Acrobatic Sex Leads To Circus Performer Suffering From Crippling Leg Pain | Sex Sent Me To The ER
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Much to Dr. Ho's surprise a circus performer comes in complaining of terrible leg pain after having sex with his wife.
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  • Baked Beans
    Baked Beans

    sorry but.. wtf am I doing here

  • Selena Gomse
    Selena Gomse

    لوتسب 0079672701955 whatapps📲 بامكانك العثور اعظم العروضات المتخصصة علاجات المشاكل التي تواجه الرجال عند الحكيم طلحت ✨✨زياده حجم القلم و اطالة مدة الجماع و جعل الانتصاب اقوى ✨✨ الي يريد التواصل من خلال تطبيق واتس من خلال الرقم0079672701955

  • Delicate Disaster
    Delicate Disaster

    He needs to be rushed to th ER yet they both take times to get into their show outfits first.... right. God forbid you forget your feathers while your fianc loses his legs. Lmao

  • A A
    A A

    The acting is great, I don’t know what everybody is talking about.

  • Steven Huff
    Steven Huff

    You look identical to eystreem you should get merried

  • Lpani Wmcnao
    Lpani Wmcnao

    الواتـــساب 0079672701955 whatapps📲 بامكانك ايجاد اكبر العروض الخاصة علاج المشااااكل الحنسية مع الخبير طلحت ✨✨زيادة حجم الغضيب و تطويل مدة الجماع و تقوية القدرة على الانتصاب ✨✨ من اجل الاستفسار من خلال واتس عبر الرقم المعتمد0079672701955

  • fakta fakta
    fakta fakta

  • Andi Alvin
    Andi Alvin

    Is that Nicolas Cage? Lmao.

  • sukhman marwah
    sukhman marwah

    Doesn’t that look like Chris Cuomo

  • David Theu
    David Theu

    Why does it look like its just drama

  • Windy Dwagon
    Windy Dwagon

    Dxjg xxx hf uffydsduhx x uf c.f./ chvxghxufgudiggdgign vnv n vxgjsut

  • shiloh smith
    shiloh smith

    MY LEGGGG!!! you know if you know

  • Simione Kamikamica
    Simione Kamikamica

    Their acting 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Nati Tictacki
    Nati Tictacki

    That's some weird kink

  • Athena halstead Halstead
    Athena halstead Halstead

    This lady only has this sky for the sex

  • Lauren DuBarry
    Lauren DuBarry

    “This is a pretty high blood-alcohol content for someone who just bad a few drinks last night” WoRk HaRd PlAy HaRd

  • Lauren DuBarry
    Lauren DuBarry

    “This is a pretty high blood-alcohol content for someone who just bad a few drinks last night” WoRk HaRd PlAy HaRd

  • Wafiqah Azhar
    Wafiqah Azhar

    This is like an episode of The Office

  • Legodog890

    OH MY GOD!!

  • Legodog890



    when I saw Laura standing upside down I thought she was dead at first \

  • Ella Humphreys
    Ella Humphreys

    the acting is the best omggg lmao

  • random videos
    random videos

    I feel really bad for the actors recreating that *** scene

  • Undeafeatable_Succes

    lets be honest. big ed sent us here

  • Just Be u
    Just Be u

    New type of porn

  • jinna_GACHAjinnie ARMY
    jinna_GACHAjinnie ARMY

    The girl being rude to the doctor

  • rocking girl
    rocking girl

    cant move your legs well its stilts time

  • Min yoongi Mathafacks
    Min yoongi Mathafacks

    Plz take acting classes

  • Dolls_And _Crafts
    Dolls_And _Crafts

    Is this real lol

  • Leah Howatson
    Leah Howatson

    Omg the fricken acting is terrible

  • 21212121462

    OMG God

  • CALL ME i am Eirian Thea Brown
    CALL ME i am Eirian Thea Brown

    00:22:40 cnv 😍💋❤🔥😘 🍓 ☁ 🌵 🌺

  • uwu owo
    uwu owo

    what the fuck kind of fantasy is this

  • Cengizhan Sözer
    Cengizhan Sözer

    Im single 😥💋😍 3:) 🍅 :) ⚡

  • Cengizhan Sözer
    Cengizhan Sözer

    07:32 🔥😘 🌵 3:) 🌸 💜

  • Ang 32
    Ang 32


  • Goldfish6064

    02:36 The truth will out 💋💋💋💋 🎈 8| :v 🌱

  • ThatLittleKitten

    Oh yeah this is someone's fetish

  • London Haynes
    London Haynes

    I do not think this is fake

  • Random Sloth
    Random Sloth


  • Hennessys Valencia
    Hennessys Valencia

    She has no ass lmfaooo

  • Ivy Swint
    Ivy Swint

    OOF !

  • Dr. Rivera
    Dr. Rivera

    My favorite line is “I CAN’T PEE!”

  • Mirlea Kinney
    Mirlea Kinney

    Have normal sex not hang like bats glad hes hurt serves him right ur both fucked in the head

  • Luna Grey
    Luna Grey

    “We’re professionals, we don’t fall we slowly slide down the silk as we accept the fact that we messed up the move” There, Laura, filled that for ya :)

  • 「Strange Person」
    「Strange Person」

    lol That Girl In The Blue Shirt Is Like Wtf 1:05

  • 360z Pooz
    360z Pooz

    this is alt to take in

  • Jorge Medina
    Jorge Medina

    Welcome to another episode of WHY THE HELL IS THIS IN MY RECOMMEND?!?!

  • j a m ¡ l a •
    j a m ¡ l a •

    The only good actors here is the doctor and the nurses

  • Destination Addiction Samsara
    Destination Addiction Samsara

    Interesting as fuck. A new sex position😂

  • Soph Pineapple
    Soph Pineapple

    I cannot be the only one who thinks one of the doctors looks like Violet from a series of unfortunate events

  • John Ortiz
    John Ortiz

    Mom: We have Grey's anatomy at home Grey's anatomy at home:

  • Chloe Canizalez
    Chloe Canizalez

    It’s okay he just started his period

  • Kate Irene
    Kate Irene

    This is bad. I love it

  • Horse Craver
    Horse Craver

    Me *haves sex with a stuffed animal because I'm only 10*

  • TheDancingMoonFoxy

    That title is... Questionable...

  • Ruby Allen
    Ruby Allen

    I thought the reason he can't feel is legs is because they are having s*x upsidedown

  • Hasmah Ismail
    Hasmah Ismail

    Kill me pls......

  • Joanna Lucy
    Joanna Lucy


  • mercy main, btw
    mercy main, btw

    Man they may be flexible but damn we should be happy they didn't get in the acting business.

  • Leon Feehan
    Leon Feehan

    What the fuck

    • Leon Feehan
      Leon Feehan

      Thank you

  • Lovely Lynxie
    Lovely Lynxie


  • Jeon Jungkook
    Jeon Jungkook

    I feel like I don’t blame them for how bad the acting is. This is by far the most awkward one

  • Raven is Ok
    Raven is Ok

    This show is where theater kids end up after high school

  • Kyla Mahoney
    Kyla Mahoney

    help me. my legs. they hurt so bad.

  • Mia Hart
    Mia Hart


  • Nega Chin
    Nega Chin

    The acting, I think p0rn is better acting

  • Samantha Bojorquez
    Samantha Bojorquez

    Job is more important then you know.... -_-


    0:37 WOW, DON'T HIT ME

  • Gaenells world
    Gaenells world

    He's probably paralyzed on his legzz

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