Adopting A Puppy!! 🐶
James Charles
HI SISTERS! We've been waiting a very long time for today's new video... but it was time. WE ADOPTED A PUPPY!! We filmed the entire process of visiting shelters, adopting our new Golden Retriever 10 week old puppy, shopping for pet supplies, and training him at home. Enjoy and comment what you think his name should be!!!!
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EDITOR: Louis Gargiula
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

  • Anna Ponticos
    Anna Ponticos

    I feel u James, when I got my dog, we all had to sleep downstairs with her because she was crying so much 🥺

  • Yin Tun
    Yin Tun

    You look very different without makeup.... YOU LOOK AMAZING!! I look so fugly with makeup and without.😪😢😥😭

  • Sophia Beltran
    Sophia Beltran

    You should name it cookie

  • Marjorie Egée
    Marjorie Egée

    Is soooo cute

  • Olivia Jasniewski
    Olivia Jasniewski

    you sould name him "pupper"

  • Olivia Jasniewski
    Olivia Jasniewski

    he went froom aaaaaaaaa to AAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

  • CC-Rose and Fam
    CC-Rose and Fam

    James Charles: Stewie ahh Stewwiiee My dog: **lifts head** Me: All good pup just James Charles My dog: **puts head down** My dogs name is Stevie that’s why he was getting restless 😂

  • CR - 04BA - Belfountain PS (1458)
    CR - 04BA - Belfountain PS (1458)


  • Rowan Mason
    Rowan Mason


  • Matteo De clereq
    Matteo De clereq


  • Krystal Miller
    Krystal Miller


  • Ivy YT
    Ivy YT

    you should name him charly or Charlie!!

  • Jovy Artillero Pagay
    Jovy Artillero Pagay

    Hey James Charles you should call her Angela

  • Dark Flame
    Dark Flame

    The dog whining sounds like my dog

  • Hanna Nichols
    Hanna Nichols

    You put the dog in the krate when you are leaving

  • Semone Glynn
    Semone Glynn

    James are you a girl or a boy

  • Ijeoma Ndubuisi
    Ijeoma Ndubuisi


  • Koya. bt21
    Koya. bt21

    Sister James:farts Also sister james: tries to blame it on finn Guy behind camera: that was not a dog fart, That was a human fart, that was you.

  • Koya. bt21
    Koya. bt21

    He's so frickin adorable, 😩💗 for the amount of cuteness ?it's illegal .

  • Mackenzi Cerchiaro
    Mackenzi Cerchiaro

    Good I love puppies

  • Lisandro Godinez
    Lisandro Godinez

    Hey James I got a dog a month ago and is so cute and your dog is older than my dog flash and he is a boy and the people that think this is Klink bate they are mean and if they are mean to you I got your back fame

  • QTKIM07


  • Sherry Dark
    Sherry Dark


  • Sherry Dark
    Sherry Dark

    Type of puppy I know it a cute one

  • It's Ava!
    It's Ava!

    I’m getting that same breed of dog!

  • Dagmar Mora
    Dagmar Mora

    James - **Introduces puppy** Me- woah, sister, them forehead veins do be poppin'

  • Dagmar Mora
    Dagmar Mora

    James - OMG theres the puppy truck! **All the dogs in 100 mile radius cringe**

  • Alannah Dennehy Taaffe
    Alannah Dennehy Taaffe

    What about lucy for the dog maybe

  • Eireann DIY
    Eireann DIY

    I love you james

  • Bex

    My dog is a jack Russell terrier and hes the smallest little dog ever

  • Talia Wechsler
    Talia Wechsler

    lmao when the dogs from the shelter barked my dog responded

  • Sarah Mikaela Ruiz
    Sarah Mikaela Ruiz

    Henry Charles

  • Akasha Poholko
    Akasha Poholko

    It’s like u put a stain on some of your merch that u sell so when some people get there merch in the mail they have a special extra signature of a stain

  • Julie Payne
    Julie Payne

    Snow dol

  • Abbie Taylor-Clark
    Abbie Taylor-Clark

    Awww 🥰

  • Casey’s Life
    Casey’s Life

    Ik this was a while ago but a really cute name would have been markle

  • Kelly Souza
    Kelly Souza

    i love that maroon sisters hodie but i do not have the mony :(



  • Lucero Molina
    Lucero Molina

    His name can be coco

  • shenelle sinclair
    shenelle sinclair

    i love james so much i can't wait to meet you

  • shenelle sinclair
    shenelle sinclair

    james your puppy is cute like you

  • play with ammara ammara
    play with ammara ammara

    Awwwwww he is very cute

  • Cool Dav
    Cool Dav

    No makeup

  • Elsa Sonsini
    Elsa Sonsini

    11:49 is me when my parents try to get me out of my room to eat dinner

  • McKenna ́s Games
    McKenna ́s Games

    Omg I can’t stand that puppy he’s so CUTE!!!!!!!

  • Mackenzie Maloue
    Mackenzie Maloue

    I love the hair

  • McKenna ́s Games
    McKenna ́s Games

    I think the puppy loves being on camera! PERFECT!!!!!!!!!

  • McKenna ́s Games
    McKenna ́s Games

    You should name the puppy sister no matter what gender!!!!!!

  • Lory Telcine
    Lory Telcine

    hi james your puppy name should be finny

  • Evelyn Clement
    Evelyn Clement


  • kisha louis
    kisha louis

    he is cramra readdy

  • Íris Cancelinha
    Íris Cancelinha

    Is a cute

  • Brett Schoenleben
    Brett Schoenleben

    I have 4 dogs

  • Elliot Choate
    Elliot Choate

    did this make anyone else want a puppy?

  • Leah Maree
    Leah Maree

    The dogs 🐕 name should be Jack

  • Alisson Perez
    Alisson Perez

    I love your puppy it is so ssoooooooo cute

  • hailie 11
    hailie 11

    i am so like why dose the comments say 7 months ago but this was posted 15 hours ago

  • Brynn Guzman
    Brynn Guzman

    Me and James have the same water dispenser😲🤗. Also his puppy is adorable😍🥰❤️

  • Hannah Schofield
    Hannah Schofield

    James should call his haters *step-sisters.*

  • Vivi_Schleich

    My grandmas friend has dogs and They had a puppys two of them didn't survive and one survived and the one is almost a month old so we will go get him on saturday 30.5

  • Samantha Kaiser
    Samantha Kaiser


  • Marissa Ayala
    Marissa Ayala

    Whenever I am sad I watch this video and I become happy. When James tried to keep Finn a secret he was too excited.

  • Eliros Acosta
    Eliros Acosta

    Don't shove the little puppy

  • Xxemmie xX
    Xxemmie xX

    Crate training is very important, if the dog becomes calm in the crate he is then less stressed at the vet, cars, planes ect. Stop the hate of crate training

  • Ariana _ Zoschak
    Ariana _ Zoschak

    I think the puppy’s name should be marshmallow

  • kennedy dare
    kennedy dare

    love it

  • Anthony Bezzina
    Anthony Bezzina


  • the Hajdinaks
    the Hajdinaks

    Aw so dam cute

  • Elda Romero
    Elda Romero

    I like the name Snowflake 🐾

  • Hanan Stevens
    Hanan Stevens

    How about lil James Charles

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