Acrobatic Sex Leads To Circus Performer Suffering From Crippling Leg Pain | Sex Sent Me To The ER
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Much to Dr. Ho's surprise a circus performer comes in complaining of terrible leg pain after having sex with his wife.
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  • Dig pick bipolar
    Dig pick bipolar

    0:36 tf wrong wit tht leg kick 🤣🤣

  • Philip Neumann
    Philip Neumann

    And I thought we Germans were bad at acting tho.

  • Babyy Spiice
    Babyy Spiice

    Makes me wanna try what they tried shit looks fun

  • Awarded

    who’s joe joe mama😂😂

  • Michael Hehehe
    Michael Hehehe

    6:18 is me looking for a slither of good acting

  • gurl #devilsdaughter
    gurl #devilsdaughter

    Could the acting be worse??

  • Duolingo

    Acting is kinda... shit

  • Crazy cupcake
    Crazy cupcake

    -_- wow bifich u STuPid

  • nevaeh plamondon
    nevaeh plamondon

    Roses are red violets are blue I'm not 18 and neither are you

  • Michelle Buchanan
    Michelle Buchanan

    I’m interested in the story. But seriously I’d prefer a basic story tell with real people versus the bad acting.

  • tanilyah Robison
    tanilyah Robison

    The woman was getting on my nerves being a smart ass she's not the doctor then it's best she shut the hell up

  • RioIsTrash

    nicolas cage's legs are broken oh no

  • Marley Elias
    Marley Elias

    This acting is terrible

  • Dora Explora
    Dora Explora

    Is this a joke

  • Apple Lemonade
    Apple Lemonade

    What the fuck is going on And look it ugly woman bitch u have to worry about him

  • Frost

    Circus dude: I have crippling depression

  • kina K. K.
    kina K. K.

    What a acting 😂

  • Pxz

    Litteraly every ER show is fake bc thats all confidential dignosis’s

    • Pxz

      Carla Leonard the acting is so fake too

    • Carla Leonard
      Carla Leonard

      If the actaul patient allows their info can be put on the show .

  • River Zane
    River Zane

    correct me if im wrong doctor ho is not a real woman.

  • Chwe not chew
    Chwe not chew

    Why are the comments always filled with: “The acting is so bad”

  • Sarah Simpson
    Sarah Simpson

    Nobody : Girl hanging upside down in the closet : WHAT YOU TOLD ME TO RELAX

  • Agata Tomczyk
    Agata Tomczyk


  • Rose Whiting
    Rose Whiting

    Why does the male actor look like Robert Downey Junior


    FIONCA: Well fine if u want to know the dirty details ME: OH HELL NAH

    • Skrrt Poo
      Skrrt Poo

      we love a copied comment

  • •D̤̈ö̤ẗ̤ D̤̈ö̤ẗ̤•
    •D̤̈ö̤ẗ̤ D̤̈ö̤ẗ̤•

    I think they meant to look the acting bad

  • Charles Carnate
    Charles Carnate

    Tha Acting Is Very BAD

  • Petra Ramirez
    Petra Ramirez

    The acting is soooo bad 😂

  • The crazy vape lady! #vapelife #karaokelife
    The crazy vape lady! #vapelife #karaokelife

    Only a 3 hour session. Lol. I feel you girl. I've got one of those too.

  • Panini Panini
    Panini Panini


  • TheTurtle Camera
    TheTurtle Camera

    Bro it’s Nicholas cage

  • Fruit_Loops Gamer
    Fruit_Loops Gamer

    Why was the "Doctor " actually a bitch ass hoe.

  • Jeremiah cantu
    Jeremiah cantu

    He has crippling deppresion


    Lmao 😂 this acting tho

  • Mary Beautiful
    Mary Beautiful

    The doctors name is HO Did this means she is a hoe?

  • ii-Lilly-ii

    Jumps off the cliff.. THE ACTINGGGGGGGGGGG *dies*

  • Lara Elkady
    Lara Elkady

    Guy- Leo, Aquarius Girl- Sagittarius, Gemini Doctor- Aries, Capricorn

    • Sara Payne
      Sara Payne

      Aye I’m not a part of the bad acting group 😌👌🏼

    • Random person
      Random person

      What about Libra?!!!!!!!

