    oh no

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