    • Lara Elkady
      Lara Elkady

      Rattus.tattus Pisces are the Aerial silks in the bedroom

    • Rattus.tattus

      Lara Elkady what about PISCESSSSSSSSS I’m feeling left out 😂😂🥺

  • yee .chickenfinns
    yee .chickenfinns

    Camera man went into the wrong circus

  • Alaina Lagle
    Alaina Lagle

    Girl:fine if u wanna know all the dirty details Me:OH HELL NO

  • becca trzecki
    becca trzecki

    This acting Genuinely sucks

  • ichigo alexi
    ichigo alexi

    The acting is not even Pornhub approved.

  • Alex Taylor
    Alex Taylor

    Worst acting ever.

  • Wenjuan Zhao
    Wenjuan Zhao

    I can’t pee hahahahaha

  • Dreamzzz

    No one: Literally no one: The patient: *"I CANT PEE"*

    • bright heart warrior
      bright heart warrior


    • Dreamzzz

      @Pippy Burb I can't ;-;

    • Pippy Burb
      Pippy Burb


  • Emilie's World
    Emilie's World

    That’s gonna be weird to explain to their kids

    • avaunicorns hi
      avaunicorns hi

      I'm 10 why am I watching thi s ...........

    • -Catty_ Studiøs-
      -Catty_ Studiøs-

      Emilie's World XD

  • Exotic Tannicc
    Exotic Tannicc

    The girl has adids

  • Swirly Slime
    Swirly Slime

    Lol the nurse is a good actor but the couple are not lol

  • Germonie Jones
    Germonie Jones

    y’all do know this show is fake right ?? The person getting rolled in the beginning is a dummy

  • Izabelle NLS
    Izabelle NLS

    omg the fiance 😂😂😂

  • Taegukkie XD
    Taegukkie XD

    My face grimace the wHOLE TIME OMG

  • TheCreator OfPC
    TheCreator OfPC

    His acting is not the clown, its the entire cirus

  • princess sparkly Unicorn
    princess sparkly Unicorn

    These people shod go to hell because that's where they belong. Just saying #FACTS

    • Youtube Sucks
      Youtube Sucks

      princess sparkly Unicorn why should they stupid kid???

    • TheCreator OfPC
      TheCreator OfPC

      Are you talking about the sex or their acting?

  • Sheryl Dehnert
    Sheryl Dehnert

    a c t i n g HHH

  • Marajor The Mighty
    Marajor The Mighty

    The doctor= actually pretty good acting Everyone else= eeeeeehhhhhhhh

  • Carolina Garcia
    Carolina Garcia

    God is funny this proves it.

  • BeastBoom 24
    BeastBoom 24

    Is this actually a real show? This looks incredibly fake lol.


    Who else got a boner while watching this

  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith

    Fake like my girl

  • Slimycloud UwU
    Slimycloud UwU

    I can't take this acting it's just "NO"

  • Slimycloud UwU
    Slimycloud UwU

    Cringe lvl: 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

  • 3Triple MMX
    3Triple MMX

    Lol....th3 couple is sooooo fake and cringy

  • Moon and me asmr
    Moon and me asmr

    that acting is outrageous

  • •t e a• •s p r i n g•
    •t e a• •s p r i n g•

    how there d*cks on that pink blanket?!!!?!?!? it's just gross (4:00)

  • ChloeMagic 912
    ChloeMagic 912

    This acting is terrible

  • Alli Watkins
    Alli Watkins

    This stuff is so funny to me

  • 【Intrøverted Weirdø】
    【Intrøverted Weirdø】

    This is crappy acting. But I can picture this scenario irl and...... NO ONE WOULD TAKE THE GOD DAMN SERIOUSLY. LIKE IMAGINE IF SOMEONE SAID THEY HAD ARIEL SILKS ABOVE THEIR BED!

  • Mackenzie Siwa
    Mackenzie Siwa

    I cant - i cant PEEEEE!

  • Mackenzie Siwa
    Mackenzie Siwa

    I fucking hate this show

  • Mackenzie Siwa
    Mackenzie Siwa

    Thats so stupid

  • FNAF GIRL 37
    FNAF GIRL 37


  • Single Girl
    Single Girl

    Fantastic 💋💋

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